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  1. bigdog10

    How many Qb’s go before #16

    Considering the success teams are having with qbs on rookie deals, if you’re a team who needs a qb, it’s worth taking a flyer on one after pick five or so. I think three will go before we pick: Murray, Haskins, and one wild card that some team will trade up into the teens for.
  2. John Elway searching for relevancy since that defense brought him a title.
  3. The two lines were my biggest concern for this offseason. I think it can be said with certainty that our offensive line is in much better shape than it was when the season ended. There is still work to be done on the defensive line. If we don’t address the dline in the draft, I’ll be very disappointed
  4. I would actually like to see us sign Corey Liguet. I’m not sure what type of money he would command but he would be an upgrade over everyone not named Short. I do realize he’s coming off an injury which is why a one year prove it deal could make some sense.
  5. bigdog10

    2019 Challenge

    The incredibly frustrating part of this argument is that both sides fail to acknowledge the dark cloud that hung over both hurney and Gettleman (and hell even Polian) heads. Richardson was a cancer to the football side of his business. The contracts passed out after the lockout had his hands all over it just like the Matt kalil contract. Unfortunately, none of the gms we’ve ever had have had much of a chance with him in charge. Thankfully that black cloud is gone and hopefully we can finally find some sustained success under whoever holds the gm title.
  6. Signing Paradis is a huge move by Hurney. I’m actually feeling decent about the oline LT, LG, Paradis, Turner, Moton let Larsen and Van Roten battle it out for the LG. LT was always going to be a issue with Kalil’s contract. Really all we can hope for is that he can step in and play better than Clark did last year. If he can’t, we find someone like Clark and have the same scenario As last year. The whole season, in my opinion comes down to two factors: 1. Can Cam return to form and stay healthy. 2. Can we generate a pass rush from the front four. If the answer to either of those questions are no, we are not going anywhere this year.
  7. bigdog10

    Value wise, that D-Line is ....

    Shaq needs to be cut or extended. His cap hit is laughable for what he’s done thus far. Personally, I’d cut my losses with him. We can literally draft his replacement in the third round of this years draft.
  8. bigdog10

    Browns the new super team

    The new formula of spending big while your qb is on his rookie deal has completely taken over the league.
  9. May be worth bookmarking this thread so we can revisit in a couple years when we have to make the decision on whether or not to make Christian McCaffrey the highest paid running back in the league.
  10. bigdog10

    AAF thread... Anyone watching?

    Jumping on Orlando bandwagon
  11. Imagine the position this franchise would be in had a focus been placed on legitimately upgrading the oline after the super bowl as opposed to throwing as many picks as possible trying to fix the cornerback position. Imagine our previous owner actually let the football guys do their job as opposed to pushing them to unite the Kalil brothers and saddling us with, arguably, the worst contract in panthers history. Unfortunatley, the incompetence above Cam has sabatoged the remainder of his career.
  12. bigdog10

    Interested in Cole Beasley?

    Cole Beasley would be a great fit in New Orleans. Hope it doesn’t happen but he is exactly what they need to take some attention off of Thomas.
  13. bigdog10

    Here for my lumps...

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased with the outcome because you guys are a division rival. With that said, the officials in that game just cost the best team in the league this year and a first ballot hall of famer a shot at a title.
  14. I’ve never seen karma more on display than that right there. It’s just beautiful.