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  1. Of course I still don't want any other group involved in reparations belonging to us.
  2. She seems a little too happy for a group who did this to our ancestors... Native Americans owe reparations to the descendants of their slaves. I'm not saying Natives aren't owed anything by this country. They have received benefits, and are owed more. They deserve full usage of their lands, and how they govern it is their business. Overall, their claims shouldn't be conflated with our claims for reparations. Two separate issues.
  3. The ADOS plan concerning reparations isn't just a one time payment. Of course I'm for better social programs for every one, and reparations wouldn't exempt us from any program that is due to any citizen. True reparations will be a generational fix. It will be having access to resources that will help us create and build wealth. Some examples would be grants, debt cancellation, and even land for special projects. Some of the things tried during this reparations period might evolve to something that would eventually be used by all citizens. So you could say reparations would also be like an experiment on ways to help citizens, but the benefits are first enjoyed by ADOS people.
  4. My people want the "Keys to the Kingdom" as the saying goes.
  5. We've been competing for a long time in this country, and to put it simply, we were held back. Part of my reparations plan is to acquire protections that take away us having to compete with anyone or being harmed by predatory capital. That being said, having a new country would erase our contribution to this one. Instead of starting over with a new country, what we want is full access to all of the US. We want our share of the wealth. America would do a better job in securing that with us in it, than apart from it.
  6. I don't have a lot of thoughts about this (other than I would want to add in the Carolinas heehee) It's not something that would realistically happen. I don't think we could get the full measure of reparations being apart from the country. I foresee a future where there would always be animosity coming from the US on the newly formed nation, and thus there would always be competition. All in all, our ancestors' labor built the early wealth of this nation. It went on to use that and became the richest nation on earth, while at the same time keeping us ADOS from gaining wealth. All we want is our share of the wealth.
  7. Well, you asked for it haha Ask, and ye shall receive! We're doing politics here! Not bad for a loud bunch of social media eh.
  8. If that be the case, then cops shouldn't use tasers.
  9. I do wonder where he was going. What was Trump thinking when he said questionable?
  10. I mean Lincoln wasn't a Radical Republican. The Civil War did bring an end to slavery, but because Lincoln chose that mofo Andrew Johnson to be his vice president, we never got reparations. A new form of slavery took place right after Lincoln's death.
  11. LOL! Coming down like the Confederate statues.
  12. Look at how the markets respond to black death and tragedy... It goes back to the true saying in how the country was built off the backs of slaves. It continues to be built off our suffering. When Philando Castile was murdered in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, the property value there went up 13%. (Exceeding the national market at the time) This is how deeply entrenched the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, and the accrued disadvantage is in our nation. Shoot, Minnesota is not a Southern state. This legacy is everywhere.
  13. 14 trillion is a good number. I've moved toward 17-18 trillion. The longer America puts reparations off, the more likely the number will increase in my mind. Of course as I said before, reparations will be more than a check. So out of that 17 trillion, we're looking at business grants, housing grants, some forms of debt cancellation, perhaps government land acquisition, and other things. Oh, as for the check, I would propose 100k to each American descendant of slavery. So out of 37-38 million of the 40+ million African Americans who would qualify, the total cost would add up to almost 4 trillion of the 17 trillion in reparations.
  14. I'm here to tell you when it comes to this, it wasn't a mistake at all. I deeply respect those who've gone before us like Malcolm X and MLK, but I can say if he regretted the feeling I've shown above, he shouldn't have. It's the absolute truth, and you've proven my point. If you don't think reparations is the key to fixing America, and only reparations, then yes, there is nothing you can do. My advice to white liberals and socialists would be, stand down. Let ADOS people come together on our inheritance, making it our rallying cry. If you want to aid us, talk reparations to our politicians. If you can't do that, stay out of our way.
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