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  1. One guy, One guy posted a knee jerk thread and now it's "the Huddle" hates Burns. Can we not mimic said knee jerk reactions and put away the pitchforks for the time being? You guys are crushing my vibe man.
  2. Steven King couldn't have conjured up a better plot.
  3. That's all we need is two desperate GM's involved in such scenario.
  4. While I am encouraged that they haven't given up in the first 2 games so far it is only 2 games. It's hard to endure heartbreaking loses without it getting to you no matter how strong you think you are. Let's see where this teams breaking point ends up being.
  5. Or C. End up somewhere in-between and the mediocrity continues until Tepper brings in someone who can figure it out. The odds so far favor C.
  6. 1. We don't score enough to win. 2. Not enough to matter in the win column. Embrace the suck.
  7. ...plus you have to build depth at each position, which Hurney is notoriously bad at. It could take a while if he's left unchecked.
  8. You guys are arguing over style. All that matters is if they are a baller. Just beat the other teams ass no matter how you have to do it. Whether is 1st overall or an UDFA just get a playmaker.
  9. From where I sit he's been able to look better at it than Eric Washington who had infinitely more talent at his disposal. So that's an improvement.
  10. It's good they believe in themselves. It's much harder to actually produce above your abilities when everyone else around you is struggling as well. The problem lies in the abilities of those around him and those problems cannot be fixed in one off-season. But keep pounding!
  11. He is. But the worst part is that they haven't figured out that it hasn't worked to date.
  12. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong but I have yet to see him doing anything well. Matter of fact I have yet to see him do anything at all.
  13. A buddy of mine had a 21 foot flat bottom center similar to that. I think I'll give him a call.
  14. He's not supposed to do it alone. He needs 10 other guys doing their job well enough for him to be effective. Your stats are misleading.
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