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  1. Any of these guys under 25 and cheap? That seams to be 2 key requirements these days.
  2. Man this will drag on all season, if there is one.
  3. That's a pretty f*cked up thing to do. It's probably a salary and pension dump if she has one. Her company is hoping they can hire people for the same positions for cheaper salaries. I hope these fed aide packages address situations like this.
  4. Gotta go with JJ as he has outlasted them all, except for Sir Purr. But I here Purr is on the trading block so it looks like JJ it is.
  5. Close. With Tepper being the investment minded individual that he is just sold all his stock In Cam and reinvested it in Ted, for now. That's the bottom line.
  6. He was a little light in the ass back then to be talking that much sh*t. When I was his age if you talked to a cop like that they would beat your ass before they took you in. Then his buddies at jail may take a turn if you kept it up. Today they just shoot you. My how times have changed.
  7. I'm not a business owner and for now I'm still employed. I urge everyone still employed to pay it forward to your fellow humans that are struggling with this nightmare. Please stop hoarding! Order out as much as you can, it keeps people employed. And for goodness sake give people a decent tip you cheapskates. I'm doing what little I can as a citizen and would hope you all would if you give a crap about anything but yourself. Rant over.
  8. See that's the thing. I like Cam, always have. Followed him when he was at Auburn and prayed that The Panthers would draft him. But I have learned that I don't dare critique his game because all the does is bring out racist's on both sides of the spectrum. Certain players are off limits when it comes to critiquing their play. That's just how it is. Everyone is fair game unless it's a player that is worshipped like a God by their fans.
  9. Nothing wrong with that. Where it goes wrong is when you start labeling people who don't feel the same way as you do. Not directed at you but in a general sense.
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