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  1. I cannot decide about OT. Do we need one? We should get Williams back on a decent deal---a big man with a knee is always a concern. Moton and Clark can play LT. So really, i see adding a T, but maybe not until day 3. Am I crazy? The biggest need we have is Center on the OL. I would say we need a better LG. I think the first pick has to be DE. I love the Center market, probably in round 2. There are three or four who can start very early. After that, SS--but if we sign Reid, could we move him to SS (assuming Gauden works out at FS)? I also think we need a DT. I would go free agent here, but out DTs (except Love) are underperforming from most perspectives. So, we draft this way: DE C SS, DT OT/G CB
  2. Uh, yes. I thought of it and did not revise the post. I decided to move on.
  3. MHS831

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    28 pages. I have not read them all, but I would like to add or reiterate that there are probably other factors at work: Anderson, seeing the writing on the wall here, asked to be waived. Anderson's ego proved to be a negative in the locker room and at practice. He has a case, but to take the ball out of CMC's hands to keep Anderson happy makes no sense. That is about all I have.
  4. I think the Panthers win, but not easily---on road--the Lions are better (roster, on paper) than their record indicates. This is a scary game--are we going to look past it to Seattle? Panthers 32 Lions 30
  5. Yes. But cars look like toys and people look like ants from this ledge. Thank God for the Cadet signing or I'd be a sidewalk stain with memorial flowers all over it by now.
  6. We are 6-3. If we miss the playoffs, heads will roll. I do not see how we don't end up as the #3 seed at least. This kind of talk gets me through March and April--but I would lie if I did not peek at the crop of talent after a big loss. Not sure about Funchess We will need starting help at SS, C, DE, and perhaps G. We will need a nickel if corn is not the real deal..
  7. Tomlin and Rivera are both "player's coaches". They both like to pound it in the ground game. They both have a big, strong-armed QB. They both have a few issues on defense. They both had 3 days to prepare for each other. The teams were pretty even going in, but the Steelers had a tough game on Sunday vs. the Ravens, while the Panthers struggled to hang onto a 35-7 lead (that dwindled to 35-28 in the fourth quarter) at home vs. the lowly Buccaneers. We could have rested a few players in the second half vs Tampa on a short week, but not in the RR era. Tomlin and the Steelers got up on us early, and never let up--they went for the throat. I saw a composed team who took the lead and buried us. Why can't the Panthers do that against lesser teams than Carolina? Why, for years, have we never been able to effectively hold a lead? Sure, we win a lot of close games, but many were blowouts until late. Why can't we put teams away like Pittsburgh did to us? The difference between a leader and a pretender is hard to define, but it is a thing. I think Tomlin smells blood in the water and attacks, while we see the lead and gulp over losing it. The Steelers were aggressive and hungry with the lead---I thought,, "Man, why do we not do that?" Meanwhile, on the other side of the field from Tomlin, RR is throwing the red flag in the second quarter to challenge a bad spot on first down because he saw a bad spot on the JumboTron. Can y'all not see the difference? Here, our talented players get the lead, and then the coaches get involved to preserve it. They start working the clock, calling conservative plays, and other things that break momentum and abort the pace and strategy that got the lead. How that happens is a reflection on the coach. I speak of a pattern, one that was obvious to me last night when I saw a real coach get a lead who knew what to do with it.
  8. MHS831

    More like Greg PLAYS Rotten amiright

    Did you see what they were doing on the outside? Two standing LBs and doing a ton of stunting. One would blitz at times while the other stayed out in contain. That is how CMC was able to gash them. However, we fell behind and they got aggressive. Game over. Bradberry, Jackson, gave up huge plays. Cam's interception? I blame Jermaine Carter---he got the holding penalty on the kickoff that caused Cam to be throwing from the end zone. Cam should not have thrown it that way, but we could not take a safety either.
  9. MHS831

    Walt Coleman

    App sucks. Just kidding, no, seriously though. (WCU grad from back when there was a rivalry--I miss it)
  10. Some of you have been asking, "What's wrong with Luke?" ^^^^^ (answer above)
  11. Tomlin's staff found the weaknesses and developed a plan in 3 days. We also had 3 days, and Pittsburgh has weaknesses that looked pretty strong last night.
  12. Wait--CMC and Cam still on the field with the score 52-14. What good can come from that? STUPID COACH. Get your backup QB and Anderson some reps. How stupid is RR?
  13. MHS831

    Suggestions for our next DC

  14. MHS831

    Suggestions for our next DC

    I still do not want to blame Washington without pointing out that the problems that were exploited tonight have gone unaddressed all season. RR is a defensive coach.
  15. MHS831

    Suggestions for our next DC

    If this is the standard, I think any of us could do it.