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  1. Kidding? or give him praise for taking the shackles off with 10 min left and down 17pts.
  2. Davis83

    3 things

    I hardly ever start a topic, but have to to today. 1. Our defense maybe not so bad if they are allowed to play aggressive - when we needed a stop and they played aggressive - they made the stop. 3.25 quarters they played that soft zone (bend don't get beat long) defense and the other team walked down the field. So, I see the philosophy holding us back 2. When we need it, play with some speed and open the playbook a little - we got talent to score on anybody. For 3.25 quarters we play to move the ball but not take risks - again philosophy holds them down. 3. Cam continues to overthrow more often than not when driving lazers down the field from the pocket. He clearly does better if mobile. Can't we ever get an offensive philosophy of blending what he does good with Norv's creative playcalling? Philosphy = Coaching. Funny how offensive minded coaches play to win from the beginning and defensive coaches rely on being saved at the end of games. I'm happy for the win, but we looked like trash for 3.25 Qtrs - too much talent on this team for that.
  3. Davis83

    What record will it take you to want Rivera fired

    He has never shown the ability to have the coaching staff and players "ready" for a game. We have a history of playing to the level of the competition. How many times do we play a team that is imploding and they look like SB team against us? How many times have we played a backup QB and they look like Drew Breeze against us? How many times do we come out flat and it takes to the 4th qtr before we show life? How many times must we promote an under experienced guy to be a coordinator because he is unwilling to pass up a friend? All he has done here is recycle Chargers players and coaches. Eric Washington should never have been hired as DC - and Rivera should put his foot down about crappy play calling 2 weeks in a row - but he won't....and thats why he sucks as a HC.
  4. Davis83

    Congrats to the Hurney and Rivera Nut Huggers

    a swiss cheese defense that can't stop anybody unless they stop themselves does not help any team. Washington sucks as a DC - Rivera still not coaching a team to "be ready" for a game. We continue to "play down" to teams we should beat. That is coaching at all levels.
  5. You're confident in Rivera keeping the team focused? - not picking, but after todays game....smh
  6. yea and the panthers face book page is just full of the hatred and arguments over him already. Just a matter of time before something happens at a tailgate or in the stands and then the media will have a field day. I just want the team to win - if he's a contributor, then let him kneel. You don't have to agree or watch him do it, but don't let it be a media circus.
  7. and the media attention begins. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/eric-reid-takes-a-knee-during-national-anthem-in-first-game-as-carolina-panthers-player
  8. Davis83

    Ron Rivera is still an idiot

    Well Ron certainly has not improved in getting a team to be ready after a bye - and he still can't motivate players to play above the competitions' level of intensity. We have a history of letting troubled players and teams look like SB contenders against us - that's all on Ron!
  9. yea, and they gave him a stupidly high price contract to do it...lol dumpster fire!
  10. Davis83

    This Loss is on Ron

    The only thing I saw that could possibly be a "Ron" issue is the play calling with 4:02 left in the first half and the final 2:00 drive. With 4:02 and knowing that ATL gets the ball to start the 3rd - why, why, why are we going for the long ball? We have always been better at grinding long drives than as a long ball team. So then we proceed to pass on 2nd down with Cam sacked. Don't get the 1st down and give them the ball back to score before the half - you don't let an offense that suddenly hot back on the field! Grind it out with the 5-7 yard plays that are what we do best. Even if the long ball had scored, you would still have left them 3+ minutes to answer and get the ball at beginning the 3rd. Then its on coaching in the last 2 minutes that we have an offense that gains 4 yds and it takes them 20 seconds to get lined back up? My God, Green Bay took 29 seconds to go 41 yds at the end of their game. We snap the ball with 52 seconds, gain 4 yds and the next snap was under 30 seconds - that is on coaching - no urgency!
  11. So snap the ball and let the QB just stand there - 15yds every play. When 6 inches from end zone punch it in. Is that where we're headed with this rule.
  12. Davis83

    Matt Khalil...

    I watched a local HS game tonight. I could tender the local LT an offer tomorrow morning. Can't hurt and it would be an improvement
  13. As for the statue...... little construction project nearby.....crane gets out of control...... awe dang, the boom hit that statue........and man can you believe that bulldozer over there rolled backwards over it.....whoops sorry dude.
  14. yippee It begins!
  15. How the heck do you type in these new rely boxes.docx