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  1. You honestly think there will be about 3 million deaths in the US related to the virus?
  2. It’s not really a known value yet. I think it’s about 3% but most of the deaths are from China which may skew that number. They will have to analyze the data from those that have died. Like most respiratory viruses those that are immunocompromised like the elderly, babies, and those with chronic conditions are where the deaths come from. The problem is science doesn’t know much about the virus yet. So I understand the precaution.
  3. The world has lost its mind. The regular old flu killed 34,000 in the US last year even though we have the flu shot yet everybody went on about life.
  4. I hate it came down to just trying to survive in the end but that's what we do.
  5. As happy as I was in the first half I'm now completely pissed off......Is that what being bipolar feels like?
  6. So basically the offense won't score another point and its going to be a fight to make it to the clock expires.
  7. It was a fun ride. Amazing how the defense played so good when the offense stunk and now it's the exact opposite.
  8. Why oh why does it always have to be US fighting for survival at the end.
  9. Just need to keep whooping that ass like the Heels did to Dook yesterday.
  10. Based on that Pizza Hut commercial...Jessie sure has aged since Breaking Bad ended.
  11. fuging power blinking out...only takes DirectTV 30 minutes to reload...ugh. I think they stream from Mars.
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