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  1. I think Ron has an excuse built in with the Cam injury fiasco. Ron’s issue is the defense. If he can’t fix this over the last seven games, he’s done. You can’t keep a defensive head coach around that has had a broken defense two straight years.
  2. We’re probably not making it but New Orleans showed Sunday that they aren’t bullet proof. beat Atlanta Sunday and then go down to New Orleans with a chance to be one game back. no 12-4 team has ever missed the playoffs and only Two 11-5 teams have missed. 10-6 leaves is out with our conference record and literally losing every tie breaker. I have little faith that we can win out but may as well hold out hope. The off-season is on the horizon and I’d rather enjoy the next few weeks of meaningful football for as long as we can.
  3. Weak on both edges of the lines. Defensive ends have no ability in the run game and our tackles aren’t great (though I’ve been impressed with Daley so far this season)
  4. It was a great call by Ron just a bad play call by Norv. I am really impressed Ron is listening to someone running the analytics. for all of you bitching about Ron consistently, you need to tip the hat when he goes off script and actually makes an adjustment. if we convert that two point conversion and then cmac scores right there, Ron is getting coach of the year talk nationally. Unfortunately, the execution of a Poor play call negated what might have been. for the record, this is coming from someone that has called for this coaching staffs heads.
  5. this is embarrassingly bad defense. I think this is what all the talking heads who actually know football saw when they said the transition to a 3-4 will be a challenge. It has completely wiped away our defense. what exactly are Poe and McCoy being paid for.
  6. What Troy Aikman is doing to the packers should be on Cinemax not Fox.
  7. Star is so under appreciated. His play elevates players around him. It will never show up on the stat sheet, but he was a huge part of our success on defense here, and I bet if you ask the bills linebackers, he plays a huge role in the success of that defense as well.
  8. I have a different theory on this. The words out of Teppers mouth and the lack of commitment to bank of American stadium and his current base of psl owners has a great number of psl owners spooked and therefore disinterested in the thought that this new billionaire owner is going to kick his most loyal subjects to the curve in trade for a new shiny multi purpose toy. I don’t think it has anything to do with the product on the field, qb or coaching staff. It has everything to do with the potential fear of loss for people who have poured into this franchise financially only for them to come back with their hands out again.
  9. Chargers are just abusing the packers. We’re gonna get a hyper focused Rodgers next week. We could be in for a repeat of the niners game.
  10. We’re going to need to play a lot better to play with the big boys in the NFC (saints x2, packers, Seahawks).
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