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  1. Huddlers. I wanted to take a minute to check on the folks. Just a little support, prayer and love from a fellow Huddler. 

    Do you know anyone with Corona? 

    How are you handling social distancing? 

    Do you have toilet paper?

    How is this effecting your job & family? 

    I know everybody doesn't believe in God or in prayer but i'll be lifting up everybody who comments. 

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  2. I'm really trying to find out how all of those clairvoyant bloggers who kept telling me that Bernie was going to beat Trump got it so incredibly wrong.

    Bernie cant even beat blundering, demented, creepy Joe Biden. And its funny to me. 


  3. 2 hours ago, Jeremy Igo said:

    Do you realize that telling us you know better than Gettleman is absolutely hilarious?

    The comments surrounding not picking Derrick Henry sound reminiscent of the reasons for NOT selecting another Heisman Trophy winner on this team. 

    I think we forget that Gettlemagic is not about happens in the first round. It's what happens in the rounds after it. 

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  4. Definitely dont look past this team... 

    Marcus Mariota is a problem. Fastest QB in the league.... and right now has a QBR of 101.5 & 13 TDs. 

    Kid is going to be a beast. His completion percentage is 65.5 %. Last game he was at 71.8% . He's still figuring it out... but he's going to be the truth in the coming years.  


  5. Ya know, I think we all wanted to keep 89 and wanted to see him retire here. That would have been nice. But we made the playoffs without him. He's talked a lot of trash about Carolina since he was let go. This isn't a movie man. This isn't a fairy tale. We proved that we can win without him. This is Cam's offense now.

    We're 6-0

    Steve who? 


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