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  1. Ron had to warm up to Cam. Lord knows he probably wanted marcell Darius or von or Patrick Peterson instead
  2. Cam newton had a 99 yard drive against the number 1 defense last year.... That drive by Allen was by far his career highlight
  3. 2nd in league in INTs. Kyle Allen leads no category in NFL in scoring but carry on
  4. Why is the offense having twice as many chances to score? Kyle allen throwing for 400 a game and 4tds?? Defense my friend. Forcing turnovers.
  5. Defense has been main factor in wins. Giving the offence extra chances to score. We have settled for field goals. The Arizona game Kyle played his best ball. Next is CMC keepong the defenses on their toes. Then Kyle Allen gets credit for managing games and tossing to his outlet cmc. He got lucky on a few passes that were poorly thrown that shouldve been picked if we want to get honest about. It. Overall if our defense was bottom of the pack like last year we would only have 2 wins right imo
  6. Find the actual quote. You guys love taking things out of context when you run of of things to say. Especially you two. Bunch of huddle bullies.
  7. I said cmc was the best slot WR option on the team. CMC still is the best catcher of the football right up there with Smitty. He is not the ideal back for 3rd 1 or 4th and 1. He is light in the ass and is best when Norv puts him in space. Thats where he thrives. Thats hit super power. Stop Jeremy. You have been off your meds lately. Vegans are supposed to unite not have soy beef.
  8. Why are you even commenting on my threads anyways? A bit of a Weirdo move
  9. Please share the agenda for the folks? Your imgination is less than stellar
  10. Why do you always avoid listing facts in a discussion and always avoid providing substance in a topic you disagree with? Do you lack the ability to let live?
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