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  1. So Spurs Son is out for the rest of the season with a broken arm. So neither Chelsea nor Spurs have decent strikers.
  2. You def need a striker. I’m certain you will get top quality in summer. Arsenal will likely sell both Auba and Laca in June and will look to sign 1 big name.
  3. Batshithi looked terrible. He looked like he does not belong in EPL. Giroud would have been a better choice.
  4. Watching Chelsea vs. United... VAR assistant need to be fired right after the game. Clearly a United fan or bribed.
  5. Manchester City is banned from CL for 2 years. Now #5 spot looks good... after one of the worst starts in CL history, Arsenal only 6 points away from #5 spot.
  6. Jameis Winston underwent LASIK surgery to repair his vision. It's not a game-changer, but it is notable with Winston eyeing (no pun intended) a new contract. The 26-year-old has infamously squinted as a result of being nearsighted throughout his career, leading coach Bruce Arians to state he "can’t read the scoreboard but he can see the guys in front of him" in his final press conference. Winston led the NFL with 5,109 passing yards and 33 touchdowns last year but is obviously having his decision-making questioned for the 30 picks that went with those marks. It's unknown if anyone associated with the team requested Winston have the surgery.
  7. Go to Thailand and bang a tranny. Something to tell your grandkids about.
  8. I was watching this program about the fall of the Knight Templar’s and how they transformed themselves after being disbanded by the pope. Knight Templar’s were responsible for revolution that created Portugal after civil war with Spain. Portugal real name is Por Tu O Gral which translates Port of the Holy Grail. Portugal was the only place in the world that gave Knight Templar’s the asylum (Portuguese king was raised and trained by Knight Templar’s). 4 years later the Knight Templar’s changed the name to Order of Christ. Order of Christ learned from mistakes and they focused on one thing and on thing only... banking and control and influence through money and economics. They crashed economies instead of directly starting the wars. They had a massive beef with the Muslims and Middle East and crashed their economy first causing massive civil wars. Because of Islam, Knight Templar’s failed so the hate was real. Some of the top members of Order of Christ were Henry the Navigator, Vasta Da Gama and etc. Christopher Columbus was involves with the Order of Christ there is just not much on it. One of his wife’s was a daughter of one of top Order of Christ leaders. These are the explorers that discovered the new world. Portugal are the country to start slave trade from African nations as well. Portugal became the true financial center of the world. With time Order of Christ magically disappeared but new society came to life in 1700. The Freemasons. The Portugal start becoming less relevant while US begun gaining steam. All first leaders of the US were Freemasons. The biggest hint is the US seal in 1776 novus ordo seclorum “New World Order” and $1 Bill in 1900s which was the main goal of Knight Templar’s. The star of Salomon was main symbol to Knight Templar’s and Order of Christ and... Freemasons. US Pentagon is perfect outline of the inside the star. Knight Templar and Order of Christ goal is too control the world and money. Crash the threat before it became a threat. Now we have Builderberg Group. Here’s a Builderberg logo which is consistent with Freemasons. Nothing is known from Builderberg group. It exists but extremely secretive. Only extremely elite from US and Europe are part of it.
  9. That’s an awesome run
  10. It’s better than no sports.
  11. Ja  Rhule

    Weight gain

    I’m down to 193lbs... I lost 20lbs in 1 month by completely cutting out booze and sweets.
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