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  1. Shitty coaching and play. A good safety knows where his responsibility is and cuts off that outside lane. Adams blows
  2. Mvp2014

    The real reason why we are a bad team

    Sometimes that's not enough to warrant a big contract. Gman might have sucked in many regards but he was right about dropping those two a year early. Fantastic human beings but broken down from years of abuse
  3. If he can’t get his arm back we need to draft a young Qb. We have enough problems with overthrows and misreads as it is. Our deep game has been gone for 2 years now
  4. Mvp2014

    The rebuild is here. It's time.

    It’s too bad we missed out on fletcher cox a few years back. We need to get lucky and get some dogs on the line. Hopefully Short earns his money next year
  5. Aside from Jackson and Kuechly our whole defense looks like hammered ass
  6. Mvp2014

    Ron Rivera's attitude

    Ron Rivera, NFL coach "I thought we had a good week. We had guys at practice, guys showed up on time" That's our guys expectations from coaches
  7. Mvp2014

    So, who gets fired today?

    Everyone. Greg Olsen new coach
  8. Mvp2014

    Just leave Devin in Cleveland

    He’s so bad
  9. Pack it in folks. Draft pass rushers and a free safety
  10. Mvp2014

    Put Heinicke in

    LOL that’s all
  11. Mvp2014

    Devin Funchess

    He’s pathetic
  12. That’s for the women and the children
  13. I'm no Hurney apologist but I think that was Ron's move and say so. You know Gano is a nice guy and has a family and all