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  1. It does not matter. Russia is an oligarch state. The whole Russian industry is divided amongst very powerful Russian people who do not live in Russia (Russia is almost 100% monopoly state). For example Roman Abramovich and Alisher Usmanov... google them. It’s almost certain another ex KGB/FSB chud will run the show once Putin is gone.
  2. Putin will be executed the second he loses power. For him staying in power is a survival thing. Putin is almost 68 years old. I think he got good 7 years left in him then he need to watch his back. His oligarchs will try to put someone younger in his place very soon.
  3. Chelsea D looked very suspect. Not sure how they play so well one week and totally fail the next. Arsenal youth looks amazing. The speed and poise is like something I haven’t seen in 10 years. I’m excited for next season.
  4. US government just borrows from American people. The foreign debt remains the same.
  5. Charlotte Knight 2020 season is cancelled
  6. If she coughed at my baby... I would slap her back into quarantine.
  7. Will be interesting to see. It would be so much lost revenue it’s almost hard to believe. So Europe really had no second wave and they just begun to reopen. I wonder if US will jump ahead of Europe with the second wave.
  8. I think they will have both just without fans like in Europe. European soccer restarted a month ago and has been pretty successful.
  9. Swine Flu found in China that can mutate into human swine flu. Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53218704
  10. Patriots are my second team (my wife’s team) so I will be cheering for Cam big time in 2020.
  11. It’s the western cowboy poo from back in the day. I’m a scotch/cognac guy.
  12. Banks are sitting on a ton of liquidity right now. Once COVID vaccine becomes available, banks stock will boom.
  13. Around 1,800 new case in NC in last 24 hours.
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