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  1. Let's see---does Marty sign or draft injured players? Draft-- Brandon Hogan Jonathan Stewart Free Agency-- Jake Delhomme (coming off Tommy John surgery--overpaid horribly) Dan Morgan ($28m extension: " The only drawback with Morgan is the time he has missed to injuries during his career. In four seasons, he has been sidelined for 22 games. ") Just a few examples--, fwiw.
  2. Marty's worst move ever was to give this guy a huge contract a year before Stew was due a second contract. That and giving Jake a new deal 2 times more than what anyone else would have given him coming off Tommy John surgery. At least we are proud to have Jake as part of our heritage. DeAngelo, fwiw, was going through some stuff. Mother's cancer, etc. SO maybe money was more important to him.
  3. When was the last time this dude actually hopped anywhere? His vertical is -3".
  4. Like making third-person, anonymous posts on a thread about it? We are all pathetic in our own ways. By the way, they have burgers at IHOP now. Just sayin.
  5. TO me, the biggest thing about his weapons now is that they are all potential game breakers that should allow Cam to get rid of the ball a half second sooner. Steve Smith was one, but the rest (before last year) had no ability to turn a short pass into a long TD. They were long and slow, often causing Cam to hold the ball. Personally, I think we learned that lesson too late--8 seasons of getting pounded in the NFL is a lot. Cam now has weapons that can score from anywhere on the field. The only question mark with the this offense is the left side of the line.
  6. Yes, it is long shot to assume that any team drafts a player in the supplemental draft, but there are reasons to believe that there are 2 players that might look enticing to the Panthers. 1. Jalen Thompson, S Washington State. (I know, already a thread about this--but not all opinions are the same and I doubt some extra reading will harm any on here) Leaving him in the supplemental draft would suggest that they like what is on the roster or they expect a veteran to be cut. However, a visionary would have to realize that there are some 1-year contracts on the defensive line (Irvin and McCoy) and Butler is a dud--so the next draft or two will have to feature DL early, meaning that a wait until next year is not likely to guarantee a S when we can afford to pick one. Thompson has a third round grade--some as high as second, so if he is there in the mid third, I would not be surprised to see Marty pull the trigger. Since he is a west coast defender, I am not that familiar with him so will not voice my opinion. This is based on need, not preference. 2. Marcus Simms, WR, West Virginia. I find this move more likely and one only needs to look beyond 2020 to understand why. The Panthers could take him with the sixth or seventh rounder if he falls that far. I get the feeling that they looked long and hard at Grier and probably Cajuste--the Panther scouts probably know the WVU offense. Some players get noticed by scouts watching other players. They may ask Grier about Simms. Currently, we are looking at Moore, Samuel, and probably Hogan as locks, with players like Smith, Wright, and Godwin are in an interesting position. Smith and maybe Wright are probably not going to be on the roster in 2020 and Hogan has a one-year deal--they are all over 30 after 2020. Godwin and Simms could actually compete for a roster spot with the loser going to the PS. Furthermore, they could transition into the third and fourth WR competitions, after a season of seasoning. If Simms is there in the sixth, I grab him if Grier attests to his abilities as a teammate. Again, highly unlikely that we take one--but since the threads on the board are pretty lame this time of year, I figured, let's roll this stuff out there and see if anyone bites. Hope you enjoyed this pot stirring, but the supplemental draft is next week. Not televised, I hear.
  7. Like arguing with a professor who has written 2 books on how to increase intelligence through a multi-faceted approach to developing cognitive functioning? Stupid--is unintelligence (your words). Since you can improve intelligence (not debatable), you are replacing unintelligence with intelligence. It is called learning. By the way, intelligence and unintelligence are abstract terms that have no definable characteristics--we have IQ scores, but only a few are unteachable---even those identified as mentally disabled. And there are multiple forms of intelligence, there is no clear position. Low intelligence does not mean that it cannot be "fixed" or improved. Sorry--I struggle to simplify it because it is complex, but stupid can be fixed.
  8. According to MWebster, ((there are multiple definitions of both words, but I cannot find your explanation as one of them) Stupid: given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner. That does not mean it can't be fixed. Can you improve intelligence? Yes. You can become smarter by acquiring useful, widely applicable cognitive skills, such as logical reasoning, critical thinking etc.. I am an education professor--if you are implying that stupid means "cognitive inability" then I have not seen that definition attributed to "stupid".
  9. Actually, you can fix stupid. (Education) Getting past that, this is how so many NFL players lose their millions in a few years after retirement.
  10. I think he gets Poe and KK going----they seemed to feed off each other last year.
  11. I saw this and my first thought was "A stethoscope." A probable sign of depression.
  12. I get the Cockrell pick for this, and I like Carter. I was always counting on Love, however. Never under the radar. If I had to pick 3 under the radar players, I would go: Gaulden. Not under the radar, but he might play well enough for people who trashed him all year to start denying they ever did. Williams. Since Moton played well at RT and we took Little in the draft to play LT, not a lot has been said about Williams. He could become a stud LG. Armah. I read a few tweets from mini camp and he seems to be more involved in the passing game. He played some TE in college. If they use him to give Cam yet another weapon, he could become noticed.
  13. PSL owners selling their tickets to pay for PSLs. That is like buying a car to get to work so you can afford to pay for the car. It explains why there are so many opposition jerseys at most games too.
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