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  1. Jay Z is a career sellout. Look at what he did to the Brooklyn area. He was plastered as the face of the Brooklyn Nets in spite of having less than a percent of the team. Got black folks to be on board to build a new stadium in the area, only to have them gentrified. The dude is a crook. A glorified pitchman, and now he is selling our struggle of police brutality out to white capital. What I want to know is, real the black community disown this fool?
  2. Forget Chris Cuomo! How dare he try to equate a character's name of a movie from the 70s, to a term used in the real oppression of black Americans for hundreds of years? If "Fredo" is a vulgar term for Italians, that is something they were using in group. It wasn't something that other groups called them, and used to keep them at the bottom. This confirms to me how he feels about black people. Treating our struggle as something that is similar to other groups. Look at how he talked to Lavar Ball not too long ago, in saying he should thank Trump for supposedly helping LiAngelo ball out of China. I'm no Lavar fan by any means, but you can see how disrespectful Cuomo is to this man. Of course as we know, Trump didn't play a part in freeing LiAngelo. Chinese reporters pretty much confirmed he would have been released for that petty crime, and most likely wouldn't be allowed back into the country. Trump played no role in his release.
  3. Then perhaps it is America that doesn't support us. Thus, you give birth to the Trumps of the world, and you keep this place the way it is. If anyone who thinks getting Trump out of office alone will save this country, it's that thinking that's the problem. It's time we address reparations in this country. No more stalling, no more procrastination.
  4. Anyone who advocates for reparations and has a black agenda.
  5. What are you talking about? The conversation is still being driven by ADOS. It's not just Yvette and Tone by the way. It's the younger generation having this discussion. Black Generation X and the Millennials. The Baby Boomers are the ones that are messing things up concerning the polls. Plus like I said, I'm not totally sure how that is observed and calculated. It might be mostly in the DNC's hand on how that goes. You're still too early in judging how this thing is going. What I want to know from you is, without ADOS, who is driving these conversations on reparations and an agenda specifically for addressing black America's problems? Obama didn't do anything for us. Hillary couldn't care less for our problems. Absolutely nothing was being done for us probably since the Civil Rights Movement. Why do you have so much disdain for a movement like the ADOS movement? You act like things were going perfectly before Yvette and Tone came and mess things up. Whether you agree or disagree with us, you should at least be happy finally our issues are being talked about if nothing else. Come on man!
  6. All this should tell you is how asleep at the wheel black America is as a whole. The problem aren't those who have embraced the ADOS name. I honestly don't know how the polls work. I'm confident she will make the donation number, but as a person who wish to keep her on the debate stage, I have no idea how to influence the polls. To me, it's something out of our control, unless we had complete influence over the black community.
  7. He looked good to me. They weren't lying about the guy's touch on the deep ball, it look so effortless. Give him some time and work with quality guys around him, and he looks like a great QB
  8. That's why the people shouldn't have let him walk that day. Of course we know our justice system is very flawed. A lot of work needs to be done, just don't have the will to change it. People here know my feelings about what this country need to do.
  9. Now after doing that to this kid, why did he not immediately receive an ass whooping from the onlookers? This dude should be in the hospital himself, with multiple skull fractures. That's just common decency in a good society. You can't remove all evil, but at least show evil people what will happen to them when they get out of line.
  10. Maybe a two year or technical college. With the cost of living going up, this UBI amount is just not enough by itself. I agree. I don't know Andrew Yang's other plans are concerning policies in other areas, but he would definitely need to structure in bringing that cost of living down in order for UBI to be effective. He would also have to do a lot of work concerning black life for it to be effective for us. I haven't really heard him talk much concerning breaking up monopolies and making sure more money end up in the hands of the poorest of Americans. Not to say he doesn't have plans concerning those things, but he's been heavy on his UBI policy.
  11. Sorry I'm responding late. When it comes to the chart itself, I believe it's dealing with familial wealth overall and not individual wealth. Our median income is around 40k. If you add Yang's Freedom Dividend to a two parent household, you're looking at 64k. Not too shabby if you have two kids. You might be able to get by on that depending on where you live. Of course ultimately, at best that is what it will be for us. Most working age ADOS families don't have the two parent safety net. Plus we are the number one victim of predatory capital, such as sub prime bank loans, pay day loans, etc. I don't even look at the 12k or 24k per year. Due to folks living paycheck to paycheck already, half or more of the 1,000 per month will be gone as soon as you get it. By the end of the year, you might have 2,000 of the 12k, and that is the real number for the single family. We would have to have pretty much everything going right for Yang's plan to be of good assistance to us. At best all it amounts to is paying bills. With the cost of living continuing to go up, those bills will never cease coming. Some might benefit, but the majority of us will continue to wring our hands.
  12. Again we are talking about a group that largely have no wealth. Even poor white Americans have wealth around 10k without depreciating assets. Our median is 1.7k-4k. A monthly check of 1k a month wouldn't do much to help them, how much more so for a group where over half their population doesn't have much at all. Somebody mentioned it, that's still living paycheck to paycheck. What, it might help pay for food if you can manage it monthly. That's about it when it comes to us. What does the extra 1k a month, 12k a year means for a young working family with kids? Particularly an ADOS family? Yang is seeing this thing purely from his class position, or the working white middle classes' position. UBI is not structured from the poorest of the poor, and definitely not from our position.
  13. There's never going to be a point where the majority will want to do something like reparations. Yet in any case, just like with climate change, it's not like we have a lot of time for people to change their minds before ADOS are lost to the poverty left by our legacy in this country. What very little wealth we have is disappearing, and it won't be very long before there is no one left to save. Entire generations of black Americans will be lost. Yeah, you have Americans of all backgrounds who are struggling in this age we are living in, where the wealthy are becoming even more so. Yet when you look at the data, we can clearly see there is wealth in white families. There is stability. That is why things like Medicare for all, student debt cancellation, raising of the minimum wage, etc., will benefit them greatly. It means very little for a people who have nothing and have the burden of hundreds of years of being this nation's mules or cattle. We are still a favorite target for predatory capital, having no freedom. We're a target for law enforcement, 1 of 3 black men going to jail in their lifetime. No, this can't wait any longer.
  14. Well, he's mentioning using money from both states, already receiving money from SC for the training facility. I'm trying to see where the actual benefit is coming to the people. So he wants to turn Charlotte into a bigger hub, but Charlotte is just one city. I just don't like the idea of billionaires using money that is not their's, to get richer. Yet we credit them and saying they are making smart business deals. I guess it is smart when it's not your money.
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