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  1. When Funchess drops 2 out of 3 passes Jacoby can give him some crap and they'll be even... Nothing to see here
  2. Yawnnnnn.... No Panthers players = me not caring
  3. Agreed. Needs to work on his conditioning to, got caught from behind to many times when he should of had a TD. Future is very bright for the kid
  4. Are we really making a big deal about rookie mini-cap????
  5. Beautiful!! And no one that a not a Gamecock fan refers to them as Carolina or USC.....stop it
  6. Everyone in that video is overweight Every single one of them
  7. 2016 what a poo storm....Same guy that said you never draft for need drafted 3 cb's that draft. One couldn't make the roster, another tried to fight a group of cops. Mehhhh 1 outta 3 ain't bad
  8. Guess that month off made him highly potent...congrats!!
  9. Trey Wingo needs to brush up on his research... That's like the third player he said the wrong school for
  10. I knew It....time to set the league on fire and Burn(s) this bihh to the ground
  11. Odd numbered season, few primetime games, little national attention = recipe for success
  12. I'm curious as to what type of car he has.....people seem to want it badly
  13. He couldn't even protect himself against a guy half his size.....how the hell is he gonna protect Cam??!!
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