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  1. That’s not saying much since we sucked. I figured Greg would go to a playoff contender. Buffalo I get but Washington is about as bad off as we are.
  2. I mean...the Skins? He ain’t winning doodly squat there.
  3. Cam is no doubt going to be traded or cut. The franchise is hitting the reboot button hard...real hard.
  4. Not surprised. I’d like to see him get a ring with a legit contender.
  5. If we trade him I dont think we get anything close to what we think he is worth.
  6. I doubt Marty had any idea Luke was retiring when he signed Shaq. He just likes paying to much for the wrong positions.
  7. If someone opens up a really good offer in a trade then I think they move him and go full rebuild. Question is what the heck is his trade value? Who needs a potential elite QB that has assets to trade?
  8. Nope he will screw everything up. Overpay and underdraft is what he does best. He hit on a few elite guys and has made a career off it.
  9. Hitting on every single draft pick. We have Marty so that’s a nope
  10. All I can think of is what could have been. Piss poor ownership and coaching squandered elite talent. Now we start over :(
  11. Oh man.....this hurts a good bit.
  12. What would it even take to tempt the Bengals to do a swap? 7 and 2-3 future 1sts??? maybe a better chance to trade with NY and get Tua.
  13. I went to the park and it was 21-0 Texans.....walk back in and I’m like wtf has happened???
  14. Pretty much a bye gets you to go bye-bye
  15. Hmmm....this game looking very familiar to the Titans/Ravens game.
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