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  1. I don’t think Burns need to add on 20 pounds. I think his weight need to be at least around 255 maybe 260 at the heaviest. If anything he just needs to get a little bit more stronger and add a bull rush to his game.
  2. I understand the meaning behind 53 and I’m all for it!
  3. 53 is ugly I thought he would look at 55 or a number in the 40’s
  4. This is so true. But Poe played well when he was able to play over the center. He just doesn’t offer much anymore at least last season rushing the passer. He rushed the passer playing NT at KC and mainly had about 6 to 4 sacks on the season. KK will transition to 5 tech which he will play that spot well with his gap penetration and ability to stop the run. The biggest question mark is does Vernon Butler steps up and can play left DE. If not they need to look at LJ Collier and Zach Allen for sure in this draft. They both can play 5 tech in a 34 but also move to the 3 tech in a 43. Thats the versatility that we need and are looking for.
  5. Absolutely. A lot people say or think we don’t have the pieces to make the transition which right now is true. The biggest question is does this team really want to make that transition. I don’t see us becoming completely a 34 team but definitely more looks of it to throw teams off more. The players they look at in the draft and free agency will determine that. We will know for sure if the Panthers are going to make that subtle transition by looking at or pursuing guys like Zach Allen, LJ Collier, Ben Banogu, Jachai Polite, and Brain Burns are those we could look at.
  6. Danny Trevathan and Brandon Marshall are really good linebackers and seem to have a nose to get to the football. We have to be aware of those two in the middle of that defense. Denver does run a lot of man to man defense too so getting Olsen out there on them one on one and making plays is critical.I believe with this particular game whoever wins in the trenches and whoever wins the turnover battle is the team that's going to win the game.
  7. I think this will definitely be a good game especially with the premier matchup of Josh Norman vs Odell Beckham. The Panthers have a few injuries going into this game but I still don't think we take our eyes off the prize and lose the focus we have maintained throughout this season. As long as we keep playing hard physical Carolina football we can definitely pull out this game with a win. I'm excited for this game just keep pounding Panthers!
  8. Great pictures! I absolutely love you work and the defense has a lot of work to do this week.
  9. I'm praying that the Panthers come out tonight and set the tone for the season early. I expect the Panthers to try to get the run game going early with Stewart and company and see what can this newly rebuilt offensive line can do. Tonight's game should be showcased as "The Rise of the #1 Receiver", I expect somebody to step up whether it's Funchess or Corey Brown to take on the role as the lead dog in this group tonight. Kelvin Benjamin isn't coming back this season, so expectations should be extremely high for someone to emerge from this group of receivers to showcase their talents against the defending super bowl champs. I expect Cam to make the right reads and deliver the ball on time and stay out of harms way. I don't worry as much about the defense as I do with the offense but I am excited to see Shaq Thompson supplement himself into that already stout linebacker corp. I would like to see Kony Ealy build off his performance from last week and last season and get pressure on Brady and company. I'm also really excited to see how good this secondary can really become. I expect Josh Norman to continue to perform well and lock receivers up on the outside and this secondary to be active in the run and pass game tonight. Cheers to our first real test of the season!
  10. I'm just going to hope and pray that it's not an ACL or any significant injury.
  11. If you believe Kemba is 6'1 you have a problem. Most heights are exaggerated in the NBA. Kemba isn't close to being 6'1 more like 5'10 or maybe 5'11. Chris Paul on the other hand is a legit 6'0.
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