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  1. Chaos

    Eric Reid on another drug test

    Someone should fine the NFL for targeting
  2. Chaos


    What a load of horseshit
  3. What difference does it make? Winning now just screws our draft position, so let the next in line assistants coach out the string. It's time for change.
  4. Chaos

    At Least Funchess is Gone

    Yep. KB will probably be the size of Vernon Butler in two years.
  5. Chaos

    At Least Funchess is Gone

    KB then Funch. DG was awesome at drafting those big WRs.
  6. Just heard Rivera say that there is no plan to shut Cam down and they'll evaluate it just like they have every other week.
  7. Mayo just killed our chance right there. Thanks for nothing brah.
  8. Payton is gradually coming unglued. I'll take it.
  9. Fire Rivera at halftime. This fuging buffoon cannot manage a clock
  10. You put 49ers and not Dallas?
  11. Just logged in to bitch about the 3rd down pass to Manhertz. WTF. Kthxbye
  12. Chaos

    do we have to play this game tonight

    Can we trade for Taysom Hill? nah fug that dickbag