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  1. This was the advice given to me. Stay home unless I have trouble breathing, then head to ER immediately. Pretty much don't waste a test and medical staffs time if I'm not in serious trouble.
  2. Not here in PA. Only emergency repairs are permitted at this time. https://www.scribd.com/document/452553026/UPDATED-2-30pm-March-24-2020-Industry-Operation-Guidance
  3. Yes sir. And I made a gif of saints fan Alice and some other Cam haters going down on him but it kept getting flagged on image sharing sites. fug that guy.
  4. Luck didn't exactly set the NFL on fire and ended up not even the best QB drafted in his draft class. Multiple QBs out performed him from his draft class. He's probably a bad example for tanking for a QB working.
  5. Meanwhile when I call into my Dr. Monday after getting sick over the weekend ... "Fever?" yes "Any other symptoms?" Dry cough. Tightness in chest but I'm not having trouble breathing. "have you traveled?" No "have you been in contact with someone that has covid19?" I don't think so. How would I know? "Ok. Stay home unless you start having trouble breathing. Then go to ER." …. I get it. I'm young and have a great chance of living through it. Fever is already gone. Still have a dry cough. Chest still has discomfort to it. Just assume I have it and quarantine myself. Take over a room of the house and stay away from the rest of the family. I haven't slept beside my wife in 5 days. Haven't held my children in 5 days. Wife trying to handle poo outside the room well everything's going to hell. But she's shown no symptoms. So I can't just assume she's got it too. It would have been nice to have test done. Confirm it one way or the other. I'd love to fuging know if my family I've been around the last 2 weeks that are high risk need to be tested. Should of just lied and said yeah I traveled. Whatever. I'm rambling and venting. Day 5 of self quarantine: I've begun to lash out on a computer screen. fug me.
  6. As a northern who makes a living off of appraising vehicle damage, northerners don't know how to drive in the snow. Body shops pray for snow, sleet, and freezing rain in July.
  7. Meanwhile where I live in PA waiting on some snow this winter so I can build a fuging snowman with my kids.
  8. Im never voting against the Panthers in the off-season. Panthers could announce Chris Weinkie is coming out of retirement to start and I still wouldn't vote saints, Falcons, or Bucs.
  9. 49er fans were the biggest piece of poo fan base that visited here this season. I enjoyed another Kyle Shannon choke job and a 49er loss.
  10. I was wondering that too with a couple players. Greg, Brady, and Brees. It's not just some random families suffering loss. This is a legend, one of their own. Having that time available to around your family instead of chasing a ring or records might be more appealing Sunday night than it was Sunday morning.
  11. Ah yes, forcing civilians to pledge allegiance . Something a free country should be proud of. Especially when we force little children who don't understand the words coming out of their mouths. The words have power and meaning. But they become empty and hollow when forced upon little ones who don't understand what they are doing.
  12. What has he done for us not to trust him? I mean really got no choice. We're just fans along for the ride. Hope they make the right choices.
  13. Looks like he played in 5 games the year he won beating out Greg. My bad.
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