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  1. carpanfan96

    Hurney has changed. Right?

    No for the most part Hurney has a history of listening to his coaches on what they want and going that direction.
  2. carpanfan96

    Hurney has changed. Right?

    Gentleman basically ignored the coaches preferences and said you'll coach the team I give you. Plenty of examples over the time he was here and he even said it during a presser
  3. carpanfan96

    Hurney has changed. Right?

    You do know that a gm doesn't just pick players, they have coaches input and have to take into consideration coaches, scheme, ext... not saying Hurney is good or bad but just saying OMG he didn't pick so and so doesn't take any of the above into thought
  4. carpanfan96

    Eric Reid fined for hit vs TB

    The NFL is actually helping his case each and every week. It's ridiculous but hilarious because he's likely to win with the way he's been treated.
  5. He's playing Frank now too. lol Last 5 games, he's averaging 20 minutes
  6. carpanfan96

    Should have tanked

    Yea the NBA isn't changing, if anything it will continue to go more and more towards super teams because it seems like that's what the new age players want. The only way to truly compete will be going the Philly/GS route or being a major market or such. Charlotte isn't the latter so it has to go the former route. Only way to compete is to tank and take chances. Trade Kemba for a first and a group of young players while his stock is at it's highest. Go full on complete tank and get a top 3 pick. Repeat next year. You then have Bridges, Monk and two younger players to build a team around. With Mitch the draft shouldn't be a complete crap shoot. In the NBA you really only have two options to compete, small markets only have one option and then they have to hit homeruns.
  7. No but that's why Rivera needs to be fired. lol
  8. Sounds like Cam needs to take some time like Luck did. Shut him down, have the surgery and let him sit next year or however long it takes to get it right.
  9. lots of yards, lots of points. Panthers 45 Browns 32 I'm like 55% confident in this
  10. carpanfan96

    Luke Kuechly 2nd in tackles for loss

    He's the same player he has always been, he uses his film watching and instincts with a wicked first step to disrupt plays. When he's right (which he is most of the time) he gets to ball near the Los. When he guesses wrong the team gets gashed because a bunch of players aren't fitting their gap responsibility
  11. It was announced when he bought the team that he was and wanted to bring the Steelers model to the Carolinas. Wants to win and the Steeler way to win is stability and continuation.
  12. Steelers model fires GM's even less then coaches. They've had a total of 7 and even bad ones that did a terrible job stuck around for years on end. Hurney is much safer then Rivera, but both are safe right now. If anything happens, odds are Hurney is helping Tepper hire a new coach in January.
  13. came in expecting playoffs gif.... leaving disappointed.
  14. cmc is fourth in yards from scrimmage, 120ish back of Gurley for 1st. Leads all RBs in receptions and rec yards. 7th in rushing yards. top ten in touchdowns. Tied for tenth in receptions and 30th overall in receiving yards. 5th in total touches, "he's 20-40 touches behind the other players ahead of him in yards from scrimmage." He's by far been the teams best player, especially the last 4-5 weeks.
  15. carpanfan96

    Hornets in talks for Bradley Beal

    Only way that happens is a hard cap, max contract value limits. Players association wont go for it. Doubt it will ever happen. Hard Cap limit at 100m, 90% minimum spending for teams. Player contracts tap out at 35% value, minimum contracts go up. That way only way a team can sign more then 1 superstar/max contract type of player is if they take massive payouts.