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  1. Got no choice but bring him back. Should've been traded, but wasn't. Team should be in year two of a rebuild with a top 5 pick but isn't. Smart thing is to let him walk but that makes upper management look stupid for not trading him. Can't get rid of the bad contracts without moving a first or bridges. So have to be a bad team for a few more years. No point in selling out the future for the 7th or 8th seed which is likely what MJ will do because that's what put the team in this current crappy position. The dream of playoffs as an 8 seed for more money.
  2. I guess so, from what I understand the Hornets offered the #2 pick and someone on the roster for Harden.
  3. They tried to move the 2nd pick (MKG pick) and other pieces to trade for an established player. One of those was Harden. OKC got a better deal from Houston.
  4. Cam's arm was the biggest reason, it limits your offense when the QB can't throw more then 20 yards downfield and teams second best player is a rb/checkdown option. Defense just has to play shallow zone area, keep everything in front and force checkdowns and more often then not would win.
  5. Mario lost a bit of weight this off season so he can play OLB. Really good mix on defense. Front seven is loaded and fast.
  6. I'm not sure about that, I do think that one of the other teams offered over 11m and he reportedly turned down another 11m offer earlier in the process. Think the Bucs giving Suh played a major part as did Cam. .
  7. This is correct based on reports. Cleaned up scar tissue and fixed an issue that showed up. After surgery reports were that most of his range was back in the shoulder.
  8. Reports are he took less money and less guaranteed to join the Panthers. Cam played a big factor as did being able to play the Bucs twice.
  9. Burns around 13.6 m with 8.2m signing bonus. Little 7.6m with 3.5m signing bonus. First year values at 3-4 million combined.
  10. McCoy wasn't going to sign while here. That was known before he made the visit. His agent said earlier in the week that he was taking the weekend to make up his mind and would sign on Monday or Tuesday.
  11. It was known before the visit that he wouldn't sign with the Panthers today. His agent put out word that he was gonna take the weekend to decide days ago.
  12. Visit was delayed to Friday Morning, according to reports he never made it in tonight. Panthers expected to give a competitive offer, money moving around for that reason alone.
  13. I agree, I like Kemba as a player but things being what they are.. I wouldn't sign him. I'd have traded him for Draft picks last year myself.
  14. They could've gave a 5/191 before this. He will see a bunch of that super Max if not all of it to stay in Charlotte. Team has already said it would do everything to keep him. That means offering him the supermax.
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