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  1. ahhhh steve. happens to the best of us. nice handles tho
  2. Mvp2014

    Armah-Geddon catches car thief!

    LOL. the look on his face when he felt that power.... priceless
  3. can we fuse his foot bones together?
  4. i thought this was obvious after he wasnt reactivated when he should be healthy. couldnt risk injury bc we were releasing him
  5. At tgat rate we will never get a blue chip DE. same ol trash d line forever
  6. it needs to be done. addison and haynes might not cut it long term but its wayyyyy easier to find edge rushers than legit 4-3, 3 down ends
  7. Sad day in Panthers history but its time. I remember him having one really good game out of the dozen I watched this year. The dude is 35 and should just retire.
  8. Mvp2014

    We should let Daryl Williams walk

    Maybe I have Otah syndrome, but I wouldn't pay market value bc his injury history.
  9. any lineman drafted in the top 10 will be starting
  10. Mvp2014

    Argue Hurney’s case

    He has done ok this time around but we can do better
  11. Mvp2014

    I hope this is not true

    I can't imagine a smart businessman who has been inside of the Pittsburg organization is going to pay 2+ billion for this team and keep the poo show we saw this year but who knows