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  1. Radiation basically melts you while alive. One of the worst deaths you can imaging. Miners were digging in over 120* heat by hand knowing they will get cancer and will be given zero support but they did it cause it needed to be done.
  2. After Dany destroys the castle... it magically all fixed in background as Jon walks toward the ship. If I had to describe this season with one word it would be “dildos”
  3. We have been invading Iran for 30-40 years now. Nothing is going to happen. Relax everyone.
  4. ARSEN

    Pro Life

    Deism is a way to go.
  5. They were 4th and their D allowed only 38 goals. That’s not super terrible. Usually Ds that allow 30+ goals are not 1 or 2 worthy.
  6. Liverpool have a great system. They took average players and made them great. I think if Liverpool D sucked, the result would be very different.
  7. I bet Bronn is going to be the King... he’s been bagging for the castle all show
  8. When you survive Chernobyl but mother of dragons burns you and your child anyways
  9. Not a trumper but in positive news for me hope my parents stop buying my kids fuging toys. Every god damn morning I step onto one of those lil piece of poo toys... who the fug needs coffee to wake up after that.
  10. Bob Kraft is a Lannister... Lannister’s death...
  11. I know few people who have Dany tattoo... I bet they wish they could of waited until tv show concluded...
  12. I have a feeling Dany will try to kill Jon as she cannot trust him.
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