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  1. zero. it sounds all nice and swell using your platform to enact social reform.... then you realize by cancelling your season you remove the platform. The NBA is isolated in a bubble and feel helpless to do things except tweet. The NFL will have days off and will not be restricted to a bubble. Most players in the NFL aren't household names and without an NFL season aren't as powerful of a voice. I will expect lots of touchdown celebrations politically charged , in game demonstrations (both team taking a knee for the first play), and lord knows what else. Its the ratings I am worried about and the onfield product.
  2. agree. I would think 0-6 in a year like this so the Cats will find a way to do something crazy and win 3.
  3. with the salary cap expanding (pre covid) and the new CBA do not be surprised that this deal is going to look huge when in reality it will just be a new normal.
  4. These are bittersweet for me as well. I hate seeing folks be forced to leave a place they gave their heart and soul even if it is time. It would be trickier for me if he wasn't getting paid for the next 2 years and has the opportunity to potentially still earn else where. He doesn't have to uproot his family so thats not a concern I share but I wish the Gano family well. I will always remember the Super Bowl year - the spanish announcers call of the Gano kick!
  5. Im no doctor but that sounded like a dumb idea.
  6. Damn. To be a kicker and tear your kicking leg ACL in the offseason has to suck.
  7. My guess as well. Almost like the old smoking areas. Bathrooms and concession lines will be appropriately “social distanced” as will the queue to enter but once folks get on the ramps or in the halls it will be a free for all. The stands will likely be monitored for optics sake.
  8. Sadly all three of these things have already happened and it hasn't gotten people to take it seriously. I hope something changes.
  9. It’s not that hard we just aren’t getting hard numbers. A multi billion loss over one year is a whole different e ball game than a 1 billion loss over 10. Especially if it’s part of a greater equation. I haven’t seen numbers on either.
  10. Is there a hard source for the 10m yet? I have been reading the NFL is projected to lose billions and the players want to spread that over 10 years vs taking it all in one year. I am not getting how the math works either way. 1billion in one year / 32 is 31million a team.
  11. Im aware. Jerry isn't the only NFL owner, player or employee to use a slur. Jerry is also not the only owner accused of sexual harassment. JR had NDAs that were broken. I bet you 100$ Snyder has NDAs that haven't been exposed yet. Regardless, JR deserved to go plus it was probably his time anyway. Perhaps other people in the NFL deserve to go. I am just blown away the NFL went so hard after JR and other folks get to pick and chose their own fate. This isn't an impartial investigation even if the owner can pay lawyers to hide from it. Remember JR tried to hire Erskin Bowles to do a "private investigation" into this mis conduct. The NFL slapped that aside and took over. If the NFL wants you out, you are out.
  12. Damn. JR must have really fallen out of favor with the NFL. There will be no better time the next 20 years to get Snyder out of the NFL and get Bezos in.
  13. 30 days interest on 30,000 prepaid season tickets has to be a decent chunk of change.
  14. Nothing wrong with strong ties to SC as a dual state team. We need more folks from Columbia, Charleston and Greenville to be Panther fans.
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