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  1. usmcpanthers

    Panthers re-sign key free agent

    The answer is on the roster
  2. usmcpanthers

    AAF thread... Anyone watching?

    I see Ladarius Gunter is on the Orlando team also.
  3. usmcpanthers

    Cam talks about his surgery (video)

    You tell them, Cam, I can't wait to you come back and become the MVP once again, and bring that Lombardi home. I have 100% faith you can do it during your career!
  4. usmcpanthers

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    The hotels would get used, they wouldnt turn into ghost towns. All the travel search engines would utilize them. People went to atlanta in droves for the super bowl. All though a bigger city the draw to atl and charlotte is pretty similar to people not from the south. Denying big influx of money, if you have the means to be awarded it, is just stupid. Also, who says the hosting would only be once? Alot of these host cities, most the super bowl multiple times.
  5. usmcpanthers

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    Still building a roof , if feasible, is much better than the hassle of building a new stadium.
  6. usmcpanthers

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    It's one hell of a one and done for the whole city and surrounding areas. Why do you think cities fight so hard to host it?
  7. usmcpanthers

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    Getting the Super Bowl is huge event, dont understand why investors arent popping up enough hotels to support the influx.
  8. usmcpanthers

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    Id only be for it if it made us able to host a superbowl. Then again I believe we dont have enough seats and hotels in the area.
  9. Odd year, so somehow we will be good, its the law.
  10. You have to remember his dad played for the Broncos in the late 90s.
  11. usmcpanthers

    Antonio Brown trade?

    I couldn't see the Steelers given up a proven commodity for one with potential. Also we would be crazy to give up a young wr with great potential for a 30 yr old wr. No matter how good he is. Now I think a first round pick this year, and a low round pick the following season would be enough to pull a trade off. I still think it's a pipe dream despite Teppers Pitt connections and the Cam and AB bff instagramming.
  12. usmcpanthers

    Antonio Brown trade?

    Maybe AB and Moore could be used like AB and Juju. Then again, AB would just get jealous of Moore lol.
  13. I hope Cam ends up like Elway. Elway lost a super bowl early in his career, but he ended the career with back to back lombardi's.
  14. It's an odd year so we have a chance