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  1. Watching the game last night all I keep repeating to myself last night is "this team is incompetent" We couldn't find a use for that guy??
  2. Clicheking

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    Gonna hurt to see him in another jersey....Make sure you take your one day and retire here TD
  3. Clicheking

    Cam replies to his girlfriend's post

    Baby #4 confirmed
  4. Clicheking

    Sean Payton is a punk

    Wayyyyyyyy to early, to be this drunk. Get yourself together
  5. Clicheking

    CJ Anderson had himself a day

    This team has no idea how to use weapons. This is the equivalent of giving a homeless man a 1,000 bucks to get a room for a couple days and something to eat. Instead he buys a bunch of cocaine, and you find him 3 days later in a gutter with poo all over his pants. This is why we can't have nice things
  6. Clicheking

    Words from my source

    Time to move on people. Ron was given two generational talents very early in his coaching career, and has wasted over half of their careers. Give most credible coaches that and they'd have some rings on the mantle. Ron hasn't even put together consecutive winnng seasons. I've never believed in staying in relationships your not happy in, because you're not sure if there's someone better for you out there.......you shouldn't either
  7. Clicheking

    Ron finally doing the smart thing

    It is a odd year after all....
  8. If we could muster any offense at all this game we'd be up by 21
  9. Told you we needed to score on int...offense can't
  10. Great int!!! We needed to score on it though
  11. Horrible O-line play.....are we ever going to take the line serious