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  1. Things aren't changing. Things are getting worse for ADOS people. A lot of the black people that you might see in high places, are actually black immigrants or the children of black immigrants. Barack Obama for instance is not a descendant of American slavery, yet he became the first black president. Kamala is not a descendant of American slavery, yet she has become the first black vice president. So if the metric was just getting black faces in higher societal positions, that is certainly happening, just not with those who descend from slavery. The truth of the matter is, without reparations, ADOS people as a group won't make it. Again, it would take 228 years for the average black family to match the wealth of the average white family today. You don't overcome that type of damage by osmosis. We're human.
  2. So do you believe the main issue for why black Americans are at the bottom of the nation is due to not working hard enough? If not, why even bring your individual story up? All I do is give data on groups of people, because the data tells the full story of what is going on. I don't even talk about myself and my status. I could be well off, or I could be poor. That is insignificant.
  3. Black Americans were locked out of this country. We weren't allowed to build wealth for our generations. According to one projection made by the Institute of Policy Studies, it would take 228 years for the average black family to match the wealth the average white family have today. Of course I don't like talking about the "average", but prefer to discuss the median. However, you get the idea. 228 years to catch up, and that is if white people stopped gaining wealth right now. https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/the-average-black-family-would-need-228-years-to-build-the-wealth-of-a-white-family-today/ By the way, why would it take us 228 years to match the average white wealth, but for Latinos/Hispanics, only 84 years? We've been in this country longer than most white people, yet for folks who arrived here recently, they are leagues and bounds ahead of us? What were we doing in all that time I wonder? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  4. We are building something special with Burns, Matos, and Derrick Brown. We need a fourth contender, and this D-line will be complete.
  5. I want my country to address what has been done to us. Barack Obama created a lot of white wealth due to his policies. Ultimately, Obama was a colossal failure for ADOS America. As time go on, Obama's presidency will prove to have accomplish nothing at all, and he will simply be a footnote on history.
  6. He didn't do great things for black America. He did create our current gig economy.
  7. Y'all might get a double rant today. Just got on twitter and saw this piece crap circulating..... Obama out here telling a bunch of lies about black poverty going down and our incomes rising by the time he left office. What really bothers me are his excuses about not having done enough for black America. Crying about politicians blocked him from doing all he wanted to do. Please spare me. As president, you are the most powerful person in the country, and some say its the most powerful position in the world. So don't give me that bullcrap about being blocked. When he took office, he had the majority in both the House and the Senate of Congress. No, what he did with that power was give the banks and industry bailout money. He also used that power to pass a healthcare plan, yes. This plan, the Affordable Care Act, was actually an offshoot of a healthcare plan Mitt Romney passed in Massachusetts back in 2006. That's right, Obama's pride and joy, actually came from a right wing Republican think tank. This is the foolishness we are dealing with concerning this dude Obama. Shoot, there's a reason why liberals harp on Medicare for All, instead of expanding on the Affordable Care Act. Obama can kiss rocks. And of course, he talks about citizenship issues as though they are racial justice issues. That if one black person benefits an inkling of "success" from a universal policy, that solves the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. (and that black person don't actually have to be ADOS, just so long as they have brown skin.) This is the failure of black politics.
  8. It's time for another rant. This time I'm going to get on Kyrstal and Saagar. It has been brought to my attention a few days ago they did a segment talking on California rejecting a ballot initiative on Affirmative action. They discussed how "minorities" voted no on it (some of you might know how much I hate lumping groups together), and ultimately talked on how Affirmative Action failed to decreased the wealth gap. Here is the video.... Before I dive in to my problem with this segment, particularly when they begin discussing the wealth gap, my thoughts concerning Affirmative Action itself are it is a failure in today's sense, due to it not being focused on addressing what has been done to Black America. When it was first initiated, it was meant to give black Americans the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of American society. There are no Affirmative Action policies without black Americans fighting for their rights back in the 50s-60s, and all the movements that preceded that time period. Ultimately what happened to it over time, it became more about giving white women opportunity. I'm not saying white women shouldn't be treated fairly. What I am saying is policy that was meant to address issues of the legacy of slavery in this country, was diverted to another cause. Leaving us in the dirt. This is one of the reasons why Reparations is crucial, due to the exclusivity it brings. This brings me to my rant... These cats right here ultimately tried to justify doing universal policies will close the racial wealth gap. They said that while Affirmative Action failed (which is a universal policy for the most part, excluding white men), things like increasing the minimal wage, cancelling student debt, etc. will greatly reduce the racial wealth gap. BS, BS, BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, I'm so tired of these "liberals" as they call themselves. First let me put this out there, I'm not against increasing the minimum wage mother freaker!!! I'm not against cancelling student debt. Freak!!!!!! What I absolutely OPPOSE, is the freaking idea they will address hundreds of years of slavery, another hundred years of legal discrimination, and the current day discrimination of the American descendants of slavery. It's downright criminal to say they will, an almost unforgivable sin. This is why ADOS people can't partner with Bernie supporters or so called liberals because at the end of the day, they don't care about our issues. They don't seek to understand our plight. How dare they seek to use our pain to justify doing policy that will benefit everyone! And really these policies actually would benefit everyone else more then it would us. So what we have here is slavery all over again. Our ancestors' labor was used to build this country, and our pain and struggle that we inherited are being used to advance all other groups. It's erasure. When Saagar states these universal policies would greatly decrease the wealth gap, he's basically saying the harm that has been done to us is no greater than the harm that has been done to anyone else in this country. That we are on equal field with everyone else, including most of white America. MF'ER, we aren't on equal field with poor white America, the freak are you on!!!!!!!!!!! Let me dive into this some more, it's very funny they mentioned a universal policy like Affirmative Action failing to close the wealth gap, but believe other universal policies will close it. The saying concerning insanity comes to mind, doing the same thing and expecting different results. Affirmative Action failed because we didn't make it specifically for ADOS. How does making everyone receive at least $15 an hour going to decrease the wealth gap? By definition, everyone get it. So the math doesn't add up. Then when we look at getting rid of student debt specifically, only a very small percentage of black Americans have a college degree, compared to white Americans. It's safe to say that more white Americans overall have gone to college and have student debt, regardless if they graduated or not. So by universally eliminating student debt, you're actually giving white America a boost, versus black America and ADOS America specifically. (So of the black educated populace with student debt, a significant piece of that aren't ADOS) Ain't that a trip. Eliminating student debt would actually INCREASE the wealth gap, when you actually do the work and break down the numbers! These are our allies folks! People like Krystal, Saagar, Andrew Yang, and Bernie (the supposed savior) are supposed to be more open to helping ADOS, more open than the racist white establishment Republicans and Democrats, yet in the end they might as well be just that themselves. In reality, they are either very ignorant, or maliciously greedy in their intent. Greedy to get benefits for their people, and trying to make themselves feel good that a few black people will benefit. (Regardless if they carry the burden of being ADOS or not) Finally I want to address the cockamamie numbers they discussed near the end of the segment, which I'm assuming they got from economist Matt Bruenig. (You can find this starting at 7:38 in the video) They stated the bottom 75% of white Americans have "identical" wealth as the full black population in the US. Further stating the racial wealth gap entirely exists between the top 10% of whites and the top 10% of blacks. Man I tell you, the amount of erasure here is stunning. If they ever went into any black forum or arena in this country talking this crap, they should be ran out of there by flying bottles and debris. Freak outta here!!!!!!!! I don't know how many times I'm going to say "first of all", but first of all, if the bottom 75% have "identical" wealth of all of black America combined which includes that top 10% of black families that this dude must think are trillionaires, what the freak will the numbers look like if you remove that top 10% of black families? Yeah, it will show the bottom 90% of all of black America have literally no wealth, and even worse, they will be in the negative. Heck, let's not also forget that black immigrants are included in this number. If you remove them, just how far will our wealth numbers drop!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also notice Saagar said "Bottom 75%" of white Americans. Shoot, so 25% of white families must be looking pretty dog on good. That is millions upon millions of people folks. Stop talking to me about this top 10%, top 1% garbage. There is wealth in the white family that is enjoyed by the majority of white people in this country. In other words, white people have stability. Don't erase what has been done to my people. Don't erase what is currently being done to my people. That's not going to fly with me, someone who knows the real data and what is left out of it. Those of us who are involved in the ADOS movement have had this discussion with Matt Bruenig on twitter. That is how I know of the BS that was mentioned in this video. Bruenig a couple of months ago tried to make a statement that reparations would ultimately be about trying to give resources to the top 10%-1% of black families, saying they were locked out of gaining the same amount of wealth that the very top of white families gained over the last century. Basically saying most of black America is in the same boat with the bottom 80%-or even 90% of white America in terms of wealth, in that if reparations were given back in 1865, only the black elite would have benefitted. All of us got into Bruenig's @$$ on twitter for that way of thinking. So much so, that he deleted his original comments and charts he put out. Yet apparently, those numbers and charts still existed somewhere or he made other posts about it later because Saagar basically repeated the numbers here. Again, this is why ADOS have a problem with liberal thinking. And this is probably just human nature as a whole. If something doesn't effect you directly, you don't concern yourself with it. The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, and the accrued disadvantage doesn't effect Krystal Ball. It doesn't effect Saagar Enjeti. It doesn't effect the so called far left, made up of mostly white Americans. Not negatively. Thus, they don't care about addressing it specifically. That's just human nature, and I'm speaking of this generally. If ADOS people don't stand up for themselves and demand specific redress, we will be lost to poverty and prison. That's just the truth, and ultimately we will be lost to time. Our story will be replaced by the black immigrant story, or brown immigrant story. The true numbers are at the median, in terms of the racial wealth gap. Without depreciating assets, the median wealth for white families is over 100K. This means over half of AAAALLLLLLLL white families have 100K. (This doesn't include income) For black families, the median a little over 1K. Again, this is without depreciating assets like the family car, which if you include that it brings our median to around 10K. Think about that, half of AAAALLLLLLLL black families are near 0 in wealth. Raising the minimum wage won't decrease that gap because you're giving everyone a boost. Eliminating student debt will increase that gap, due to white America holding the most of that debt and only a small percentage of black folk have gone to college, particularly ADOS folk. Don't use our pain to pass policy that will mostly benefit everyone else. If you're for increasing the minimum wage, and I'm for it, just say it. Say we should do it for the sake of being a citizen of this country. That is righteous and just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you're for eliminating student debt, say it!!!!!!!!!!!! This country over charge us for a lot of things, not just education. These are citizenship issues!!!!!! These are for the bettering of our country!!!!!!!!!!!! But for the love of all things that are sacred, mother FREAKER, DO NOT SAY THESE ARE RACIAL JUSTICE ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those policies are not ADOS' reparations! If you believe they are, you are our enemy. You are no better than conservatives. Point blank simple. You might as well be Rush Limbaugh in my eyes.
  9. Heehee, I'm a foot soldier to. I need to do more studying and meditation to better explain our position in this country. You probably have more potential in this area than me.
  10. Also probably most black executives and such today, are really the children of black immigrants. Even when we look at the first black president, first black attorney general, and now the first black vice president, all children of black immigrants. (Two half black) It's no mistake that this happen. This shows us where ADOS are as a group. At the very bottom.
  11. In terms of monetary payout, I would say each ADOS person get 100k each. The benefit would be for both, with the healing taking place in that our country finally addressing what has been done to us. Unlike every one else whose ancestors came here, we are a very unique creation to this land and country. So to finally see our heritage be pronounced in this way, yeah, I would be crying like Van Jones.
  12. No ship has sailed. In terms of cash payout, the checks our government sent out during this pandemic showed us that was possible. The bank bailouts during Bush and Obama's years in office showed us our government can move and create trillions of dollars worth of assets. Also when we look at the projected costs of reparations, the 17 trillions, 18 trillion, or the number I moved to currently in 19 trillion, no one is saying all of that have to be paid out in one year or one go. Reparations will be something that is dealt out over time, across generations of ADOS people. However long it takes to pay that out, I'm cool with it. (As long as it's met with serious investment. In other words, don't pay out trillions in wealth, over the next trillion years haha.) What you're talking about in pushing for black positions in companies and so on, that would be cool as part of a black agenda. Yet it's not reparations. Reparations is about ownership and production. It's about being able to control one's destiny if you will.
  13. Van Jones reminded me of this guy...
  14. Haha! Van Jones should be absolutely embarrassed. They might have to give him an oscar for his performance. But yeah, we got our work cut out for us in swaying the people to fight for their inheritance.
  15. This election has once again shown us the power ADOS America wields. The black vote almost single handedly won Biden the election, and this wasn't our full potential in the least. A lot of our folks were inspired to vote against Trump, but many others were still apathetic and didn't vote, or did a protest vote. Ultimately, in the perspective of the growing ADOS movement, this election provides more evidence of our potential. We are getting reparations within ten years.
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