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  1. Need the Niners to beat the Saints at least. Like several years ago where my man elongated Brees' neck.
  2. What was awe inspiring was that after our national anthem, when they did God save the Queen, all the locals were in full throat singing it with passion. I was impressed by their civic pride.
  3. After all the partying Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I had no voice and barely any energy by game time. That's my own fault, but the fans around us in 515 were making noise. And @PhillyB is right, when it got quiet some drunk voice belted out KEEEEEEP. Hilarious. Great to catch up with you after the game Phil - it's been too long my brother. Best event of my life was that London trip with the Riot. Chaos with the legend SCP:
  4. I have to add this photo from the Pep Rally. SCP, me, and our good buddy Chris who I don't believe is on the huddle.
  5. I’ll be there with the Roaring Riot
  6. You should know better than to bring facts into their fantasy of role reversal equals an automatic win.
  7. Alright my huddle brothers and sisters, let's do this! #onecarolina
  8. That appears to be a dumb challenge, it was either incomplete or down by contact because the knee hit before the ball came out.
  9. I feel like everything inside my body is going to come out.
  10. Let me guess, Casserly also believes it's wise to double Olsen.
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