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  1. He's only saying this because he is 2nd in thr NFC right now. He would not say this if he was 6-8. Get realistic people
  2. KaseKlosed

    Devin Funchess

    Funches paying tribute to Kelvin on that route
  3. KaseKlosed

    Myth buster christian mccaffrey

    Norv turner effect.
  4. Shows you that surgery is not always the answer
  5. KaseKlosed

    Eric Reid knew the difference...

    Scram groupie
  6. KaseKlosed

    Eric Reid knew the difference...

    Ron Rivera: Carolina Panthers winningest coach. Coach of the Year. Without ron we probably would have drafted Blane Gabbert or Jake Locker instead. Without ron we wouldn't of drafted Luke either. Count your blessings.
  7. Corn Elder another Dave Gettleman Magic pick
  8. Ron was right again! This low scoring game with hard hits and defense is more intennse and exciting than the 54-51 no defense game!!!!!
  9. I'm glad you said it.... CMC red in the face and arms and I know Norv wantes him to get that score but he is still human.
  10. KaseKlosed

    Return of Wilkes?

    Hell no sean is trizzzash
  11. Winningest coach in franchise history back 2 back 2 back division champs. Headed towards over 500 back to back records first time in team history.... ya'll just need to stop talking about this subject like shits about to change. Yall sound silly
  12. KaseKlosed

    Panthers practice on Thanksgiving

    But but Ron is soft
  13. You REALLY think that's the reason... You guys I tell yea... Norv has game planned differently almost every single game this year.