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  1. ​Just saw the number on twitter. Didn't count it myself. Apparently more coming out later. The dude on PackPride that has been spot on since the beginning said additional information will come out in days ahead.
  2. ​I think he'll be a baller. I see that you guys are a finalist for our freshman stud transfer as well. Not that he'll help in 2015, but Torin Dorn is going to be a fuging star, even in the ACC. He has a complete game and superb athleticism. I really hate that we lost him, but it's worth losing a player even as good as him to get rid of a terrible coaching staff. He seemed like a really good kid too, so State will be getting a really great player if he ends up there. I have a feeling he'll join the 4 star recruit we also lost as a result of the coaching change in Miami though.
  3. Shaun Kirk, an underrated recruit in 2015 IMO, committed to NCSU last night. I was pretty bummed because he seemed pretty high on Charlotte. After he committed to State, Calipari rushes in and offers him a scholarship and now he's considering going to UK instead because he didn't sign a LOI for State. Not that I care about NCSU, but fug Calipari. Commitments have never meant anything in college football, but they've generally been respected in college basketball.
  4. Could always play this: http://www.battlegroundeurope.net/home All online WWI game that has been around for probably 10-15 years now. They've made massive updates to the game though, so the graphics, physics engines, and everything else has evolved and gotten better over time. The map is half scale of Europe and it is probably the most realistic war game ever made. Entire cities are destructible. Each "game" can last months, although some have been as short as 10 days. Contains infantry, navy, and air force. Really cool game, I just don't have a good enough PC to play it.
  5. This was actually my initial response. I changed it to try to be funny instead. I came back to 0 pieces of pie, so I failed.
  6. Seems like a bad business decision. I imagine sausage pizza would be quite a hit at a gay wedding.
  7. down goes UNI. They're a good team, but I didn't like the Louisville matchup for them.
  8. I'm seeing 4-6 with a 100% chance now. I'm in the 28204 zip code, not sure where you are, so that could be the difference.
  9. Probably already been said, but this is a case of a private company jumping into action to lessen the odds of even more costly regulation. They're not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. They're doing it because there is a concerted effort in many areas of the country for a $15/hr minimum wage. $10/hr is much better for them and at the same time makes politicians back off because it looks like Walmart is proactively raising their minimum wage anyway.
  10. The SoCon would have made no sense at all. Charlotte had the second best winning percentage in CUSA in an era when it had a Bob Huggins coached Cincy (#1 several times), Louisville, Memphis, and Marquette (as well as lesser but not completely terrible programs like Houston, USF, DePaul (before they were complete dogshit), and SLU). 2nd best winning percentage all time in a conference with three HoF coaches (Huggins, Pitino, and Calipari) is pretty stout. Went to the NCAA tournament 8 out of 11 years--only a handful of schools went more over that time span. You don't go from a conference with legit national championship contenders that was generally the best conference outside the traditional powers to a conference routinely ranked in the 20's in RPI with 0 at large bids in history. Charlotte has fallen a long way over the last decade, but we were so far above the SoCon at the time someone suggesting that would have gotten laughed out of the room. The A10 was the next best basketball conference outside the power conferences at that time, and after Louisville, Cinci, and Marquette departed from CUSA, the A10 was a stronger conference. Temple and Xavier were long time national level programs. SLU was decent. Dayton has a pretty solid history as well. Throw in other decent programs like Richmond and a Saint Joe's team that was coming off a #1 seed only 2 years before and the A10 looked like a great option in every way except geographically. The A10 thought they had hit a homerun getting Charlotte after the previous decade of success, but it didn't work out that way. Lutz absolutely deserved to be fired. 5 straight years without NCAA tournaments and terrible recruiting. He admitted himself after he was fired that he didn't know how to recruit to the A10. He relied on JUCOs and cast offs. The year he was fired, he had ZERO commitments for the next season. We were often scrambling to find recruits late into summer his last 4-5 years here. It was pathetic. Lutz lived off the legacy off the coaches that came before him and even admitted his recruiting strategy was to pitch playing against HoF level coaches to recruits. When he could no longer do that, he had no pitch. Lutz makes for a great assistant coach. He is in the perfect role for him now at NC State. There is a reason he has been interviewed for at least a half dozen head coaching jobs since Charlotte and has gotten none of them. He's a nice dude, met him several times and he was fine in CUSA, but he was a trainwreck in the A10. Unfortunately, we hired another trainwreck right after him and I'm almost certain he will be gone after this season.
  11. Lutz deserved to be fired. Moving the A10 wasn't our choice. CUSA made us leave because we didn't have football. Then we decided to move out of the A10 just as the A10 was solidifying itself as a pretty major basketball conference. Personally, while I enjoy going to football games, I'd rather not have football and see us play VCU, Richmond, SJU, SLU, and Dayton than the teams in CUSA. College football is a sham and I have very little interest in it compared to college hoops.
  12. I don't really have any grudges against UNC or Duke. I may not like some of their walmart fans, but I don't really think much of them either way. Just sharing what my friend who went to UNC told me from her first hand experience in dealing with the UNC AFAM department.
  13. Used to be decent in a conference that was one of the worst baseball conferences in America. Soccer is the only good program we have left. Major has finished destroying the basketball program. Baseball has the facilities to be good and CUSA is an attractive conference for recruits, but we're at best a few years away. Especially with our team kicking several players off for hazing.
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