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  1. She knows. And this is what I was saying about Cam---he took a beating. RR stood there with his arms folded, and Marty and DG did NOTHING about the OL because Cam could run and take the hits. Cam's career was ruined by underachieving jokes who got awards and contracts based on what Cam did despite them. If you have ever been in a locker room (and I was in college, not pros) you see the pounding and the ice baths and the tape and pain killing shots. There is NO WAY Cam could take the beating for a decade--and I kept telling you all that, but I was getting called out as a hater. Nope--a realist. Cam is a good guy--a very bizarre guy--but if you ever watched a practice, he was a crazy nut. He brought energy to OTAs. No crowds. No cameras. Just Cam being Cam. But Cam was a human, and with no help, he was destined to have a short career. He never learned to be a pocket passer because he never had a pocket. I wish Cam the best, but I think he is done. It adds up, and the devil comes to collect at the end.
  2. How many of you think we should only have 2 preseason games anyway? I have not read the thread--so I would be shocked if someone else did not beat me to it.
  3. Now every team will know what the home field advantage is in Jacksonville.
  4. Tell them, "Not when they are on the road in Buffalo..." You can win this.
  5. I agree, but time will tell how much of this was Cam's choice---This sounds like a Patriot move---take a flyer---but the fact that even New England--with their QB situation--did not talk to Cam until the price hit rock bottom (assumed) suggests that Cam was not driving this bus. Think about it---in January-March, there were Huddlers who were saying that we could get a first rounder for Cam. Cam was asking for "commitment," which suggests that he was looking for a 3-5 year deal in the $30-35m range. We could not get a trade offer for Cam. He was not picked up---yes, there was a virus preventing some degree of interaction, but the medicals (x-rays, prognoses, etc.) were available. A healthy Cam sends those out like Circus flyers. So when Cam was available without a trade, he hears crickets. Over the past few months, his price was dropping---no takers at backup QB money. His price drops and bounces on the floor. Only at that time does a team make a vet min, 1-year deal. If this were a poker game, it sure seems as if Cam had a king-high bluff and all other players at the table had a low pair, unwilling to push out chips. The pats lose the ante if Cam sucks and they win a big "all in" if Cam recovers.
  6. Rivera is who he is because Cam carried his offense, Luke and TD carried his defense. Without these exceptional talents and leaders, he cannot win in Washington. Young / Peppers is a fair comparison, and he will have a pass rush in Washington, but after that?
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-nfl-preseason-cut-to-2-games/ar-BB16dRAn?ocid=hplocalnews
  8. He won't bet on Cam either. Did Washington offer Cam a 1-year, vet minimum deal? Why not?
  9. Thanks for watching my back....It was like getting nuked by Canada. I never saw it coming.
  10. You were properly reprimanded!!! Kidding. It did catch me off guard! You and i are usually cut from the same cloth--- Seriously, I grew up in a racist home--went to a racist high school, etc. I learned not to be a racist through sports. I admit that I was blindly under the impression things were getting better---and then this.
  11. I do not drink alcohol. Green Tea and stevia.
  12. You make assumptions about someone based on comments posted on a football thread. I was simply not political, a fiscal conservative. Don't judge me based on your narrative. That is bias.
  13. You are right, people supporting Trump. He should be playing golf--living a good life---the US represents 30% of the COVID-19 cases in the world, and only 4% of the population, and he pats himself on the back---encourages people to live their lives again because he is willing to risk those lives to stimulate the economy to get him re-elected. He WANTS to project a "return to normalcy". And if he were not playing golf, he might be attacking 60% of the nation by endorsing "white power" videos and plastering pictures of people removing statues...Important stuff like that--requires technology. He does not need to be in his office to publicly sanction Russia for putting out bounties on US Soldiers--he can ignore that, and focus his attention on white morons with Trump shirts on Golf carts shouting "White Power."
  14. I can't quite recall who it was that criticized Obama for playing much less golf. Name is escaping me....The President leads by example. Playing golf when the nation is dying is not the vibe one might expect a leader to project. It demonstrates that his focus is going to be on chasing a white ball around a manicured landscape instead of being on the pandemic. Look at his twitter today--he is trying to get the people tearing down statues targeted. He is promoting a group shouting "White Power." Was he on the golf course when he tweeted these things? You are right-it does not matter.
  15. This thread is titled correctly-- It will not go away either-- So we must be doing a good job, right?
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