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  1. The only curved surfaces I'm interested in are on my women.
  2. One play? lol, He had a better season than Benjamin in like 5 less games.
  3. I think he should be stripped naked and beaten in the town square.
  4. Obviously Brady has become so old and feeble that he can't grip a properly inflated ball.
  5. Wanting to be paid like a starting QB is understandable. Wanting to be paid the highest salary in NFL history is ridiculous.
  6. Do you even watch college football? Auburn was playing a nationally televised game like every other week. He is not a FB.
  7. David Mayo is a former member of Church of Scientology and affiliated organizations. Mayo is best known for being the leader of the Advanced Ability Center, a breakaway organization of the Church of Scientology.
  8. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu Michael Bennett Brett Hundley Kenny Bell Antwan Goodley Tyrus Thompson Kevin White Kurtis Drummond ...all still on the board.
  9. The only thing more surprising than the Rams taking Gurley is the Colts taking yet another WR.
  10. That defense just got alot better by putting some more young speed in the secondary. In Gettleman I trust. ....also, lol @ all the Shaq Thompson haters.
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