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  1. If they move Rozier, Zeller, Graham and Monk out to the Clippers and Houston they can make it work. Also the Batum being waived isn't completely official yet. Charlotte still talking with Boston on a sign and trade.
  2. They are currently trying to move Zeller, Rosier and Graham. Also still going after Westbrook from a report I just saw in twitter
  3. Wiseman has major effort question marks and offensive skill questions, edwards has major shot selection and game feel question marks plus shot a low percentage in college from everywhere on the floor. Ball has question marks on shot mechanics but has been working on them, he definitely has a feel for the game and is already elite at breaking down defenses and finding open players and has good rebounding skills for his position.
  4. They have one of the highest death rates per capita in the world. Over 500 cases a day, nearly 6k dead and based on their own data herd immunity isn't working. So come again???
  5. Once you have it, it doesn't go away. It leaves antibody traces the way chickenpox does. We simply cannot know the full effect of covid-19 for at least 20-30 years. It doesn't really come back cause it never leaves. I Got sick June 22nd. Tested positive July 1st, got better, got sick again and developed pneumonia, retested July 16th, still positive. Went back after symptoms came back in August around the 12th, still positive. I have antibodies from the virus but still get sick from the symptoms all the time. Can't go to my PCP, have to go to urgent care or ER or a RCC if I need a Dr. People who get this and have no symptoms, may well get sick a month or two later and get this just as bad as me.
  6. Actually a lot we don't know because it leaves traces similar to chicken pox, we have no idea what that will do In 5-10-15-20 years from now. On top of that there is correlation between covid and organ damage, limb loss and so forth. It can cause blood clots in normally healthy people, not to mention people with underlying issues already. How do I know this? Cause I got covid in June and I'm still sick off and on. One day I'll feel fine, next I'll have a fever over 100 and it'll last for a few days and then go away. Asked my doctor about it and a friend who works in Germany for a medical facility. Doctor confirmed repeat cases or what they thought were repeat cases with it coming back a month later and being worse in healthy adults and teens. The friend in Germany confirmed to me that it leaves traces and looks like it will act like chicken pox. This is how they are testing for antibodies from the virus. So to sit there and act like nothings going on is a bit freaking crazy, just saying.
  7. Maybe defense a bit better than thought, but Whitehead sucks. Good team win.
  8. The offense sucks, teddy can't push the field and the best weapon on the field isn't being utilized as a receiver at all. Pretty disappointed tbh
  9. Still think he's got to feel slighted by what the team offered him the past two offseasons. The team's offer if I understand correctly hasn't gone up that much from the 4 year 30 million they offered him last off season. 36 over 4, while Josh's agent is looking at between 14.3 and 15 a season.
  10. That might be the most misleading stat headed into SB50. Denver's defense sucked when it went against a top rushing offense. KC x2, Minny combined had 363 yards in 3 games. When they played Minny, another physical rushing attack they got gashed by AP. On top of that, they were fairly awful containing athletic Qb's. A. Smith 9 for 48 yards A. Luck 6 for 34 yards T. Bridgewater 3 for 23 yards None of those are even close to Cam and his rushing ability. Toping that off and adding a stat I posted earlier, the Panther's rushing attack thrives against 3-4 defenses to the tune of 151 yards per game.
  11. More stats going against Denver. AFC is 3-8 in 1 vs 1 SB matchups. Denver has lost all three times in it's 1 vs 1 SB matchups, getting blown out in all three games.
  12. If the Broncos normal run defense (the one that was gashed by KC and Minny for 397 yards in 3 games) shows up then the SB will be a bloodbath of epic proportions. The Panther's have a much better and vastly more diversified rushing attack then anything that Denver has seen all year. It controls the defensive line with out a snap being taken, the front 7 have to pause and identify the runner, the QB, and the option or if it's a pass play. That pause in the defenders allows the Panthers rushing attack to do three things. Eat clock, wear down the defense, and set up the play action passing game. Blitz or overload and you've already lost, get too aggressive in pass rush and not stay disciplined in gap control and you've already lost. Denvers defense will have to do what it hasnt all season (limit a good rushing team) and get constant pressure on Cam without sending extra defenders to win this game. That's not even mentioning that Denver's offense plays into the Panthers defensive approach. Just making it that much harder on Denver's defense. This is the worst possible NFC matchup for Denver's defense and I see no visible evidence based on Denver's past games this season to expect them to suddenly be able to stop a high grade power run team that's in the top ten in rushing. Edit: just to add a note Carolina ran for 900+ yards and a 151 rushing yards per game average against 3-4 teams in 2015 season.
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