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  1. Whitehead is benched and the defense is pitching a shutout...hmm
  2. DAMN PJ actually looking good after staring down the WR earlier...that's something you can improve on his arm is legit
  3. how do we set up a fugin screen with no blockers anywhere to be found that was one of the worst drives i've ever seen
  4. lol our CBs are so weak Chin had to come in there and actually tackle
  5. At least his pick wasn't a duck, it's the little things
  6. Oh well lol got excited for a split second. Thanks for always bringing me back to reality Panthers, really appreciated.
  7. I noticed that too with the other thread... Dood it would be HUGE AF if we have an XFL guy who can play QB and actually be good. We can get DE/LT and have TB as a backup that's a legit team if PJ turns out to be good.
  8. Yup, look slike PJ is doing well if he actually turns out to be good then fug man we can draft a LT in the draft and be setup pretty well. It's a long way to go but maybe we should just keep PJ in the rest of the season to see what all he can do...we know what TB can do.
  9. So YGM passes a polygraph test denying it...the guy who the accuser said was pinned down in towels said nothing happened and they had cloths on and they were goofing around...basically all of this sounds like hazing and locker room bullshit other than the fuging knife fight stuff. So basically a fight happened and obv the team didn't want their star player fuged over it so they were like keep it on the DL and the guy being a huge fan of T69 wanted to snitch cuz that's how that generation do. Okie Well GL with that seeing as how even the 'victims' of the allegations aren't even agreeing with you but yea even in the NFL like when Jimmy Johnson cut a player when he was sleeping during a meeting was asked what if Aikman was sleeping he said he'd wake Aikman up....I mean college is meant to prepare you for the real world so...consider yourself well prepared now young man.
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