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  1. I think the problem is his OC. McCoy sucks. The defense though is classic Rivera/Wilkes calls. Broncos are picking it apart.
  2. Wilkes has a tough choice to make after this game. How do you keep Mike McCoy after this?
  3. Lol...coaching tree my ass. It's more like a creeping vine.
  4. This isn't Red Beau U man, it don't work like that.
  5. Poor Wilkes, his offense is terrible. His defense is terrible as well. He may not get another season.
  6. Jon Snow

    Let's make a loose comparison

    And this is what will get this staff canned. If they can't win their division they won't make it to the playoffs much less the SB. If your division fows own you then you are pretty much worthless. That's the measuring stick and right now this staff isn't measuring up.
  7. It's hard to say at this point. Tepper doesn't strike me as a type of guy to play his hand too soon. My guess is that his decision will not be based solely on the final record but more of how the teams philosophy and personnel fit into his vision for this franchise. Make no mistake thinking he hasn't been closely monitoring the inner workings of staff and coaches just because he's been hands off and mostly silent to the media. There will be changes regardless of record, how drastic may very well come down to whether he thinks that record was an indicator for the franchises success going forward.
  8. Jon Snow

    Wednesday notes/pressers

    It won't matter. Their backup would have a record day against us. It's the Panthers MO.
  9. He's not left handed? I think you know the answer to this. Some of the lineup decisions baffle me.
  10. I'm not sure of a few more but I hope he has at least one good game left in him. Just based on his last few outings here I would probably try to get Allen out there even if I had to prop him up on crutches.
  11. Jon Snow

    Not ideal for our defense

    I would add a 3rd alternative; 3. The group is just not good enough to get the job done. Age and inexperience has caught up to them.
  12. Jon Snow

    NFL drops cross-ownership rule

    It was inevitable. There's only so many billionaires that can afford to and want to do this.