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  1. Laws and policy would make it harder to get guns. The thing is this country was designed to see to the failure of black Americans. That's why the people can shout this man was a security guard, and still be shot by police.
  2. You're right about that. If it weren't for our history, we might be pure capitalists (taken advantage of poor groups). Our history has forced us to be compassionate for disadvantaged people to some degree. I myself have learned a lot through this struggle and history. I know enough to say I don't want a system that thrives on keeping a group or groups of people down. I want to see America transform to a system that invests in the people. I still want competition of a market, but with regulations that ensures no one can set a monopoly. I want a minimum wage that is livable, which my assessment would be at 20-25 dollars an hour. If profit goes up, so does the minimum wage. So through this history, it has taught me not to take advantage and steal wealth.
  3. To your last point, I mentioned reparations in this thread more as a black issue for black Americans to focus on. I got no problem with the Latino community or any other community. My thing was if I'm seeing numbers like that for guys like Brian Kemp, is there really a rainbow coalition going on? Is there really such a thing as "People of Color", "Black and Brown", etc., when we are not on the same page when it matters most? I mention those terms because that is all you hear people talk about, particularly when no one wants to talk about black people's problems solely. So instead of talking about how black people struggle in this country, we say how bad "minorities" have it. There is a lumping in. Ultimately if we are in this together, I want to see similar voting patterns because black people don't vote for out-right racists in large numbers. That would go against our lives to do so. I would also love to see white Americans not vote for guys like Kemp. When I see those numbers, that tells me things aren't really changing in this country. As for how to pay for reparations and who would qualify, see my latest post to Harbingers.
  4. If you're asking me how this country will pay for reparations, I would first point out the blueprint of the bailouts of 2007-onward of big banks and other industry. This was an investment that expanded years, and possibly is still going on today. We're talking trillions of dollars given to these bankers. There was no such thing as an "over burdened government" when it came to that. Print the money if you have to in order to fund this thing. Put this national debt thing out of your mind when it comes to the US. With that said, I would look at utilizing everything, and it would be an investment that would span years. I would look at our national budget, and work the money around. To your question about giving the bottom 20% a lift vs sole reparations to the American descendants of slaves, I would do that after reparations. In a transformative government that invests in it's people like we saw with the New Deal, black Americans will be the first to reap those benefits due to their legacy. Its crucial we get the boost, to catch us up with the rest of the country. Yeah you have poor white Americans, but white America has a class structure. They have your wealthy, upper class, upper middle class, middle, lower middle, poor. For black America, you have a little speckle of wealthy, and then everyone else is flat or worse. That was done to us intentionally. So we need to be repaired and have an advantage in this country. Reparations is ultimately about getting what is owed. Payment for services rendered. The government has a duty to all the people, but this government owes something very specific to American DOS. There's another reason why it wouldn't be best to include everyone into this type of investment, one that would keep black Americans in a hole, but I won't say it at the moment. You mentioned a lot in your posts about numbers I've given. I'm not sure of the numbers you're speaking of. I imagine at least 35+ million black Americans would qualify for reparations. I've given in past threads my basis for it. One of your parents have to be "black American" who descended from slaves. Basically that parent's history would have to go back to before the 1960s in this country. If the numbers you speak of is a dollar amount, I don't know how much this would cost overall. One important thing to note when I talk about reparations, its going to be more than a check. It will include the check, but there are other things that will constitute full restorative justice. Again, this is just me and my desire for what reparations would look like. Could we get the desired funds from just taxing the top 1%? I don't know. As for why should Americans (if we're talking tax or otherwise) should have to pay in on reparations if they weren't linked to slavery? This country's wealth is linked to slavery. It got it's start on it. So that links the whole country to the institution. The debt, is an American debt. Ultimately what it comes down to is, if someone doesn't want to pay for reparations, they are free to live in another country. Did we have a choice in not paying for the 2007 bailout of banks? They used tax payer money to fund that in part or perhaps most of it. Trump used tax payer money to buff military spending. Did we have a choice in that matter? Reparations is like that. You want to talk about people succeeding on work ethic, even that is false. Any successful person you see in the business world or otherwise, got that way due to government. Government paved the way to today's middle class through land grants, New Deal policy, GI Bill, FHA loans, etc. Your wealthy Wall Street Bankers just got paid with those bailouts I keep mentioning. All of it is through government. The only group that couldn't benefit were black Americans. They were intentionally locked out. The only group that was consistently locked out in that way. Its time to address this. With the groups you mentioned, those who willingly came here, they had money when they came. I'm tired of this thing about immigrants coming here with no money and became successful through hard work. I'm tired of this bootstrap talk. Many of them were educated, but even more then that, they weren't slaves. They knew who they were, all their culture and family were in tact. They came here to get ahead, and benefit from what this country had to offer. A country that got it's start from slavery and cheap labor, mostly by black people. For non-white immigrants, you're right to say they got here after slavery, and I would also say the majority got here after the Civil Rights Movement. After this country went through a moral shift in attitude that made it easier for non-white groups. Black Americans were here for the whole thing and that is what we've inherited. They and white immigrants got all the good, and American descendants of slaves were left with the cost. I'm speaking honestly here and people will obviously say I'm biased, but I think it is selfish to say because one's ancestors were not directly linked to slavery, they shouldn't have to pay into reparations. To me I chalk that up to just not knowing enough. Not say I know more than anyone else. I just know enough to make the case for reparations. Both because it is owed, and because the black community will die without it. The last thing I would answer is, I would certainly qualify for reparations. Yet if I didn't, would I still be fighting for it for those that do? Yeah, I believe so. As I said, given what I know and where the country is headed, most definitely. Nothing else can be done if we don't get reparations. It doesn't matter if we solved climate change or world hunger in other countries, black Americans in this country will still be at the bottom.
  5. You talking about all those things, but how can my group, the American descendants of slaves, help that? We don't have power to fight that. We don't have the wealth to fight that. We are poor. You're not talking to an aristocrat here. If I'm giving what is owed, my voice would become relevant in fighting issues like that. How about ask those questions to Trump, who's been wealthy for a long time. No, he's pulling us out of the fight concerning climate change. Put some power in our hand, and see what we would do.
  6. We don't even have generations. For American descendants of slaves as a group, our window is 5-10 years tops to change this thing around. If we don't receive specific redress after that, there will be no point of return. Most of us will live and die in poverty and prison. It really is as simple as that. All the data points in that direction and it's not even close. Not to mention these aggressive far right candidates like Trump, Kemp, and DeSantis who wish to pour cement on black Americans grave, along with any other poor people who just get caught up in the process. By the way, anyone who thinks I'm being overly dramatic when I say this stuff, you haven't been paying attention to the laws these politicians are putting on the books. You already have a supreme court who can call anything that would remotely help black Americans as unconstitutional (say goodbye to Affirmative Action). Trump has the potential of putting another corporate judge on there, who has no affinity to American descendants of slaves or anyone else who is close to poor, if RBG dies. I'm going to be honest. (Takes glasses off) For anyone or group who says they care for black Americans, you don't have the luxury to vote for candidates like Kemp. Guys like this have a tombstone in their backyard with American descendants of slaves' names on it. His election fraud in this past campaign (and really other campaigns as well) was blatant! So how can a guy like this receive 70+ percent of white men and women's votes? How can he receive 40+% of "Other" groups votes? How can DeSantis receive such high percentages of non-black votes? Shoot again, I get on my own in black men and women giving 12% and 18% of their votes to these guys. That doesn't make no sense at all. Too many people are playing games out here, and are being selfish in my estimation. How can I expect people to fight for reparations, specific redress to American DOS, when they are voting for guys seeking our demise? People don't want to sacrifice. They don't want to see that kind of restorative justice that would heal this country. Yet like I said, it's not going to be long before this whole slavery story and Jim Crow become a thing of the past. Where the descendants who inherited this legacy will be erased and written off as the underbelly of America.
  7. The real problem is, this cop did what this country taught him to do. You're supposed to view a black man as a threat, and the cop acted on it, in spite of people telling him he's a security officer. Its the same way when people see black folks walking in a white neighborhood. They call the cops because black people aren't supposed to be there. This is why Kaepernick originally took a knee during the anthem. He said this country was supposed to be about "justice for all", and we can clearly see its not happening for all. So when we see cops shooting and killing black Americans, that's just the country doing what it supposed to be doing. That is what it was founded on. It's the same when people call the cops of black folk just for living their lives. The only thing that will stop this is redress. You need policy transformation. Yet how many white Americans are willing to make this sacrifice I wonder?
  8. Matthias

    My million dollar idea

    If you want my immediate vote, start talking reparations. It's going to be a negotiation, no half-a$$ed attempt but a wholesale investment into black Americans descendants of slaves. Other than that, if you want my vote, like others said, you have to drop the outright racists of your group. They're racists in both the democrat and republican parties, but I don't see as many confederate wavers in the democrat party as the republican. That tells me they feel comfortable there. To tell you the truth, republican party would have to embrace strengthening the working class poor. Again, neither party is really doing that kind of work. They have corporate interests at the forefront. Yet the democrat party is further along that line. So stop talking all this stuff about tax cuts. In every case when a republican candidate mentions it, they are almost always talking about tax cuts for businesses. The biggest giveaway that this is the case is when they mention it along with less regulation. They believe with less regulation of businesses by local and federal government, that will somehow trigger more jobs with higher wages. Heck no it doesn't! There might be "more jobs", but they are crappy part time work that pays close to minimum wage. Poor people have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet, and republicans (and democrats) tout this as saying unemployment is at record lows. Then after they worked themselves to death, they have to come home and drive Uber, which by the way the government consider working for Uber as having a job. That is how Obama boosted his low unemployment numbers, that spilled over into Trump's administration. The mainstream media either give Obama the credit, or Trump, but the real answer is neither. This gig economy is about to burst wide open. What else? I'm personally am not for what they call open borders. I would look at ending birthright citizenship in favor of blood citizenship. I understand Trump talked about this mostly from a racial perspective, but most countries in this world have blood citizenship. Are Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia racist? Nearly all countries beyond the Atlantic and Pacific have blood citizenship laws. I look at it from that perspective, closing the loophole of birth tourism that mostly rich foreigners engage in. Citizenship should mean something. When it comes to foreign policy, have an agenda to strengthen countries around us. America played a hand in depleting resources from many poor nations, who wouldn't be poor otherwise. (Western nations been doing this for a while) Obama's administration, with Hillary, caused conflict in Honduras for example. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/aug/31/hillary-clinton-honduras-violence-manuel-zelaya-berta-caceres We all know about George Bush and his Iraq war. These are some modern instances about how America has engaged in creating instability in other countries. Ultimately I want better nations around me. That way there wouldn't be any asylum seekers coming to our country. We can engage in trade that is productive for all countries and the people. I'll leave it there for now. I got some other stuff to talk about, but I have to come back later.
  9. It's not xenophobia. It is about priorities. Shoot, I have to ask immigrants, why do they want to come to this racist nation anyway? You see, I figure most people who come to this nation willingly (i.e. those who are not escaping any form of oppression in their home country) are in better economic standing than American descendants of slaves as a group. They are educated, being engineers, professors and doctors. They are coming here to benefit from what America has to offer. Overall there is nothing wrong with that, my thing is you can't jump over the people who have been kept down to build this nation up. If there is opportunity, this nation has the obligation to first lift up black Americans with it. If you are an immigrant coming into the nation, it should be required that you have that understanding, to help American descendants of slaves. That is the kind of immigrant I want in this nation. That is what I'm looking for in all Americans already here. I also want to point out again with this thread, people think I'm being hard on the Latino community and other minority communities with their voting numbers. We in the black community are having very hard conversation with each other concerning that 12% black vote for Kemp, and 18% black vote for DeSantis. We are having VERY hard conversations about our own people who decided to sit out the vote because they believe it accomplishes nothing. (which we see what they mean concerning that. Obama certainly made black people apathetic about voting, but part of that is our fault) If I'm getting on my own group with such ferocity, you better believe I'm going to come down on other groups who cry racism, but aren't fully in the fight with black people as a group.
  10. A lot of black people challenged white supremacy and died. That fight continues today. Though I don't claim to have Fred Hampton's views concerning everything socialism. I'm not even fully versed in it nor capitalism. What I want is as fair a world that can be humanly had. I'm not interested in seeing anyone be made a slave or work cheap labor. I and black Americans in general don't think like that. No wonder right.
  11. The purpose of this thread was to show who's voting for who. Reparations is something I'm after, it's needed. Its strange to see your reaction because I'm pointing out if other groups voted in the numbers black people voted, we would be on our way to progress. Tell me something, if black people voted for this GOP at 30%-40%, you wouldn't question that? You telling me wouldn't say anything about that? Bear with me for a little bit, this is actually my second attempt at responding because my computer is acting up with me. To some of the points you've made about the things going on in the world, do you believe for one second they would be going on if black people had more power in this country? You think black people would be stealing resources from African countries? You think black people would be starting wars all over the country for oil and other crap? You think black people would be using cheap labor from China or encouraging it? Come on, you don't know who you're talking to. This is coming from one who is the descendants of slaves. We should be having a discussion in our foreign policy in strengthening nations around us. That way we wouldn't have to take on everyone's war torn people. Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration actually caused a lot of disruption in the stability of Honduras. You think they would be sticking their noses in other's people's business if they were focused on reparations for black Americans? You are all over the place. How can you save the world when you can't even lift up the people here? You are talking to me like I'm an aristocrat. You want to help poor people all over the world, make black Americans strong in this country. That is how you do it. That is transformative politics. Now, what is all this about not having a plan for reparations? I have whole threads talking about the issue, yet people still ask me what I'm looking for with it. It really is a negotiation to be frank, but many don't want to have the conversation. If you don't want to have the conversation, that's fine, but don't tell me I have no plan. Again, you have reparations here, that will kill the exploitation from capitalism all these years. We can work from there concerning the rest of the world.
  12. The US is the shooter and the next person. Keeping black Americans at the bottom allowed other groups to become rich. Everyone has benefited from the struggles of black Americans. To this day we still face discrimination from both our government and private business activities. Look at redlining, bank discrimination, lack of black Americans in private corporations and businesses. We are the cheap labor class of this country, though ever since we gained rights, this country has looked for cheap labor elsewhere. Bottom line this is an American debt. Did people have any choice when Bush and Obama bailed out the banking industry? No? Well reparations will also be no choice. That is how you have to see it. In Obama's words, "They are too big to fail".
  13. That's great in a vacuum. I appreciate that, but we need much more than sympathy, and there is not a lot of time left for the black American community. We don't have 10-20 years to get this stuff right. Every data point that I see shows me our community is about to collapse. I need people who will talk to this issue. If immigrants are down with that discussion, bring them on.
  14. All we have to do is look at people's feelings on Affirmative Actions as a case study. Most Asian Americans are for it, but just like with the election splits of 65/35 and in some cases 52/47, people are against it. Affirmative Action has ended in some states, and right now there is a court case concerning Harvard's admission practices. All over Affirmative Action, that isn't really about black Americans specifically, but diversity. How many people would be on board if Affirmative Action was made specifically for American descendants of slaves? I'm pretty sure most would reject that idea. This program that has no resources going into it. Just imagine the fallout over a hardcore reparations program. As for class consciousness, I'm all about it. Now I'm not a full on socialist. To me, ideally you want to draw from social policies and free market competition. Regulation would be in place so that "free market" isn't actually a "free labor market". Yet before all that, you got to make black Americans whole. That is first and foremost. Like I said, we are the ones at the very bottom. We were placed in this hole. Everyone else who is poor, came here poor for the most part. Black Americans were made poor, and kept poor. So this is a debt to pay. Tell me why immigrants would be willing to help pay that debt as Americans? Current Americans don't want to help pay that debt.
  15. Kemp is an idiot however. He isn't Mitt Romney. The guy is also a cheat that refereed his own election, while at the same time purged black people's voter registration. If it weren't for legal action taken against his office, he might have won by a landslide. I understand your tax fear depending on your wealth status, but Kemp is not your ordinary candidate. He doesn't deserve a vote.