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  1. Russel Wilson is second and like 300-400 hits lower then Cam Newton. Cam gets hit about 10 times a game on average.
  2. Players and EA take it so seriously that they have a team of former players that go to games and take notes to being back to the dev studio for ratings.
  3. Borrego wants to play Washington at the 5 some and back up at the 4.
  4. I would just like to tell y'all that said they played different positions that nope both are 4's in the modern NBA. Coach confirmed they'll play Bridges at the 4 and Washington at the 4 and 5.
  5. Maybe if Bridges takes a few steps to being a 18-20ppg guy, Washington has a good rookie season, Rozier blows up for 20, 5 and 7.
  6. It was very moving and any really Hornets fan knows what he went through and why he left and completely understands.
  7. Think he took less then that, same with Kyrie and him taking the max. They did it so Jordan could join the nets.
  8. In other news and another Woj bomb. DeAngelo Russel us headed to Golden State and GS is probably moving iguodala to make it happen. Warriors are on verge of acquiring Russell, Treveon Graham and Shabazz Napier from Brooklyn, league sources said. Golden State is trading Andre Iguodala to the Memphis Grizzlies, league source tells ESPN. Warriors are sending a 2024 protected first-round pick in the 2024 (protected 1-4), 2025 (protected 1) and 2026 unprotected. Dayum, GS gave up a lot to unload Iguodala. Wow.
  9. I just posted this on the other thread....but yea pretty much laughing/crying face and trying to figure out wtf the Hornets are doing.
  10. Gets better guys, read this BS. Some clarity on the Rozier/Kemba sign-and-trade: The Cs did this to keep options open for potential three-team sign-and-trades. But even if it stays as a 2-team transaction, Boston is expected to receive some compensation from the Hornets. Lost Kemba, Boston doing Charlotte a favor to trade Rozier and Charlotte is giving up compensation for the transaction. Omfg, like wtf... Is MJ smoking
  11. My biggest concern is his fg %, if he doesn't improve in that area... Will be a really long season.
  12. I'm thinking the line of thought is as follows. MJ doesn't want to tank, refuses to do so. Think that Rozier is enough to keep them in the 8th-10th seed range to keep fans interested.
  13. Contracts are ridiculously out of control in the NBA. Lillard's player option in year four of his 196m dollar deal is worth 54m dollars. Wow...
  14. Yea he approved because he got more then he was looking for. Nearly 20m a season from Charlotte.
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