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  1. Mr Tepper, can we please move on from the Kyle Allen experiment?
  2. OK, so he can get fired up - but if players don't respond, then either they tuned him out or they don't care. Still comes back to the coaching.
  3. Well Tepper said he would not tolerate mediocrity - wonder what his position is regarding a bottom of the barrel performance.
  4. If you're stats are in the dumpster..... c'mon down to Carolina and set some records.
  5. Countdown to being claimed by the Bills.........3,2,1.
  6. We are the Cleveland Browns of the NFCS. Flashes of brilliance - but still just below mediocre overall.
  7. I just did not understand with 1:14 left, 2 time outs on their 25. Plenty of time - and McCaffrey never touched the ball till no time left.
  8. Keystone cops comedy - c'mon Tepper SEND A MESSAGE this coaching staff is inept at "coaching" or fixing mistakes or as Ron says "correcting things".
  9. Does Reid even know how to tackle - all I ever see is him trying to "hit" a player. Never even tries to wrap up.
  10. ....count down to unconfirmed report of Cam Newton seen running on beach in Mexico..... 3.2.1.
  11. Again Ron does not have a team ready after the bye... screen pass, screen pass, screen pass...TD
  12. Need help on the left OL or any QB that plays is on borrowed time.
  13. Not sure, but another question - when is the last time the panthers didn't kneel on the ball with 31 seconds left in 1st half? When is the last time we actually threw 2 passes with 31 seconds left - like actually tried to extend the lead.... I was blown away that KA was throwing the ball with 31 left on the clock.
  14. How the heck do you type in these new rely boxes.docx
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