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  1. That seems like a very likely scenario. I dont think Cam ever truly believed he would be cut.
  2. stop buying madden and mut you fools. its a horrible game and you might as well collect pokemon cards. They dont gaf about their customers
  3. Why would they be in contract negotiations for a multi year if he was going to play this year? The team would obviously rather him just play his contract out and reward him next offseason if he balls out. Pretty obvious he was threatening to sit and wanted commitment.
  4. My perspective was changed when Cam decided he needed a multi year extension and wouldn't play out his deal he was on. Throw in 31 other teams including his ex coach who showed no interest... writing is on the wall Who said anything about scared? when i mentioned it before it wasn't taken seriously. There were cam fanboys falling from the sky on this site.
  5. I believe i have once before. At that time the majority of us didnt want to hear it and just wanted to blame thenorganization. Even up through last season i was defending Cam from people at work. Turns out they were right, we would never see him in a panthers uni again
  6. It was definitely out of left field. At that time all we heard about was how hard he worked, flipping tires with the lineman, etc. Looking at his evolution of clothing and his immature, kid like social media its not that far fetched looking back at it
  7. For one i know a LB that is now gone that said Cams a bitch and few respect him in the organization. This was when everything was rolling. I was very surprised to hear it. Now thats one guy but he had nothing negative to say about anyone else. Just little funny stories about the other LBs and d lineman. Ive never been a cam hater.. ever. im just saying what i heard
  8. That should tell you what you need t know. I remember hearing stories from players about him in the lockerroom before 2015.
  9. Where your sister is your mother. And your girlfriend might be your cousin
  10. oh snap that old dude pulled a roundhouse hahahaha
  11. that last one where he ragdolled the bengals db by his facemask hahahaha
  12. Im a perennial marty hater but his team did a good job this year. Maybe Rhule and MH will have a good relationship working together on GM duties. That in no way means we shouldnt try to upgrade the GM spot but im not as sure as i once was that some of martys boondoggles had to do with a certain old senile owner and coaches who are living in 2002. Time will tell
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