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  1. Steven speaks his mind--I disagree with this statement---maybe y'all knew, but I did not know. I would say that our board probably looks like this: Okudah (prolly gone by #7) Simmons (might be gone) Trade back Brown If Marty takes a tackle--and his ego won't let him--we can call his recent presser a pack of lies.
  2. When you say, "We all know..." do you mean that literally? We can assume or speculate, but I try to focus on the actions, the person who would be responsible for those actions. And you might be right---Richardson convinced me that he was crazy at the pie chart presser. That might be the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I honestly believe (but do not know) that crazy batshit sent Andrew Luck back to Stanford for a season..
  3. I picked up on the same things---"I drafted Cam...still high on Little..." The Charger trade was not his idea---did they play him? Were they in discussions with Marty about a trade for Cam and they threw that deal in so that Marty would open the door for dealing with the Chargers? An "ice breaker?" Did the Chargers use the Cam trade leverage to get this deal done, knowing that they were not interested in Cam? Did Marty get played? And about that deal---a good deal for the Chargers does not mean it was a bad deal for us---if Marty truly believes Little is a project (and I do) he was fairly right to do so. Here is what he did not say: "Turner was a bad contract and has not played up to his deal. Yes, he has back doored his way into a few pro bowls, but he has not graded out that well. I traded him to ditch a bad contract and took on a bad contract from the Chargers--one that would only hurt us for one year instead of three (like Turner). So, to hide what might be a bust in Little, I signed Okung and will use the 'he needs to develop' like to buy time." Did the Panthers not just recently announce that they may take a peek at GL at Guard? If so, they don't seem to have a plan--or this was a lie.
  4. It may be that I am basking in the euphoria of a false sense of security, but I feel good about our QB situation now--I think we have some depth. When was the last time we took New Orleans' backup QB and did anything? And when was the last time a QB from a weird football league made our roster and became our starter?
  5. I keep getting the RGIII vibe from him. Now, I think it is stupid to judge a player based on others, but he is fragile like RGIII was/is.
  6. I bruised my fingers I was crossing them so hard. When Hurney reeled the future QB of this franchise that day, I could only reflect back on the day he grabbed Clausen after all these teams that needed a QB passed on him. Eurika! I get more pumped about the draft than I do games. Is that wrong?
  7. I would wager $10 that he can. I am not that confident that I am right or I would bet more--something like $9.33
  8. And Cam---but I was not sure about McCaffery. I dont think they know. That is why you have a draft board. I worry about some concepts that are presented a logical or common sense on this board.
  9. Yeah--CNN is the problem. Thank God Fox News taught you to call all news that you don't like "fake." How would we know the truth without good ole' Fox News? I am a research professor and I teach validity and reliability every day. So before I chant "fake news" like a gas-lighted, water-boarded cult member, I look into the process of acquiring information. Your accusations (above) are not completely true and they mislead. You cherry pick as well. This source is one of the most valid, unbiased research outlets that has a very small margin of error. You can dismiss this as "fake" without knowing anything about it if you want; I get it, the truth hurts. You are not going to like this, so get your Bactine and start preparing your distracting, misinformed and uninformed rebuttal. :https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/fox-news/
  10. I am so starved for intellectual posts that contain optimism. The OP is on to something worth considering. If we wanted a QB in the draft, we might have to move up and take the third best. Signing Bridgewater is smart. Now we can draft a qb next year or the year after. People do not realize that we have addressed the needs on offense. Pretty much all of them. The OL is the big question mark, but we are better at LT (Okung and a second-year Little), LG (Do not underestimate Reed--he is not a star, but he is serviceable; Daley is also in play), C (a healthy Paradis and Larsen in a better system), RG (We drop a little, but not much. Kerr can hold his own), and RT is Moton. I think we are solid at TE. So we improved at 3 OL positions, stayed the same at 1, and dropped a bit at 1. At WR, do not be surprised to see how much the Jets misused Robby Anderson. Getting the ball on time to Moore--with what he can do after the catch---scary. Samuel will be used better. We have 3-4 others that should be on our roster. We are much better, and we could draft one. At RB---CMC, yes. Davis. We kept him on the roster last year for a reason. I think he becomes our #2. Scarlett and Bonnefon are going for #3. Good depth. Not sure Armah stays. And at QB, we should be interesting to say the least---however, I doubt we go QB this year. So in the draft, we might draft an OL (C) late. We might not. On defense, we have done NOTHING at CB, NOTHING much at LB, and we have 2 DT openings. We are CERTAINLY drafting a CB, MLB, DT, NT, and S in this draft. Maybe a WR and an OL. We have 8 picks, maybe more if we trade. I am done.
  11. I think they will if one is there. Here is a name to keep in mind for the third round--MLB--and he is a bit under the radar: Logan Wilson If we go DT, CB, and can get him in the third round, there should be some happy fapping ringing through the valley. https://gowyo.com/sports/football/roster/logan-wilson/4629
  12. "The good news is that the 2020 draft class is arguably deeper at corner than any other spot..." How can any human being say that? (WR)
  13. OK, here is the deal. Do not DEBUNK the OP or the charts/discussion he is willing to share. There is no baseball. there is no basketball. There is no football. There is NOTHING going on in sports, and you asshats attack someone for sharing something by trying to spew your negativity all over the thread like a cat in heat. Most of these "validity experts" do not create threads--that makes them insecure--so they try to discredit those that do. Shut the fug up. We do not need your dumb asses trying to disprove everything--we think and make judgements too. Damn people. My regards to the people you are currently sharing housing with--I can't imagine what that is like. Not so bad on this thread, but I saw the same ole pee holes bringing their traditional, negative spin to the thread--we get so tired of it. Thank you, Madwolf, for contributing to the worst offseason ever. I thought you would not have this problem from these turds, with Burger King and KFC remaining open and delivering. Apparently, they did not make the cut.
  14. And remember this, If you have spent the past 3-4 attacking what you think socialism means, this is it. It is government programs designed to help people in need. While I do not endorse the extreme version, this is when Government does its best work. It is not charity or frivolous spending- if you accept government money when you need it without having to repay it--you might need to rethink your definition of socialism--it is not a dirty word when you are the person who needs help. Having said that, I hope you all get the support you need. I do not mind my contributions going to helping you all who are out of work. Maybe when this is over, you will gain a new understanding for what these programs are for and can do. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Financial support when Americans need it the most. Bless you all and I hope you get what you need and never need it again.
  15. I really like bringing Muse up to play LB. TD II. Chinn is a ball hawking stud. If he were at a bigger school, round 1 or 2. I read somewhere that Gallimore is dropping. Not sure why.
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