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  1. Instead of Jim mora saying playoffs, need a gif of him saying adjustments
  2. I believe we lose to Washington next, we already lost to a 2 win team once this year.
  3. NFL Dirtiest Player Award, the nominees are Bill Romanowski Warren Sapp Montez Burfict Richie Incognito Suh Myles Garett........hold my beer
  4. Really missing the the KK, and Star combo these days.
  5. I knew the switch to the 3-4 wouldnt happen so quickly. Usually takes 2 years to switch from 4-3 to 3-4 effectively. I knew we would get more qb pressure in a 3-4 but the trade off is the run D getting gashed, smh and boy we are seeing that. Sucks too, we can never put two and two together. when we run 4-3, cant stop the pass. when we run 3-4, cant stop the run. #maddening.
  6. We should use Armah, even though we rarely ever do.
  7. Amazing as cmc is, this is twice this season we needed the goaline td for the game, and came up short. Healthy Cam would jordan dunk that poo in. Poo me now, dont care.
  8. Only way I see cmc getting mvp is if he breaks either Eric Dickerson single season rushing yards record or if he breaks Chris Johnson's all purpose yard record. Crazy how high the bar is for a rb to get mvp.
  9. It means we can scratch off the the titans as the only team we havent beat at BoA.
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