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  1. How is Vegas getting money from a sports book operating in Charlotte?
  2. Interesting - where did Tepper say that? I had heard that before.
  3. Dangerous approach. This virus is a typically mild flu. Many people aren’t symptomatic that are carriers. You go out to the mall and if you aren’t conscientious you can get it or give it easily even if not coughing. If it makes it into a school or a nursing home it will cause some deaths. If it makes it into a large population it will overwhelm our medical capabilities. It’s very contagious and very mild for most carriers. Just take precautions and don’t be cavalier and all will be ok.
  4. I can’t remember either but If 22m Americans get corona virus 200,000-600,000 people will die.
  5. Directly involving the youth soccer players and programs into a simple game-day tradition is beyond brilliant. It not only builds the sport generationally, but humanizes the adult players and broadens viewership and support. Its about as win win as you can get for the sport for zero dollars.
  6. A simple and legal gesture of goodwill to the council members. This gesture had nothing to do with their votes.... that happened behind closed doors. Neither Tepper or the council is sloppy enough to leave a trail like this. This is tinderbox material.
  7. 2nd year personal director to GM? Seems like quite a jump but would love to have him in the front office.
  8. How many years has Bersin been a "starter" for us? I was under the impression last year was his rookie campaign. also amazing how many people can call a "ceiling" so quickly. Impressive.
  9. I never stated that espn was intelligent, just passing on what I heard. If you want my take: I bet a team like Den or Phi has a lot larger chance of a 2 pt conversion than other squads who keep the chance of a success below 50% therefor a team that has a 60 % success rate may be more inclined to give it a go vs a 91% chance of a pat (assuming espn was correct about that percentage.) Edit: If I had to guess kicks have a higher block/return rate than a 2 point attempt
  10. Espn was dissecting and said a 32 yard FG % success rate was 91% The 2 point play was 47% So you technically have a higher percent chance of getting 2 points off 2 two point attempts than 2 32 yard PATs Therefore attempting 2 two point plays become vastly more appealing to many teams. Will it? probably not for many.
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