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  1. Huddle has change quit a bit over the last 15 years. We went from Locker room... tits and vaginas to tidy whiteys away from seeing a full blown penis in main forum.
  2. She kind of looks like she can be Trump sister.
  3. CMS is reopening on November 2nd thru K5. Middle Schools in December and High Schools in January.
  4. Why are you reading their message board? Is huddle not good enough for you? im not good with photoshop but girl is red is pats forum and girl on left is huddle... the dude is Nas of course
  5. Yankees coming to Carolina like..
  6. Yea. Announcers said Raiders knew the plays Panthers were calling. On one play all 3 WRs went vertical and raiders switched from zone to men. They even drop 3 of their LBs deep into coverage the second ball was snapped.
  7. It makes no sense for Boston to play after this year. He’d probably rather be cut. He makes $10M this year and then his pay drops to $4M.
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