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  1. Clicheking

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Havent read thru this whole thread but I wouldn't be surprised if he asked to be traded. He was looking for a big payday after taking a "prove it" deal. I bet he say his market value dropping and wanted out.
  2. Clicheking

    Red Cam Redemption

    Two goats.....one picture
  3. Clicheking

    Saints got Dez

    Dez is pretty much washed at this point. He'll be a non-factor and get 2-3 targets a game at most
  4. Clicheking

    Get a chuckle this morning.

    Translated : Woman should be in the kitchen, something, something, dip, monster tucks :burp: :scratches ass:: something, something, murica!!!!
  5. I said that a couple weeks ago and people said i was crazy....i just repeat the fact that Samuel looks like a different type of athlete compared the other players on the field. The future is bright
  6. Clicheking

    coolest halftime ever

    Was there and it was awesome....most of the halftime shows are forgettable to say the least
  7. Clicheking

    David Tepper bringing the drip

    The drip is indeed real
  8. Clicheking

    Fitz to start for the Bucs

    Jameis Winston, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jameis Winston, Ryan Fitzpatrick......doesnt matter, Panthers by 20
  9. Are we about to blow these bitches out??
  10. Get drunk before you enter the stadium like I do.....problem solved
  11. Clicheking


    No good will come of this ::exits room quietly::
  12. No idea why he doesn't play more, but I predicted this would happen before the season started. I can't imagine he's very happy, good thing we're winning. If he were to become a problem in the locker room it would reflect poorly on him looking for a contract next year.
  13. Clicheking

    DE: Kony Ealy

    If Kony Ealy is the answer...I don't even want to know what the question is