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  1. Jury is still out, but I MIGHT consider Trask too. But we need a QB, LT, LG, and TE just to compete next season-assuming Moton is back (tagged or new deal) and Miller is back at RG.
  2. While I am not that high on him, Mac Jones is going to creep into round 1 by April. Mark my words!! My predictions for QBs in round 1 (which means this will never happen): 1. Jacksonville (Lawrence gets loud and the Jets and Jags trade picks or players after draft--a la Eli Manning, NYGiants-SD Chargers) 2. NY Jets: Fields 3. Detroit: Wilson (This is my prediction: The Lions trade Stafford to Patriots for their second rounder and use the pick to draft BYU's Wilson) 4. Washington: Haskins will be dealt to a team like the Bears for a 4th rounder or so, and the skins will take Trask. 5. Carolina: The Panthers will take Lance. (I really think the Panthers will take Lance, Wilson, Trask, or MLB Parsons in the first round--if it gets crazy and there are teams trading up for QBs, Sewell is possibly on the board---you take him). Lance is a great choice and can develop behind Bridgewater until he is ready to start. The third year of Bridgewater's deal is not guaranteed, so expect Teddy to be cut before 2023 if Lance shows promise. 6. Chicago: Mac Jones, Bama. (if this surprises you, it should. He has had a solid year, but with a great WR corps and solid OL, we shall see) Teams to watch trading up: Patriots (if they do not trade for Stafford), Indy, Denver, Philly, 49ers, Raiders, and Vikings. Lotta teams kicking QB tires this year, thanks to the collapses of Wentz, Haskins, Darnold, Trubiski, Lock, Newton (yes, I said Newton), Garoppolo, and maybe Carr. In addition, some teams with aging QBs (Tampa Bay, Indy, Atlanta, Pittsburgh) may want to grab a QB. I look for teams with a vet QB and a QB whisperer to pick up a young QB that has been discarded by a bad team. Darnold, for example, might go to Indy. I could see Haskins in Chicago or Pittsburgh, Trubiski in Atlanta, and Wentz in New England if they do not get Stafford. There--now you know what WON'T happen.
  3. He was told as a child he is very punctual.
  4. Yes, at best. It does not hurt to keep working with him in that case---the light comes on late for some folks. Evan Mathis (I think) was released here and made the pro bowl in Philly. Try him at G--I do not think that will work, but who knows?
  5. And so would the owner and GM. It is not happening. Moton will get tagged or paid. KK, Okung, Weatherly, etc. there is plenty of dead wood to find change in the cushions for Moton. Thompson's deal is a bad one and cutting him would save $11m after June 1. They are worried about the decreased cap and nobody is making moves right now--except MH. Here is the logic--if the cap decreases, there are fewer coins in the market. Moton will not be paid $17m. The market will not be there for free agents. They will be cheaper--in theory at least. So why pay Moton on this season's cap (based on last year's revenues?) Person is selling subscriptions. No NFL team is leaking personnel information during week 13 when there is so much unresolved.
  6. No it does not---eliminate "pulling things from thin air"--that is your statement and it is biased and inaccurate--nobody else's opinion. There is something behind it---but there is reason to question what is behind it and what it means. Is the evidence that he is using substantial or circumstantial? THAT is what it comes down to---no thin air.
  7. It is a good point---but we do know that both coach and players should be more experienced next year. I am impressed that we are better than advertised. More interested in measuring progress through growth vs. expectations than norm-referenced comparisons at this time. Our defense is challenged with obstacles that are unique to these players only--new coaches, buncha rookies, no preseason (bigger problem for 4 rookies expected to start/play a big role).
  8. I really think we are questioning why the driver's ed class students are not winning at Daytona. You can hide 1 or 2 weak players/rookies, but 4-5? We have a lot of growing to do. Is this part of that process? I hope so.
  9. It really has to be black or white for you, doesn't it? A weatherman predicts based on radar, weather patterns, etc. He tells you how he arrives at his conclusions with charts, maps, graphs, etc. Then he predicts. Sometimes he is right, based on the reliability of his data. What data is Person providing? List it, please. He too is predicting, not reporting--there is a difference. If you believe him because you have determined him to be a "Good/smart" reporter (do not know how you arrived at that conclusion), then go for it, but I am saying that there are many options and he is predicting something based on limited information. Believing this to be fact is gullible. So you think you are making points, but you are not. Here is what I want you to do: 1. List the things you learned from Person's comments, 2. list the evidence or concrete reason for thinking its true beside each item in #1. Then we will do a validity comparison to see how logical and reasonable you are.
  10. Probably a bit more clout than your GED gives you. Stop the personal attacks. If I am friends with people in the Observer sports news room, that is more than you bring to the table. Regardless, this is common sense more than inside info, which probably explains why you are resorting to deflection and personal attacks about thinks you know nothing about.
  11. They are piecing it together. Save this post. Reference it in a few months. Reporters (I used to be one) are very much like seagulls chasing the same chicken wing on the beach--- What did he say that is a fact? Something that you KNOW will happen? He is reading tea leaves, and yes, others are too. They might be right, but they are not thinking of all the potential possibilities. KK, Thompson, Weatherly, Okung--lotta ways to generate money--do you think they know what the Panthers will decide when they start examining contracts? They have a capologist---they are not telling the press this stuff. This is fluff at this point---
  12. So what he says about Moton is fact because he sourced it? I don't think I have the time to fix your problem on a message board. You accept something because it has a source? What you are accepting is SPECULATION. You must be Person--but you can't write. And no, scholar, "keeping your head in the sand" is not questioning the source--believing every word of it is. Duh.
  13. Bingo. Read my prior post--what they told me from the Observer news room. He worked hard just was not connected for whatever reason.
  14. Critical thinking is not burying a head in the sand. He does not know--he is speculating--so why should we accept it without question?
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