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  1. I feel the exact same way. Not much enthusiasm left in me regarding this team. Keeping Hurney around is mind boggling to me. I just don't have the stomach to watch this team flounder around until its finally obvious to the new owner that Hurney must be removed from the building.
  2. Number 90, much like 89, will go down as one of the best players in the Panthers brief history. The bar is set high for those that follow. Much love and respect for who he is as a man on and off the field. Bless up big guy.
  3. Classic SS. Brutally honest. Love it.
  4. Jon Snow

    Gronkowski is a moron

    Gronk is the definition of a dumb jock. To expect anything better from him is foolish on your part. It's akin to farting in a room full of people. You just have to laugh.
  5. Jon Snow

    Do you watch the pro bowl?

    No, haven't watched a pro bowl in 10 years.
  6. Jon Snow

    Cam's Shoulder?

    We can only hope.
  7. Jon Snow

    Aints Fans Continue to Devolve

    Hey now! Tread lightly here.
  8. Jon Snow

    Cam's Shoulder?

    Hense the backup plan. I'm not sure what else the team can do at this point.
  9. Jon Snow

    Cam's Shoulder?

    The last I heard on his shoulder is that there is no surgery planned because there's nothing wrong with it structurally. The plan is to rest it and try again next year. A backup plan is being formulated in case he cant throw without pain. That's all we know at this point.
  10. Yeah it's pretty much closed now.
  11. Jon Snow

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    So did anyone get banned? Igo should post their username in the "you could find yourself banned" thread.
  12. You may be onto something there OP. Is there an internal power struggle going on between Cam and Ron? Is Hurney being spit roasted by the two? We demand answers!
  13. Jon Snow

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    Mel Kiper doesn't know sh*t.
  14. Jon Snow

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    All I want to know is did the fool get banned?
  15. Jon Snow

    Should Ace Aladdin be banned?

    I'm not reading all that poo.