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  1. We'll see. The same would've been said back in '07 despite warning signs everywhere. All the optimism is based on the worst of COVID being behind us. That's some seriously fool's gold.
  2. NC. I'll be back in NC by next weekend. Sell of the house officially closes next week. We'll likely boomerang back out west around this time next year. I just want to cash in our chips now and sit on cash.
  3. Holding steady at 8-9% for the past 2-3 weeks. Hospitalizations have been slowly trending upward since May 10th. 442 on the 10th, 717 currently. Hospitals beds are 80% occupied, ICU beds at 84%. There isn't hospital capacity to account for these spikes we're seeing and the spikes ahead.
  4. Yeah, I honestly wouldn't be opposed to putting Teddy above Baker. Baker has a lot of potential, but the dude was an absolute turnover machine last year.
  5. They're terrified of being called racist. I support their cause, but gathering in the thousands right now is a really, REALLY bad idea. It's not racist to remind people that a virus doesn't give a damn about your race, religion, socio-economic status, or political views. As long as people are gathering together in crowds, it'll spread like wildfire. Period.
  6. I'm absolutely dumbfounded at how quickly the vast majority of people just assumed we were over the worst of COVID and that any talk of a second wave or additional waves was just foolish talk, despite every virologist and epidemiologist on the planet strongly suggesting otherwise.
  7. Thr Moderna vaccine is almost certainly going to be a flop. Definitely looking like a good old fashioned "pump and dump". https://www.statnews.com/2020/05/27/moderna-executives-cashed-out-shares-stock-price-soared/
  8. Teddy's and Kurt's respective "immediate successes" weren't really comparable. Kurt threw for more TDs his first season as a starter than Teddy has in his career. Teddy's a placeholder. I expect him to be okay. If you're expecting him to be a legit elite QB you're almost certainly going to be disappointed... or more likely, troll your ass off trying to convince everyone he actually is elite despite his pedestrian numbers and the losses piling up.
  9. Warner was immediately successful when he got a chance to play in the NFL though. He didn't bounce around from team to team starting here and there putting up pedestrian stats along the way. I'm definitely a big Cam fan, but I understand why Teddy is here. He's a placeholder who knows our offense to bridge the gap to our next franchise QB.
  10. Being a fan is fine. Arguing from a delusion Al perspective is another. Teddy has never shown to be anywhere near Dak Prescott's level. It's embarrassing homerism. If Teddy puts up numbers equivalent to Dak's worst season he'll have a career year and we'll all be happy with his play.
  11. You're evolving into a straight up troll. Dak damn near threw for as many TDs last season as Teddy has in his entire damn career.
  12. I think people overstate the decline in deaths. We topped out around 2600 per day. We're still over 1000 per day. We topped out at about 38000 new cases per day (with much less testing than we currently have). We're still over 20000 per day. We're still 6-8 weeks out from having any inkling of how many are going to die from these coming spikes. My suspicion is that the overall mortality rate is probably about the same since we're likely catching a substantially larger percentage of the overall cases with more widespread testing - while still missing a lot if not even most of them. What these spikes will likely guarantee though is that COVID has a very strong foothold going into cold/flu season. All the testing and contact tracing in the world won't matter if we still have too many cases to keep track of. We didn't learn poo from our failure to take this pandemic seriously before it reached our shores. We managed to take it seriously for 3-4 months at best even after it did. Strap in folks, it's gonna be a helluva ride this winter.
  13. I'm pretty confident Luke could be a better GM than Hurney with zero experience whatsoever in that type of role.
  14. ICUs will likely be past their capacity all over the country again by the end of June. People will cry, " OMG!!! Who could've predicted this?!" Uh... every virologist and epidemiologist on the planet. Many of whom now support the widespread protests for fear of being labeled racist. Unfortunately, the virus doesn't care if you're wearing a MAGA hat at an Ozark pool party or holding a BLM sign at a protest. As long as large groups are gathering together, it's going to spread like wildfire.
  15. You really don't want this. You've been battered enough on this forum already.
  16. https://www.si.com/college/texas/football/texas-governor-increases-live-sporting-event-capacity-to-50 Meanwhile... https://www.axios.com/coronavirus-cases-spike-in-texas-and-arizona-1819ce9f-8565-483a-b367-b678a607154d.html Yikes.
  17. Fortunately, they've been outdoor gatherings. That's a lot better than indoor, but we're still going to see spikes with thousands gathering.
  18. I think otherwise. We'll see. Either way, I'm cashing in my chips now and sitting on the sidelines waiting with cash.
  19. It's possible, but you're assuming people area actually going to stick with it while I'm personally seeing more and more people who definitely aren't. We're definitely trending the wrong direction on it.
  20. Yeah, that's definitely jumping the gun big time. It could also mean that it's largely a less vulnerable population being infected.
  21. Honestly, anyone buying a house right now is completely out of their damn mind. Inventory sucks, prices are back to pre-COVID levels, and interest rates aren't going up anytime soon. You're buying on an economy that's a house of cards with historic levels of unemployment propped up by stimulus and a widespread hope/belief that COVID is over and things will be completely back to normal by mid-summer. That's not to even mention the widespread social unrest and the fact that it's an election year and that's always a wildcard. But, god bless 'em. We're set to close on the sell of our house a week from today. If I'm right, we'll be buying for substantially less in a full-blown buyer's market around this time next year.
  22. Most houses officially selling now went under contract 30-45 days ago. That was a very different market.
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