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  1. Since Bret Farves major contract in 2001, the highest paid QB's generally take up roughly 18-19% of the salary cap. Based on expected growth and current cap numbers, Mahomes contract is generally 18.75% of the total cap over life of the deal. Obviously if growth isn't what's expected that could change but this is probably the value QB's will be getting over the next few seasons.
  2. They become vested and fully guaranteed on the dates shown. The141m over the first three years is guaranteed for injury only at the start, with 63 fully guaranteed day 1. Then in year 2, that jumps to 100m fully guaranteed, 141 in year 3. 180m in year 4 and 183m in year 5. Those numbers are fully guaranteed on the dates above. Reason I say it's a 5 year deal worth 183m is the jump in guarantees over the following two seasons. It's entirely possible he sees 6 years and 222m but no way he hits year 7 and they pay him 52m for one season. Hell, at that point he would probably want a restructuring if he's playing well enough to keep the contract bonuses coming. They are also not traditional option bonuses but straight roster bonuses from what I gathered and understand, meaning if he's in the roster on day 3 he gets the bonus for the following season. On most of these bonuses he's getting paid 1-2 years in advanced.
  3. So in all actuality it's really a 5 year deal worth 183 million or a 3 year deal worth 141 million. Here's the rolling guaranteed numbers and when they are guaranteed at.
  4. 141 million injury guarantee and I'd be willing to bet that's in the first 2-3 years of the extension part of the deal and signing bonus. Found a breakdown. Roster option bonuses every year starting year 2. Which is the 5th year option. So it's guaranteed anyway, so really unconventional option roster bonuses start in year 3. Team has an out after year 5 it looks or year 3 of the extension portion of the contract. Only because 141 is guaranteed for injury and that's the first 5 years of the deal.
  5. Probably some weird language in this contract and also some injury protection for the team. I wouldn't be surprised if the actual contract was only 3-4 years fully guaranteed and then riddled with option bonuses thereafter. He and his agent get to tout largest sports contract ever and team gets some protection in case he's injured.
  6. What about JR's family members that are still employed as well?
  7. Bears @ Carolina week 6 @ Tampa week 2 Falcons @ Carolina week 8 TNF
  8. All you have to do is go back and watch interviews and you can tell that Hurney made the hiring decision for Rhule. I've said this for months and even before it happened that Hurney was making the decisions on the team. Rhule was his hire and so will the assistant gm be his hire, main reason is that from all the reports from close to the team say that Tepper highly respects Hurney and his decisions. Like it or not, he's likely here for a while.
  9. That was before ownership change and before he moved to the Athletic, where his reporting has been much better.
  10. Actions are that Brown is a Panther and the team didn't trade back from 7 but they did trade up in the 2nd giving away picks when Rhule wanted to acquire more.
  11. Person said in his Radio interview that Hurney nixed a trade back that Rhule wanted but Hurney took Brown instead. Like it or not Tepper came out and said it, Hurney hired Rhule and will hire the assistant gm. He's in control of the team.
  12. Person said Rhule wanted to move back from 7 and Hurney said nope, Brown is the pick. Hurney hired the coach and will hire the assistant gm. He's in control, been saying that from the start. Did he listen to his coaches, of course he did. He usually does
  13. Drafting is not easy, the hit rate after round 1 is pretty low. 40% round 2, 20% round 3 10% round 4-7 basically. Most teams only hit on one draft pick per draft, couple players start a few years but just jags or slightly above average players. Also a GM drafts players to fit a coaches scheme/system. Hurney and the Panthers have basically been drafting for the same system since 2001. Part of it's coaching, part of it's roster building from UDFA and cheaper free agents. Gettleman was better at free agency and finding UDFA that fit the system but Hurney better at drafting. Hopefully Rhule and soon to be Assistant GM help out in Hurney's weak areas and the Panthers can build a solid team that lasts for more than one season.
  14. Still needs to hire the Assistant gm, which is Hurney and Rhule's decision. Go back and listen to the interviews after the Rhule hire. It was Hurney's decision to hire him. It was approved by Tepper of course but Hurney's decision. Most likely that Hurney stays on, gets the Assistant gm up and running and then retires or gets moved to a different job.
  15. Correct, also Hurney made the hiring decision on Rhule. So don't think this after draft rumor has any legs to it.
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