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  1. Well they didnt hear me screaming during the last two games :-(, I tried
  2. usmcpanthers

    losing out will be the best thing for us

    Already stated before, but twice the giants and the steelers limped into the playoffs and won superbowls as the wild card.
  3. I know I saw one play were Poe got blasted 10 yards backward and it took Luke out the play also.
  4. Im old, 38, this is arena football to me. I see harder hits in the LFL. I miss the days of offenses feared going across the middle cuz they knew they would get blasted and end up on espn's YOU GOT JACKED UP segment. Now if there is an ooooohh by the crowd its a flag. Also the flag only caters to the big market teams or a certain popular player. NBA was proven to be rigged last decade. Ive been saying the NFL has been so for a while, not 100%, but at least a 30% nudge a certain way when they need it. Bottom line, I hate it, but the high flying offense is here to stay and we need to adapt with it. We wont unless Tepper brings in a guy that will do it.
  5. usmcpanthers

    So, what will it take..

    actually winning a road game without pulling out a miracle
  6. usmcpanthers

    Halftime at the Dome

    Sick of hearing about the aints. I just hope they choke a Superbowl worse than ATL
  7. This loss broke my back. I'm usually a Homer, but any thoughts of us ever winning again just flew out the window.
  8. Seattle, Cleveland and Tampa are definitely losses also the way we are playing.
  9. Burn it down, if we can't beat Detroit, we can't beat anyone. I'm pissed I spent a bunch of money on the Tampa tickets. Now I get to watch us suck in person in a couple weeks #fml
  10. We tie it so of course the defense fugs up
  11. Smitty gonna give Moore poo for being ran down
  12. Every team hits their season long fg against us