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  1. In addition to the shotgun tell, there’s another maddening tell on the OL. Every time I see the Lg tap the center’s leg then the center immediately snaps the ball I rage. Has happened for years. I don’t see many other teams doing it, but maybe it’s just my viewing bias since I don’t watch other teams as much.
  2. Because it’s not a quarter of a second on each throw. It’s an average. And anyone with eyes can tel the line has blocked better since Allen started playing. Williams was a huge liability on the left. And I assume Palardy is starting to gel with the rest in his role better after a couple live games.
  3. Sure anything’s possible. But if I recall correctly, he was like “Cam Newton will not be a Panther next year.” Wasn’t some wild predictions segment or anything, just him throwing his usual poo out there. It’s the way he always is. If Cam decides to retire, it would suck but I wouldn’t blame him.
  4. Pff is trash. anyone who didn’t know Allen has had noticeably more time to throw than Cam did is trashier.
  5. I don’t disagree. Willie’s confidence that Cam won’t be a Panther next year was the stupid thing he said this time.
  6. McGinnist has always been an idiot. Huge air of self importance any time he speaks and always sounds like he’s just spouting random poo off the top of his head with no research or anything to back up his opinions.
  7. Exactly this. Ryan is one of the most overrated QBs in a long time, precisely because stats lie.
  8. Yea I referenced that in another thread. A great deep shot that wasn’t caught :(
  9. I can’t give out any more reactions today. So here you go:
  10. Lol it doesn’t get much cleaner than that. Pittsburgh fans are whiney as hell
  11. Who said he’s not playing a role in the team winning?
  12. Depends on your definition of Superman QB. If you mean someone who has to carry the team like Cam has most of his career, there hasn’t been one. Cuz a SB winning QB usually needs more help to get that far. But if you mean playmaker or star QB, then basically all of them except little Manning, Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Flacco and a few others I’m not remembering.
  13. all QBs end up in that situation at some point. And I’m not saying Allen is forcing miracle catches, wasn’t talking about him when I said that. His deep balls haven’t been fantastic for the most part but good enough. The one Moore caught last week was definitely more on Moore than Allen, but Allen has also thrown some great deep balls that weren’t even caught. One today comes to mind earlier in the game, but I forget who it was to. and Allen is certainly hitting players in stride very well, better than Cam for most of his career. Cam was doing just as well early last year though.
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