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  1. Yea you can find it out in Knightsville for example. OFC like everything, things tend to be developing fast.
  2. I live in the Summerville area but work at BAH on Daniel Island. Summerville is a good spot if you like having some room to breathe but the commute can be poo. Thankfully I'm a fully remote dev but go into the office for some face time.
  3. The injury excuse was never valid anyway. Every team has injuries and deals with them, it's clearly part of the game and has been this whole time. Draft better in the later rounds sound you don't have fugin morons standing in the secondary stationary while WRs stream past them for TDs as has happened when our injuries "cost" us. No it was the injuries that cost us it was only having our 1st round draft picks doing anything for several years in a row multiple times at different eras in the team. Most of the people on this board pay 0 attention to anything besides the Panthers otherwise they might find themselves educated about how other teams actually operate and how the same teams tend to do pretty well consistently. And it's not because they magically didn't have injuries.
  4. Grier probably won't turn out all that great but his early OTA/ Camp struggles won't be the reason why. We all saw Cam suck in practice when he was a rookie but he has always been a game time player. Maybe it's the same for Grier but his ceiling is probably at Cams floor so there's that. Rivera literally never has the correct depth chart so that shouldn't be a surprise about the other 2 QBs either. If Cam is healthy he'll save Rivera again but if not goodbye anyway.
  5. Walls 100% lock...that's easy for any Panther fan worth a fug. Gross...perhaps but wtf how many are we going to have for a franchise that hasn't even won a SB...seems it should be a pretty large filter IMO. Some get credit for being firsts just like it always is with anything but this damn mom and pop mentality that all these people like CJ should get in is pretty funny to me. Old habits die hard, hopefully a harder mentality is on the way with Tepper.
  6. Well....when our defense was good Cam had no weapons and literally the worst football coordinator of all time. Now we have a real OC and all sorts of weapons but the defense has fallen apart/retired. Really have to hope they hit on those picks for the pass rush this year or our backend guys with potential will be hit up again. Cam healthy and the guys contribute and 11-5 like 55 said IMO too.
  7. The people talking poo about SC are the doods who start poo then call the cops when the clap back happens. Make me laugh some more.
  8. Panthers are my favorite team but yea when Clemson is clearly a better team and more successful than the Panthers wtf else would you expect. In terms of the Gamecocks they just claim something SEC something something and that's about it. It's like saying NC is very college basketball focused lol...water is wet.
  9. PAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Sounds like he's a moron. Who did he say we ripped that off from? I wonder if he thinks the Saints came up with their saying first instead of the Bengals. I mean it'd be too easy to give the example if you knew instead of saying random poo. In terms of Cam there are many people in the media who claimed Cam was going to suck and they never change their mind so instead of admitting they are wrong they get petty at best and...at worst...well...Tennessee mom. Also yea, lets keep bringing up something that happened in college as if that is relevant to his entire pro career and treat on the field attitude or behavior as if it's worse than some players off the field issues of which Cam has 0.
  10. Did you expect that guy to actually read the first whole sentence in the OP...rofl. Some people on here you just gotta know not to respond to.
  11. No that belongs in the 5th round thread. This guy actually was projected to go where he was drafted.
  12. We drafted DBs last year man...and we drafted 3 CBs in a draft before that....have to address other areas....
  13. I'm just messing around and it is hilarious actually that comparison.
  14. Except he can catch and his body control is better and he doesn't body catch all the time and...
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