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  1. carpanfan96

    Peppers with the game winner

    Luke likes to jump based off film, he thinks the throw is going underneath because of pressure.
  2. carpanfan96

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    needs to be done now after this game. whole staff shouldnt be allowed on the bus.
  3. carpanfan96


    Yes we did and had success on them, then stopped running and by the time we went back to it Washington was playing to it and stopping it. Think CMC had 30 yards after those first few plays and went negative on his last 3-4 runs the rest of the game.
  4. Good teams that use misdirection will make Kuechly look bad on a handful of plays over a game. He's running before the ball snaps going where he thinks its gonna go. If you know this about him, you go look at your own tape and throw out wrinkles you haven't used yet and he'll be in the wrong spot. what makes him so damn good us he's in the right spot 90% of the time and most ILB only do that about 50-60% of the time.
  5. carpanfan96


    CMC is 12 in Rushing yards playing one game less then most above him. He has 25 yards this game. Problem is for a run team the Panthers dont run it much.
  6. carpanfan96


    I've been saying it for a while, think it's one of the reasons they drafted CMC, Samuel's and Moore so the offense could pick up yac on short throws. problem is teams just sit on that when your 1-15 on deep throws.
  7. carpanfan96


    I think so, I mean 1-15 on throws over 20 yards this season. Similar last season and year before. He literally went from a top 5 QB on throws over 20 yards to the worst qb in the NFL on throws over 20 yards. Not just a one season stretch but three year stretch.
  8. carpanfan96


    His shoulder and accuracy on deep throws has not been the same since the injury.
  9. carpanfan96

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    Horrible call on 4th and 3 to kick a fg with the bad wind.
  10. carpanfan96

    For the Fire Rivera Group

    This game so far has showed why Rivera isn't a good coach for today's NFL.
  11. oh and obviously the bitch will be Rivera and represents will be Peterson
  12. carpanfan96

    Eric Reid

    He literally did nothing wrong on that play, game moves fast no way to know if that's a play action play or not. just a bunch of salty fans on here.
  13. carpanfan96

    There’s only so much one man can do

    No it's not and for Cam it's going to be especially tough. Not because he can't do it cause imo he can but because of his aggressiveness and swagger/cockiness in the field.
  14. carpanfan96

    There’s only so much one man can do

    Going off this and the other post, with the deep shots not there and the coaching staff obviously pushing him to take the easy pass leads me to believe a complete system change is needed and maybe this is the team trying to slowly go away from the old and turn him into a drop back and throw timing qb. Going to be a lot of growing pains in that transition but it's probably best for his career if their is any lingering shoulder issues.