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  1. Yeah, our offense is just fine. If we had won the game, would people still be talking like this? The turnovers was costly, and people acting like we completely sucked. You would think we were 0-5. Cam's accuracy fluctuates at times, but its nothing I'm concerned about.
  2. Matthias

    Eric Reid

    Its funny looking at some of these commentators here. You are jumping up and down for joy to see our team lose because you hate a player taking a stand for black people? I mean to hate the guy is one thing, but to want to see him fail means you care more about that than seeing the success of this football team. For instance, It would literally kill some of you if Reid came out and scored three touchdowns on three interceptions against the Eagles this Sunday. If we were to go to the Superbowl, and Reid balled out, you would literally jump off a building. I don't care for your hate, but that shows you're not a fan of this team. Besides all that, Reid is not playing bad. He isn't playing any worse than any other safety in this league. That's saying something considering he had no off-season to prepare to play. My biggest problem concerning Reid is the fact this coaching staff don't have him out there full time yet. Literally every defensive snap, I'm looking to see if Reid is on the field. I think he's good to go now. There's no need to keep going back and forth with Gaulden. That's the only thing that frustrates me involving Reid. Haha, second game in, and some y'all couldn't wait to post this type of topic. At least wait until he drops an interception or something! All this talk about kneeling, they don't even show the anthem anymore do they? Shoot, I don't tune in until around 1pm to watch the game. If it bothers you that much, go get a life until the game starts.
  3. I rather he miss that field goal, than miss a game winner.
  4. That's the cutest highlight reel I've ever seen.
  5. Matthias

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    Of course I don't particularly get caught up in capitalism, socialism, etc. Programs like the New Deal, GI Bill, and the rest worked. The problem was it wasn't distributed for everyone. The reason why there is so much wealth in the white community is because a lot of it was stolen. Yes, the original form of capitalism was built off of slave labor. Its still held up by cheap labor. Yet this place can be very special if we begin to do for everyone, what this government has done for white Americans. Before that, we first need to fix the wrongs done to the group that was used to create such wealth. After that, we have a system that gives great wages. The reason why cats like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have so much money, is because they are wage thieves. They have the opportunity to pay their workers excellent wages, but instead they keep their income low and pocket their rightful share of the profit for themselves. Bezos could pay his workers 25+ dollars minimum wage if he wanted, causing all of his workers to be able to build whole families. The Waltons could do the same for their companies. So this is what I'm talking about. Create a way for black Americans to have these type of companies that will pay their workers, and you will see a new America. You can still have competition in what they call a free market, but the competition would be about which company is a great place to work for.
  6. Matthias

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    Was the New Deal socialism?
  7. Matthias

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    That's why we need protections along with reparations. We need transformative politics and get the old power structure out. We need an educated populace who don't fall for the lies we're told by mainstream news. (Be it CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News) You give me an educated populace, and you will see a fair society.
  8. Matthias

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    And again when it comes to reparations and why its necessary, I want to see this whole country transform back to the New Deal Era and beyond. An era that was focused on building people up versus big companies. The first investment being to black Americans. Our wealth would increase, allowing us to start new businesses that will be able to compete and give benefits to the workers. Customers would also benefit. Reminds me of this scene from John Q..... You see what the world is like from having descendants of slaves running the show haha! By the way, the reason why healthcare costs so much, is because they make these things cost so much. The people in power on these hospital boards set the prices. Shoot, just by rolling you down the hall in a wheelchair will cost you hundreds of dollars. Ridiculous right. These casts they put to hold broken arms and legs costs hundreds of dollars for you, but only took $7-$15 dollars to make. With more black Americans in power, life would be much better for everyone as we come from humble beginnings.
  9. Matthias

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    For most poor white Americans, they still have a net worth of $10,000 without depreciating assets. They also live around middle class white Americans. What that says is even if they're poor, they have friends who aren't. They may have family who aren't. There is a social network and capital as you said, they can tap into. For poor black people, they have none of that, and everyone they live around are just as poor. (Folks living with no net worth at all)
  10. Matthias

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    I think if you're a black immigrant who can trace your family to before the 1960s, I would include them in reparations.
  11. Matthias

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    Of course most black immigrants, like most all immigrants, came after Jim Crow. Also they don't necessarily have the same history of slavery as we have had in this country. Haiti and Jamaica are mostly black countries. They didn't have to deal with the kind of racism black Americans dealt with living in a white majority nation, where laws were set up for our failure. So I make a distinction.
  12. Matthias

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    I can't help if a Jamaican immigrant gets angry. He/she aren't American descendants of slaves. They would have to take up their cause with Great Britain. I'll root for them in that regard. As for Oprah getting reparations, the check aspect of it or other benefits, I wouldn't argue against her getting it. I do believe the priority should be those who aren't in the elite, which is well over 90% of black Americans descendants of slaves. Understand the median net worth of black families is $1,700. Oprah is invisible when it comes to black American life. The whole how does one prove slave ancestry is a non issue. Last time I checked, this country has pretty good census records. You really don't need to go that far into it. Yet if you need to, we got good records.
  13. Matthias

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    African nations are victims of colonialism. Other nations are taking a lot of resources from there and exploiting them. That is there battle to fight and I root for them to get theirs.
  14. Yeah he should have called the cops on the woman stalking him and the children. Yet I understand why that wouldn't have crossed his mind. He's just out looking after these kids. Not to get on him because he did nothing wrong, though I'm kind of surprised at how shocked he seemed when the cop came in. A black man with white kids is going to draw a lot of unwanted attention. If the woman was stalking him and following him, he definitely should have called the cops on her first. Though I wonder if it would have mattered much who called the cops. They probably would have still gave him more suspicion. You almost have to take this aspect as part of the job if you're babysitting white kids as a black man. (A black woman may not have been questioned to this aspect, but naturally would still receive a lot of odd looks. I also think a white man babysitting black kids would get looks to, but would never reach this level of inquiry unless the kids were acting strange)
  15. Matthias

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    Yeah, at this point, we've had these discussions in detail. I can't help you if you choose to remain ignorant. I'm not your parent and I'm not going to baby you. Yet I tell you the truth. It's not so much that you don't know the answer to your first question, but its more so you either don't care or you hate black Americans. It is one of those two. Now I encourage you to be honest in that aspect. I much rather you say one of those two because those are logical options. When it comes to not caring, I think most Americans are in this category. Especially I would say immigrants who aren't white. Why do I say that? One, they come from their countries looking to better their own lives. Most immigrants who come from economic power houses like China, Japan, they already have education and money under their belt. They are coming and working that elite background to gain more wealth. Immigrants who come from unstable countries like Nicaragua and Honduras, they are looking to gain a foothold of a middle class life. Immigrants who aren't directly linked to the history of slavery and Jim Crow aren't traveling thousands of miles across the world to come and identify with a losing group in black Americans. So a lot of white Americans and most immigrant Americans don't care about this issue. If you don't fall into that category for why you ask this question, then the other is, again, you hate black Americans, for whatever reason. As to your second question, if I could get reparations from African countries, I wouldn't turn that down. Yet I'm not going to actively pursue it from them. They engaged in a tribal slavery system for the most part that was practiced throughout the world. Yet they didn't play a role in keeping my people here down for hundreds of years. Most African slaves that were enslaved among the kingdoms, could earn their freedom. They could have become a citizen of the African kingdom they were captive in. Their children most certainly wasn't enslaved after them. This country made it a point to keep black people as slaves for their entire life, and their children after them. Even after slavery was over, we remained the designated bottom of this country to this day. America has played a much more indelible role in this horror then any African kingdom could have played. This is my country, the land that was made the richest on earth through slave labor. The wages of that labor will be paid here, with interest. Deserved interest.