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  1. Cam will finally be old enough to get the calls from the refs in NE
  2. I believe it was a totally disrespectful how we did Cam. Cam will be comeback player of the year and it will prolly forever haunt the franchise.
  3. heard its 3 yr deal 60 mil WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. This will be permanent coronavirus in our stands.
  5. Fan since inception, I'll be done for good if we pull the trigger on this
  6. LT's dont grow on trees, havent had one in 5+ seasons.
  7. cant tell much about a lineman in no contact drills or pads
  8. WOOT IN THE Stands Already WITH devildoc. So pumped! #keeppounding!
  9. In 2008 before and after the game, Cards fans were aholes. Last year and this year they are pretty quiet. I guess it has to do with trust in the QB. 08 they had Warner, last year Lindley, and this year Palmer with his first playoff win.
  10. fug you 12th man, wipe your ass with those flags! fug the rest of the nfl fans who doubted us. fug all the 1 and done motherfugers. fug all the analysts that picked against us Josh Katzowitz >fug you Vinnie Lyer >fug you Jarrett Bell>fug you Kevin Patra>fug you Tim Ryan>fug you Geoff Ulrich>fug you Lorenzo Reyes>fug you Mark Malone>fug you Gary Davenport>fug you Nate Davis>fug you Brad Gagnon>fug you Chris Wesseling>fug you KC Joyner >fug you Kurt Warner>fug you (esp saying we wouldnt even get 100 rush yds) Mike Clay>fug you Danny Kelly>fug you James Lofton >fug you Khaled Elsayed>fug you Mike FLorio>fug you Jason La Confora>fug you Mike Middlehurst-Schwartz>fug you Boomer Esiason>fug you Rick Drummon>fug you John Breech>fug you Neil Greenburg>fug you Sam Monson>fug you Steve Mariucci>fug you Ryan Van Bibber>fug you Arif Hasan>fug you Jeff Dooley>fug you Mario Mergola>fug you James Parziale>fug you Ross Jones>fug you Tony Boselli>fug you Tim Cowlishaw>fug you Eric Allen>fug you Ben Stockwell>fug you Peter Schrager>fug you Marshall Faulk>fug you Craig Miller>fug you Joel Thorman>fug you Mike Golic>fug you Nathan Jahnke>fug you Conor Orr>fug you Arizona you are next! Time for my victory slurpee ‪#‎keeppounding‬, this is our year!
  11. What annoys me about KC. They get all the praise about their win streak and the media is on there nuts. No talk of weak schedule etc etc. Our streak was more impressive and the media just talks poo about it
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