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  1. I dunno, is he big enough for MLB? Being able to quarterback the defense isn’t the only difference between a typical MLB and OLB. OLBs have to be bigger and better at shedding blockers cuz they play in a more compressed area usually. Not sure Shaq has it in him. I’m guessing he stays at OLB
  2. Yea, the numbers looked better but there’s some question whether it was the quality of opponents or legit improvement. We’ll see, SF’s offense is pretty good.
  3. One of the more interesting Super Bowls in a while. Philosophical clash, KC is the new school throw the ball all over the place team without much defense. SF is the classic winning formula of run the ball well and play great defense. I think SF will win but I’m rooting for KC.
  4. If he wasn’t eligible then he wouldnt be nominated. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure people have won who were hurt all or almost all of a season before. I think that bit is just to punctuate the “off the field” part. He’s been excellent on the field as well, and plenty of players who were very not excellent on the field have won before lol
  5. Well 66% is a lot better than 20% or whatever the rest of the rounds were individually. Often times it’s not about being savvy, it’s just lucky. Belichick wasn’t savvy in taking Brady, he was lucky.
  6. From the way it was worded, 2/3 were 1st rounders
  7. That’s not a great ratio...6/7 of the draft only provided 1/3 of the QBs...
  8. Brown is the only non OL I’d be happy with at #7, and I’d be ok with Isaiah Simmons (but not excited). Our OL needs significant investment though.
  9. Even if we have to roll with Kyle Allen for a significant portion of another year, you don’t put a young QB behind this line. He’ll get Carr’d. We need to beef up the line first, that includes #7 overall. Then if Cam can’t stay healthy this year, he doesn’t get resigned and we pursue a QB in the next draft.
  10. That’s my point, if they only “believe” then we have to hold onto him. If there’s a chance he stays healthy, the risk is worth the pennies he’s making (compared to much inferior QBs). We should only let him go if they KNOW he won’t stay healthy.
  11. There is no point to trading him unless WE know he’ll never be healthy again (highly unlikely despite what a bunch of agendas here want to believe) and can keep that info away from trade partners. Two really big unlikelihoods happening is the only scenario where trading him makes any sense at all.
  12. Two unrelated injuries. That’s all. And Cam’s non-peak health is still above most QBs’ peak. He wasn’t even 30 when he suffered and recovered from the shoulder injury. The only thing he’s still recovering from at 30 is the lisfranc surgery. Plus, I have a feeling Cam is “old enough” to get the calls these days. I don’t think refs are going to be allowing the headhunting on him any more as a result of the past couple seasons’ injuries. They know he’s one of the more bankable players that’s always good for a story of some sort. They’d lose a bit of money if Cam’s career was shortened.
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