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  1. Better than Boger. But not by much.
  2. I knew we were probably going to lose when Rivera threw in the towel with 1:48 left in the first half.
  3. Glad I don’t follow the game thread constantly, just check in every now and then. Couldn’t have been much more obvious his arm got hit on the interception.
  4. JawnyBlaze

    Don't panic. This happens every year.

    And every year we don’t win the super bowl. I’m ready for a change starting at HC. I’m still fine with Norv. Didn’t like the play calling for most of the first half and the final four plays but the rest of the second half was pretty good. Dunno if that was more on Norv or Cam. Last game was pretty poor but otherwise I’ve been pleased with the huge improvement in game time decisions over what we saw in the Shula era. Washington has been terrible so far. Hurney has been good this time around but I dunno if I’m ready to trust him or not.
  5. He had a good game. One drop but a couple really good catches that more than made up for it.
  6. JawnyBlaze

    Are the last three plays on Cam?

    The pass to mccaffrey was a little overthrown but he was under pressure and it seemed mccaffrey coulda jumped and maybe made that catch. The second pass to funchess was pretty quick and seemed predetermined. He was probably told to take the quick shot to the end zone. I dunno if the play calls are on Norv or Rivera trying to control the flow of the game but I put that last series on playcalling.
  7. Yea. Shoulda made that throw. Still tired of people putting either of those ints on him though. They were both because of IT route mistakes.
  8. JawnyBlaze

    Whelp Norv

    There hadn’t been any playclock issues before this game. The first three we never had to burn a timeout and they were often at the line with 10s to spare. Just a bad game for norv for whatever reason.
  9. And cmc got that last first down. The graphic was wrong (the second or third time that happened in the game). Ball broke the plane of the first down by half a ball length.
  10. There were awful missed calls going both ways. Blatant calls. The only thing that could be argued is the bad call on the hit to funchess’ head was at a more critical point in the game but Boger is easily the worst official I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t say we were handed this game at all, there were a few awful ref decisions that ended drives of ours too.
  11. No kidding. Not even just the distance and fact it was a game winner but the play clock was low and looked a little rushed. Kick of his career.
  12. Thats the second time Ian Thomas stopping on a route has caused an int. I think he needs to be blocking for a few games instead of running routes.
  13. Charles Davis and Kenny Albert are the worst pair in history. Worse even than ronde barber and whoever or Torrey holt and whoever. But I think gettleman coached high school and that’s what they were referring to