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  1. My point is proven. Now go be idiot somewhere else. Waste of my fuging time.
  2. He definitely skipped the line. The average waiting period is well over 6 months. Usually over a year. He had a new heart 6 weeks after going on waiting list. What are the odds a selfish rich white guy would be so fortunate? Skipped the whole line and got the heart that completely fits him. Not only that but the heart was so good that his body 100% accepted it. What a miracle.
  3. Are you mentally challenged? But since you are too dumb too use google, at least I’ll give you an answer on the text in red. Took me 1 minute to google it. JR was put on waiting list December 2008. JR had a new heart first week of February 2009. Not even 2 months from going on waiting list to getting a new heart. Some people on the list for years.
  4. Google dude. Do your own research. I’m not your fuging admin. I popped google open and it’s a ton of information there. Maybe you can learn one or two things. Take PhillyB from this own forum who travels to Thailand for his medical needs because it’s cheaper and great medical care. Take even Payton Manning who traveled to Europe to get his shoulder repaired by stem cell infusion... He said he used his own fat... but guess what? Europe allows embryonic stem cell infusion which is highly prohibited in the US and extremely effective.
  5. It is a valid analogy. Instead of asking a billion of question how about you give me a favor and use google to do some research on your own. For example... a kidney cost up to $150k on black market. Multiple hospitals and doctors have been busted worldwide for profiting on underground organ business. Go use google.
  6. ARSEN

    Charlotte City Council

    Charlotte City Council are a bunch of idiots. That is a well known fact.
  7. Just like blood diamonds end up in US jewelry store. Supply and demand.
  8. ARSEN

    I'm not racist.

  9. Saints have the best OL in NFL... the reason they are so good. Yesterday, Kamara would run toward the hole before it opened knowing there will be a hole... and it was. On passing downs, Saints OL pushes everyone away where commentator said a 5 foot tall QB can play behind Saints OL.
  10. Sorry to hear that Brian. I remember when they diagnosed JR with heart issue and found him a heart within days. I was like “woah, what about the list?”.
  11. I bet Anderson asked for the release. He gets 1-2 carries a game lol
  12. There was an episode on vice few years ago how Chinese would arrest young healthy people for bogus crimes and execute them by firing squad. Their organs were sold world wide. Huge business.
  13. No, nothing wrong. Just showing that I’m not pulling old news to start stuff. BBC is basically my only news source. TheRed tried to start stuff for literally no reason. My point was how social media can mislead people. Nothing toward Mexico at all. This can happen anywhere in the world... even here in US. I mean... look at Nazis...
  14. It’s on BBC front page... Right now. Burned to death because of a rumour on WhatsApp http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-46145986