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  1. Also the guy who tackled Corey Brown on the PR touchdown last year.
  2. It's just whatever's left after removing the odds of making both and making neither. Or just take the odds that you'll only make the first (.47 x .53), and add that to the odds that you'll only make the second (.53 x .47).
  3. The odds of making both 2-pt conversions is 22.1% and the odds of making neither is 28.1%. There is a 49.8% chance of making one of those attempts. You could say there is a 71.9% chance of scoring some points, but you're still more likely to make both PATs.
  4. What? That's not how probability works. You have a 49.8% chance of making one two point conversion in two tries. You have a 82.1% chance of making both PATs.
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