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  1. Totally an anti-Dallas move. He know full well all the weaknesses of the offense and defense - and since Dallas seems destined to only swap out the Head Coach, those schemes won't change too much.
  2. Does not make it any easier to digest, but... I was sad when Mills retired. I was sad when Beason got traded. I'm respectful of his decision and thankful to have been able to see him play - truly one of the very best to play. Thank You Luke... now I order the glass to place your jersey behind in the man cave.
  3. Not a pro by any means, but did play LT on a run 1st team. OL really is the key to virtually any offensive success. If you can't perform the basics of blocking on a consistent basis - it won't matter who your QB or RB is over the long term. Do not have to be 1st round picks either - just have to be good at the fundamentals and smart enough to learn and adapt.
  4. I just want a Coach that holds players accountable for their performance, plans for the upcoming opponent, will make changes to the plan when it is not working, understands the rules and how to make them work for you (kinda like Tenn and the 1:47 runoff between plays) and that can move on from players when they can't/don't perform...... they are highly paid professional employee's - not your family.
  5. Maybe the Saints will get the message that the NFL is not going to allow Peyton back to the Superb owl. Also its now time for Mahommes and Garappolo to be the leaders. Brady and Breeze to the curb - they saving a chair for Rogers.
  6. How the heck do you type in these new rely boxes.docx
  7. Since half time, I can't hear any announcers? Can only hear the on field sounds.... anybody else?
  8. Dont know who all saw it but Cam even had Rodney Harrison and Coach Dungy (Harrison actually said it) saying Cam needed to be on a different NFL team...on national tv. This will eventually come back to haunt this team - somebody will end up offering more than we can with our cap problems and we'll be minus our QB. Management better sit up and take notice - get something/someone going or we'll be right back to 2010 in the blink of an eye.
  9. Dear Panthers coaching staff: To save time, just paste this url in to your browser http://www.uhaul.com/Locations/Charlotte-NC/Results
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