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  1. This thread has been well into Tinderbox territory for awhile now. Let's at least put it where it belongs.
  2. This. There's scuffles in every football game. I think that's why it's so shocking. Scuffles are commonplace and yet no one has ever pulled some psycho poo like that. It's the worst I've seen since Haynesworth stomped that dude's face.
  3. Dude, just stop. You're trying to defend the indefensible.
  4. This isn't at all surprising based on what I've watched.
  5. Yeah, the kick was a poor choice. He had the perfect opportunity.
  6. This whole ordeal seems like it was scripted for The Chappelle Show's "when keeping it real goes wrong" bit.
  7. Mason Rudolph isn't getting suspended.
  8. Yeah he did. Pouncey is getting suspended but I hope he gets off relatively lightly. The guy was defending his teammate who was being blatantly assaulted with a weapon.
  9. Don't forget, the guy he smacked upside the head with his own helmet got clean KO'd on the field earlier this season himself.
  10. Well, I learned something from this thread. Evidently I'm a right winger.
  11. Nothing has changed on my end. I has no powers. LOL!
  12. Either Cam or Kyle... or Grier for that matter. I get it, Reid loves his boy Kaepernick. That's cool and all, but damn... even if you want to have a conversation sometimes it's okay for that conversation to remain behind closed doors
  13. I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about potential backlash about showing interest and ultimately not signing him. That's what the talking heads on ESPN are speculating is what's primarily behind setting this whole thing up.
  14. It's all good, man. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linville_Gorge_Wilderness It's in Pisgah National Forest in western NC. It's the deepest canyon east of the Mississippi and the third largest designated wilderness area in the country. My family has lived near the mouth of the gorge since the mid-1700s
  15. The speculation is that the interested teams don't want to be put in the spotlight to take a PR hit if they decided not to sign him for some reason. No clue why a team showing interest would be the target of backlash if they inquired and didn't sign him for some reason, but there's a lot about today's outrage culture that I don't understand. So, the NFL is putting together this organized open workout presumably with widespread team attendance to cover for the truly interested teams. I mean, I guess it sort of makes sense but I feel like there's virtually zero chance that the truly interested teams don't leak out from this.
  16. They're discussing it on ESPN right now. They're saying that there are at least two teams interested in signing him. There are "at least" 10 owners who want nothing to do with him, but 10-15 open to seeing him back in the league. The speculation is that this is the league stepping up to take the flack if his interviews went bad or for whatever reason the team(s) interested in signing him decided not to that this format will allow the NFL to take the PR hit instead of an individual team. It makes sense on the surface. What still doesn't make sense is setting it up without his input and being completely inflexible on the date.
  17. Former regular. My TB activity has been minimal in recent weeks. The futility of that place finally fully sank in for me.
  18. Everything about this seems odd. From scheduling it without his input, from not being willing to move it to a little later date, from holding a player workout literally two thirds of the way through the season. Definitely seems like it's a "see, we're trying to help him get a job" type effort. I suspect it's to help their legal position.
  19. I hope Cam can be healthy again. I have no idea what to think about it though. Unless we're VERY sure he can't get and stay healthy again though, I honestly think keeping him is next season is far less of a risk than moving on.
  20. Wasn't planning on it but I guess if you bitch about something, you should either offer to help or STFU. So, sure.
  21. I wanna work for CRA. I'll do the absolute bare minimum, but I won't embezzle or intentionally sabotage anything so I guess I'll have perpetual job security because hey, you could always do worse.
  22. Look at Luke's numbers. He's not living off of reputation. He's one of the statistically best LBs in the NFL this season.
  23. Pretty easy to wash out the DTs when you know the DEs are of no concern.
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