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  1. If I had to guess thats to help master deep throat technique.
  2. Probably my wife was looking for my Christmas present
  3. -I think federal loans are the only loans that can be forgiven. I do not see fed paying off private loans. -Agreed on net neutrality. A must. -Renewable energy tax credit would be amazing and a must in my opinion. -MJ infrastructure is in place. They just need to allow CBD growers to increase % of THC in flower. MJ convictions should be wiped clean. CBD flower is legal and weed is not. Drug sniffing dogs cannot tell the difference between the two and cops require to arrest people for legal possession of CBD. Legal CBD also have THC in it and people get fired for testing positive. It’s so stupid.
  4. Can you blame them? Something that was rushed and tested for only few months? Some breakthrough vaccines and medicines shown severely adverse reaction over decade later and were scrapped by FDA. Flip on any channel and you have a commercial advertising lawsuit settlement with pharmaceutical company within an hour or so.
  5. I know how vaccine works... do you? I do not think you understand why some people getting vaccine and some don’t. Like flu shot. People who are at risk get flu shot and some just don’t care for it cause they have a healthy immune system. Same with covid. Covid only severely impacts less than 1% of population and 99% can get covid and be ok. People at risk need vaccine to help weak immune system to build tolerance. Some people at risk who will get a vaccine will likely still get covid but their immune system will be strong enough to fight it off. That’s how vaccine works.
  6. Oh... I thought you were going to take a break from Tinderbox.
  7. Majority of people not at risk of dying from covid. Majority of people will have minimum symptoms.
  8. I’d be shocked if that happens with COVID vaccine coming out in next few weeks. From what I read is the new package will help small businesses, unemployed and evictions victims.
  9. I wonder what conflict US will start in next 2 years. Weapon manufacturers and oil companies are starving.
  10. I always wait a year before buying it so they can fix all the bugs.
  11. Looks like it will be a mini-stimulus package and not what Biden promised during his election. No $1.2k checks to US citizens.
  12. Iranian deal Obama made was a disaster. He basically indirectly sponsored Syrian genocide and Assad. It’s not US business to stop Iran. Saudis have been using US as their bitches for way too long. The minute Iran comes close to developing a nuclear weapon, they will get lit up by their own neighbors.
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