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  1. If he is a bust, what are we?
  2. The league gets no benefit from drug testing any player. They have never harassed a player with drug testing before---why would they start this now? It seems pretty petty.
  3. To me, this told the league about the Panther draft: 1. DL (assumed--75% DL, 20% OL, 5% other) 2. FS (If we need a starter and it aint on the roster, we have to go FS early--Abrams, maybe?) 3. QB (When RR says Cam's shoulder is "trending upward" that is either a scary fact or pre-draft bluffing.) 3. OL (I think we grab a G here, one capable of starting. Left side of line is going to be suspect again with unproven or weak players)
  4. The Panther has 9 lives too, it seems. Should have been fired a few times.
  5. Personally, I think he should be moved to WR. When I saw him playing, he was always wide open. Just another hilarious joke. False alarm. No need to attack the logic. All is well.
  6. You have them compete for jobs, so debate is not necessary. I get what you are saying, but there are a lot of CBs who can't play FS and vica versa. I have been saying (for weeks) that they might move Gaulden to nickel--at least to get a look.
  7. Reaction time is more important than 40 speed. While Gaulden ran a 4.61 at the combine, Josh Norman ran a 4.66. Norman was benched because he had to gamble and guess--when he got good at it (anticipating the route), he was great. Not saying this to endorse Gaulden, saying it to give the guy a chance before attacking him.
  8. That is what I got from this statement. Searcy?
  9. MHS831

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    We just do not know how a player is going to perform in the pros. Supporting cast does make a difference...the offense cannot double one player--KK at Purdue was a hidden gem because the D played him every down and the opposition doubled him and ran away from him a lot. He slipped to round 2. On the other hand, we trade up to grab D. Hall who had some decent stats at A&M because offenses were focused on the other side. It is hard to tell.
  10. MHS831

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    Thank God we beat the Saints week 17.
  11. MHS831

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    I take RR's comments about flexibility seriously--guys who can switch from 3-4 to 4-3. Gary can play DE in both situations. Can hold the edge or rush the passer. Nobody is talking about him much. I like White, the only non DL guy I would take (maybe Greedy). I like Sweat I think Burns is the pick, however, if Gary and Sweat are gone. I do not like him that much.
  12. Wonder if they will use my real name or MHS831? I mean, laying down opinions with a 41% accuracy rate has to count for something.
  13. My first thought was shortstop, but then I focused harder--I would go with RB or TE. QB is the best answer. It would mean Cam is now nothing more than vegan cigar bar owner who is the baby daddy of a stripper's kids. (Heck, even out of the NFL his life is awesome--except for the Vegan thing)
  14. MHS831

    My three round mock.

    I want us to load up on DL this draft--not hurting my feelings if we get 2 on first 3 rounds.
  15. MHS831

    My three round mock.

    I can't decide about Burns--he has the speed and length, but not sure he likes to get physical. Everette Brown ghosts floating through my head. Get out!! Out I say!! I am back. Part of the problem is that RR's comments about hybrid players has me befuddled. He is potentially that hybrid RR was talking about.