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  1. Its unthinkable bc Ron and everyone else on this staff need Cam to play well if they want to keep their job. Ron doesnt have the balls to bench Cam anyways
  2. More like clunker 4 banger with low oil light on
  3. Its everything from the lack of physical defense, to refs calling games crooked, to our inept organization that doesnt have the balls to rebuild.. Ron should have been gone last year. I watched much more football 5-6 years ago when it was interesting and defenses COULD PLAY. Nfl has really poo the bed with the referees and rules. I cant remember a time where refs had more impact on the game than now. They need to focus on getting it right and not upholding the obvious bad calls they already fuged up.
  4. Dude has the best garbage game of anyone in sports. Steve Nash level. That said, its happened so much at this point i cant blame the rabbits foot up his ass. Hes legit
  5. Why would anyone want him back? Hes done nothing but trash this team since he left. I wouldnt trade a PS player for that monkey ass fool.
  6. I'm about sick of religion. Excuse for the weak minded to act fuging retarded. Also its been an excuse for genocide and organized hatred for 3,000 years “Music is the only religion that delivers the goods.” -Frank Zappa
  7. they havent beat jacksonville since 95'?? hahahahahahha
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