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  1. ARSEN

    Had a vasectomy

    Wifey and I wanted 4 kids when we first got married but said “f it” after 3rd. I guess 4th it is.
  2. Need some whistles am I right?
  3. Refs are deciding who’s going to SB lol.
  4. It was a clear offensive PI. Conley took both defenders out. Nothing called.
  5. ARSEN

    Marriage Advice

    That sucks. Sorry to hear that. It takes two to tango so if ur wife feels she needs freedom, let her go.
  6. Starts today at 9:30PM. Even the Mother Nature celebrates Saints lose.
  7. ARSEN

    Had a vasectomy

    My wife is pregnant with #4 right now. She was on birth control and took a plan B the following morning. My oldest is not even 5 yet lol. I was scheduled to snip it in March.
  8. What Saints fans are saying...
  9. It’s not. Falcons got heavily penalized for doing that years ago
  10. The commentators just called out the Saints for creating artificial noise and confusing the Rams with fake whistle noise.
  11. https://thebiglead.com/2019/01/20/saints-rams-whistle/ The whole Internet is complaining about Saints artificial sound noise on D.
  12. I might turn the game off cause of all the whistles... it’s absolutely annoying... I can only imaging how Rams offense feels. Zero concentration