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  1. MHS831

    I have a present for Cam Jordan

  2. MHS831

    I have a present for Cam Jordan

    Does anyone know where I can get a photo matted and framed? And I will also need Cam Jordan's mailing address.
  3. MHS831

    London here we come

    The NFL is stupid and cruel to make any team use a home game in the division to play a game for soccer fans in a foreign country where they don't even speak American. Seriously, I have no problem with every team playing a preseason game across the pond--but not regional divisional rivalries.
  4. MHS831

    London here we come

    Ron will become the next smart hero, making Sherlock Holmes and Dumbledore seem rather stupid once he has displayed his mental wizardry.
  5. MHS831

    London here we come

    Home game?
  6. MHS831

    Here for my lumps...

    Saints are taking an emotional beating in the playoffs. Dang--I bet you all miss the paper bag years. I still say it is worse to see your team fold in the SB like we did.
  7. MHS831

    Do we need a CB?

    And I agree with you--double scary
  8. I like Ferguson, Jackson, and Ximines--but I think you missed one--I did not like him at first, but I warmed up. He could play at 265 or so--a bit short, but a high motor.
  9. MHS831

    Do we need a CB?

    did not read all of these posts, but I heard or read somewhere that there was some Gaulden talk at nickel---can anyone confirm that? Was probably the big nickel--
  10. I agree. Carter played inside (at 230 lbs) at MD, and needed a year to learn OLB. Ran under 4.7 at combine---just needs to get quicker (reading defenses from OLB) and play to speed. He was a 2-year Capt. so he is a leader. If he puts it together, he can be a decent player. With RR and Luke, he should be OK--will not be a three down player either, and that helps him.
  11. MHS831

    Panthers hire Hostler as WR coach

    HERE IS A VERY INTERESTING POINT that comes straight from my brain to you, the consumer of off season semi-news. Considering Cam's arm taking away the long ball, is it fair to want to cut Torrey Smith? Discuss.
  12. MHS831

    Panthers hire Hostler as WR coach

    Some people get so caught up on race---it really does not matter. If anyone is suggesting that only a black can coach a black athlete, he probably needs to tell Secretariat's trainer that he was never a horse or all those old, white, middle aged, male Romanian gymnastic coaches that they were never teenage girls. You probably do not stay in the league for 16 years if you suck.
  13. I am offended. I prefer "Frugal."