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  1. New England is trolling Hurney with the Grier talk. They know Hurney too well and have made him their bitch on numerous draft day trades. I hope like hell Hurney doesn't fall for it and trade up into the first for a QB. But Hurney's going to Hurney.
  2. And so it begins. Kicking the can seems to be Hurney's favorite game.
  3. The only way you even consider something this drastic is for a franchise QB prospect. Anything else is just lunacy.
  4. What this place really needs is an enema.
  5. They got the right man for the job. Congratulations!
  6. Nothing personal, just not my thing...but Mick sure does fantasize about them.
  7. I'm interested in knowing who the replacement will be as I'm forced to listen to most of the Sunday games on the radio while traveling. Mick and Eugene were insufferable. Mick is the worst, I feel like I'm listening to a gay erotic novel being read to me.
  8. I came in here to get the answer to that question myself. Hard to judge based on the combined mental capacity that the huddle has demonstrated lately. All hail Hurney?
  9. No, because he set the roster. That's his job.
  10. Accept. Last year's team was his too by my count.
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