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  1. yeah except he tried to pull off myles helmet then kicked him on the nuts.. ok though
  2. I would love it if Tepper was like Tom Cruise’s character from Tropic Thunder. You know theres gotta be a runway for his g5
  3. Not hiring a DC after the train wreck Washington was will do Ron in. Inexcusable bc he should know better. He shook Sinatra’s hand
  4. Yeah I was thinking that. Antonio Brown and Colin Kapernick step right up. NFL would probably take their pension haha
  5. are there any nfl player podcasts? would be cool to get real nfl talk here and there and not just the talking heads.
  6. ya think? I bet hes drafted 2nd overall if they did a re do.
  7. Stat stuffed on a poo team. What was his record on wins? 1-11? year before he went 6tds-5ints in 9 games. Hes trash
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