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  1. Love Kemba for his dedication to the franchise that drafted him and the fan base that adores him. If winning doesn’t matter but loyalty does, Kemba stays. We will still struggle terribly next season but there will be a glimmer of hope after that.
  2. That's a great way to get me to watch a show I've never seen nor cared to watch interested. Pass.
  3. This needs to be the new haters gonna hate clip
  4. Just fire Clete Blakeman and you improve NFL officiating exponentially.
  5. Kyle Love should be nicknamed the interstate wearing that jersey. He’s as wide as 77 with the new toll lanes.
  6. The joke’s on Suh, he’s playing for the Bucs
  7. Thank you for respecting my avatar change, Panthers.
  8. Serving as something to hang clothes on
  9. I'm about ready to get to the point where we don't need one of our safeties to have one foot in the retirement home looking for a swan song here.
  10. Where's all those dipshit Colts fans from twitter now? Swearing it was all because of Cam.
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