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  1. Hell no. I wouldn’t have resigned Shaq at all at that number. He should have gotten a shorter mid range deal, to give him a chance to become a good player and earn a bigger contract. If he didn’t want that, then we could find his replacement in the 3rd or 4th round and they’d play just as well probably
  2. This OP? Rational for the most part. Which is a hard left turn from the previous drivel that was speculating Cam was gone and passing it off as “insider info”. No one is going to argue that anything is possible, it’s possible he’s gone, it’s possible he stays. No one knows. The majority of posts around here have been inane speculation that he’s gone based on the words of morons like Joe Person at best and no one at all in many cases. That bullshit is what has gotten blowback and grief. Not saying it’s possible Cam will be gone. Saying he will be gone.
  3. I haven’t understood the hate for Samuel. He’s had a couple drops but mostly it’s because every single throw to him more than 15 yards deep is under thrown and fluttering. It throws off his timing, his route, and makes it damn near impossible to catch. Julio would have trouble with Allen at QB. Samuel has plenty of room for improvement for sure, but he’s not going to until someone can get him the ball.
  4. No one knows what’s happening with Cam. No one here even has an educated guess. It depends on how his foot heals. He’s not injury prone because of two unrelated injuries. He’s cheap for next year. We don’t know if he’d be a bitch about his contract but past evidence points towards no. Before the shoulder problem last year he was playing exactly like we had hoped he would when his run game was gone. We have nothing at QB without him (as far as a starter goes). Everything says he’ll be our starting QB next year except the uncertainty about his foot, which none of us have any clue about. Anyone claiming to know anything, or even claiming their speculation has any merit whatsoever, is full of poo. We don’t know.
  5. To be fair almost everything you said can be applied to Rivera. “His own willful ignorance to trot Cam out there when injured after the season is lost. His unwillingness to adapt and his no balls coaching style got him what he deserved. He rode the coat tails of Cam and a few elite defenses pieces until he got exposed.”
  6. Yea I could get behind this. Get rid of the god awful silver helmets. Silver only used as trim anywhere on the uniform with black and blue the major colors and white only used for home jerseys
  7. There was good and there was bad. Not bad for a first time
  8. I didn’t even know Pennsylvania was an Ivy League school...looked it up and sure enough it is.
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