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  1. if we sweep the saints wed be a totally different team than I thought we were through the first 9 games Because right now, I have almost 0 faith in the defense unless they are forcing multiple turnovers. And Brees has 1 INT on the entire season so far. Having our underpeforming , inconsistency D-line matched up against one of the best Olines in the league and one of the best passers of all time is nightmare fuel.
  2. Peppers has unarguable top 5 stats in three different all time categories for defensive stats. I think Steve Smith finished in the top 10 in receiving yards all time. But I dont think he has the reknown and universal respect that Peppers does. If you think about what Steve Smith did in the context of his stature and the teams he was on, he really should be first or second ballot but I highly doubt it.
  3. The rushing isn't really a problem hes at well over 500 with 7 games to go thats plenty of time to hit the 1000 mark. His receiving yards are low though and kinda unreliable , he gets his 4-6 catches a game usually but they are normally dump offs around the line of scrimmage that dont have much of a chance to turn into big gainers. The problem here is Cam very rarely targets McCaffrey well down the field. And Norv rarely has him running long routes.
  4. Julius is currently - Number 2 all time in fumbles forced (52. Robert Mathis is first with 54 ). - In a three way tie for Number 2 all time, in Tackles for Loss (171. Tied with Jared Allen and Demarcus Ware. Terrell Sugs is first with 189) - Number 4 all time in sacks (157.5 . Kevin Green is third with 160 ) Peppers could retire as the number 1 in forced fumbles, number 2 in tackles for loss, and number 3 in sacks . Should be a shoe in for the hall of fame first ballot. And the first real drafted carolina panther to get in.
  5. I could see that happening. Saints are a huge obstacle.
  6. I think we go 11- 5 or 12 - 4 and get into the playoffs. Probably lose in the divisional or championship round because of our pass rush . We'll have to spend the offseason trying to somehow revamp the dline even though we'll have extremely low draft picks and wont be able to select any of the premium pass rushers. Good thing is I don't believe Olsen or TD will retire after missing too much time this season. Ryan Kalil said he'd retire but I really hope he might come back for 2019 after we've tried to bolster the Dline bit more and we have a more complete and experienced team. We are literally one great pass rusher away from being a SB contender. NO fuging idea how to get one though.
  7. I know its 9 games instead of 8 , but that Pittsburgh game felt like a pretty definite dividing mark, so I'll say the first half of the season was done with that loss. We have 7 games left, 4 of those are huge divisional matchups, and 6 of the 7 are NFC matchups . Falcons are only 2 games behind us and they have the tie breaker. Seahawks are only 2 games behind us and if they beat us they will have the tie breaker if our records end up being tied at the end of the season. I think we did well to go 6-3 . Pittsburgh and at Atlanta could have been penciled in losses anyway, we stole one in Philly. The only real blemish on the first half of our schedule is the Redskins game, which could really end up fuging us over for wild card positioning. We have the same record as the skins right now and of course they own the tie breaker. I think we can't afford any more than 2 more losses if we want to defintely get in the playoffs, any more than that we're playing with fire with all of these tie breakers we dont own. Here's my prediction : - At Detroit Lions : W (7 - 3) - Vs Seattle Seahawks : W (8 - 3) - At Tampa Bay Buccaneers : W (9 - 3) - At Cleveland Browns : W (10 - 3) - Vs New Orleans Saints : W (11 - 3) - Vs Atlanta Falcons : W( 12 - 3) - At New Orleans Saints: L (12 - 4) I think we go on a huge run after the Pittsburgh game embarrased us badly. I think every single one of these games is winnable besides the last one vs the Saints is a big problem and might end up being the deciding game for the division. Wouldn't it be shitty to be a wild card at 12 - 4? Thats the NFC for you. More realistically we'll probably have an additional loss somewhere in there that you wont expect at all, like at Browns. That would put us at 11 - 5 and probably not much different situationally though in the playoffs since they are an AFC opponent. In the highly unlikely situation where we would win out and the Saints lose their games against us, that would put both the Panthers and Saints at 13 - 3 but the Panthers would own the tie breaker and have the division crown. That is really what the team should be shooting for and we should be hoping to get extremely hot and blaze through everyone else on the remaining schedule.
  8. This is probably our easiest matchup left in the entire last half of the season, on paper anyway. Seahawks, Browns, Saints, and Falcons aren't bad teams , the Bucs my be bad but our remaining matchup is against them at their place.
  9. I think all it would take is one more huge rushing game of 180+ yards , and one ridiculous receiving game of 150+ yards, then hed have a shot. Also the entry post was made assuming all three of them stay healthy, hopefully.
  10. Rushing wise he's well on pace for just a bit over 1000 . Receiving wise it seems like he'd cap out at 800 max unless he had a couple of explosive receiving games.
  11. thats pretty much what I was thinking, and why he doesn't have 550+ receiving yards right now. Almost all of his targets come pretty damn close to the LOS and hes generally not had many huge catching plays this year. And almost never gets those big downfield targets that Kamara and Saquon get.
  12. So I was reviewing some stats recently since we're around the half way mark and CMC is stastically our best skill position player on offense. I saw that McCaffrey has 579 rushing yards / 439 receiving yards at only 9 games played he's on a blistering pace and got me to thinking about him getting close to 1000 in each catagory. Mind you this has only been done a grand total of TWO times in NFL history (Roger Craig : 1985 , Marshall Faulk : 1999 ). That would be an incredible honor but I'm thinking he's not going to have enough receiving yards. I could see him getting like 1100 rushing and 700 receiving. Unless he pops off some huge receiving plays late in the season. I think him getting to 1000 rushing shouldnt be a problem though. I also reviewed the stats of every other back in the top 20 in rushing yards currently and the only other two players anywhere near CMC are Alvin Kamara (546 / 473 ) and Saquon Barkley ( 586 , 530 ). Isn't it odd how close the stats are for Kamara, Barkley , and CMC are but CMC isn't anywhere near as sensationalized or gushed over as the other two RBs are? So you think any of these 3 will get to that mythical 1000/1000 this season? In general do you think CMC will get to it eventually but not this year? Just thought this might be an interesting mid-season topic. Heres a CMC 2018 highlight : Also another general question, what is the final stat line you would predict for him? Id say 1100 and 700
  13. This isnt really worth discussing unless we have a losing season and miss the playoffs. But right now we're 6-3 and still right in the thick of things. We can actually still win the division too.
  14. Ive seen at least 3 deep bomb completions from Rodgers literally every other damn team can do this except the Panthers