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  1. Looks more like he's going to a costume party to me. But what the hell do I know about fashion? I think cargo shorts can be worn for any occasion.
  2. Poor guy, this may end his run with the Panthers. He was a long shot anyway.
  3. I say turn it over to the Spanish broadcast team. They are much more entertaining and even though I can't understand a word they are saying I can at least know I'm listening to a football game. With Mick I feel like I'm listening to color commentary on a gay porn flick. The guy is cringe worthy to listen to.
  4. It's because Mick complemented JR on his ample chest.
  5. Anyone but Mixon please.
  6. Drafting for need is a bad strategy that almost always ends in failure, especially for Hurney. I hope his luck has changed but I fear a year or two from now the results will be the same.
  7. I sure hope he becomes the best LT ever. The question will be will he put in the effort to back up his words? That goes for all the draftees really.
  8. Anyone know if the team has a cardiologist on retainer?
  9. If they are going into this draft looking for starters then they are already screwed. This will cause Hurney to reach for need and we all know what happens when he reaches.
  10. New England is trolling Hurney with the Grier talk. They know Hurney too well and have made him their bitch on numerous draft day trades. I hope like hell Hurney doesn't fall for it and trade up into the first for a QB. But Hurney's going to Hurney.
  11. And so it begins. Kicking the can seems to be Hurney's favorite game.
  12. The only way you even consider something this drastic is for a franchise QB prospect. Anything else is just lunacy.
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