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  1. Sure, they are less predictable. But CMC is a big weapon in the redzone that we don't have right now. When the Panthers play against tougher defenses, redzone production becomes super difficult without stars.
  2. It sounds like the Saints did him a solid by not "suspending" him. If he wasn't Brees' best weapon, it probably would have ended much worse.
  3. He missed 2 games in his first 6 seasons. He hardly has a crazy injury history.
  4. In 2019 home teams only won 51% of their games. wHFA, weighted home field advantage per team, has been in use for quite a while now.
  5. That isn't true especially this year. Also, on average, home field advantage has been less then 3 points for quite a while.
  6. He didn't even break his nose when he punched him. Steve Smith would be disappointed.
  7. Fumble recoveries after the whistle do count. The continuing action after the whistle doesn't count (like if the player recovers and then scores, the score doesn't count).
  8. All that was missing was the dab. He's got some work to do on that front.
  9. I'm the moron? This has been the rule since 2006. The play is not over when the whistle is blown. Call me names all you want but the rule is the rule.
  10. Or just the fact that they are using Microsoft tablets. I mean, technical difficulties with a Microsoft product? Say it ain't so!
  11. He's hitting over 57% of his passes today. That is on par with Cam. You are acting like he can't even complete a single pass.
  12. If that one is a TD pass in the red zone, the Broncos will take it. They've sucked in the red zone all year.
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