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  1. Out of this scenario.... Id love to see the following, Peat in the 1st. Devin Smith in the 2nd. (Beast). 3rd- Duke Robinson
  2. wow... combination of exaggeration and sarcasm.... I'll call it... sarcaggeration. "vastly overrated?" KB had a 1,000 yard career, with 9 TD's. There's nothing inflated about his stats. Yes he dropped some balls... but I wouldn't call it a "serious case".... We had a receiving core with two receivers (Greg Olsen with 1,008 yards rec.) KB led those receivers in TD's and did so in tight spots... and against top notch DB's (see Seattle.) ... As a rookie. Saying that he isn't a #2 receiver is silly. Im certainly not sold on Philly as a #2. So I agree there... But Ted Ginn and Cam have great chemistry and he knows the offense. Our receiving core is already better than it was last year. We will address the WR position in the draft and build from there.
  3. I wouldn't say that. We drafted KB last year, and brought back Ted Ginn and Jarrett Boykin to compete. But I think it is safe to say that DG will not overpay for a receiver with lackluster productivity. DG is already familiar with Hakeem and for whatever reason, he chose not to bring him back here. Gotta trust that, not just from a talent evaluation... but from a professional history perspective.
  4. We should totally sign Ray Rice... just to stick it to the WWFL
  5. Anybody who knows anything about college/ college athletics knows that this happens all the time. And this type of thing doenst start in college. Athletes are used to getting preferential treatment... well before college. And they continue to get preferential treatment after college. This isn't a new thing... and this happens at EVERY university there is. Jalen Rose says this is happening at 99.99% of the universities. I don't think many of you understand that amount of hypocrisy that exists in your own moral compass. It's one thing to think that he's flat out lying and that he really did steal them. But To say ... he got hooked up and "you just shouldn't have gotten caught," is equally as ignorant as Jameis walking out with a crab legs. I don't change my stance that Jameis makes poor decisions... but to moralize on him as if his "off the field" issues makes him a bad quarterback is moronic.
  6. Not a The Golden Calf of Bristol hater at all. But Chip Kelly is really getting annoying ... in a Deangelo Williams kind of way.
  7. Russell Wilson's career stats in 3 years Career passer rating 98.6 Career completion % - 63.4 Season passing avg- 3316 2 Superbowl appearances in 3 years. Its ok to be a hater.... I can even deal with a troll... But some of these statements are just flat out idiot. Its one thing to think you shouldn't pay a quarterback a particular amount, but to say he's mediocre... is baseless.
  8. gold and white or black and blue.... The Cleveland Browns are still crap and poo
  9. lol great point. At least we know that Joe is getting his information from just as many unreliable sources as possible.
  10. Its not really a prophecy to say that Greg Jennings wont be a panther. Greg is a vet WR looking for the best deal. Gettleman is trying to save money and draft well. It would be more a prophecy to say that Greg Jennings IS coming here. That would make the people go "bup bup bup."
  11. After following Greg Jennings for awhile.... he seems like a nice guy. But his social media ways kind of remind me of a former running back we once knew. I think I'd rather wait on Joe Person than trust what comes off of Greg Jennings twitter.
  12. "Chip Kelly doesn't like or respect star players..." Then he turns around and signs Murray. Oh ok.
  13. I know we love the Gurley man... But if we're going to go RB in the first few rounds... we MUST pick a Tackle in the 1st or 2nd round. Having a great running back means nothing if we cant get those lanes open.
  14. totally didn't deserve 3 posts. but hey... we'll take the depth.
  15. This is great news. I love to see players like him getting the hype. We have a lot of picks this year. And when guys like him get extra hype, it throws off other teams draft strategies.... ensuring that we get quality in all rounds. We could easily get "1st round" talents in the 2nd/ 3rd round. His speed is impressive... but we need guys with sure hands. I wouldn't be against drafting him, because of the obvious, but the more guys like this ascend up the board, the better our entire draft looks
  16. Good question. "pieing" someone as a verb is different from "pie" the noun. Its about context. We "pie" posts all the time here... and neither does the pie have crust, nor filling. Many of those pies don't have filling at all... because it has shaving cream. Its baseballs equivalent to a Gatorade bath. So though its true that in baseball people are "pied," it does not fall into the category of pie's that are made for consumption. Pumpkin tells you what type of pie it is.... but it still requires a crust. Pumpkin, chicken, apple, sweet potato, meat... they all tell you what type of pie it is.... and they all need a crust... unless its being used in a different context.
  17. the crust is What makes it a pie. You cant really define its importance by percentage because by definition.... without a crust, it is not a pie at All. So by definition... since a crust is 100% necessary for it to be a pie, the crust is of 100% importance. There are many other ingredients that you can have and it will still be a pie.... but no crust? no pie. I liken the crust of a pie to the offensive line... no matter how great your filling is... without a stable crust, it all falls apart. Crust gets little love... But I prefer a flaky, buttery crust. Keeps things nice and hearty.
  18. Seems more sure handed than Cotchery. Wouldnt call him a splash but it could be a way to get Cotchery's productivity at a cheap price. He's slow... but he's worth a look.
  19. Glad to see him back....Now get somebody else.
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