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  1. I think US response to something that never happened before has been pretty good. Grocery stores have food, many people able to work from home and best medical care in the world. People fail to realize that US is a massive country... huge territory. If small European countries are struggling how do you expect US to control it? Plus the main cause of spread are Americans ignoring calls to stay home and not washing their hands.
  2. That’s what people do when they try to prove something. They grab on to that one thing and try to make a point even thought it makes zero sense.
  3. Just so you know... South Korea COVID cases are on the rise and they are not out of the woods yet. Also, it’s much easier to control a country that is about 1% of US size.
  4. Coronavirus has been around since 1960. COVID-19 was discovered only around 45 days before mass outbreak. China lied to the world and tried to cover it up. You cannot prepare for something that never happened in recent history in few weeks.
  5. The world was not prepared. No one was.
  6. To be fair the whole world was not prepared. Pointing finger at Trump and blame him for everything is not factual. Plus Chinese lies played a big role in world failure to get ready as Chinese said no new cases and they got everything under control which everyone knows now is a pile of crap.
  7. Back 1998... porn was basically pictures that took minutes to load on dial up. Now you got 4K videos. Please tell me again technology did not evolved.
  8. poo is about to hit the fan in Charlotte. Atrium is calling for field hospital, expects massive explosion of new cases.
  9. Multiple Lowe’s employees tested positive for Corona including Northlake and Ballantyne stores.
  10. Wearing masks outside might go into law soon.
  11. I assumed my whole family had corona 2 weeks ago. They only tested my son and he got flu positive so they just said we all had flu and sent us home but whole family had every corona symptom.
  12. NC tested 18k people and 1.3k tested positive for corona.
  13. I just googled “China missing people” and apparently a lot of journalists and other people who reported news to the west have gone missing. One journalist reported a short video saying people are chasing him before he vanished. Looks like China is trying to hide something.
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