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  1. You see, reparations covers all our history and present day struggle, not just slavery. And, slavery wasn't that long ago. You had share cropping and convict leasing that went on well into the 1940s, which were another form of slavery. Each generation, we were made into slaves, and thus ADOS are the bottom caste of American society. There are a bunch of people who wish to see us at the bottom. Those people are of course racists. Then you have people who don't understand the predicament black Americans are in as a group. Honestly, I don't know the percentages of society that is racist and the percentages that are ignorant. You mis-characterized a lot of what Yvette talked about on her shows. She was talking to folks like you, who said she should be doing this and that. I'll get back to this post after work.
  2. It would be interesting to see Trump speak on reparations as a negative thing. With a concentrated national discussion on this thing here, we will see just how much hate this country has for ADOS people. We would also see black people being forced to face the necessity of reparations. So a hard line will be drawn in the sand.
  3. This is a farce. Don't start sweating yet. The Democrat party is working along with the Black Caucus in trying to dismantle the thought of reparations. If they were serious about reparations and the bill H.R.40, they would have experts in the field of history and economics to come and testify. Instead they brought in actor Danny Glover and writer Ta Nehisi Coates, who is a pessimist. Even the bill H.R.40 itself is a joke. #ADOS is still pushing reparations at this time through these presidential candidates. We got this conversation going, and we will be the ones who will see it through. It will be a massive advantage to have a president that advocates for reparations 100%.
  4. If the FBI had that kind of dirt on King, they would have used it.
  5. Medical knowledge have gotten better over the years. I would take half of Berry's former self, but the contract would have to be half as well.
  6. Well you know, I still have my beliefs with me, but I've gone private with them over the years. I have a desire to speak to convincing evidence on what I believe, and until that time comes, I stay in the shadows.
  7. We don't know that, but I don't expect him to sign with a team until around training camp or something like that. He's going to be a late signing for sure, which I'm hoping perhaps that means he will sign a one year deal that doesn't cost much.
  8. Is there a way for us to sign both Gerald McCoy and Eric Berry?
  9. That wasn't a very long era haha!
  10. I'm a returns processor. Hopefully I plan to finish my schooling to become an engineer of sorts. You made mention of America having the resources for reparations, so there's no need to impact other things like immigration. It's true we have the trillions necessary for reparations, but the fact is this country refuses to do it. The nation use those resources for other things. It talks about other things. That's why this movement is necessary, to bring reparations to the forefront of the conversation. In terms of immigration, poor white immigrants were able to come here and take advantage of this country. Asian immigrants came here and were able to take advantage. Latin Americans will be the next group to do the same. Everybody who don't have this legacy of slavery on their shoulders, are vying for the resources of America. Nobody is looking to do reparations. So that is my point. It's necessary to scale back a lot of this talk. Not just with immigration, but with the Green New Deal, federal job guarantees, etc. All those things will take money and resources to enact. Before we do all that, there is a debt to ADOS people that must be paid. With that said, I don't pay attention to 4chan, I don't care about Talib Kweli, all I care about are the moves we are making concerning these politicians and the work we are doing with economists in shaping a plan for reparations.
  11. I don't know about you, but I would rather a bunch of small businesses thriving than a couple of monopolies that employs everyone. Now for ADOS, our number one employer is the government. I don't doubt a lot of us work in the auto industry, but in terms of full time, private industry has never been our friend.
  12. Of course there was a problem that these companies and banks created. Obama didn't have to give that money to them. He could have come up with some transformative deals that would have helped the people directly. After the Great Depression, FDR set his New Deal into the works that provided federally guaranteed jobs, the introduction of the minimum wage, and strengthened unions. He could have strengthened small businesses not only by letting the monopolies fail, but he could have given that money to small businesses that would have been able to employ others and give them competitive benefits. So we can cheer the jobs that were saved by the bailout, probably most with low wages. Or, we can lament the lost opportunity of really giving the people a chance to thrive in a way that we haven't seen in 60-70 years. (Of course ADOS people were locked out during that time, and today) Obama just wasn't that kind of president, and he was a pushover. See my answer to Harbingers.
  13. He didn't have to do the bailouts. Say if Bernie was president at the time, I don't believe he would have done it. I don't even think the bailouts was a popular thing among Democrats. Obama had to kind of campaign for support on it. Instead of giving it to the companies and banks, he could have let them fail, and give that money to the people.
  14. You don't know how many white millionaires were made under Obama's reign. Now you want to talk about reparations, Obama certainly did that, for white folk. Just the bailout alone put trillions of dollars into white hands. Then under his administration, companies like Uber was able to take off, gutting almost a hundred years of hard fought labor laws. Yet you believe Obama did something for us? You and Rush are like this guy.....
  15. We've spent over 6 trillion in recent wars in the Middle East. Over 20 trillion in assets and resources were circulated during the bailouts. We certainly have the money. The nation just want to cheat us out of our inheritance. I'm not ignoring anything. We are trying to get this country to focus on us. That's really the crux of the situation. You talk as if the nation is ready to give reparations right now. If that were the case, why do we have to campaign for it? No, this nation is focused on everything except ADOS. Interestingly enough, many immigrants are saying the same thing white Americans (who were the immigrants of the late 19th and early 20th century) are saying about reparations. They didn't own any slaves, why should they pay? Isn't that what Obama told Ta-Nehisi Coates? Perhaps we are trying to prevent the next batch of people who don't give a damn about us, who actively stand in the way of reparations. Yvette is on this board, who it's founders has ties to Tanton and his immigration group. Like I said, there aren't many groups or boards out there that talk about limiting immigration. The way I see it, in spite of people calling it a front group for Tanton, I have no reason to believe Yvette is involved with anything Tanton is doing. In the grand scheme, limited immigration isn't a racist thing in and of itself. Most countries in the world have limited immigration. Only in America do we call ourselves a nation of immigrants. No, I don't want to be a nation of immigrants just yet. Not until this country pays it's debts to the group that was forced over here, and therefore we are non-immigrants. Now you focus on Latin and poor immigrants. I focus on all immigrants, particularly the elite. The problem we have with Kamala Harris, other than her record, is her trying to claim our lineage as her own. Neither her nor Barack Obama are ADOS. Marianne isn't claiming to be ADOS. Yet that is not even the issue concerning reparations and this election. If Kamala came out and said she will advocate and press for reparations, she has our vote. (Now given her predatory background, she would have to come stronger than the others concerning a black agenda) All in all, we are voting for policy, not a candidate. If any of them come with it, we will back them.
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