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  1. Clicheking

    Alex Armag detains car theif

    I'm curious as to what type of car he has.....people seem to want it badly
  2. He couldn't even protect himself against a guy half his size.....how the hell is he gonna protect Cam??!!
  3. Clicheking

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    So sad I thought we should of brought him back, i heard he was "finally healthy" hehe
  4. Clicheking

    So, is Moton LT now?

    If this happens I'm blaming you
  5. I'll take a pass good sir....injured to much
  6. Clicheking

    EDGE FA left.

    Knew this day was coming...Happy Thomas gets to keep playing but said to see him go. If the Panthers don't win it all, I already know who I'll be rooting for
  7. Harpo who dis woman??? I'll wait to i hear it from a legit source
  8. Yet another WR we drafted who wont see a second contract with the team. Dont get me wrong, I didn't want him back. Just sucks were so bad a drafting the position. Here's to hoping Samuel and Moore break the trend
  9. Clicheking

    Jason Witten "unretiring"

    I say let Greg give it another shot this year, he's still making a reasonable amount of money. I just hope we split the snaps more this year with Thomas provided he gets in his playbook
  10. I became a fan during that season. It was really the first time I ever really watched football and didn't know a ton about it. I brought that DVD and watch it every Superbowl Sunday for years, thinking for sure we'd get back and win one, because it was so easy getting there that year. About that.....
  11. 77 years old....worth billions.....visiting prostitues(likely against their will)for $79..... Yikes
  12. Pretty sure this means Sam is in charge of keeping an eye for potential challenges. Teller said he was surprised they didn't have someone officially in charge of this......they we go
  13. Clicheking

    Today.... I'm a PATRIOT

    Good....go away and don't come back
  14. Shouldn't of got any votes....Brees was average/below average the 2nd half of the season.
  15. Clicheking

    Do you watch the pro bowl?

    The only time I ever watched one is when Cam made it his rookie year. I was so happy to have a shiny new franchise QB I couldn't resist.