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  1. JawnyBlaze

    Ron Rivera: Just Average

    The only thing coaching has to do with it is he was smart enough to get out of Cam’s way that year. He promptly forgot what got him there when SB50 rolled around. That and Shula’s deficiencies were taken advantage of by Phillips.
  2. JawnyBlaze

    Looking towards the draft.

    We need at least two DEs in the first three rounds.
  3. Thank you for this. Completely agree, and people who can’t see it either have an agenda or no football iq.
  4. JawnyBlaze

    Cam Newton lost this game

    Obviously his arm isn’t the same, but he didn’t lose this game. Even assuming that last throw was on him and not a wrong route by funchess (I bet it was), lotta drops in that game. Even the slight over throw to wright, looked like wright shoulda been running harder. Cam had a good game with a couple bad passes
  5. I just mean the head nod. “Challenge accepted!”
  6. He should just post one gif: the 2015 giants game where he had to lead us back for the winning field goal and had the “alright” head nod before going on the field
  7. I completely missed that first part. No QB in the history of ever has done more with less. Few QBs have been given less than Cam has in the first place. Gettleman didn’t draft one single skill position worth a poo. He found a couple decent OL in the mid rounds and undrafted, but otherwise neglected the OL. Hurney trades for Olsen, that was great. He drafted CMC and Moore and Samuel, they have been great. We are only finally giving Cam the barebones of a supporting cast. He’s had to deal with only Olsen to be a legitimate offensive weapon for most of his career. After Smitty was shown the door early in Cam’s career, only bums have been brought in prior to CMC. And yet Cam has dragged these bums to a Super Bowl and a couple of other good years. Joe Montana, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady wouldn’t have taken the ‘15 team to the Super Bowl. Others have done more with less my ass.
  8. JawnyBlaze

    For the Cam doubters

    Cam had a bad game, one of his worst ever. There’s obviously something wrong with his shoulder, has been all year and yesterday it seemed worse. But it’s still his only bad game in a career year. He finally has something resembling weapons and he’s been great even without his usual arm strength. Tells me he’ll be just fine in his later years when the physical talents are diminished
  9. I literally laughed out loud, for minutes.
  10. For the most part all the skill players except Cam looked really good today
  11. Definitely looks that way. Had that thought on one of the earlier interceptions
  12. If we win out it’ll be because tepper fires rivera sometime between now and Sunday.
  13. JawnyBlaze

    Rivera Presser

    “Maybe we asked them to do too much, maybe that’s on us” is a backhanded way of trying to look like he’s taking accountability but still throw the players under the bus and put the blame on them.