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  1. KaseKlosed

    I always wondered ..........

    Every back you just compared CMC to is on another higher level than CMC. Please stop and slap yourself. Most of those running backs out performed CMC stat for stat their first year. Slap yourself.
  2. KaseKlosed

    Panthers beating the Saints 3x

    Cam MUST run when facing 3-4 defenses. If he gains 60 yards on the ground we will stay on the field long enough to limit saints possessions. If we ran cam more against steelers we could of stopped the bleeding early.
  3. KaseKlosed

    What is the next position of need???

    Need a legit PF and a defensive monster type Center. And we will be top 3 in east for next 3 years.
  4. KaseKlosed

    which player does this forum overrate the most?

    1. Bradberry 2. Funches 3. CMC
  5. The D-Line is going to give Conner a fit tonight. Can't wait!
  6. Panthers 28-21 Big Ben Sacked 4 times. Cam 3TD Passes CMC Catches 2TDs Reid catches INT
  7. Bro without CMCs touchdowns we would easily be 1-7. The dude has taken over games by going in motion and distracting the entire defense on every play. Dude has broken so many tackles on his way to long rushing touchdowns its insane. CMC is havin a record year for NFC runningback. CMC is probably the most feared running back in the NFL.
  8. CMC is clearly breaking records left and right. Not cam. Cmc clearly is changing the NFL game. Cmc there has never been a talent such as CMC. Cmc has taken over 80% of the games we have won with clutch Toudowns in every game. Cmc has pointed out the open receivers pre snap for Cam. Cmc has been panthers number 1 red zone weapon this year. Cmc is mvp!!!
  9. KaseKlosed

    CMC worth the pick?

    We are talking about post results post draft and looking back we could of had a much better draft class on our hands. I appreciate CMC and our offense, however, we could of gotten more value. The saints just lucked up on Lattimore and Kamara in same draft or their scout team is really good? CMC is not rushing like he was in college he is however being a superior pass catching RB like he was in college as well. Like I said if CMC had the tackle breaking power such as Kamara or Joe Mixon or KAreem Hunt then he would also be a legit 3rd and 1 back as well.
  10. KaseKlosed

    CMC worth the pick?

    We could of had a better draft. CMC is good. However ya'll hyping him up as if he is a probowler. He is not.
  11. KaseKlosed

    CMC worth the pick?

    You guys have a short memory. When we drafted him I said he will be the best slot WR for us. When we drafted him I said he was also a reach at number 8 with a loaded dual threat RB class. I understand his position in the offense however I still think we could of gotten another baller at 8 and a dual threat RB later in a loaded draft class. So no I do not think we got supreme value. Could of been even better draft wise in my opinion. I was not a fan of Dave Gettlemans draft strategies
  12. KaseKlosed

    CMC worth the pick?

    Dalvin Cook (Vikings) Joe Mixon (Bengals) Alvin Kamara (Saints) Kareem Hunt (Chiefs) James Conner (Steelers) Tarik Cohen (Bears) All players drafted after CMC who could do better and just as good for us during that draft. CMC is good I just give Panthers a C for drafting him so early that year. That draft was LOADED with runningbacks
  13. Bro ham... No one coach is petfect but we had the luxury to blow those Time Outs
  14. KaseKlosed

    CMC worth the pick?

    26th son
  15. KaseKlosed

    CMC worth the pick?

    Question was "he worth a top 10 pick" my answer is still no. The big difference is Norv fooking Turner. CMC type player was available in rounds 2 and 3 in that draft. We could of had 2 outstanding players that year if we didnt pull the trigger so early on a scatback. You guys get gitty after we beat non condltenders and cmc has a good game. People so pressed to make him seem like some pre bowl type talent when he is really a James White type of talent. This year our OLine is playing out of it's mind and Norv actually as given us a professional playbook. I love the support of cmc but keeping it real if that draft was redone he wouldn't of been picked at number 8.