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  1. Just a negotiating tactic. Always ask for more than you really won't. Throw in something that will be outlandish and use to as a bargaining chip for what you really want.
  2. Not really. Tepper has always maintained that that was an option. "When Cam is healthy, then we'll talk" has been his statement all along. Now granted he hasn't been very committal beyond that which has generated a lot of speculation so I can see why fans are freaking out. But either way there will be no crow to eat.
  3. Yes, unfortunately. I'm not sure I could tell you what I saw however. I feel dumber somehow from watching it.
  4. Pretty impressive since one if not both have been dead for years.
  5. Obviously. Must be time for my smoke break. I missed the w.
  6. What you see in the photo is the vacuum sealed bags. That must've been some hella large duffle bags.
  7. It has more to do with the strain of the plant. Nothing to do with the coast it came from. The country of origin will largely indicate the strain you are dealing with.
  8. You are still not hiding that stack in a Tahoe. You could see it standing outside.
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