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  1. Chaos

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    As much as I hate Taysom Hill's very existence, he'll be one of my favorite rival players if on a special teams play he goes helmet first into Rivera's kneecaps.
  2. I ruled Gano out of my life walking out of Ford Field three weeks ago.
  3. Cam's not the problem this year, it's the soft swiss cheese defense that can't get off the field on 3rd down making below average offenses look like the Patriots. The game last Sunday was an aberration. I really want to believe that every fan can see what the Panthers record would be if the defense had shown up this season.
  4. Rivera is coaching for a job running the wood cutter in Home Depot, certainly not leading an NFL team. Trade in that headset for an orange apron Ron. Maybe that's a bit harsh. I'm sure Felix Sabates will let him sell Mercedes' on South Blvd.
  5. There was a play in the Tampa game where he went down on a run with his arm outstretched, and when he hit the ground it looked like he was in pain. Not sure if that was it or just exacerbated an injury he's been playing with, but I felt it was after this play that he lost the "zip" on his passes the rest of the day.
  6. Chaos

    Olsen put on IR

    Best trade ever, gotta give Hurney those props every chance it comes up. Greg was a great guy on the field and off. Granted, he might feel short-changed on this season and come back for one more, but I'm expecting retirement and an awesome career in broadcasting after football.
  7. We lost to Detroit in a dome. Weather be damned, we can't win a road game against a D3 college team.
  8. All LA superbowl with gunslinger Rivers besting Aaron Donald and that Defense. If I could see that along with Peters and Talib getting trucked like bitches, I could enjoy that SB.
  9. Gave you one now, in case you're right I'll never find this thread again.
  10. Yep, even if the defense looks improved, he still cost us the season making such late drastic changes.
  11. Whether it’s coaching or any other job in life, if you make your decisions based on keeping friends around, when the poo hits the fan those friends disappear and they certainly can’t save your ass. I’m afraid Ron will learn this lesson soon.
  12. Chaos

    Who hasnt given up?

    The true fan in me is invested until the season ends. I spend the entire offseason waiting and anticipating, that with only 16 games guaranteed a year, I find it hard to quit on them because it's a long damn time until next season. That being said, I will not be able to watch the Browns game Sunday as I'll be driving to FL all day, and I'm not freaking out like I normally would to miss a Panthers game. So I guess that's where I am with it.
  13. Chaos

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    No way Saints go after KB. Sean Payton would have no patience for a lazy entitled slob thinking he's gonna waltz in and learn their complex schemes. Please sign him Saints!1!!!!11!
  14. Agreed, you nailed it. Exhibit A - Eagles with Wentz Exhibit B - LA Rams with Goff (probably gonna get it this year) Exhibit C - Seahawks in 2014 with second-year Wilson Hell, the Steelers won it with Big Ben as a rookie and Pats/Brady same thing. This is no doubt the formula. Once that QB earns the big payday, you either give it and hope to get lucky with aging vets, or start over. Fug it.
  15. Coaches should get a pass when superstars get injured and wreck the season, or they are gutted in FA following a great year. That poo happens all the time. But when you look at our talent and then how we have been flat out outcoached on multiple occasions and the lack of effort or discipline, sorry that's coaching and it's inexcusable.