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  1. If they beat NO twice and only loose to the colts, they could get in at 10-6. If they win out, they would get in pretty much no matter what has a wild card at 11-5. Not likely for either of those situations to happen, but what ever. Loose to Seattle and its basically over, lose to anyone but the colts and it's pretty much over.
  2. CMC gonna get paid. His agent gonna be like what's a top RB get paid, add slot wr to that and we'll talk. Gonna take at least 15m a season to keep him, maybe more.
  3. I have a feeling some may be disappointed to learn that Tepper likes Hurney and Rivera will go away but Hurney will stay. Tepper will get involved on next coaching hunt though, so we got that going for us.
  4. Said it at offseason, defense switch would take 2-3 seasons. If Tepper agreed to it knowing this... doubt anything is said. However, defense has been really really bad this season so far. So... maybe we get lucky..
  5. Luke can be taken out of being a major impact by using his instinct and play reading abilities against him. Ie. SF and before that Atlanta.
  6. Kyle Allen will be the qb, he's an ERFA. wont cost much to resign him.
  7. Said it at the start of the season, anything less than 2015/early 2018 cam this season and he probably wasnt going to be back. 100% thought he was done in Carolina after the foot injury. His side releasing information that contradicted the team was likely the bail in the coffin of cam on the Panthers.
  8. I've expressed my opinion that he hasnt been healthy since the first shoulder surgery, they just masked it last year and the hit in the pitt game just made it unmanageable
  9. I'd go with a healthy Cam vs a healthy kyle allen 100 out of 100 times and anyone with a brain would do the same. Problem is Cam hasnt been healthy in a while.
  10. Might have, I mean loosely might have been able to say that with a straight face 10 years ago on here. Now....not a chance in hell.
  11. He technically didnt get fired, not really. Instead of firing Rivera he took the sword so Rivera could keep his job. Also more and more signs point to those contracts as more of a JR thing to look good after the lockout mess. Not saying Hurney is with out faults because obviously he has them or the record would be better. I honestly think his biggest weakness has been going towards defensive minded coaches and only defensive minded coaches.
  12. Maybe just maybe the reason the offense is playing well and the online looks good is the line gets to look at the defense for more than 5 seconds before the ball is snapped at 1. Maybe Kyle does a good job at reading defenses at the line and uses his check downs and hot reads faster and more efficiently. Kyle fits Ron's style better, gets the team organized and at the line with time to read the defense.
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