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  1. Cut that MF’er today. We cannot have that.
  2. I really hate how the term vanilla gets tossed around every preseason.
  3. As much as I would love a 2 game preseason in the future NFL, keeping key starters out of evaluation scrimmages is the next best thing.
  4. plot twist - this is better than actual conditions in Ralph Wilson stadium
  5. I haven't watched Hard Knocks, but for those who have, how does it compare to Amazon's All or Nothing in terms of reality? Im assuming since it's the Raiders that if someone watched both that the Panthers appear as a lightyears better franchise??
  6. When Brees leaves it's all good. Taysom Hill got it covered.
  7. When we needed to get a few more wins in the past to sneak in the playoffs, we couldn’t do it. Now watch us sneak in there when the plan is to tank. That’s so Hornets.
  8. Didn’t you work for the Bobcats some time ago? I’m thinking that was you for some reason.
  9. Not watching or attending any more Hornets games. They deserve neither my money nor attention. This franchise can fug right off.
  10. What about the statement by Kemba himself a few weeks ago where he said he would consider taking less just to stay in Charlotte? I took to twitter that this could have been agent-speak coming from Kemba's mouth to put it out there that it isn't about the money, so that when he leaves to play for a contender, it can always be said that it wasn't about the money. I got roasted for that take but it may not be far off from the truth.
  11. Didn't they send him back out there before he could change pants with some kind of duct tape solution to cover his ass?
  12. I would have been sick if I was sitting next to the guy. I would have offered him additional funds just to have been able to sit next to Cam for 10 hours, are you kidding me?? Like you ain’t sleeping dawg, we talking.
  13. Love Kemba for his dedication to the franchise that drafted him and the fan base that adores him. If winning doesn’t matter but loyalty does, Kemba stays. We will still struggle terribly next season but there will be a glimmer of hope after that.
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