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  1. 4-3 or 3-4 without CMC is pretty dang solid. Hopefully he comes back fully healthy for the Thursday night game and we go on a roll
  2. We just gonna ignore the horrendous nature of this playcall? Throwing the ball five yards behind the line of scrimmage to cannon. that’s some LSU vs Citadel type BS from Joe Brady.
  3. Business decision to save his legs from being blown up.
  4. They could have quit down 14. To stay in that game shows a lot of character. id argue that was the 2nd worst game they’ve played all year. First being Tampa. They are going to upset some teams down the stretch. It most likely won’t be the chiefs, but I think they can give the saints, Bucs and packers a real good game.
  5. That Bucs defense is better than advertised. That Bucs offense is overrated.
  6. Great players but so are guys like lavonte David and Bobby Wagner who were taken in the second.
  7. Our linebackers and secondary completely negate any pass rush we have. They have to play so far off the ball that teams are just going to take the 5-7 yards and move along. Linebacker is a major need next offseason, however, I’m not sure I want to see us take another one in the first.
  8. I don’t think he sucks. He’s just exactly what he’s always been. A game manager who can dice up average to mediocre defenses but struggles against top defenses. the problem this year is he is overcompensating for a sub optimal offensive line and that is resulting in him turning the ball over at way too high a rate for the type of player he is.
  9. Been quite a while since the panthers have had as big of a game as this one is. A win here goes a long way in potentially a playoff berth.
  10. It was horrendous. Go look at the bears starting qb stats for that game. He was something like 6-17 for 70 yards with four INT’s and the bears still won 23-6
  11. Imagine this play being ran with CMC in the slot coming in motion where Teddy either gives him the ball on the jet sweep or hands it to Davis. This offense is going to be a major problem for defenses.
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