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  1. I used to shut him down at the Y back in the early 2000's lol. He'd come up there to hoop and talk poo.
  2. Chaos

    Dating Sucks!

    I'm in this thread like
  3. What if Sam Mills 3 was actually a better head coach than Ron Rivera? Would anyone be shocked? He'll I'd hand him the keys right now.
  4. So many Holiday Inn Express Doctors these days
  5. Chaos

    Falcons cut Matt Bryant

    I think he was with Tampa before Atlanta got him.
  6. We need a thread on Woody Harrelson's greatest roles so as not to hijack this thread.
  7. If you look closely you can see the tears in Brees' eyes.
  8. When one piece of pie just isn't enough... Congrats brother! I will be watching one night this week on Amazon, and a review most certainly will follow. Like others have said, I can't wait to see where this leads, and you need to recognize my acting skills. Unfortunately there is no tape to share since my theater days ended years ago lol.
  9. Great timing AB. Although, for the record there is no ideal time for domestic disputes.
  10. Probably didn’t even have to tell his bum ass. He knows.
  11. Chaos

    Antonio Brown trade?

    Don't compare me to Trump but we need to put our money into building the wall(s)
  12. Remember when we were so devoid of talented wr's that we clung for dear life to the hope of Byrd being a diamond in the rough savior? Yeah, those days are over boys.
  13. Damn y’all savage asf on this OP
  14. Chaos

    Trade Chatter

    If I could just get one kick to Rich Cho's tiny nuts with a steel-toed boot.