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  1. The owner literally out loud and for real as in yes this happened iRL yo bro we have it on video said: "well lets not give him that kind of compliment" rofl after that bring up whatever else makes you feel better but Tapper is hilarious.
  2. What is our OL rankings? Grier nor anyone will do anything with this line so the QB talk is irrelevant. Rivera + this OL got Cam tore up so it's no surprise everyone else fails too. Allen will be a backup and we will keep Cam or get an upgrade regardless. The Jets also have a poo OL for that derpy Sam Darnold discussion. No one looks good(or healthy) when playing with poo stains at OL.
  3. I think he's not that smart...hell at lest Mark Schlereth said as much on a show yesterday about himself and other football players. Self aware guy that one.
  4. The national media is embarassing themselves and just providing more evidence they have 0 idea what's going on because they don't pay any attention. All they do is have a piece of paper that says: * 2 Coach of the year Oscars, I mean Emmy's, I mean Awards(whatever shallow poo the media is the same) * 1 SB loss now all the sudden they are on our side saying we almost won the game when before they were shitting on Cam about it You should see them fools respond to the intelligent panel people who say...how many winning seasons did he have in 9 years...then they go uh ahhh oh...well(then they ignore that) It's always good comedy watching them butt fumble around talking about our team.(and other teams you can tell they don't watch or know poo about(which is most of them btw))
  5. Our current team is soft. Love literally everything about this so far.
  6. Oh yea and then he bash bashes that idiot who asked if we were going to try to win or lose games for draft position lol.
  7. In Teppers presser on the Panthers website I actually love how Tepper kept sly bashing those morons int he room by asking them if he wanted to keep re-reading them the press release....you know that thing for the press....so they have info....to base questions off of and not ask what is actually already answered in the press release....that was great. I think he knows the clown shoes in the room there and the local derp media.
  8. Yea i'm interested in our new HC honestly...see if he actually could be a fit. Lets see how the defense plays and if the DBs are 550 yards off the LOS.
  9. We're staying 3-4 b/c Tepper will turn us into the Steelers way of doing things. He looks like he will take the process over any player in particular so yea Luke could be on the trading block or somehow try to do something with that elephant in the room. HoF 4-3 MLB but just swapped to 3-4...change is often uncomfortable...we may lose Cam and Luke which is going to make everyone do a Gettleman on Tepper for the short term I bet. If we didn't have all the injuries our defense 4-3 players on paper look damn good...poo went to hell quick.
  10. I don't think anyone wants him to fail, unless you just mean for draft position. What I find very interesting is that Tepper does seem to realize that Hurney is a poo GM but can hit home runs in the first round. A lot of people jokingly said we should keep Hurney to just do 1st round picks well.....this MFer sure looks to be leaning to something close to that lol...that would be hilariously great.
  11. Yea poo teams always hire retreads like this. Manning even brought John Fox kicking and screaming to a SB where Fox's defensive specialty held the Seahawks to just like 40 points.(I know the defense scored) Cam brought Rivera kicking and screaming to a 15-1 record despite games like vs those Seahawks in the playoffs where we did literally nothing in the second half and allowed Seattle to get back into the game to the point where they could have actually won. Be just fine playing against a Rivera team as even our can't get separation WRs would be wide open against his coverage and even if they got a lead we know Rivera will sit on it so we'll literally always in the game no matter what. Don't give two diarrhea shits where Rivera goes.
  12. There are more simple emotional people than smart logical people on this planet. Its why there are only a few Teppers but all sorts of people who are like "he's a good guy who barely wins but...he's a good guy". Bleh, enough of that. Twitter and everyone connected to the internet socially just shows how far the emo goes. At all levels of society these people want what looks good and makes them feel good(or better about themselves) over what is good and what works well. I want to FEEEL like we have a good economy whether we actually do or not!!!!!! Just easier to go about me mundane life attaway. Easier to settle than face the facts, cuz then you have to actually do something.
  13. In terms of Cam long term here the more telling thing to me is actually the "5 years to be consistent winner" comment.... Yea...that's not a thing if you have your franchise QB already in place....that's the writing I see on the wall. With Cam and a competent draft we're back out and winning. But it also does seem to me like Tepper may like the idea of Cam on a cheap 1 year deal to see what it looks like with S. Turner at OC and if it works out then great.
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