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  1. MHS831

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    That is when Cam came into his own. How many playoff games did that winning bring? Being good is not an excuse for not being great. I am not sure if falling on the face is necessary---if he is preventing us from getting rings when we should already have one---he will not fool the powers that be any longer. Ron has 2 saviors---Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly. Both have saved his job since around 2012 or 2013.
  2. Excuses made by the coaching staff this week alone: Ron We have new coordinators (that did not seem to be a problem this year until the Redskins debacle) Winning covers up a lot (The coaches are not addressing weaknesses because the team beat the lowly Giants on a last second, 63-yard, desperation FG?) Norv Samuel has only practiced 3 weeks so he got only 3 snaps (How long did Williams practice before you started him? Did Wright practice all week? How much did you get out of him?)
  3. MHS831

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    This thread was contrived on faulty logic. Nowhere in sports do you accept mediocrity or worse because you can't think of anyone better. Better is out there--you have to find it. If you can think of someone better, then they are not better or they would have a job. I would rather take a chance on a prospect than accept the current prognosis
  4. Seiously, if we get honest, Cam, the OL, and the OC are not known for the deep balls. Torrey is like a boxer at a wrestling match.
  5. Ron has always had an eye for personnel and talent--it started with Hurney--when he took Marty's sister to the prom:
  6. Norv found a glitch in the Skins defense. Torrey was not being covered by anyone of consequence. We have people who can catch the short to intermediate balls--he needs to be deep sea fishing, not wading near the shore.
  7. I said the same thing about McDerm the germ (I just made that up--all rights reserved).
  8. Perhaps there is a correlation, perchance? https://www.cnn.com/2017/07/25/health/cte-nfl-players-brains-study/index.html
  9. Emphasize running game and short passing attack. Start planning for draft.
  10. Nice find and thanks for sharing. My concern is this--I think Cam is better at a faster pace than he is getting the ball snapped just before the :00 mark on the play clock. I think his pre-snap focus needs to be on the defensive movement and not on the dwindling play clock. In our stadium, the clock is very high, near the ribbons that run between upper and lower deck. Is that where his eyes need to be? I say "nay, nay."
  11. I am a bit confused about that as well--but I think Moton is more comfortable with RT--just a guess--but he is the LT of the future. Clark has done better than Kalil, but worse than Moton. Can Clark even play RT? Dunno.
  12. MHS831

    Question Regarding Ron Rivera

    Ron is a lucky coach. He is really lost. He manages a good locker room--a player's coach--but game management, talent evaluation, etc. is below standard. In fairness, he did make a solid (excuse) point about having a bunch of new coordinators around him--new QB coach, new GM (sorta), and new position coaches--and new owner. However, if you blame them (he sorta did--but they were all newer earlier in the season) during week 5 after a loss, it is an excuse because it is his job to get folks on the same page. It was as if he expects them to carry him--
  13. Panthers will play better because Reid will understand the D more and Samuel will play more (dreaming?), #1 Run defense vs, Cam CMC? I would like to see more 2 back sets this week, using CMC to stretch the defense more and Anderson to gash them. They are vulnerable vs the pass, so motion CMC out, use Samuel and Moore and Funchess--and you can beat them on Offense. On D it starts with the rush, staying in gap responsibilities which also means keeping the OL off Luke, and the S play. Not sure, but Philly should be favored by 5 or 6. Eagles 32, Panthers 28 I hate myself.
  14. But he watches film and there are now five games of it in his hard drive. He is also wearing a headset, and he monitors the conversations during the game--as well as sits in on the offensive meetings during the week. At some point, he needs to state the obvious. Micromanagement is necessary whenmanagement finds a problem that the subordinates do not see.