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  1. Mvp2014

    Eric Washington needs to...

    F) go hide under a rock
  2. Only if our d line steps up. D line has been shat
  3. Mvp2014


    We so bad
  4. Mvp2014

    Dylan McCaffrey

    I think the males height is heavily influenced by the mother. No one on my dads side is over 6’0 but my brothers and I on my moms side are 6’3+.
  5. Mvp2014

    Hey Wayne, you are an idiot.

    Uhh there are no QB's I can think of that can take the beating Cam has taken. Some of it being self inflicted for sure. I can give you several white qbs that are tougher than all black qbs not named Cam Newton (favre, eli,Rothlesberger, Rodgers etc..) Who are the tough black qbs? Mike Vick? Bridgewater? Culpepper? Watson? All those guys are glass. Toughness has nothing to do with race
  6. Mvp2014

    Ryan Kalil

    To the glue factory he goes. Jk. Hope he recovers in one week
  7. NYG were getting away with blatant holding for the better part of the game. I was kind of stunned how bad the officiating was in that regard.
  8. Someone needs to post a thread with all nicknames so we can keep track.
  9. Mvp2014

    What's up with Luke?

    I'd say our front four have taken a step back along with Washington being questionable with play calling. We need Poe, KK, and Vern to step up and eat those guards so Luke can stay clean. Not a big fan of the red zone playcalling Example: Efe covering their best player in the red zone. Once TD returns I think we clean up a lot of the mid zone mistakes. None of it matters if we don't get a pass rush going. We are going to face much better offenses
  10. Shouldn’t he be our legit deep threat? The only thing he ever excelled at?
  11. Mvp2014

    Its time to fire Rivera

    He’s an average coach at best. All these years and he still doesn’t get clock management
  12. Mvp2014

    WTF is wrong with our defense

    This. I bet we get those deep balls fixed, especially Dante. That was a massive mental mistake wtf was he thinking. Pass rush Idk. We might just be bad
  13. I don’t want to hear you fools talking about Harrison butker ever again