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  1. It sucks that all that blood, sweat, and tears put into something they loved ends up to be fuged by 2 people who didn't hold up their end of the final product. My personal opinion of course. Yeah I'm not signing a petition that shits on incredible work of majority of people working on the show but I'm not rushing to watch anything written by D&D any time soon.
  2. That article actually says "Upon tweeting out some numbers comparing Chernobyl’s death toll (~200/total)". After I watched the episode, I googled death total of the accident. You go to the wiki page and it has this wild range of possible deaths: Link As reputable, peer-reviewed sources -- including the medical journal The Lancet -- have noted, the total number of deaths attributed to the Chernobyl disaster is a controversial and disputed issue, with former Soviet officials and disparate governmental, health, environmental, and survivors' organizations citing a range of estimates ranging from no more than 31 total deaths to no less than 93,000.
  3. That has nothing to do with what NJ is talking about. It doesn't matter whether Cam Newton is the best player to ever put on a Panther's jersey or the most overrated player to put on a Panther's jersey. Personally living outside of the Carolinas, I see that Carolina Panthers are associated with Cam Newton. He is the biggest star and most polarizing player we ever had. He may not be what you, me, and/or other Panther fans that have been a fan of the Panthers before the Newton era think of immediately. People around here couldn't give a poo about the Panthers but they sure have an opinion on Cam Newton.
  4. Yes but the game in question was played with 3rd and 4th stringers for majority of the game with the occasional exception. You can say that that game for the back ups who may never see real playing time again was their Super Bowl. Expecting them to treat it like a meaningless game is not realistic.
  5. Yes. Starters absolutely ease off the gas for insignificant games. Back ups and back ups to back ups take advantage of the limited chances they get on the field. What piece of poo human being is going to tell 3rd and 4th string players I hope you play like poo on the only chance you may ever get to step on a NFL field during a regular season game?
  6. I was hoping they would trade up to 9th pick just to watch the complete meltdown it would have caused.
  7. Wasn't responding about the second part and all about taking the shoulder injury too seriously. Can't really say treat it like Luck and say it's not serious. Treating it like Luck is 1 to 2 more years without Cam as a starting QB. That sounds serious. Yes your second part about getting a FA and drafting a QB could ease the issue but it's still serious.
  8. That pretty much means we need a QB for next season and possibly the following if we are resting him like Luck.
  9. Best thing about being a damn yankee. Sweet tea isn't a thing.
  10. "If we play our best and they play their best, we would win" Cam was right then and he will be right next season. Broncos board is that way. You get no respect for signing up after a game to talk smack here when you had no balls to talk it before the game.
  11. I wrote it yesterday. They give a new found respect for Saints and Falcons fans. Congratulations fans this week pulling for Seahawks. You made Dat Alice look intelligent.
  12. In the grasp rule would fug us several times if the blew it right away.
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