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  1. Samuel should have gone to sideline on that pressure. He just stood there.
  2. No blocking, not much blitzing, terrible S play, terrible qb play, bad play calling, but other than that, we are mediocre.
  3. Our OL needs an overhaul. I am not even liking what I see from Moton today.
  4. Let's see, in 2 weeks we have thrown about 10 bubble screens for a total of about 4 yards. This is not the SEC, Brady.
  5. Nice to see our new additions (Bridgewater--getting a screen intercepted, Brown--third down stop PF, and Burris---getting a stiffy in the face.) making a contribution.
  6. If they try stuffing the box, expect the young Brady to go 4 and 5 wide. We never did that before--we played their game which exploited our weaknesses--
  7. I see Anderson, but when you make a comment like that, you are motivating Moore. Look for Moore to go off today--100 yards on 7 catches. If Bruce was just blowing smoke, and I do not think he was, I think we see some safety help on Anderson, leaving Moore in man or getting a cushion.
  8. Without reading, a word, I will say CMC, Anderson and Moore. and Brown.
  9. High praise. But in fairness to whitehead, he did shout, "run or pass" last week.
  10. We need to stuff the run with seven in the box---that sounds crazy--but their WRs are gimpy. The big nickel is in play this week. Did we blitz last week? This week, we should.
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