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  1. Hey, where do you usually go watch games at?

    1. cgarsmoker


      Buffalo Wild Wings usually has all the games so I head to one of them.  The one in Palm Bay is usually pretty good but very few Panthers fans.  

  2. First ever re flipping of the coin. Lol tails never fails
  3. After living 8 years surrounded by Steelers and Eagles fans.......I hate them both with a passion. Mostly because I know the faces of the men that will be crying bitter tears if the Steelers lose this one.
  4. Yep Sam Wyche.....thanks for that correction. Steve didn't sound right in my head but I figured it was close. LoL
  5. All that's missing is Steve Wyshe (??) to grab a mic and start yelling to the fans (this isn't Cleveland, we don't throw stuff onto the field!!). Anybody else remember that game?
  6. Did Nance just say the stadium announcer asked the crowd to settle down?
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