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  1. So even In this game they had to talk about our qb controversy....even had graphics and poo
  2. Ron has a job and 2 COTY awards due to Cam, their has to be a good amount of loyalty to him.
  3. Dont want to be that guy, but if we send reps to her funeral, how much trash talk do you think Deanglo WIlliams will spew online? RIP Shaq's mom
  4. The last time we jammed was the famous ricky manning jr vs philly playoff game lol. Then the nfl changed the rules.
  5. Also to make Jacksonville seem larger than it is, they claim the whole county as their city limits.
  6. Lucky he wasn't picked off and that dumb 3rd and 12 bomb, when we needed to run off clock. Also still has a fumbling problem. The team as a whole as played better and I'm estatic Klye has played well enough to help us right the ship at the moment.
  7. Hawks almost always luck the fug out
  8. Going to be very similar to the texans game. Lets hope Klye can hold on to the ball better.
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