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  1. Panthers are not taking good notes from the top contenders in the league. 49ers and Chiefs use a committee. Pats as well. We are going down a path of staying in the middle of the pack if he do this. Pats would never they would enjoy these rookie contracts as long as they could. In order for cmc to be effective he needs a star QB. Cmc cant push the pile he cant take over a game against a legitimate team. He is not worth a bank breaking contract because he is not the missing piece to a championship. Remove your emotions. Look at the formula for success.
  2. Dont hate cmc but he's the drew brees of running backs. Stat padder in blow outs. Not clutch.
  3. You guys forget how piss poor we were before Ron. Like piss poor.
  4. We going to trash fast. Enjoy. This is what you asked for I told yall things were going to fall a part after Ron got fired. Told you. Lol Tepper thinks this is a video game.
  5. Seeing him having time to prepare and playing against legit top talent shows you how far he has to go to live up to the hype. y'all love bringing up his age but this is college football right?
  6. Because he is a black QB. Everyone here well mostly rooted for Kyle Allen as if he was pro bowl material after 6 games. Even after Kyle got injured last year after 1 game. They never questioned or wanted him gone. You got to understand that cam has always been hated in Charlotte by the majority of the fans. They just tolerated him because we were expected to win every game. Get a good ole golden boy as QB and the criticism goes away and the excuses are made for why he can't win every game. The fan base still has some busch drinking losers to get rid of.
  7. Via PC Pederson: Kansas City *Chiefs OC (2013–2015) *Philadelphia Eagles HC (2016–present) Nagy: Kansas City *Chiefs OC (2016–2017) *Chicago Bears HC (2018–present) Bieniemy: Kansas City *Chiefs OC (2018–present) Same role with #Chiefs. Why is it so hard for him to get the HC gig? Jim Caldwell won in Detroit no interview. these guys have won in NFL with way more experience. Man sit your azz down.
  8. Welcome to 5-11 season. You guys blasted the Cheifs coordinator due to lack of experience. Now yall calling this guy a stud pick up Lmfao
  9. They are mostly herbivores. Plant based animals have longer lives. All protein is produced by plants period. Animals do not produce protein
  10. So 2 years in a row Sean Peytons game management cost saints in the playoffs. Sean has a HOF QB, all pro defense and WR and RB weapons. Probably the best defense he's had. You go out first round 3 straight years with this type of talent is pretty bad on the resume. Is this the last of Sean and Brees? Why let the clock run with a timeout and 2 minute warning? Why not give brees more time to score a td?
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