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  1. I mean....we all knew it already right? Tepper wants to reboot the whole franchise. The plan is to flat out suck to get the next franchise QB....and if we miss on draft day next year Tepper may as well become Geoffrey Baratheon.
  2. The risk in keeping him is we win 5-6 games and loose draft position. That’s worst case for a rebuilding team. I just don’t think Tepper is going to keep Cam even if he checks all the healthy boxes. He said the rebuild will be longer than he first expected so no way he is paying Cam going forward. Honestly if I was Cam I wouldn’t want to stick around. They never even tried to give him legit offensive weapons. It was always Greg and a bunch of fill in the blank blank guys. Crazy how he had the offense rolling in 2015 with Ted Ginn Jr being his best wife out.
  3. I’m starting to think they end up just cutting Cam and not get anything for him. Other teams will low ball on trades, they’ll wait to last minute to get a better pick, but it’ll backfire.
  4. That’s not saying much since we sucked. I figured Greg would go to a playoff contender. Buffalo I get but Washington is about as bad off as we are.
  5. I mean...the Skins? He ain’t winning doodly squat there.
  6. Cam is no doubt going to be traded or cut. The franchise is hitting the reboot button hard...real hard.
  7. Not surprised. I’d like to see him get a ring with a legit contender.
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