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  1. Directly involving the youth soccer players and programs into a simple game-day tradition is beyond brilliant. It not only builds the sport generationally, but humanizes the adult players and broadens viewership and support. Its about as win win as you can get for the sport for zero dollars.
  2. A simple and legal gesture of goodwill to the council members. This gesture had nothing to do with their votes.... that happened behind closed doors. Neither Tepper or the council is sloppy enough to leave a trail like this. This is tinderbox material.
  3. 2nd year personal director to GM? Seems like quite a jump but would love to have him in the front office.
  4. Agreed. Also a lot of Panthers that have had their career made in Charlotte, stay in Charlotte. Smitty, Olsen etc.. I think the Riveras are just trying to sow some good will and lay the foundation for a long future in the community.
  5. I have heard nothing to support that. In fact I would think playing for a upper mid market team with a billionaire owner who is on the cusp of having the most state of the art facilities would be a big draw. We aren't a total rebuild with MVPs on both sides of the ball. Plenty of big names go to bottom dwelling teams. We aren't exactly a bottom dwelling team with the right leadership and a few tweaks.
  6. The saints go into every offseason with little to no cap room and manage to make big splashes and build a perennial winner. Cams 20m is no excuse to not be competitive in other areas.
  7. Being consistently inconsistent is temporary by its very nature. Being a consistently inconsistent team means that when we suck we will consistently be inconsistent at sucking. Unfortunately when we win, we will be consistently inconsistent at winning. Thats being a Panther fan at its core. Also, if anyone here thinks Tepper is not focused on making money and profits from this football investment they have not meet or researched David Tepper, or been watching over the past 18 months at the framework of what he is laying down. This isn't a plaything for him. This is next level business and he is going to absolutely squeeze every ounce of profitability out of this venture and all ancillary ventures. He absolutely bought this team to make money. Owning an NFL franchise is one of the best investments a person with 11 billion dollars can make. He isn't just sitting back watching football - he is actively expanding the entire footprint of what a football team is capable of earning. He is moving massive facilities (front office, elite training fields and buildings) to SC and purchasing land around that which will certainly be for parking, entertainment, commercial, housing and office in time. I am sure that will double as a venue for many other things (like MLS training facility, concerts, festivals etc...) He is already working on an uptown land site for a new stadium which will be domed for maximum revenue generation. He is prepping the city to invest along side himself for a new stadium. The scope of what Tepper is doing here is going to be on scale with Jerryworld in the next 10 years and will likely surpass Jerryworld since Tepper can take Jerrys blueprint and take it to the next level.
  8. meh. Casual fans maybe. Real fans know this is temporary. The only person who is affected negatively by attendance is Tepper's concession/merch sales. If Teppers bottom line drops - he makes changes to reverse that. We get a new coaching staff/players. The NFL is very fickle, teams can go from the top to the bottom in a few games and visa versa. Enjoy the low anxiety of the rest of the season and let your cholesterol levels balance out before next year. Even if I can't see the puzzle pieces right now, I am highly optimistic about the future of this team because I know that we have an owner who is absolutely committed to excellence.
  9. I think Garrett is arrested but charges get dropped and no suit. I think he is suspended 10 games. The season isn't enough for him. I think Pouncy gets 2 games Lots of fines everywhere.
  10. Tepper doesn’t have brass balls. His investment strategies earned him that monicker.
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