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About Me

My dad introduced me to professional football in the mid 90s , although I was an elementary school kid at the time  . I have a funny picture of me in a 49ers helmet and jersey around that time period. Don't think my dad had a favorite team in the 90s and he tended to just keep track and watch whatever teams seemed to be in the spotlight.

Well anyways I didn't really get interested in football until watching the 2004 playoffs (2003-2004 season) with my dad. Watched all the panthers games then through the Super Bowl and really enjoyed it. I was in middle school then. I stopped watching much sports in general in late middle school and all throughout most of high school with the exception of watching some games here and there, watching late round playoff games , and every Super Bowl of course. I was a really heavy book reading junky during that time, was a bit of an anti social loner. I watched a lot of Panther games in my senior year of high school (2008-2009) which happened to be that exciting year DWill and Jstew were tearing up the NFL Double Trouble style, and the same year where Jake Delhomme imploded against the Cards in the playoffs. You could say I was a very interested fan during this time but I still missed some games here and there and wasn't nearly as invested in the Panthers then as I am now.

During the 2009-2010 season (my first year of college) I was caught up in trying to fit in with college life and missed quite a few games.. I was more into UNC-CH college basketball and football during that year.  If anything that season, I was following Brett Farve more that season and other teams. Watched a bunch of playoffs and proceeded to watch the Colts lose to the Saints.

I officially became a Panthers fan at one of the worst times to become one. My 2nd year of college (2010-2011 football season) was very bad for a number of reasons and I wanted some kind of outlet to enjoy myself. Therefore I picked up the home team Carolina Panthers once again but with a more serious and devoted fan perspective compared to a more casual onlooker I was in previous seasons of watching the Panthers.  I actually watched every single Panther football game. Even though we were losing in horrendous fashion there was something that kept me watching the games and I started talking to my dad after every game became a tradition. I joined the huddle earlier in this season and had lots of fun just dicking around reading and posting in a bunch of different threads to talk about anything and everything Panther related. I've watched 98% of Panther games since 2010 season . My passion for the team really lit up in the beginning of the 2011 season it was extraordinarily  fun to watch us contend in almost every game and watch Cam explode into the spotlight.

For an interesting tidbit, I actually learned the most about NFL history during the past two years than anytime before in my life. Mainly through watching a bunch of different documentaries and also talking with my uncle who has been a hardcore Steelers fan since the early 70s . Not many sports like it that I can visually enjoy as much. I had so much fun learning about legendary players and watching highlight videos of them on youtube.

Basketball is second place for me, but because of the uber long seasons and bloated multi game playoff series its difficult for me to keep my interest in pro basketball too much besides watching the occasional regular season game and always watching the Finals series.

Other basic stuff.. I'm 24.. I currently live in Morehead City with my Uncle. I graduated college in December 2013. Currently searching for a full time job.