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  1. Obviously a shame, but is Trump bad for trying to make peace now? Please, pour the spin on.
  2. I can't think of a better example of poetic justice than the DNC choosing the candidate for their voters. After all, isn't that what Bernie supporters believe? That the government knows best when it comes to matter such as this. Or wait no, maybe just that the government should assume control of several of our major industries, but somehow exercise the restraint to not become corrupt and start picking their own candidates? Because that's always been a recipe for success..
  3. Trump could have done some things better (like rolling out test kits faster), just like he could have done a lot of things worse (like being early to block flights from China, and getting flack from the left for doing so). Not sure why the full outrage and people so desperate to fall for fake news here though. You see a story that says "Trump called the coronavirus a hoax" and you don't even think for a second that maybe the news is spinning his words. Come now. As usual, sorry to shatter your narratives, but I'm a Trump supporter and have been following the Coronavirus closely since January. Nobody in my close groups thinks it's 'only a flu.'
  4. Glad to see credit given where credit due. So refreshing to have a President that campaigns on anti-war, and actually keeps their promises.
  5. Umm I didn't say that. Aggie said that he had to work '10x as hard as me'. Honestly, does anyone here actually believe he had to work 10 times as hard? Just lol Edit: I guess because of my political beliefs, or maybe my assumed skin color, ya'll automatically know everything about my past and know how easy it was for me. So pathetic.
  6. You seem to have missed the point, so let me try to explain this in another way. Sometimes, people can be so blinded by their racial politics, that they end up hurting the very groups they claim to want to help. Take a look around at what is actually going on. And I don't mean what CNN and MSDNC are reporting. I mean what is actually going on. Trump has re-negotiated trade deals, dialed back job-killing regulations, expanded the economy, and created jobs. African American unemployment is at historical lows. You have the choice, right now. You can vote for another 4 years of continued economic empowerment for black people in America. But you won't. You won't do it. Instead, you are going to vote for a politician that will take away jobs, raise taxes on the middle class, and then try to use those taxes to fund social welfare programs to make up the difference. You should take a long look in the mirror at who is actually hurting who.
  7. Have you considered maybe giving back to the community and helping lead others down this path of success, instead of expecting government solutions to do it for you? You may find it is far more effective. I also have a degree in Engineering. Shame on you trying to discredit my hard work by saying it was '10x harder for you'. Again with that victim mentality.
  8. Because Trump has done exactly that, worked to keep us out of multiple wars. Then when you give an example like Syria, Turkey, etc. it is immediately discredited even though that's what they literally just said. Weird.
  9. Bootstrapper Dan is going to be grinding and improving himself over the next year, can you say the same?
  10. I grew up with several close friends who were Mexican, including illegal immigrants. Nowhere did I see any of them 'gaining whiteness by shyting on blacks'. I would ask you to explain more, but that's probably wasted time for both of us, although I'll be glad to read if you want to. And sorry if I assumed you were a leftie, normally with the victim mentality that guess is going to be correct 90% of the time so hopefully you understand.
  11. Way to gloss over the facts of what actually happened. When the intelligence community found out about potential Russian interference in Bernie's campaign, they briefed him on it. When the intelligence community found out about potential Russian interference in Trump's, they did not brief him, used it to illegally obtain a FISA warrant, and spied on his campaign staff. See the difference?
  12. Dude.. Obama started multiple wars. Trump has not started a single war. Just stop. Having a strong military to protect your national sovereignty does not make you pro-war, it makes you responsible.
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