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  1. carpanfan96

    Anthem (the Game! Not the book!)

    First two days I couldn't play at all, started getting better Sunday night and I've only had a few disconnections the last two days. playing the hell out of it when I can and it's really good so far.
  2. carpanfan96

    Anthem (the Game! Not the book!)

    update on this. not nearly as bad today, played for a few hours with no issues. did get disconnected at the very end of the first cataclysm though which sucks but they are making vast improvements so far.
  3. Who cares what the president thinks about a football team or football in general. he's gonna be busy enough with all the yelling and screaming he'll do on Twitter once his emergency is locked up in court for the next 2 years.
  4. carpanfan96

    Anthem (the Game! Not the book!)

    Do not buy! especially on PC. Wait till this mess is fixed. The net code freaking blows. I've played 13 hours since it went live for Origin Access members and 10 of that has been getting disconnected repeatedly over and over every 5 minutes. I've followed troubleshooting steps and everything else. EA blamed it on my PC and I play Apex legends among a host of other games with no problems. I've managed to get the game to run smoothly once for 3 hours and was able to do a few missions and the game itself is fun as hell but way too many issues to suggest or recommend till its fixed.
  5. carpanfan96

    28 games left

    Missing Parker that much.
  6. carpanfan96

    Mitch Kupchak post deadline presser

    Mitch might have come in and said if I take the job I have control. I think he was lied too though, I have a sinking feeling that Kemba would've been traded for assets last season if not for MJ backtracking. Have to see what they do in the offseason to be sure but Bridges felt like a Mitch pick to me and not an MJ one.
  7. carpanfan96

    Mitch Kupchak post deadline presser

    I dont think Cho was the main issue, I think it is and always has been MJ. So many stories of MJ overriding the coaching and scouting staff to make them pick a player he likes. Donovan Mitchell would be a Hornet if not for MJ, probably a dozen other stories as well.
  8. So Rivera is the new DC and Sam Mills is the Head coach now. great news.
  9. I'm assuming as above that it has something to do with Kia and the fact he had issues being around people "per his word" because of his shoulder this past season.
  10. Its 7.5m signing bonus is spread over the length of the contract but paid upfront. The other money comes from guaranteed base salary, the one million next year would convert to fully guaranteed at some point in the first few days of the new league year and also likely be part of the base salary. This years cap hit is likely to be somewhere around 5m counting the 2.5m sb and base salary, next year that number would likely rise to close to 8-9m against the cap. 5m would be left from the signing bonus and if he makes it to day 2-3, the 1 million for injury would be included in the cap hit at that point. It's highly likely he sees year 2 of the deal regardless. His base salary is going to be 15.5m roughly not counting his incentives and if they are considered lbte or not. "if they are lbte then they are counted as salary and then added back the cap after the season they aren't earned." His average base salary for the deal works out to slightly over 5m a year, add in the signing bonus and you've come to 7.5m a season roughly on average. If incentives are hit then that inches a lot closer to 8m per season. Year one is likely a base salary of 1.5m or so. Which means the other 14m from his base salary will be spread out in years 2 and 3. So his base salary for next season is likely to be close to 5-6m with 1m being guaranteed for injury till day 3 of the new year. The remaining 8-9m due in year 3 of the deal. likely cap hits would be 2019 - 1.5m salary 2.5m signing - 4m total 2020 - 6m salary 2.5m signing - 8.5m total 2021 - 8m salary 2.5m signing - 10.5m total These are based on the original values released from the NFL of 22m with 2m in incentives. A good portion of the incentives are going to be ltbe so I used 1m of the incentives in my contract above for a total value of 23.
  11. carpanfan96

    Mitch Kupchak post deadline presser

    By the time all the bad contracts are off the books, its time to resign Monk and close for Bridges. Kemba would be over 30 and is a pg that relies on quick stops and quickness. Really the only chance to build a winner with Kemba in his prime hinges on getting rid of Batum and one other contract in the off season. Otherwise your stuck with a below .500 team that would have to scratch into the playoffs with no chance of winning a playoff series. Keeping Kemba and waiting on contracts mean your committed to that for 3 more seasons and keeping Kemba likely means promises to greatly improve the team around him. Which is hard to do when your only trading blocks are Monk and Bridges. so is it really smart to play out MKG, Batum and other players contracts when by the time you've accomplished said goal it will be time to rebuild because Kemba will likely be near the end of his Career. Or trade Kemba and get the best possible package in return for him and restart the rebuild the correct way while waiting out those contracts. I say this because getting rid of Batum and getting anything back worth value will cost the Hornets Monk plus a first.
  12. not bad at all. The remaining 2.5m is likely guaranteed salary in first two years of the deal, depending on how the base salary is structured it could all be in 2019. Hard to know about the incentives if they are considered ltbe or not but the make up of the deal is nice for both sides. Panthers are likely to be able to get out from the deal after the first season and save cap room if he bombs this season but he's likely here for two seasons at least.
  13. the only thing he did was convert the option bonus (that was getting paid no matter what) into a signing bonus. If Kalil were to retire the Panthers could get some money back. That's it.
  14. carpanfan96

    Anthem (the Game! Not the book!)

    the streets in division 2 have a little more life, I've seen some friendly npc going on quests for water and food or so forth along with patrols and animals. still doesn't feel completely alive but I didnt play but about 1-2 hours of the private so far.
  15. carpanfan96

    AAF thread... Anyone watching?

    Strangely not the case, Atlanta Carolina Jacksonville Washington strange mix for sure.