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  1. Clemson thrashing Bama has me well enough for a long while so meh fug the Panthers if Clemson keeps winning chips I have a team that's won it all so it doesn't matter as much. Same with Basketball, all legit Carolinians have a College hoops team to root for and win one every now and then. (NBA lol though)
  2. Fox007

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    No one who knows anything about football could be mad about taking Ed Oliver in the top 10 but certainly at our pick it'd be a steal.
  3. Fox007

    Top 25 Free Agents

    Maybe the Raiders lol...other than that....re up this after he signs because who other than Gruden would do that for a 3 year in a row injured player...
  4. Fox007

    Top 25 Free Agents

    lol Anzah isn't getting big money so it won't be up to him unless he retires...hes hardly played over the last few years due to injury after injury so i'd like to see where this magical leverage would come from. He'll take what cheap contract someone gives him. "cheap" being relative here.
  5. Fox007

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    If ONLY...JUST ONLY there was a way that coulda happened.
  6. Fox007

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    ROFLMAO....thanks for the laugh hair man mel. Does showcase what we were saying about dropping to the 16th pick though....that 9th pick is just looking so much better and clearly and obviously could give us more options if someone wanted to move up to get the next QB.
  7. Fox007

    Top 25 Free Agents

    Paradis and resign or tag Williams. Flier on Anzah if he can play 5 games. And that'd be considered splurging for this team so... We'll probably end up with poo stain #446, #667, and #711 if last year was any indication of Hurney's 'improved' FA ability.
  8. Fox007

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock 1.0

    LOL then our DL gets 0 pressure and you morons call him a bust. You can't even read or understand how/why Bradberry isn't a bad CB and you want another....that's cute. If he was there at 16 it'd be a shock and similar to Star falling in our lap and depending on what else happened before you'd turn it in immediately but you dumbasses would still call him a bust when the QB has 30 seconds to throw his way.
  9. Fox007

    Panthers hire Hostler as WR coach

    He's coached for about every team there is...guess it's the only person they could find for a 1 year gig before Rivera and co. are out.
  10. Will be quite a few people missing when the Cam era is over. Discussions may actually resume then. Lots of people go missing in threads about other players/the team as a whole.
  11. Was a bizarre statement from JR that was clearly(now confirmed) overblown. Just an old mans opinion on tattoos and he clearly had Shockey and others with tattoos on the team so it's a non issue and the JR issues turned out to be much bigger anyway. If it were true Cam has 0 reason to say otherwise at this point. If you hang around old people you'd know they say all kinds of random poo or opine on irrelevant poo to what's going on around them. Old man is old... "Man I look forward to being your QB" "Do you have any tattoos" "Uh...no" "Cool yea man I don't like tattoos" "so about that #1 overall" "oh look a duck, back in my day we called them quackers and you used to be able to get a loaf of bread for a nickle, and the nickles were actually made of nickel, and..." -walks away..
  12. Did that ref tell Alshon Jeffrey to drop the pass he dropped that would have had the Eagles 1st and goal to beat the Saints and go up 21-20....
  13. LOL it's just a resident troll. Still sad though yea.
  14. Fox007

    David tepper speaks.

    Yea I do like that he just flat out said what we all knew about how Cam couldn't throw down the field because of his shoulder injury and how Ron made defensive changes too late. Never heard JR say poo like that or about the locker room.
  15. Fox007

    David tepper speaks.

    That was a good interview and he talks a good one. Lets see what he does and if it correlates to the talk.