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  1. Highest paid RB in NFL history Hunery magic
  2. Told y'all Tepper is a terribe owner making terrible decisions. We will be 0-16 and players will NOT want to play for this franchise. Luke, Greg, now Cam. Cmc will be traded draft day. Welcome to the crap show. Told you! Sad to say.
  3. As I stated in the Ron Rivera appreciation post his hands were tied and JR and Tepper were not allowing him full freedome in this organization. To see Tepper let Rhule have say so let's you know Tepper was not all in nor supportive of Ron. This is a pure case a favor and ego. Happy for Ron.
  4. Bruce is just matching the fanbase. It's hilarious actually
  5. Jourdan is definitely biased and was cynical of cam way before the controversy. Cam keeps receipts
  6. You seem to be having a touch time accepting the beginning of a new era, may the force be with you when you select your new favorite team... I hear the Cowboys are always accepting fan applications.

  7. This won't happen they are only "pushing" this to further increase Trumps popularity. Cause and effect. Trump will win again due to the fear Trump supporters will have of reparations and other trivial issues. This is all part of the plan to get Trump reelected again.... Life goes on...
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