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  1. Most people never believed Fournette was trash or a bust. Everyone know he is talented, and that has shown while he was in Jacksonville. His thing is more or less attitude.
  2. It's too bad he surrounds himself with antics and finding cheap ways to make money. I admit I watch and listen to his shows for a good laugh haha.
  3. I tell you one thing, besides the games people play with their lives and the lives of others, it's times like this that shows us just how many adults are nothing but insolent brats! "WAAAAA MOMMY I DON"T WANT TO WEAR A MASK!!!!!!!!" "WAAAAAAAAAA MOMMY I DON"T WANT TO EAT MY BROCCOLI!!!!!!!!!!" Very little bothers me more than to see grown @$$ people complaining like children. I guess Cousins is too cool for school.
  4. Make sure y'all tune in to CNN this Sunday at 10 pm EST...
  5. The fact that her son is like that lets us know what her beliefs are.
  6. We've had conversations with Karen Bass on reparations. So out of everyone, I would rather her be the pick. Definitely not Copmala Harris. However yet again, this is an election between Jim Crow Joe and Donald Dump. Joe will have to be down for true reparations and an ADOS agenda if he wants our vote. Karen Bass could help with that if she is the pick. Who knows. All in all, it is most certainly true that ADOS are done in this country without reparations. There's no question about that. Oh, and also with Karen Bass, I like that she is ADOS.
  7. Without reparations, we're definitely through in this country. Our people got to view reparations as an absolute must! What does it matter if we get Trump out, only to replace him with Jim Crow Joe? (With possibly Copmala Harris as his running mate.) Our people got to wake out of the slumber we've been in, thanks in part to our "black leadership" politicians and organizations who have done absolutely nothing and continue to do nothing. We've had a generation who settled after the very little advancements brought on by the Civil Rights Movement. The next thing we should have fought for was reparations, but the ball was dropped. The ADOS movement reignited this long lost flame and I pray we have the breakthrough. Again if we don't get this done, it's going to get Biblical for our community. We are going to be lost on the outside of American life, and there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  8. Ain't that something? The Bank of Italy gets to become the Bank of America, but the Freedman's Bank falls off the edge of the earth, taking the life earnings of former slaves with it. These sharecroppers didn't get the land and wealth they deserved, but had to continue to work for their slave master, only to lose the scraps they were given for their work post slavery. This is why I'm set ablaze when people treat reparations as though it's a side issue. I get offended when I hear Democrat politicians speak about initiating programs that don't specifically address our legacy and current tribulations in this country, the country that was built by slaves.
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I wanted you lazy bums to pick up a book and read this year.
  10. Well, Abe didn't originally fight the war for the sake of black people. The war started in and of itself because the South thought his presidency meant the abolition of slavery. Like I said, Lincoln wasn't a "Radical Republican". That Emancipation Proclamation didn't free one slave. It was a strategy at the time to destabilize the South mentally if nothing else. Of course the end result of the war lead to getting rid of slavery, technically speaking. Also, Abraham Lincoln died, but I wouldn't say he gave his life. Not for our sake specifically.
  11. The original Republican party died a long time ago. Yet even Lincoln wasn't fully about giving black Americans their due. He wasn't a Radical Republican like Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens. He was a ingratiator, and that is why he chose Andrew Johnson as his vice president in his latter term.
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