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  1. He had over a year to bulk up... Really want to know what he weights now. At 255 he would be a perfect OLB. Efe Obada is a perfect 3-4 OLB... 6’6 and 265 LBs. We are in desperate need of 3-4 DE. Someone who is 6’3 and 310lbs... currently Big Vern is our starter.
  2. ARSEN

    Sleeper for Democrat Nominee - Pete Buttigieg

    His last name tho...
  3. ARSEN

    Willing to Trade Down?

    I believe we will stay put and pick up franchise pass rusher as passing rushing is our biggest weakness.
  4. Our D will be like...
  5. ARSEN

    Adult Soccer League

    Any Y. I play at Morrison which is ways away from you.
  6. ARSEN

    Adult Soccer League

    CPSL or MASL. Both started their seasons already. I play at YMCA... their season is starting in 2 weeks. I believe you can join as FA without YMCA membership.
  7. Arsenal has been unstable at home but their away record is terrible and 5 out of their 8 last games are away so you never know.
  8. Spurs are playing Liverpool in 2 weeks. Should be interesting. United can jump all the way to 3rd.
  9. It could of gone either way. Lukaku continues to choke against top teams... just don’t get it. Arsenal come up with a brilliant plan. They literally copycat Ole game plan. The whole game was based on counterattacks by both teams.
  10. ARSEN

    Switching to Spectrum

    My is a bit pricier. I got tv, phone and internet for like $150 or so. Really enjoy it.
  11. Don’t let the names scare you. Ozil is a huge surprise for me as he’s an absolute liability against physical teams. Auba has been struggling a lot... his finishing skill left him. Arsenal D is garbage and Torreira is suspended. Arsenal will be fortunate to get a point.
  12. Can Chelsea buy Kovacic and Higauin still? Techcally the contracts were sign before the ban with an option.
  13. ARSEN

    Switching to Spectrum

    Just got Spectrum and wow! I’m so impressed with the customer service and the actual service. So much better than uverse.
  14. Southampton in 2nd half was completely different team... So Cardiff was winning at the half, that dropped Southampton into relegation zone so they came out swinging. I told my Spurs fan coworker that Spurs will lose to Southampton cause it was a trap game. Two players were supposed to be sent off for Spurs with both straight reds so they are somewhat lucky to have those 2 players for the next 3 games.