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  1. Matthias

    Go Rams, obviously.

    Brady is going to play until the day he's put into the ground.
  2. True. Yet I feel Mahomes will want to let it rip with the ball today. Brady will dink and dunk with James White and Edelman, looking for a deep strike to Chris Hogan. I think the tortoise wins over the hare today.
  3. Hurt and having a bad game.
  4. Jared Goff in the huddle.....
  5. I wouldn't mind laughing at the Falcons should Brees win at their house.
  6. Pats got too much experience to lose to the young guns.
  7. Rams missing Kupp. Their passing game sucks without him.
  8. Do y'all believe Fox should stop playing that sad music every time there's an injury on the field?
  9. Without Cooper Kupp, the Rams are cooked!
  10. Matthias

    Kamala Harris

    Also I would like to bring this up about Obama. You're right about how he talked down to us every time he stood in front of black people. In his final address to the CBC, after having done nothing significant for American DOS, he threatened us in an attempt to protect his legacy as a president..... MFer, considered yourself insulted!!! How dare this man say something like this? The audacity! For me, I think about what he said here in that the "ending of Mass Incarceration" was on the ballot with Hillary. Is this man smoking that good stuff? We are talking about Ms. Super Predator herself, the wife of the man who signed the Crime Bill of 94 that took mass incarceration to the moon. She was going to end it? Jesse Jackson was entirely right about Obama.... I think this was even before the 2008 election. Man, if only we heeded those words. So definitely, I don't want anything to do with Kamala Harris.
  11. Matthias

    Kamala Harris

    I give him some credit for Dodd-Frank. Some. As I mentioned in an earlier post, he could have been much stronger against these big banks and Wall Street..... You have to realize in terms of political backing, he didn't step out on much a limb to get Dodd-Frank regulations on the books. He had both Democrat and Republican support. He also had the people's support. Now imagine for a moment if there was no housing market crash back in 2007. Do you believe Obama would have had the balls to increase regulation of big banks on his own? I don't. His record suggests this. You ask any professor who studies economics if they believe Obama's presidency was a strong one for the working and middle class, and they will tell you no, not so much. Why? Well as I mentioned in the quote above, one of the first things Obama did was continue the bailout of banks. Now here's his excuse for why he did it... Here he says he had to do it to stabilize the economy. Well, not necessarily no. There were other ways he could have spent that money. Why not invest the money into the people directly, and let them stabilize their home and business loans? Overall when we are talking all the money and assets spent in the bailouts, we could be talking about circulations of trillions of dollars. It's not just the 700 billion+ figure that's out there. Now getting more specific toward American DOS, lets say he had to continue the bailouts to stabilize the market. Well, why couldn't he put in as a stipulation, in order for the banks to receive the money, they had to give a certain percentage of that money to American DOS in home and business loans? You might say he couldn't single us out like that. Well one, he could have if he had the guts. Yet more importantly, it was American DOS who were singled out in the worst of the crisis. We were the ones targeted for predatory loans and sub-prime loans. We were the ones who were called "Mud People" by Wells Fargo. We were the ones who were given "Ghetto Loans". So if we are always singled out to be attacked, why can't we be singled out to be helped the most? If you have time, listen to this podcast discussion on Wells Fargo and how they treated black Americans, along with other devious dealings. (It uses some mature language) https://t.co/17CCgQrrey Ultimately, while the regulations were good, it didn't go nearly far enough. Plus you add on what he did do for Wall Street with the bailouts, and I don't think they lost too much sleep over those regulations. Nobody went to jail, and the banks weren't truly held accountable for what they did, especially to my community. It was simply a slap on the wrist.
  12. Matthias

    Kamala Harris

    Of course if Kamala gets in there, it will be like Obama taking office again. Yes, give that list.
  13. Matthias

    Kamala Harris

    So I was ask who Obama was scared of. It was a question I answered in previous responses such as this one The response before that I linked an article where Obama discussed reparations with Ta'Nehisi Coates. So with all that information, if you can't understand who Barack is afraid of, I can't help it. Yet overall in general, Obama is scared period. He's not going to go against the grain on anything. He does what will make him likable. What more is there to say?
  14. Matthias

    Kamala Harris

    You might have to because neither advocate on our behalf. Obama was president for eight years, and didn't do much at all to improve our standing in this country. At least no one expects anything out of Limbaugh, no black person I know expects anything out of him haha! Obama is the one that was supposedly the best thing for American DOS. Where are the results?
  15. Matthias

    Kamala Harris

    Really? You do realize the CBC had to petition our first black president just so he could meet with them and speak at an event. Now I'm no fan of the CBC in terms of who's on it. A lot of them are just like Obama themselves in ignoring black America, but for the purpose of representation, the CBC represents black America. Why is it they had to petition Obama, again our first "black" president, to meet with a group that represents black America? Heck, if they didn't do that, he would have never been up there demeaning us like he did. What's the difference between Obama saying, "Stop complaining" and Rush Limbaugh saying it? Like American DOS don't work like everybody else. Like they don't live like everybody else. The difference between everybody else and us, is we inherited the legacy of slavery. How this country still shuts us out from being American. We don't need to hear the words of racists coming out of our first black president's mouth. We need for him to advocate for us, the people who were made the doormat of America.