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  1. Jordan Scarlett will be the steal of our draft class. He will show his beast mode
  2. No I'm saying people will hype up a new player until they make a mistake and they will jump off the hype machine. Not saying he is going to stink I am saying people are fickle.
  3. All the talk will be over when Will throws 4 INTs during preseason...
  4. Panthers def trying to trade up for a tackle today. Cody Ford, Taylor both in play.
  5. I wouldn't mind however I would know the right side would be solid as fug
  6. Gettleman sure does like to take credit for things he has no control over. Like the play performance of players, coaching those players skillsets and making audibles at the line of scrimmage
  7. If Hogan is your 2nd options your WR core is in trouble. Nothing about hogan is outstanding. NE WR room is already thin and now they let Hogan walk without resiging him is a big flag. Hogan did literally nothing in other systems. Dude wasn't even in the superbowl game plan. Lol However he is going to be an upgrade over Torrey Smith's speed? Which teams have a plan for or is he going to catch jump balls over teams DBs? What weapon does he bring to the table besides being a system WR??? You guys must see something I don't
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