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  1. Matthias

    Eric Berry Released

    Don't Cam and Eric have some history together?
  2. Matthias

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    And the case can be made they should have gotten more, but I'll let them make that case. Though at the end of the day, they got something for being held against their will for a month or two at the most. When it comes to us, we were slaves for hundreds of years, plus another 100 years of being the untouchables and the current shutting out of today. If they got 20k for being in an interment camp for months, how much are we owed for building the richest nation on earth?
  3. Matthias

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    Yeah, it's going to be a wholesale investment into American DOS that will span years. Everything from the check, debt cancellation, business grants, home grants, free tuition, and funding into black institutions will be included. Anything and everything that would go into making black America whole. In truth to get to this level of reparations, you would need congress and lawmakers to pass historic legislation, and that is not going to happen overnight. Yet having a strong advocate of reparations in our next president would go a long way.
  4. Matthias

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    Are you talking about reparations being more than a check?
  5. Matthias

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    I don't know about anybody of color, but black Americans only comprise of a little over 2% of the nation's wealth. Who knows how much of that is black immigrants. By and large, most of ADOS will not see any kind of wealth transfer. Most of our children are born out of wed lock, though not to say both parents aren't involved in their children's life. It does speak to the brokenness of our families due to the legacy of slavery. So again, our only inheritance would be in reparations. Some have estimated to be 14 trillion-20 trillion.
  6. Matthias

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    For mostly the top 10%, there is about to be a great wealth transfer. From anywhere of 30 trillion, to 68 trillion dollars. Since over 90% of the nation's wealth is locked within white America, the this transfer in turn will almost entirely be among white families. The only inheritance American descendants of slaves can receive, is reparations. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/22/how-to-prepare-your-heirs-for-the-68-trillion-great-wealth-transfer.html
  7. Matthias

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    I'm have to agree with that sentiment. I've always felt like black American struggle has been used as a mascot to push different causes. Then on the other hand I think about the Civil Rights Movement, and how it took seeing black people get beat down and water hoses sprayed on them before this country realized, "Oh, black people are human to, and they deserve basic rights". After all that, even those basic rights are still questionable for us. So in spite of all the things going on in our country today, black Americans are tired of waiting around before our issues are addressed directly. Reparations would be revolutionary and transformative for our politics and everyone. Such a policy like this would be the best change for our country, but at the end of the day, for me and others, this is my number one issue now and moving forward. Until it is realized.
  8. Matthias

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    Of course I've discussed many of these things in my past threads. I encourage everyone to go through them and see my answer as to who gets reparations, and what I see happening with that. What is more interesting to me is, because a lot of people feel as though we can't do reparations, we should then just let black Americans suffer instead. Is that the correct answer? No amount of general social programs will lift us out of this hole America put us in. Is that not what the Civil Rights movement was about? We got the Fair Housing Act, we got the Voting Rights Act, all of that and we are still at the bottom, with the bottom about to fall out. Oh, but the Green New Deal is going to solve our problems right? UBI, Medicare for all, Job Guarantees? None of these things will give ADOS what they need to be made whole. Yeah, it will give poor white people what they need. It will give poor Asian Americans and Latino Americans what they need. Yet none of them have this legacy of slavery. None of them are in jail at the numbers we are. We were made to fail in this country. Everyone who came here, came here willingly. We came here as property. Universal programs won't help us, it never has. We need this country to fix us first, then we can talk about those things.
  9. Matthias

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    These aren't real questions about reparations. Is there a legacy and cost of slavery and Jim Crow that is being borne by American descendants of slaves? If the answer is yes, then reparations are owed. These questions do not cancel the need for reparations, and it's mostly nonsensical.
  10. Matthias

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    The popularity of reparations don't phase my expectations of it happening. Many Americans weren't in favor of seeing slavery end. I'm sure many weren't in favor of reparations for the slaves who came out of it. If we based actions of doing justice depending on it's popularity, America wouldn't even be as far along as it is now, for what it's worth. We've already kicked reparations almost 160 years down the road. So this debt is way overdue. So the median in both wealth and income tells us where groups are at the mid way point. So there is no skewing, as the median doesn't take into account the extremely wealthy nor the extremely impoverished.
  11. Of course this is just the Bills trying to save face.
  12. Matthias

    Reparations Roll Call: Sign up here!

    David Brooks, a columnist for the New York Times is on board. The movement is spreading!
  13. Matthias

    Bernie going to run in 2020

    Bernie's policies don't address our issues as being American descendants of slaves. Only reparations would do that, as it is a debt owed to specifically lift us up out of the hole this country placed us in. All Bernie talks about is class policies that seeks to spread the wealth around to everyone. Which is good in and of itself. However, this country doesn't get to do that yet. We can't act like slavery and Jim Crow didn't happen, and ignore the cost we are bearing. Yes, there are poor people in every community, but almost ALL ADOS have no wealth. What wealth we do have is fleeting at an insane rate. Plus it's concentrated poverty that we have in our communities. White poverty is spread out, and they live among middle class white Americans. Bernie's policies won't fix what we have, and for him to act as though that is better than real reparations, is a complete insult to our intelligence. I'm going to tell you this right now, I don't like the man's attitude when it comes to us. As though our demand for reparations is beneath him. What, is he going to force banks to give money to black communities? I thought the Fair Housing Act was supposed to solve all those problems? No, you have to be specific toward us, and only reparations is specific. And don't worry about Trump. We'll get to him during the election. Hopefully we'll have a democratic candidate who is strong for reparations, so they can debate it in front of the entire country. Y'all know how long I've been having this reparations discussion. I didn't wait until an election to have it. This thing has been building up, and it spilled over into this election cycle, as it should. We are putting people through the wringer and finding out who they really are. So far, Bernie has failed the test.
  14. Matthias

    Ravens cut Eric Weddle

    Give me Earl Thomas in free agency, and Montez Sweat in the draft.
  15. Matthias

    Bernie going to run in 2020

    Unless Bernie changes his tune about reparations, he will get no vote from me. In fact, even the conservative view about reparations just being a check is wrong. It will be much more than that. Yet as it stands, he's cancelled, right along with Kamala.