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  1. LinvilleGorge

    Devin Funchess

    I don't think we'll be a player for free agent WRs. It wouldn't surprise me if we drafted a big WR in the mid-rounds. Maybe someone like UGA's Riley Ridley.
  2. LinvilleGorge

    Devin Funchess

    Oh, someone will definitely give him another shot and that's fine. I have no desire to bury the guy. I just want us to move on and move on now. We have some very promising young receivers and they can probably do without being around Funchess' moping, pouting bullshit. He didn't perform and he lost his spot on the depth chart because of it and because other guys did. It would've happened a lot quicker with most other teams.
  3. LinvilleGorge

    Relevant Remaining Schedules

    It is what it is. This season is shot. I'm rooting for the future of the franchise. We need a restart and we need to keep losing to ensure Tepper sees that. A nice draft pick is just the icing on the cake.
  4. LinvilleGorge

    Relevant Remaining Schedules

    I'm hopeful. The two Saints games are practically guaranteed losses and even though the Falcons suck, they've had our number since week 15 of '15. We have a very real shot at losing out with 7-9 as our ceiling. Some of these middling teams are going to have to win some games.
  5. LinvilleGorge

    Relevant Remaining Schedules

    We've reached the point in the season that the relevant schedules involve the other teams playing for draft picks. We may have a shot at getting one of the elite pass rushers in this draft now.
  6. LinvilleGorge

    Devin Funchess

    Cam threw the right ball to Curtis. He threw to the shoulder away from the defender. Curtis looked over the wrong shoulder. Cam threw high to Wright. Cam appeared to throw high to Funchess, but who knows if ot was a miscommunication or where Funchess was actually supposed to be? Chris Carter seemed to think it was likely a miscommunication and he's forgotten more about route running than all of us on this forum combined will ever know. Cam and Funchess had already had another miscommunication earlier on Funchess' first target. The only thing I can say for sure abkut that play is that Funchess ran a half assed, half speed, disinterested route just like he had been doing all game long. The Detroit drop fest was one thing, but today's piss poor effort should get him cut tomorrow morning. His role has been reduced and he's sulking. Let him sulk at home or let some other team give him a shot. No one is benefitting from him staying on this roster.
  7. Thread isn't even necessary, just get to work taking out the trash.
  8. It sucks, but two of our big money re-signings turned into JAGs after getting their "fug you money". I'm talking about Short and Turner.
  9. We just can't afford to cut him after this year. The dead money situation is just brutal. It's not bad at all after next season. I honestly think Short needs a beast of a season next year or he'll almost certainly be playing his final season as a Panthers.
  10. I've never thought much of Ron as an in game chess player, so if we have to entrust him to be completely hands off of both the offense and the defense and he isn't a great in-game coach... what exactly is he good for? It's time for Ron to go.
  11. LinvilleGorge

    SNF: Rams vs Bears

    The difference with this trend is that it's heavily influenced by changes in the rules to aid offenses. The NFL wants high flying offenses and they're going to get them. They'll keep changing the rules if they have to until they do.
  12. I hope we have yet to see what our scheme is moving forward. We've had some good times under Ron but it's time for a change.
  13. LinvilleGorge

    SNF: Rams vs Bears

    We'll see who ends up winning the Super Bowl and how. The overall trend is definitely heavily toward offense.
  14. Kalil, Captain,and Shepard combined was $83M worth of free agent contracts in one off-season. Yeah, that's a splurge.
  15. He definitely struggles against speed receivers, but he's really good against bigger receivers like Julio, Mike Evans, etc. Once Jackson gets up to speed, I actually think we have a pair of corners who match up really well against most teams. We gotta get a legit true FS to play over the top though. Lacking that piece is a big reason why we play so much off coverage. It's a piece this defense has been missing for the majority of the history of the franchise.
  16. I don't want to kick the can down the road with Short. If he doesn't bounce back next year we can get out of that contract after next season. If we restructure him we probably won't be able to. We splurged a couple of years ago with the Matt Kalil, Captain Munnerlyn, and Russell Shepard signings. How'd that work out? Oh wee mayne...
  17. LinvilleGorge

    SNF: Rams vs Bears

    Definitely not what I expected. Really sloppy INT fest so far.
  18. Bradberry doesn't. He sucks playing off.
  19. OL is the easiest fix IMO. Yeah, we're going to lose Ryan Kalil to retirement but Larsen has proven plenty serviceable. I expect he'll be a stopgap and we'll draft a center prospect at some point in April. Re-sign Daryl Williams for RT and flip Moton to LT. Bang. There's your OL. It's a deep DL draft and we have four picks in the first three rounds. I wouldn't be surprised if two of those picks are DL. Coaching is the hardest fix but is probably the most vital of the changes that we need. Ron has grown stale in Carolina and we need a change of direction.
  20. That's a pretty standard cover 3 zone look, called cover 3 because you have three guys in deep coverage. The only wrinkle is that since they had no one split out wide right, Bradberry rolled over top to act as the FS while Adams dropped down to act as the outside CB. Forget those labels though, they're irrelevant. Jackson, Bradberry, and Adams all three had deep coverage responsibility with Jackson to their respective third of the field. Reid and Shaq had responsibility for the flats on their respective side of the field. Luke and TD had the short middle of the field. Thats why it looked weird on this graphic. All four guys end up covering no one because the defensive play call doesn't ask for them to cover anyone. They're asked to cover their zone of the field which they do. As soon as the ball is snapped, Bradberry cheats toward Adams' side because he knows Adams is slow as fug. This leaves Jackson one on one on an island and he got beat. That's what happened on that play. It's on Jackson and to a lesser extent on Bradberry as well though I understand why Bradberry played it the way that he did. It's primarily on Jackson. Oh... and on the front four because no one got even close to Mayfield.
  21. LinvilleGorge

    Good loss?

    I wish I had been wrong about this.
  22. Do you understand how zone defense works?
  23. LinvilleGorge

    Shout out to Luke Kuechly

    Luke played his ass off today.
  24. LinvilleGorge

    A dose of sanity for those in need.

    Cam needs to be IR'd and needs to have an appointment with whoever the Dr. James Andrews of shoulders is next week.