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  1. Simmons and a WR are the only bad choices to me. I’m good with Brown, Kinlaw, Okudah, OT, or Tua. Not Herbert so much or any other the others. Tua seems worth the gamble to me though.
  2. Need? Lineman on both sides and probably a CB. Would be great if we could also land a rd 2-5 LB that could start at MLB and a QB of the near future.
  3. Exactly this. A great LB is a difference maker if the line in front of him is strong. If the line sucks, there’s only so much the LB can do.
  4. DEFINITELY Brown. I don’t care to hope lightning strikes twice with top ten picks on a LB actually being worth it.
  5. Yea this is a tough one. The 03 team was simply tougher in almost every way. The 15 team was more talented in most ways except WR and OL. The coaches were probably a push but I’d give the slight edge to Fox. The 15 team had the x-factor in Cam. Hard to tell. I’d probably give the edge to 03 just based on toughness overall and some smitty dominance. But Cam would keep it close, probably coming down to possession at the end of the game and getting sacked a couple times to end it because the OL got dominated.
  6. I dunno. You’re not wrong but Tua seems different to me. I’ve never liked a Bama QB, but Tua looks like the real deal to me.
  7. Yea I’m not sure about Herbert or love, haven’t done my own research. But I don’t care for what I’ve heard from the nfl “analysts” about them. If we’re going to draft a QB high, this is the year. Signing Teddy really screwed up any strategy would could have possibly been employing to get good any time soon. He’s too good for us to suck bad enough to get this high of a pick again, but not good enough to take this team to 10+ wins. Should have stuck with Cam. Either he’d be healthy and we’d have our superstar QB back that can carry a bad team and bad coaching on his back, or he’s not healthy and we’ll have another bad year en route to a high pick and draft a QB.
  8. I swear to God if Tua is on the board and we draft a gd LB I will flip my poo lol.
  9. I’d take him. Best shot in sight at finding another franchise QB. Let Teddy hold the fort on the way to 6-8 wins this year like what’s going to happen anyway and get the team ready to support Tua for next year.
  10. I don’t know why we’d be looking to replace him with any of these jags we’ve been signing (other than Anderson, not a jag). Curtis did the best he could with the trash we had at QB last year and the year before he seemed to score a TD every third touch (only a slight exaggeration). He body catches a little, but still catches most catchable balls thrown his way. He just needs more opportunities.
  11. Yea, right now that all we have is college play. I think Kinlaw will be a better pro. We’ll see though, not taking away from Brown, he looks great.
  12. Apple is straight dookie. Makes Deion Sanders look like Lawrence Taylor as a tackler.
  13. Makes sense. I figured as much given the date, but didn’t see any comments indicating as such. Disregard
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