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  1. Eh this is why you interview people. Clearly Beane and McDermott were here under Rivera and are doing better elsewhere. Blackburn may have wanted to do things a better way and Ron gonna Ron. Rivera is one of those coaches that makes people worse, not better.
  2. This board is always so fugin funny I love it so much. "Durr Tua had 3 NFL WRs he was throwing to" - Yea he'll have 5 NFL WRs he'll be throwing to in the NFL. "His hip Bo Jackson something something" - He'll be fine after his bloodletting, gotta keep the 4 humors in alignment. Then gotta get his Bayer Heroin for that nasty cough he's had. I don't really care if we pick him or not.
  3. If my life was on the line and me and Hurney were kidnapped and someone was like..."all he has to do is wipe his ass by himself" I'd not trust him...I'd be dead.
  4. Good to see Tepper taking risks instead of playing it safe. Been playing too conservative since day 1, just let the nuts hang and whatever happens happens.
  5. Woah this thread aged well...as a Clemson fan...oweee mayne.
  6. Who the fug honestly thinks anyone world wide just randomly hires people they know nothing about to help navigate them life...the supreme ignorance and stupidity that must take...ffs. Hey I am about to sink or swim with this let me give this random person I know nothing about the life line. ROFL
  7. Yea they'll be no denying his incompetence after this. Unfortunately his reputation league wide will take a mountain top tumble.
  8. Yea we get a college smart guy who uses analytics... "Sir the analytics say we are gabbage and the math says we have a losing record"
  9. Who said that.....his arm is weak AF and that was in his evals...
  10. This team is losers so that fits. Go CMC get that record.
  11. As long as we don't fug up and beat the Saints in the meaningless game we good.
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