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  1. The problem with your assessment is we have been doing this for a very long time. We have been the captive vote for the democrat party. We aren't doing it anymore, and hopefully more black people will begin to wake up to this reality. We give them our vote at over a 90% clip almost every election. White Americans always vote majority republican, while other groups vacillate. So not only did our labor build the country, but we win elections for these democrats and get absolutely nothing in return. We would have to be the dumbest group of people on the planet to continue this cycle, and expect Democrats to do something for us after they already have our vote. It's not us who have the problem.
  2. It's going great. Unfortunately other than Marianne, all the other candidates chose not to come and ignore us, which ultimately means ignoring black America. The official stance coming from Yvette and Tone concerning the election, is to vote down ballot. That's of course unless these candidates finally decide to wake the hell up, and embrace their most loyal voting block.
  3. No, Tomlin is too serious! I would want a more emotional coach, like a Dick Vermeil.
  4. By the way, referring back to Bernie's tweet, he's completely full with crap. Cutting the wealth gap among young people by more than half? What does that mean when white youth are going to inherit the wealth of their parents, and black youth got no wealth to inherit? This shows how much he actually cares about addressing the legacy of slavery. He's been firm in the past that he does not want to do reparations. He believes he can solve all our problems with general solutions. Nothing he's said or done so far convinces me he's changed that mindset.
  5. You understand. Ultimately student debt cancellation is a good thing. Yet Bernie is being devious with this thing in trying to make it seem like it's something that closes the wealth gap. Look at this tweet by him...... He knows the push for reparations coming from the black community. So he is trying to scheme his way as though he's doing a kind of reparations, without doing it. He's trying to fleece us for our vote. I take great offense when they do this because in my eyes, it's as though he doesn't think we can see right through this crap. He's not the only one. You got Andrew Yang promoting his Freedom Dividend as a kind of reparations. Kamala talked about her Lift Act as a kind of reparations. They do this by saying it would disproportionately help black Americans given our status in this country. With that, we're supposed to get all emotional and jump on their bandwagons. Nope, we aren't doing this anymore of course. Our mottoes are "No Black Agenda, No Vote!" and "Tangibles 2020". If they want our vote, if Bernie wants our vote, he will have to honestly speak with us. Speak to our professors like Sandy Darity. Talk about real reparations. Out of all the candidates, you would think Bernie would have learned his lesson after Hillary got the black vote back in the primary of 2016. Yet he still got his nose stuck up at us. In any case, these candidates better recognize we aren't playing, and we aren't stupid.
  6. I've said it before, what I want is what is owed to my group. We get what is owed, then we can talk about all these other things. Let reparations for ADOS be the first fruits of a transformative system that works for everybody.
  7. It's more of an advantage for them because it frees up the money they would have spent on that debt. For us, all you are doing is taking away this one debt. You are not freeing up any money for us, because we ain't got it. There's no advantage there for us to take part in. And again, we don't go to college at the rates other groups do. For black America, you are only removing one specific debt for a small percentage who have it. This is something white America will most take part in, and have that advantage of freed up wealth. All this "disproportionate" talk doesn't add up when you consider all of the data behind the issue.
  8. So to be clear with student debt cancellation, it doesn't help black America as much as it gives a massive advantage for white America. If we were never going to be able to pay off our debts, the only thing that will change for us is having the debt removed. We would still be massively poor. For white America who was going to pay off that debt, now have that money freed up to invest in other areas in their lives. Black college grads would still have to go through all the systemic hurdles that prevent us from building ourselves up, whereas white college grads have all the possibility before them. Ultimately these promises Bernie and Elizabeth Warren makes to us, they work well for those who don't have this legacy of slavery. If black America didn't have this legacy, those programs would be perfect! I would be all aboard. Yet that is not the case at all. We need our inheritance, and these candidates just won't give the issue the urgency it needs. They won't do it at all. It frustrates the crap out of me.
  9. I would put debt cancellation in as part of our reparations. The only problem with the agenda of cancelling student debt overall, many will see that as reparations, and won't be willing to do the work of trillions in wealth transfer specifically for ADOS. Even though black students won't be able to pay off their student debt by themselves, overall, college debt is not a thing for us as a group. Compared to other groups, we go to college at a lower rate. So the ultimate benefit will largely go to white students. For the black students who do get that relief, they still don't have the wealth and income to live an American life. Removing that debt for white families will give them an advantage that would actually further increase the wealth gap, because now they have money they can use to make moves.
  10. Of course I can't hardly get a lot of my folks to be on board with reparations. What truly matters is to have a critical mass of Black America on board this thing. America, whether Democrat or Republican, whether right or left, aren't opened to any real reparations. Even with Trump gone, that won't change. The most liberal candidates in this current race, don't want to dive into the topic at all. All they keep saying is there is injustice in this country, and that they support an empty bill like H.R.40. They wouldn't even be saying that much if it wasn't for the little we do in advocacy for ourselves. All this Trump stuff amounts to is putting our issues on the back burner. Further kicking this thing down the road, if they care to do that much. We don't have forever to get our inheritance. There will come a day, and very soon, where there won't be nothing left to fight for. We will simply be left with the cost of slavery and Jim Crow. If the Dems really wanted to get rid of Trump so badly, all they have to do is accept our agenda. It's that easy.
  11. I'm not the one who thinks about Trump 24/7.
  12. All this Trump stuff about impeachment is a major distraction! Democrats spent all their time trying to oust Trump with the Mueller Report, and they came up empty. Now they want to waste our time with impeachment talks. In terms of ADOS America, we are getting zero policy our way. It's Trump 24/7 with these folks.
  13. I have a favor to ask. For those of you who support Bernie, tweet at him to come to the ADOS conference. Tell everyone you know to do the same. In fact those of you who are apart of the DSA, tell all the members to tweet at Bernie about this conference. If Bernie comes to the conference, he can submit his reasons for why black America should vote for him.
  14. I can feel the anger from Nina Turner, but she is leading folks astray if she thinks Bernie fully understands how to remedy our problems. This is the same guy who runs away from regular people asking about reparations. Any time folks bring up HR 40, they are not serious about reparations. Not only is it a very weak bill in terms of having a definite commitment toward reparations, but it has to pass both the House and the Senate to get to the president's desk. What is the likelihood that happens on it's own? Would Bernie or the other candidates who "supports" it actively campaign for it? No, they are just saying these things to massage the growing demand for reparations. A sitting president have the authority to announce their own commission to study reparations, so they don't even have to wait for HR 40. All these things show how full of it they are. This is what aggravates me about Nina Turner. There's no doubt she's passionate concerning her words here, but at the end of the day, she's working for Bernie and the Democrats as a whole. She's not about changing anything.
  15. You don't think Biden is Trump? The guy did usher in the crime bill that put mass incarceration of black men on steroids. That's why we call him Jim Crow Joe. The only difference between the two, is one is a Republican and the other is a Democrat. Which of course is not that big of a difference. Going back to that clip of Biden criticizing black folk on how we raise our children. The audacity of this fool! Both his children are drug addicted criminals. His youngest son I believe tried to marry his dead brother's wife, yet Biden is talking about us raising our children?
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