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  1. I imagine that trigglypuff meme when TheRed posts. poo is always hilarious.
  2. Fox007

    Hurn 2.0

    That's our team history in a nutshell. Well deserved in Hurney's case. hes got several years more to go before he even breaks even with benefit of the doubt.
  3. Fox007

    Happy Pie Day!

    Showed up to work, had pie, won.
  4. I like how they wait until Cam got ran into the ground/injured before they wanted to surround him with protection and weapons lol...
  5. Fox007

    What a lousy strategy

    defensive minded...'minded' HC too....good DC....'good'....lost to team that couldn't throw the ball.... I think we need more zone and not to stack the box...that's 27 YO Manning out there instead of no neck Manning....back em up and off the LOS there DC...we can't get beat deep rofl...
  6. Fox007

    What a lousy strategy

    Yea who knew that preparing for the SB isn't like preparing for a regular season game where you can't just watch 100% of the film on your opponent. Oh yea and how does this coincide with division games being tough no matter how good which team is for most years? hmmmm so hard right? SOOOO HARD this math...rofl
  7. Fox007

    Gronkowski is a moron

    OH NO WUDDA WE DO? lol
  8. And this forum is getting tired of m****s who don't know poo about football. Bradberry is a solid corner. "THATS A LYING FILM, HES NOT REALLY IN POSITION ON ALMOST EVERY PLAY AND THE DL GETTING 0 PRESSURE DOESN'T MATTER CUZ AAAA(drools on keyboard)"
  9. No we should get rid of fans who think Olsen has subpar blocking skills. Pre injuries he didn't miss a game from 2007 to 2016 and was in on 90% of snaps including all those years we led the league in rushing lining up as 'old fashioned' TEs line up. He's never been a just put him out wide TE and has always blocked his ass off. Not the best blocking TE but calling him subpar in that arena is par for the course for some of these fans rofl.
  10. Gotta have those guys that can only do one thing man. Or ones like Shaq that can do like 3 things but shitty.
  11. Yup so in other words...not a player on 30 out of 32 teams in the league rofl.... You know what's a cool story bro? having a TE that can catch AND block...holy poo that thurs a thought.
  12. FIFY but it also proves that he ran Cam into the ground and is going to do the same to CMC as we've seen by his moronic ass leaving both in the game(s) in which we've either won handily or gotten trounced. By extension Tepper is signing off on this by keeping the dynamic duo of failure together so he is too atm. Still have an empty suit at DC rofl...this poo is hilarious.
  13. Fox007

    CJ not bitter

    "For anyone expecting — or hoping for — Los Angeles Rams running back CJ Anderson to be bitter about his sudden exit from the Carolina Panthers in October now that he’ll be playing in the Super Bowl, not a chance." Huh? who/why would anyone HOPE that he's bitter? makes 0 sense.
  14. This whole post is one big nope. Giving CJ a few carries a game != any sort of big pay day whatsoever. There was no situation with Davis and Foster aside from the usual Panther nonsense. Foster had one good run and otherwise had 11 TDs and less rushing yards than good backs get in 3 seasons. Same with Stewart and Williams that wasn't a situation that was a usual Panthers failure of not releasing Williams. Good teams don't have these 'problems' and the Rams won't either, your post acts like you have to pay a RB just because they do good in spot duty like it's mandatory and mandated from the league lol...
  15. Fox007

    Bucky Brooks Mock Draft 1.0

    Yea I still don't get how/why people still are surprised that young kids aren't as heavy as NFL men with years of NFL S&C programs under their belt.... Also they don't get bio-mechanics and physics....6'6" players have this thang called leverage which helps make up for some of the weight so long as their technique is correct....if you ever played with your wirey skinny/lanky friend who was tall and noticed that he still could equal you in some sports even though you were stronger than him otherwise....ta-duh