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  1. https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-sign-michael-palardy-to-three-year-extension
  2. Also the guy who tackled Corey Brown on the PR touchdown last year.
  3. No one goes in to the Hall of Fame as a member of a certain team.
  4. It's just whatever's left after removing the odds of making both and making neither. Or just take the odds that you'll only make the first (.47 x .53), and add that to the odds that you'll only make the second (.53 x .47).
  5. The odds of making both 2-pt conversions is 22.1% and the odds of making neither is 28.1%. There is a 49.8% chance of making one of those attempts. You could say there is a 71.9% chance of scoring some points, but you're still more likely to make both PATs.
  6. What? That's not how probability works. You have a 49.8% chance of making one two point conversion in two tries. You have a 82.1% chance of making both PATs.