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  1. It’s the old spice guy. “Look at your lady, now back at me, now back at your lady, now back at me”.
  2. I think we ran into a buzz saw with the Niners that year. Harbaugh has Kapernick really playing well and he was a matchup nightmare. Not to mention the officiating was horrendous and the nfl was dying for the Niners-Hawks part three.
  3. I would turn my focus back to Alan bailey.
  4. Or, you know, maybe his play (and literally everyone on our defense) wouldn’t have been poo had Rivera not promoted his under qualified buddy to call the defense last year.
  5. If Cam is healthy, the number should be 9.5 If Cam is not healthy, the number should be 5.5 honestly, it’s pretty smart where they have it at now because it is such an unknown.
  6. Don’t underestimate the importance of Ron Rivera on that meeting. He’s met with an offensive coach in Kitchens in Cleveland and a former special teams coach in Harbaugh with the Ravens. Rivera should hold some clout in that meeting.
  7. The NFLPA is kidding themselves if they think they can get the majority of the players behind an elongated strike. Like it or not the owners have the leverage. They are all billionaires and many of them have other revenue generating ventures There is is too much money at stake for the players. Guys who have trained their entire lives are not going to let a year of their prime waste away over things that likely won’t impact them in 5-7 years anyway (unless they are taking up the fight of long term player insurance). There will be a lockout and it will last the majority of the offseason and then a deal will be made prior to training camp in June or July, at the latest midway through August.
  8. Going to be some pretty interesting things in this: 1. Seeing how the team responded to the huge game winning kick by Gano against the giants as well as the comeback against the eagles. 2. Seeing what the discussions were about sitting Cam late in the year. 3. The Eric Reid drug testing. 4. Peps final year 5. The Matt Kalil injury
  9. The next group of four that should get the honor should be Luke, Cam, Greg and TD in my opinion. After Pep gets in or course. Putting in guys like Rucker and CJ waters it down too much in my opinion. Love both players, but neither name would ring much of a bell outside of the Carolinas I think they had to put Walls in there just to acknowledge someone from our early history. Same kinda goes for Jake. Just an overall lack of options in those early years.
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