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  1. Only two were drafted by the current great evaluator and the team record is what again?
  2. Right, you can't build a team adding one good player a year. That's what got us where we are now. Too many folks get caught up in the one thing that went right and ignore the 10 things that went wrong.
  3. It would be the dumbest thing they could do to extend him without seeing if he holds up a full season.
  4. What the Cam only fans fail to realize is that the team does not believe his shoulder will hold up a full season. That is the number one issue here. You can lament on what Cam use to be all you want but those of use that are not emotionally attached here have come to accept it. The odds Cam will be released are greater than him holding up a full season.
  5. Just had to correct it for historical accuracy. Don't shoot the messenger.
  6. Honestly, this has always been the most likely outcome. Very few players of their caliber every finish their careers with the team that drafted them. Cam and Luke will be no different. As great as both have been here they will be replaced before fans are ready to let go. I will certainly miss them both because they ARE unique talents and great to watch play. But I'm old enough to know that no one is irreplaceable. The replacement may not be as talented or charismatic and fun to watch for us fans but they are replacements none the less. I just hope that whomever takes over for them can be at least half as much fun to watch as these two have been.
  7. If steak is so bad that you have to drown it in ketchup then you should probably just eat the green hotdogs.
  8. Of course it is speculation but he is the defensive coordinator so it's not much of a stretch to say he is probably calling the plays. Especially the way they have performed all season. But I'm not going to argue with you about it if that's what you want. If it was Ron calling the plays then prepare to see much much worse going forward.
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