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  1. Never been a Hurney fan but the man has been killing it this time around. Respect
  2. kalil, torrey smith, munneelyn, cockrell, pretty much everybmove we made since oher has been a fail
  3. ahhhh steve. happens to the best of us. nice handles tho
  4. Mvp2014

    Armah-Geddon catches car thief!

    LOL. the look on his face when he felt that power.... priceless
  5. can we fuse his foot bones together?
  6. i thought this was obvious after he wasnt reactivated when he should be healthy. couldnt risk injury bc we were releasing him
  7. At tgat rate we will never get a blue chip DE. same ol trash d line forever
  8. it needs to be done. addison and haynes might not cut it long term but its wayyyyy easier to find edge rushers than legit 4-3, 3 down ends
  9. Sad day in Panthers history but its time. I remember him having one really good game out of the dozen I watched this year. The dude is 35 and should just retire.
  10. Mvp2014

    We should let Daryl Williams walk

    Maybe I have Otah syndrome, but I wouldn't pay market value bc his injury history.
  11. any lineman drafted in the top 10 will be starting