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  1. Jon Snow

    Jags cut a guy we once pursued

    The next time you have a thought, don't.
  2. Jon Snow

    Friday Notes and Quotes

  3. Just be thankful it's not Amini.
  4. Jon Snow

    Matt Kalil?

    I guess Oher, Williams and Moton don't count.
  5. Jon Snow

    coach or gm first?

    Hurney would never have had a GM job if it wasn't for JR, much less a second job as GM, also given to him by JR. There is not one single reason to keep him. The longer he stays the worse this team will get.
  6. I think there are quite a few on here that beg to differ.
  7. Jon Snow

    Matt Kalil?

    JR's not around anymore so they don't have to play him.
  8. Jon Snow

    Looking towards the draft.

    That's a Ron thing. Even Fox felt that way too.
  9. I'm hoping that their time here is at an end myself.
  10. Jon Snow

    Looking towards the draft.

    This team will never draft a safety to play safety in the first round. A safety to play linebacker maybe, but not to play safety. You know this.
  11. Oh please do. My post wasn't directed specifically at you perse but I did use your post to pose the hypothetical question.
  12. Lol...this place would be a ghost town if that happened.
  13. Maybe not, but say that his shoulder issue is overblown and in an attempt to save his job Ron convinces management it's time to change directions at QB as part of his overhaul of the team. Would you still be a Panthers fan?
  14. What if Ron conveniences Tepper to allow Hurney to trade Cam for a 1st this year so he can draft another QB? Not saying it's a possibility just a hypothetical question. How many Huddlers would still be a Panther fan?