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  1. We have had an offseason similar to the Rams had last season, and they went to the superb owl!
  2. This has the potential to be one of our biggest signings ever!
  3. All I know is that it usually takes 2 years to switch from a 4-3 to 3-4. I know we are going hybrid but they are still going to be a fair amount of growing pains, which equals to us getting shredded. I voted a slight improvement but not consistent QB pressure.
  4. Ive followed him ever since his TTC youtube days. Trash Talk Circle in case you guys were wondering. I miss those days lol
  5. Well if it's not April Fools, then we will have a very angry team that will take its frustrations out on the opponent lol.
  6. oh well, we got mauled its 66 to 34 with two hours to go
  7. oh man, I thought the next round was monday Currently we only have 22 hours left wtf
  8. woot we pulled it out! Won 51-49
  9. back in the lead 51-49 with 19 min to go
  10. oh no its tied again 50-50
  11. Awesome we are up 51% to 49%
  12. Think they meant a tootsie roll pop, like the old commercials with the owl.
  13. I used to listen to them instead of the tv announcers, but Janet Jackson's boob created the 5 second FCC delay. That ruined it for me lol
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