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  1. Has anyone checked on 4corners to see if she’s ok?
  2. ECUPantherFan

    Eric Reid

    Moral of this thread based on the responses... “white guy bad.” Luke is the best player in the history of this franchise, hands down. Let’s also take a shot at Colin Jones for good measure... you know, because someone made an observation about Reid not being anywhere near what we all hoped he’d be. I refuse to believe this forum is representative of the larger Panther fan base... because if so, we f’ing suck. I mean we suck Tampa bad.
  3. 1) Loaded question. What lies are you referring to? 2) I think if you want to request asylum, you do so in good faith at an official port of entry, and you don’t come here illegally. I think you ought to be deported if you come to America illegally, period. 3) I literally just had to google Stephen Miller. I don’t know nearly enough about him to have an opinion, but the first 15-20 articles are all from left-leaning organizations, basically calling him a Nazi. Surprise surprise. 4) Yes. Not long-term, of course. But when you have 4,000+ people coming all at once, I think the Border Patrol alone would be woefully undermanned. Based on what happened at the Guatemala/Mexico border, it would seem that not everyone in the caravan will want to wait to be processed.
  4. I personally have no idea what a proud boy is, and the “OK” symbol has always meant “OK”. I think you should assume that most people aren’t Nazis, for starters. If you can manage that, then the next goal is to accept that an overwhelming percentage of Trump supporters aren’t Nazis, either. If someone comes on here and is in favor of a border wall, enforcing our existing immigration laws, Trump’s tax cuts, and thinks the Mueller probe is bogus... I would hope that individual doesn’t get dubbed “Nazi” for his/her trouble. Only a tiny percentage of people who are for “the wall” and/or enforcing our immigration laws support it out of fear or hatred of “brown people.” Most (myself included) look at it from an economic standpoint and a national security standpoint.
  5. I haven’t defended a Nazi one single time in my life. Those bastards deserve anything and everything bad that could possibly happen to them. I’m standing up for the average, run of the mill white American man or woman who happens to vote Republican, and is tired of being called a Nazi for it. That’s all.
  6. I have no idea what goals Jeffrey Clark has. But considering he is a Nazi - it is EXTREMELY unlikely we share any common goals. I could create a new username, come on the Tinderbox, and simply post “Hey gang, I voted for Donald Trump. I think he’s the best option for our country in 2020, as well.” THAT alone would get me labeled a Nazi by this forum. That’s the sad part, honestly.
  7. He posed proudly in front of a swastika. He’s a Nazi. The guy I saw in GA was also a Nazi. What I’m saying is, that it is becoming common practice for the left to call people who disagree with them, Nazis, without any evidence to support that claim.
  8. It’s ok to be confused. I’ll help you understand. I’m saying that REAL, ACTUAL Nazis are so few and far between, that it took me 34 years of living in the south to ever actually lay eyes on one. He was wearing a shirt that was covered in Nazi symbols. Hence, woah, that’s a Nazi. Social media has made the world feel much smaller than it is. The number of ACTUAL Nazis in this country is so small that they likely couldn’t fill the Spectrum Center. Now that the left has started dramatically moving the goalposts on what it takes to be labeled a Nazi (for example - voting for Trump, saying it is OK to be white, etc), the term has really lost its meaning. What used to be called a “social conservative” is now a “Nazi”... really a bizarre world we are living in. Really crazy to think that the nearly 63,000,000 people who voted for Donald Trump and likely will again could possibly long for the days of mass Jewish genocide.
  9. Based on the first photo, the dude deserved it. Tucker Carlson, on the other hand...
  10. Sorry, I don’t get the reference.
  11. Wowzers it doesn’t take much these days to be a Nazi. I am 34 years old and literally saw my first ever Nazi about 2 months ago at a local dump in Georgia. He was driving a beat up, awful looking rusted pickup and was wearing a cut off t shirt that had an SS on it, and some slogan on the back about the “proud few remaining” or something. Having conservative political views and thinking its ok to be white (notice I didn’t say anything about hating others) doesn’t make someone a Nazi. I think that term is being thrown around wayyyy too loosely these days by the leftists.
  12. ECUPantherFan

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Hey gang - just checking in to see if Mueller is still a’comin. He’s been a’comin for a couple years now. I’m buckled up, ready for the hammer to drop. Y’all just let me know when that happens.
  13. ECUPantherFan

    PSA from Ron Rivera

    Not just how he is registered. You can also see how he voted (straight ticket Republican) in every election since moving to NC. I’m sure he knows donating to the Dems will help him, but it looks like his heart lies to the right.
  14. ECUPantherFan

    PSA from Ron Rivera

    Check his voting record. It’s public info and it’s all Republican, champ.
  15. ECUPantherFan

    Bobcats jerseys at Hornets games?

    It’s a really funny how I got the jersey, actually. Me and some friends were bored one Saturday before that 2010 season, and we went to the team store to try and buy authentic jerseys because we were psyched about having season tickets and all that. Of course, the Bobcats team store didn’t have anything like that for sale. We were irritated but nobody stopped us when we walked up the steps from the store into the main concourse in TWC Arena. Once up there, we saw none other than MJ himself (and what appeared to be a large bodyguard of sorts) walking away from us. My friend (who was a bit of an ass) yelled “Hey Jordan!” (I was extremely embarrassed) ”How come we can pay tons of money on season tickets but we can’t even buy real jerseys?” Jordan didn’t say anything to us but he said a couple words to the bid dude. The big dude walked up to my friend and told him to come with him. Next thing I know, Robbie (the friend) comes around the corner and has 3 authentic, autographed jerseys. Apparently the dude had them in a cardboard box and said “I better not see these on eBay.” Still have mine after 8 years.