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  1. I made this statement in another thread---yes, draft picks get more time to develop than those who were not. But the reason is business, not talent development. Due to contracts, teams stay with drafted players longer-most Undrafted free agents do not ink 4-year deals. Secondly, the GM looks bad if he cuts drafted players. So the time to prove it is shorter for undrafted free agents vs. players on contract. However, for comparison's sake, they still did not develop in the same window of time fans are using to label Allen a bust. If drafted players take years to develop, how can anyone know that Allen is a bust after 8 games? You cannot. In fact, Allen is more of a project than Charles Johnson was, so he should be given time to develop--fans wanted him to fail so they could hold Cam up. That is the bottom line. I want him to succeed so we have options. Root for the team, not the player, in my opinion.
  2. I did not see Cam as an accurate QB---thanks for following me. This is not about race to me, so please do not try to drag everyone into that arena. Cam's best days are not ahead of him. I just do not see the risk of a new $35m contract being worth it. Allen is cheaper, and allows us to fill some other needs while developing a young QB--- But I really think people get into trouble when they start trying to call others out and tell them what they think. On a website. About someone you don't know. Cam has had some great moments and I know that he is the face of the franchise. But if you think a running QB with historical accuracy issues is going to improve at age 32, I am not in the same mindset.
  3. Forget the last one I submitted--- Burns CMC Moton Bradberry Moore 5 hopefuls: Little Daley Grier and/or Allen Samuel Thomas
  4. Interesting--I forgot about Jackson---want him to move to nickel (aside). Grier? Too soon to tell, but it reminds me of the kind of pick we have seen lately---forget the early first round QBs---Prescott, Dalton, Wilson----there are some gems later if given time to develop.
  5. All valid points---Imagine if we brought in a true #1, with Moore and Samuel....
  6. Those willing to bash Allen because he had a bad game (basically determining that he is a bust or will never be a starter)--- What did you say about Josh Norman after 8 games? What did you say about James Bradberry after 8 games? Do you know how well Ryan Kalil did at G during his rookie year? Did you bash Haynes and Vernon Butler? What about Evan Mathis? Greg hardy? Charles Johnson? Look at their performances during their first few seasons---they were not good. Steve Smith had 10 catches his rookie season. In other words, if people want Kyle Allen to develop into a good NFL QB, who the hell are you to tell them they are wrong? Players take time to develop. Why is this hard for you?
  7. I see your points---about 22% of his career he has been the reining NFC coach of the year. I think the good coaches win consistently---Sean Peyton, Belichick, Carroll, Tomlin, etc. RR is a nice person, etc. but we are getting a little impatient with the "box of chocolates" approach to every season.
  8. Don't know why some asshat poo'ed this--it is something to consider. He was smiling and relaxed on the sideline Sunday. Maybe he is going to play the "my QB is injured" card--he sure seemed to be almost pleased Sunday.
  9. The example I use to demonstrate the top end is John Elway---He was worse than Allen until year 3--when the team built the OL and brought in a few good WRs (and TE). Today's NFL throws young guys into the mix without a supporting cast and then they blame the QB. There are more of these than there are success stories. Aaron Rodgers was brought along. Brady even had a good player in front of him. Brees needed a good fit. Then you have the Browns---who did not know how to build a team, and they have ruined QBs--
  10. So now you feel qualified to tell me what I want? That is brilliant because you can say whatever you want and win the argument, which is the ultimate point for you! By the way, failing to understand the argument does not mean your opponent failed to make a valid point. If you are calling out people who support Allen because he had a bad game based on the fact that you simplified praise for him as "franchising" him, then the obvious assumption is that you feel there is evidence to disprove their point--meaning that there is now proof that Allen is not a starting-caliber QB in the NFL. If you did not think so, calling Allen supporters out makes no sense. How is that a failed argument? It is the only argument, one that you can't see.
  11. If you think is is shitty, then it must be a valid point--you are saying that people do not stick with a first round bust longer than an undrafted player in the NFL? If they have the tools, they do not bust--right? They are athletes, not carpenters. Mental acumen, poise, leadership, etc. are also tools--No GM cuts a first rounder that struggles at the same rate he cuts an undrafted free agent that struggles. It is a business, and your high picks are investments. At any rate, the fact that you disagree is encouraging to me--thanks for the endorsement.
  12. Not a GOP supporter--so we have that in common. So to make the point that people who called him a franchise QB--maybe potential, but nobody crowned him (unless I misread or did not read them all) a franchise QB--but if they did, and you call them out for being wrong, you have to be operating on the assumption that he has proven that he is NOT a franchise qb---which is equally absurd. To repeat myself, was John Elway a franchise QB after his first 10 games? (47.5% completion rate, 7 TDs, 14 int.) The team (understanding football) built the OL and got his some top WRs. He suddenly because a Hall of Fame QB with 2 rings. We tend to stick with a high draft pick longer than we do an undrafted free agent, when the free agent needs more development. My assessment of Allen was that he was accurate, moves well in the pocket, and had poise and calmness under pressure. However, there is a limit to what any QB can stand. Paradis, Turner, Moten, and Little all struggled yesterday. Most --- not some-- of his passes were on the run or after the timing was disrupted. Aaron Rodgers would have struggled yesterday, but he would have made more plays on the run--however, he was developed for 2-3 years before being thrown into the mix.
  13. They are mocking people for praising Allen too soon by bashing him too soon. I watched the same game they saw---Allen was forced into improvising and the WRs were out of the rhythm. Great QBs struggle in that situation. He made mistakes---but the mistakes were caused by the OL allowing the defense to put too much on a young, developing QB. People here think players are born great or they are not--throw them away if they have a bad game out of the blocks. But the pleasure some of these Cam nut huggers got out of yesterday's game is disturbing--they are not fans if they seem to relish Allen's bad games so that they can say they are right and support an aging running QB with injury concerns show a complete lack of understanding of the game, how players develop and decline, and the business side of football.
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