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  1. I got 4. I stopped counting the cost.
  2. Let him sit on his ass in midfield. He’ll intercept every ball.
  3. Cam has been injured for 4 years... I’m sure he will magically heal for the 5th year.
  4. The Jets could bench C Ryan Kalil. The Jets did bench Kalil in Monday night's fiasco of a loss to the Browns, and coach Adam Gase hinted that will remain the case for the time being. "We’re probably aways from where he wants to be," Gase said Tuesday. He then later backtracked. The Jets lured ex-Panther Kalil out of semi-retirement in August. 2019 is his age-34 campaign. Jonotthan Harrison is the next man up for Gang Green.
  5. Looks like Cam is stepping away from football to me for at least a week. Sounds like he’s not mentally there.
  6. Trevor Siemien leg just snapped like a twig but he was able to walk off the field.
  7. Like Stallone but with a little Anal in it
  8. Obvious block in the back by 12 not called. Oh well.
  9. Shoulder issues, multiple concussions and knee problems. Getting hit like that for 12 years will be felt big time once he hits 40s.
  10. He will retire. 31 years old... ton of injuries... big family and good business on a side.
  11. I noticed that as well... He is doing well when fresh but as the game goes on he struggles a lot. Might be shoulder related still. in last 3 quarters he’s 36/70 and averaging like 6 yards. Just awful.
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