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  1. Fair point. My angst is towards those afraid of night games because we fall apart and forget how to football when the sun is not directly overhead.
  2. If we have to pray for 1:00 games because you’re all scared of prime time national games because we suck in them....guess what ladies. All playoff games are prime time regardless of the hour of kickoff. I don’t get the defeated mindset. I love the MNF/SNF games. Thursday night football can go die somewhere though.
  3. Browns and Jets with multiple appearances, Raiders, Niners, Bengals, Dolphins, Giants, but let’s keep talking about how SNF/MNF games are earned and deserved. We have an MVP electrifying QB; Cam and Luke alone should qualify for a token appearance at least once. Sorry, it’s bullshit.
  4. I’ve seen this team poo the bed when starting at 1PM too. One SNF or MNF shouldn’t be unreasonable.
  5. I know it’s a popular opinion here to trash prime time slots and relish a season of boring 1PM kickoffs but I personally like seeing the Panthers under the lights. This schedule blows.
  6. Panthers right in the middle of the pack. We can neither cry with the excuse or take any poo from other teams about our opponents. The sweet spot.
  7. Haha forgot his ass. Too busy basking in the glee that Funchess and Smith won’t be missed at all.
  8. Moore, Samuel, Hogan, McCaffrey - I'll roll with this poo all day.
  9. Walter "biggest hands on the planet" Hermann? Our old tv announcer used to obsess over that. Matt Devlin I believe.
  10. And you, Mitch Kupchak "we don't need to make any trades, we trust in our vets to get us to the playoffs". Guess what asshole, since giving Bridges, Bacon, Graham, and Frank more minutes, the team has gotten off its ass and competed. No one running this team has a damn clue. Kemba is the only veteran I trust and he's about to break someone's bank.
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