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  1. It’s early, but we still aren’t turning teams over. I feel like our scheme limits the potential for turnovers a ton.
  2. You’re going to get pooed for saying what you did and I’m going to get pooed for my response, but it hasn’t really been worth a damn so far. Retaining Marty Hurney. Already planting the new stadium seeds when you’ve had a huge contingent of loyal psl holders. The whole throwing his weight around with the SC legislature. Want to know why there is no energy in that stadium, he pretty much took a poo on psl holders with the new stadium talk and the silence on how all that would go down in the event that he were to get his way. Literally the only worthwhile thing he’s done is put a bubble over the practice field. dont get me wrong, he’s a huge upgrade over Richardson and I’m really excited to see him bring in his own people once this travesty of a coaching staff and front office is gone. With that said, his body of work so far doesnt warrant the slurping he receives on the huddle consistently.
  3. If you have faith Cam can return to his prior self then the season is not over. If you think Cam is done, then yes the season is over. I personally think he’s done. The Watt hit wrecked the shoulder and he’s just taken too many hits over the years behind this shitty collection of offensive linemen.
  4. I don’t see a win on the schedule with the Cam we had last night. However, I think he will play a bit better. Zona: win houston: blowout loss jacksonville: win tampa: win san Fran: loss tennessee: blowout loss atlanta: win washington: win at Atlanta: blowout loss at New Orleans: blowout loss New Orleans: meaningless win to harm draft position Colts: loss packers: blowout loss Seattle: loss 6-10
  5. We need to start making moves now to set ourselves up with enough ammunition to get ourselves into position to draft Lawrence in 2021. That potentially means trading away some franchise pieces to get 1st round picks. Only players we have who would potentially garner a first round pick would be Luke and CMC. As much as it pains me to say it, moving Luke for a first is probably the smartest thing this franchise could do right now if Cam is indeed done. Then you Trade your top five pick this year for two future firsts in 2021 and 2022. That would give you three firsts in 2021. Plenty of ammo to go get your franchise in 2021 and potentially pair him with another first round pick.
  6. The one thing tepper can ill afford right now is waning fan support. He has big plans for the future of this team and franchise (ie domed stadium, new hq, etc) a soured fan base is awful for him at this moment.
  7. Does anyone here maybe think Cam is refusing to run? Like, maybe he’s told them he’s not running the ball so that he can preserve his health? It would explain the last play call as well as the wildcat td with CMC last week Im not taking up for Ron, but there were several times in that game Cam had some open space to take off and he held the ball.
  8. Hooboy this crowd is in for a rude awakening thinking franchise qbs just grow on trees. This may be the beginning of a period of ineptitude that your grown children may see play out. Ask the browns how easy it is to find one.
  9. You missed adding the part where we put guys like amini silatolu, Chris Clark, Nate chandler, Byron bell, and Mike Remmers on the line in front of him and the one big signing we’ve ever given him was Matt “speed bump McGee” Kalil
  10. If I were Tepper, I would do the following: immediately fire Rivera. Promote Norv to HC simply due to lack of options. I’d shut Cam down. Tell him he’s going on IR and will have a chance to take over the team next year when we’ve built a better oline for him. I’d throw Grier into the mix right away. There’s nothing like on the job experience and if he’s going to suck he may as well reward us with a high enough draft pick to draft cams replacement.
  11. I’ll give you the summary: ”I thought our defense did some good things” ”we missed some opportunities” ”had some penalties that killed some drives” ”can’t turn the ball over” ”qb is healthy, he’s taking what the defense gives him (this is his subtle way of trashing his an)”
  12. You’re wrong about the quickest it’s come up. We were 0-2 in 2013 and they he changed his style up a bit and became riverboat ron this isn’t new territory, he just doesn’t have a healthy Cam Newton to bail him out
  13. Olsen ain’t coming back for a rebuild. He’s probably regretting not taking the booth job now.
  14. If he can’t sneak that ball, he shouldn’t be out there period. Shame on this coaching staff, franchise, and Cam himself if that is the case.
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