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  1. "More details emerged after it was first reported that quarterback Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints restructured their contract, freeing up $10.8 million in salary cap space for the 2019 season. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe reported that the Saints added another voided year to Brees’ contract to help spread out future hits against the salary cap. The Saints will have to reckon with these cap hits regardless of whether Brees continues playing after 2019 or chooses to retire. Larry Holder of the Athletic confirmed the adjustment. Per Volin’s report, Brees will leave the Saints with these salary cap hits in the next few years: 2019: $22.7 million 2020: $15.9 million 2021: $5.4 million This is smart accounting, giving the Saints more flexibility and resources in both the future and the present to work on other contracts. If Brees opts to re-sign with the Saints after the 2019 season and continue playing, any future salary cap commitments will be added on top of these preexisting numbers. If he hangs up his cleats after this season, the Saints will have about 8-percent of next year’s salary cap committed to him in dead money. That’s very much a molehill, not a mountain." https://saintswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/14/saints-drew-brees-contract-details-restructure/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  2. To be fair, the last game of the season was won by the backups and back up to back ups. Not the starters who put on one of the greatest midseason collapses in the history of the NFL. For the people that wanted us to lose that final game, maybe the key was to keep playing the starters.
  3. It won't end. If whoever we pick at 16 doesn't produce from the very first preseason game, the "glad we won that last game crowd" will be thrilled and continue the one line remark throughout next season. If whoever we pick at 16 sets the NFL on fire, it will be replaced with "glad we won that last game" except it won't be sarcastic.
  4. When? 2014? Up 20 - 7 at half then lost to the Saints. Didn't see anything that showed they sat all their starters at half time but dont feel like searching more than I did so I'll just take your word for it. #1 pick got them Jameis Winston though. Good chance Buc fans wish the team would have ate that W that day instead of tanked. Edit: I actually did zero search into who actually stepped on the field first snap first half and first snap second half. Quite possibly a perfect example of karma biting the Bucs in the ass for tanking on purpose only to end up with Winston.
  5. Bolded part is not accurate when you look at Saints snap count. Backs up played but so did most of their starters. Same as the Panthers. Vanilla game plan might be true. Probably is true. It was like a preseason game for both teams. It is what it is - John Fox.
  6. It's no use Shaka. Some how week 17 was RR's fault. I'm not even a RR guy. I would have been fine with him no longer being HC. But I'm not sure what people wanted him to do in that game. 2 teams playing back ups and back ups to back ups. Someone had to win. NFL players auditioning their talents for spots on any NFL team that would have them next season. Some of them might never step on a regular season NFL field again. Short of the HC telling his players to fug over their own future, there was no way of guaranteeing a loss in week 17. But RR's fault.
  7. How was Rr supposed to lose if the Aints gave us the win? I'm not arguing what would have been the better outcome for the Panthers. I'm just not sure what the Panthers could of done besides kneeling every offensive possession and running field goal block defense on every defensive possession.
  8. Snap Counts: Shaq: IR (Aj Klein 53%) TD played 52% of the defensive snaps. Probably final game as a Panther. Sure lets sit him after one series because future draft pick. (De Davis 62%) Luke played 10% of the defensive snaps. Luke is Luke. Played one series. (Alex 51%) Donte Jackson (100%) and Bradberry (98%) played full game. I guess these 2 guys made all the difference. (Eli Apple was 92% and Lattimore was 50%) Is that really your solution for RR to lose that game? Pull Donte Jackson and Bradberry? btw Michel Thomas 79% of Saints offensive snaps. So it wasn't like they were lining up against back ups.
  9. I don't think we were mathematically eliminated until the week 16 loss.
  10. I'm not really sure what people wanted RR to do. Backups to backups were in. Hell we were one hit to the QB away from CMC going in as QB.
  11. But do you restart at the missed pass interference or the series before with the miss face mask. Why not go even before that for a missed call that effected a previous series? Yeah it's a safe bet old Rog isn't "fixing" something that isn't broken. Brees had the chance to be a hero and made the Rams fans cheer instead. Brees ruined his own legacy. Not a miss pass interference call before hand.
  12. Let's be honest, the Saints offense has looked off for last half of the season. Not including week 17. Drew Brees had the chance to be the hero like Tom Brady did. One proved they were the GOAT. The other will be watching the Super Bowl from the couch in his house.
  13. Well he's a Cowboys fan so he doesn't know much as it is.
  14. Dude no lie a Cowboys fan relative of mine told me today that the bull poo roughing the passer penalty for the supposed slap of Tom Brady was Cam Newton's fault. He was dead serious too. He said if it wouldn't of been for Cam bawling about getting hit they wouldn't of changed all these rules about QB's being touched. Because Cam Newton had to be a pussy and can't take a hit that call happened in the AFCC game.
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