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  1. The time to buy a house will probably be late 2021-2022, housing market typically is slow to react. I think when there is a lot of market uncertainty investors move to real estate as its typically a less volatile investment. Stock market right now just makes no sense: human rights crisis, high unemployment, inevitable second wave of covid, etc. Lot of money pumped into market by gov't as well. Even Tepper said this is the second most inflated market he has seen behind the .com bubble.
  2. Slightly off topic but I hope Jordan Scarlett gets some action this year. I had high hopes for him around this time last year.
  3. 6 whole catches in 2019, doubling his 2018 total. Hopefully he can block lol
  4. Saints gave him $110k guaranteed sizable UDFA contract.
  5. Saints got Throckmorton. Damn I am not happy about that.
  6. As a fan I'm happy we left the draft knowing there is a plan and a sense of direction. Our OL is atrocious but this team had too many holes to fill all in one draft so I get it. The road to being competitive in 2021 looks promising.
  7. Throckmorton still undrafted. Would love that in UDFA.
  8. He wasn't three years removed from high school.
  9. Carolina Panthers: Kenny Robnson, CB/S, XFL - A+ Grade This may not mean much, but Kenny Robinson shut down the best receiver in the XFL when that league was happening. Robinson was once considered a first-round prospect, but decided to play in the XFL. The Panthers are potentially getting a great steal. My man Walter loves it lol
  10. Maybe Throckmorton or Ismael will still fall.
  11. Our OL is going to be such trash. Not that I expected to address everything in a year, but still...a guard who could compete for a starting spot would be nice.
  12. Lots of NFL talent in this Auburn DL vs Oregon OL matchup
  13. and the Ravens (the team that always crushes the draft) goes interior OL. Please take notes Panthers. Shane Lemieux here please.
  14. I'm bitter that we took Pride over Dye. Hope he proves me wrong.
  15. Lemiux, Throckmorton, Hanson, Dye. I wouldn't mind any of those Ducks to be honest. Especially Lemiux and Dye though. Value and needs at this point. We got Geoff Schwartz in the 7th out of Oregon too, that worked out well.
  16. Get a first for Buckner, shed the contract and reload with Kinlaw. Lose Staley and immediately get Trent Williams. Lose Sanders, gain Aiyuk. Its impressive.
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