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  1. Interesting on Thomas Dimitroff. He had some success in Atlanta. Sumersports is the company he started, it’s an analytics based scouting firm so that may catch Tepper’s eye. He also has connections to NE, hence Belichick. Personally, I still think Tepper is going to go after a HC/GM type and potentially keep Morgan and Samir to support that. However, two guys I would watch other than Peters (who will have his fair share of options) are: Andy Weidl, Asst GM- PIT Mike Borgonzi, Asst GM- KC
  2. Not that I think he will, but considering he will be a brand new 37 year old HC, what happens in your scenario if he turns out like Arthur Smith or Nathaniel Hackett? Now, I don’t think he will. I think he will be a very good HC for somebody next season. But there are a few reasons why I don’t think this is the best fit for him or your Panthers. 1- He doesn’t have experience developing QBs. Goff already spent quite a bit of time with McVay, O’Connell, and Taylor before he met up with Johnson. 2- Johnson doesn’t really run the type of offense that Bryce is going to be best suited for. Now, a young innovative mind like Johnson will be able to implement a scheme that wil- but will he want to do that? 3- He is going to have quite a few options to pick from. These options are going to have more talent, resources, and likely better owners. Bringing him “home” isn’t much of a play, he doesn’t seem to have cared about living in Detroit and Miami the last few years. I think your Panthers need a Harbaugh or Belichick type for a little while. Somebody that can build some type of culture and foundation, even if it means some 7-8 win seasons for a few years and then you guys go get your “Ben Johnson” I think Johnson is a no-brainer to go somewhere like Washington or Seattle (if Pete retires) since there are so many key pieces already in play and a fair amount of resources to use.
  3. Belichick himself doubtful but Belichick type, I wouldn’t dismiss.
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised. What I seen in that press conference yesterday was a man who mentally was like “yeah, you were all right, I’m going to fix it- do we really need to talk about it?” I think he felt defeated and was trying to be professional by having the press conference but he was just deflecting his way through it to make it as least embarrassing as he could. I am not going to be surprised one bit if he brings in a HC/GM type or a “President” to run the day to day so he can pull himself somewhat out of the accountability realm and play charity hero instead of football villain.
  5. There were reports yesterday on X/Twitter that indicate that, and while it has been rumored I don’t have specific examples like they mention. Benjamin Allbright claims that Tepper once approached an OC with a play he had seen on TV and drew it up and wanted him To implement it. Kyle Bailey claims that the “front office” sat down with Reich a while back and asked him to adjust the office to suit Bryce better and he refused to adjust his offense. So I say it is fairly likely.
  6. And now it has been thinned out, so we shall see.
  7. He has been around them in Pittsburgh. I’m sure he knows who are real “football guys” in the league. His problem is going to be reaching out to them and admitting he needs help and he can’t build what he wants himself.
  8. From what I was told, his demeanor yesterday evening and last night was intense to say the least. I wonder if there is a chance he would have been fired then if Frank hadn’t been in the PC. Apparently the man had a whole flight and night sleep and awoke just as angry.
  9. I haven’t had it confirmed yet but I think he turned down the interim role this time as well.
  10. From what I have heard I don’t think that’s going to be the case this year. I think he knows he was sold dreams by Rhule and Frank. I wouldn’t be surprised is Fitterer is gone before EOS as well. I expect him to put real football people around him this time. He is tired of losing.
  11. This is going to be a common talking point by people who didn’t watch and follow those 11 games. As body who seen the regression in person from last year to this year it is warranted. Rhule’s 2020, 2021, and 2022 squad would have beaten this team. Steve Wilks’ 2022 squad would have obliterated it. It’s clear regression.
  12. This is exactly what happened. Reich was hired believing he would get Carr. Tepper was convinced by Scott to draft a QB and that guy was Young. Frank isn’t one to push back.
  13. I would say Evero the defensive coaches are all doing fine. There have been a number of injuries and despite that the defense is still functional. The biggest problem the defense has is the offense doesn’t sustain drives to keep them off the field and they are gassed by the 3rd quarter, which doesn’t help with field position either. I think you have a situation of “too many cooks” on the offensive side. I have a feeling if you thin it out a bit you would find more consistency and updated playcalling.
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