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  1. I would love for that to happen but I don’t see it. Insurance companies got a ton of politicians in their back packet.
  2. I come here to smugly act? Now I’m an actor? Pretender and an actor. I should move to Hollywood.
  3. Yes, I’m pretending. I’m just come here to pretend.
  4. I honestly don’t see it. I only see hostility when I come to Tinderbox but in my day to day life there are no issues with left vs. right. People get a long just fine. I guess it depends on news you watch and stuff you read. I still hard believer in America being a melting pot of cultures and if they don’t like it, they can gtfo... From what you told me, sounds like Republicans need to leave this country.
  5. Lol, an invasion by aliens is more likely than Medicare for all. It’s nothing but a vote grab.
  6. All of you are ignorant. Love for America is love for people and culture. America is called a melting pot of the world with all religions and cultures combined... If you hate America, you literally hate the people and culture. This has nothing to do with the government... right or left...
  7. 15 years in Tinderbox... it’s about time for the annual insurance/Medicare thread. Most of you will spend hours arguing, achieve nothing and move on just to argue about the same poo in 2020.
  8. Barca bid £90M plus Dembele and Countinho for Neymar
  9. Arsenal signing everyone same week... Ceballos on loan, Tierney, Saliba and likely Everton. The biggest issue, CB was not addressed this season.
  10. I wish people cared about this back when I was in high school and college... I was told to go back to my country everyday lol and everyone laugh at me. I’m kind of glad it happened now... I tend to ignore stupid. Good life lesson I guess but it was extremely derogatory when I was a kid. Also, I don’t think his remarks are racist as the same can be said about some of of Eastern European countries. It’s just derogatory comment toward people from other countries. Which is fuged up. I despise people who say that. Brings bad memories. Sad part... it happens a lot, still, by many Americans. You know what else feel derogatory? When people ask how long you been here in US... you say 5 years and people ask “Do you like it?” Makes you feel not a part of society. Just FYI.
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