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  1. I don't know everything as well, but enough should be known that ADOS America is never going to heal without direct policy. The heartbeat of that policy will be and centered around reparations, because reparations itself is the most specific solution to addressing the systemic problems we face. The starting point should be there, and there should be education on why it's needed. The main reason being because if we make the starting point class related, there will never be a will to do reparations afterward. Take Andrew Yang's 1k a month. If that passed, people will then say, "Well black people got their reparations, so they no longer need any extra help". It's the same with Bernie's policies, and every other candidate's policies, leaving us stuck with the cost of our lineage. It really comes down to a fight against time as well. The longer we put reparations and a black agenda off, the harder it will be to get it accomplished.
  2. Did you watch that livestream of Bernie's? There was no mention of the legacy of slavery in this country, and they only scratched the surface of racism and the ongoing discrimination we face today. Then when it came down to the solutions (keep in mind the livestream was about the "AFRICAN AMERICAN" community), they spouted the same universal policies which I don't know how many times I've said have historically shown to leave us at the bottom. How many times do I have to mention Affirmative Action and it's results? How many times do I have to talk about the failure of the New Deal? Y'all keep bringing this same garbage of Green New Deal, M4All, Student debt cancellation, as if they are reparations and a black agenda. No, all these things are simply another boost for white America, and those who don't carry the burden of our legacy. At best it does for us, is keep us drifting on the water. It is highly disrespectful when I see people promoting these things as if they address us. All you are doing is using our struggle, to get benefits for yourself. Anyone who does it be it Bernie, his supporters and any one else, should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.
  3. Early on in her campaign, Warren talked a little on the history of redlining. However she began to fade away on addressing our issues directly. She to talked about HBCUs and funding them, but this is not going to solve our issues. HBCUs aren't what they used to be, and even at major HBCUs the leadership is corrupt. None of the Democrats right now want to pursue real discussion and solutions in addressing the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, and the accrued disadvantage.
  4. I'm sorry I'm going to tell you up front, based on reading those "policies", I didn't bother reading more of it in the link. Those things he mentioned will not do much for us in solving the 400 year+ legacy of slavery and the accrued disadvantage. Please with this. Money to HBCUs? You talking about the same HBCUs that are accepting everyone? Meaning white students would get the same benefits, Hispanic students getting the same benefits, asians etc. They would actually benefit more being as they are not weighed down by the legacy. Not to mention, every candidate (perhaps except Jim Crow Joe) talked about funding HBCUs. Bernie didn't say anything special at all. Now I could show you what the doctoral students coming out of universities like Howard look like, but I agree we are getting no where in this. I see where we are at in this country, but you want me to settle for the same Affirmative Action like stuff that has already proven not to work. I do want to mention something concerning M4all, and how people treat that as something that will "disproportionately" help us. Even if we get the free healthcare, our doctors will continue to look at us as something different than their white patients. They won't see our pain, believing we can handle more pain than every one else. Yeah we would have free healthcare, only to continue to die from things three or four times more than every one else. Shoot, Serena Williams would be dead right now if she wasn't a famous athlete and didn't fight for her doctors to give her an x-ray of her lungs after she gave birth. So I'll end my discussion here. Even in all the policies of Bernie that you claim are black centered, is littered with words like minority, black and brown, etc. Just lumping us in because the world be damned if black Americans actually have their problems addressed specifically.
  5. I agree with you in the games the media and the DNC played. All that said, the states Bernie was winning in the beginning had no significant black population. It wasn't until we got into those states, that Bernie ran into problems. Yeah, the media hyped Joe as electable to our older generation. We knew this going in. It was important for Bernie to get in front of that, and reach out to the younger black voters who were in the know. Namely folks like us who know our position in this country and were screaming for a black agenda and reparations. We were his allies if he wanted to get elected. We had Nina Turner and Killa Mike talking to this dude. Instead, he rejected all of that, and was all on board the class struggle, not the problem of the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. At the end of the day you could debate whether or not Bernie encompassing reparations and a black agenda into his campaign would have been the difference maker, but there is no objecting Bernie lost because he lost the black vote. Point is, he needed us, he needed our vote more than anyone else's. The only black people that were giving him the time of day was younger black voters, but particularly voters in the know like those in the ADOS movement. We could have talked to our folks in giving Bernie our vote, but he didn't support us. He supported class issues, which have historically left us in the cold. So again, main thing, he needed our vote. Whatever you believe he should have done to get that key vote, he didn't do it. Thus, we should hold him accountable for that.
  6. These are just excuses at the end of the day. With that, it would then be a question of why did Bernie run at all? It was a waste of time. Biden had this thing on lock. If all these things were going against Bernie, then for him to run, he had to come out very strong for the black community. YES, he had to bend the knee not to rat Clyburn, but to black America. That was what he had to do, but he didn't do it. If he had done that and we still would have come out for Jim Crow Joe, then okay. I would blame our dumb asses.
  7. Don't ever link me with that rat Clyburn. Bernie gave us no specific policy to be motivated by. Nothing I've said suggest I believe the older black population made their choice based on policy. If you believe Bernie had no shot against Biden for the black vote solely due to him being Obama's VP, then quite frankly Bernie should have dropped out long ago.
  8. Every one went on Charlemagne's little show. That actually showed he wasn't serious. If you're serious, you talk to historians. You talk to economists about our struggle. A wide range of them, not just the hand picked. You don't talk to someone who doesn't know the history. Now you say he did well among young black voters. Obviously not enough for us to have the conversation with our folks. Come on man, this isn't Bernie's first rodeo. He did this in 2016. It didn't work then, yet he came back with the same nonsense. You are letting this dude off the hook. Whether you agree with my concerns of reparations or not, Bernie lost because he didn't coral the black vote. That's it. Had he won our votes in all those key states, he would have won. Agree or disagree?
  9. Show me some specific stats showing he was popular among the disenfranchised. That implies more than just black voters. I need to see percentages among black voters alone. Obviously, he didn't inspire the young black voters to talk to their old relatives. Again I keep going back to it, it was the BLACK vote that cost Bernie. That's it! If we command so much power in choosing the nominee, shouldn't that have been Bernie's number one mission coming into this primary season? Quite frankly, that was his most important failure in not reaching out to our community, and you are treating that as if it is peanuts. A lot of you are.
  10. That reasoning is letting Bernie off the hook. Bernie could have told the truth about Biden and Obama. Bernie could have specifically reached out to us with an agenda. He didn't do any of those things, and quite frankly he brushed us to the side. So if you believe Biden had the advantage because he was Obama's VP, Bernie should have reached out to us all the more and change the narrative. He should have learned that from 2016. He failed in 2016, and people pointed that out to him over and over again. Yet his stubborn behind pushed that to the side, and relied on his white socialist, hispanic community vote.
  11. Yet you're sitting here and implying he couldn't have reach out to black America more than he did. Why did he lose? Was it not the black vote? That is the sole reason he lost here. I'm telling you had he reached out to us specifically, even if you don't agree with the reparations angle, he would have won the nomination.
  12. You see, and that is why you don't understand what's going on. I bet you are patting Bernie on the back right now and saying he did a good job. You're not serious.
  13. Biden ain't worried about progressive agendas. He's a republican himself, which might help his cause actually. He will certainly woo white votes away from Trump. Though in all reality with this pandemic we're going through, Trump has already lost the election.
  14. He had no black agenda. All he had was his relation to Obama, which easily impressed our older generation of voters. My thing is, Bernie lost, because he lost the black vote. Biden didn't earn it, but he got it. That's my point. Bernie didn't reach out and really try to get our vote. If he had it, he would have won.
  15. We're not vowing not to vote. We're showing up, just voting for those who have a black agenda. If no one is there, we write in or leave it blank. Do you not agree that it was the black vote that gave Biden life?
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