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  1. You should know better than to bring facts into their fantasy of role reversal equals an automatic win.
  2. Alright my huddle brothers and sisters, let's do this! #onecarolina
  3. That appears to be a dumb challenge, it was either incomplete or down by contact because the knee hit before the ball came out.
  4. I feel like everything inside my body is going to come out.
  5. Let me guess, Casserly also believes it's wise to double Olsen.
  6. Wearing my TD jersey tomorrow to work, fug everyone. And I work from home like a boss
  7. Serious gut check time, what is this defense made of? Sack by KK would be perfect
  8. Tale of two halves. Time for the MVP to step up and seal the W.
  9. This just in - my fingers will not be able to type the extent of my excitement on my phone so amp up the percentage of my posts times 2 billion. Thanks and have a splendid day.
  10. Someone on NFL Network this morning said they're bold prediction was the Panthers would be held under 100 yards rushing for the first time in 30 games. Welp...
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