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  1. Sad day. But I feel it in my Panther bones. Thanks Cam. Greatest QB in Panther history.
  2. I saw an interview with John Salley about how his 4 championship rings are on tour with some guy. And VLAD questioned him about it.... He said... "You realize that they're just trophies right?" Some people put much more value on that than others. Come to think of it... I've never seen anybody care anything about any type of ring except championship rings. Smart guy if you ask me.
  3. I'm not undermining this... but I'm anxious to see all the records Matt Mo... I mean Kyle Allen has broken. There's literally a record for everything these days. And I feel like the media does a great job at finding obscure stats to create record-breaking narratives.
  4. Please God no. There's no reason to replace a 1-3 coach with a 2-2 one.
  5. PLLLLEAAASE Start him ! This will guarantee us the #1 pick in the 2020 draft! I love it.
  6. Going over to pick up Will Grier off of Fantasy waivers.
  7. Its from the bottom of my heart. I do this for you.
  8. Cam played like he dresses. A woman. And not just any woman... a feminists. Get this man a popeyes sandwich. That vegan Sh*t aint working. Gerald McCoy- The Bucs made the right decision. Thanks for the slushies. Tepper - My son tells me your company stinks!! You couldn't smooth a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a babe.... I lost my train of thought. Luke - Thanks for not getting a concussion. We needed FIFTY tackles from you tonight. Not good enough. Ray Ray - Nobody knew who you were 7 days ago. And now that we know... We wish we never knew you. Eric Reid - The entire stadium will take a kneel every time you miss a tackle. Ron Rivera - congratulations on holding the record for the most plays challenged, losing the most timeouts and not converting the most 4th and 1's in the history of the sport. Christian - Stop scurring around like a little mongoose when its time to pass protect. You're embarrassing the white people. Shout out to our secret weapon... Joey Sauerbrun Slye. He's out there dropping 3 pointers like Steph Curry. O-line - By your powers combined, Cam is Captain Handicap Norv - Here's a hypothetical: You have a 6'5 QB. This QB has the most rushing TD's of all time. You are at the 2 yard line. It is 4th and 1. You don't need a touchdown. You need One yard to give you 4 more chances at getting ONE yard to score a TD. What are you gonna do? Thanks alot "Fancy Pants"
  9. I will pouring all of my efforts into winning at least two of the three fantasy leagues Im in this year.
  10. Record setting coach. The most lost challenges in NFL history. The most 4th down failed attempts
  11. I'm here to watch people overreact , oversimplify or totally refuse to engage with the information provided here. I'm here for the passive meltdown.
  12. I know we like to say that one play doesnt win or lose a game.... but that was a pretty big effin call. Team didn't play well enough to overcome it but this definitely set us back.
  13. I dreamed a year ago that Cam was throwing a touchdown pass to him... so there’s that.
  14. Two things that made me say wow.... Butler having the fastest first step on Funchess being a big time improvement. Not too worried about the DB's just yet. Its very early and we should expect them to have these kinds of growing pains. Excellent write up as usual. My expectations for KB are just to have him "back." They should bring him along as slowly as possible.
  15. This is going to get interesting. Best thing about this article is the injury report. Great work Jeremy.
  16. Would love for us to carry 6 WR's and 4 Safeties. With the amount of CB's we have, and playing Jeremy Cash as another LB, I think we can get by. I'm not sure Garrett is the kind of receiver that will last being stashed on our practice squad. I think it depends on how well he does in TC.
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