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  1. That was absolutely chaotic, but a bad look for the NHL. Vegas got completely screwed with that 5 min penalty. Wow.
  2. So I should only watch the last 8 minutes of the game. I was busy early and couldn't watch it.
  3. Washington is gonna challenge that, if it's over turned that's Bs. Clearly interference.
  4. I'm actually not surprised, teams that take him will have to have a defib and other equipment for him at games as a medical necessity. That's a scary proposition for a team spending not only millions of dollars on a player but also a valuable first round pick.
  5. Lmao, an escape? Kalil had 11m guaranteed last season no matter what. Couldn't afford to keep him at 11m last season so the option bonus was used. In addition he still had bonus money from his original signing bonus left. Does someone really believe the Panthers had an out with no dead money? Lmao
  6. He's come out and clearly said for several years that he wants to win. He's clearly said that Charlotte has to make moves to improve to keep him. He wants to win, no inner workings needed.
  7. The details are his contract originally had a base salary of 11m last season fully guaranteed. If his option bonus was used then 10m of that converted to bonus. If it wasn't used, the 11m stayed as was. The only thing that Hurney did was convert said option bonus to signing bonus. Only thing that does is if the player retires, it allows the team to go after a portion of the money.
  8. I had to turn it off in the second, was playing horrible on pp, making dumb mistakes left and right. I'm pissed off by the effort and play. They gonna get an earful on the way back home.
  9. I'm personally not killing them, this is pretty much Kemba and how he feels and felt. I've thought for two seasons that the best course of action was to trade Kemba. I'd have wanted to keep the pick. 1. For his sake so he can compete for a championship. 2. So the Hornets get back a decent package including 1st round picks.
  10. No they were willing to include the pick, the trade fell apart because of protection. This is also what Kemba was referring to when he said the team had to improve and the ball was in the front offices hands and he would see what they did. They are gonna have to make a major move to keep Kemba. Found the article. Here
  11. Walker got pissed at the front office after they didn't trade Biyombo, mkg and the first round pick for Gasol. He's apparently still mad and wants to see them actually go through with it and makes moves instead of balking at protection for a draft pick.
  12. He should never play another down of football, it should be a privilege to play and get paid that much to do it. Being an idiot or pos should an automatic disqual
  13. I believe most teams view him as an inside player, guard or center. I'm in agreement with them, I just don't see him being a RT much less a LT in the NFL.
  14. It's a smart move to have good insurance behind Newton, QB last year had issues making it through a game fully healthy. That's not something you put to chance with Cam's shoulder being what it is. You're not just gonna draft a late round prospect because that's what's currently on the roster behind Cam. Your gonna use an early pick to get a QB if you do it at all.
  15. Looking like a pretty difficult scheduled. Late Rams game followed by Thursday night against bucs 4 days later, going to lambo field, depends on what's around that but likely other road games since week 1 and 2 are at home.
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