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  1. I'm curious. Is your screen name from the movie "Manos The Hands Of Fate" that Mystery Science Theater 3000 covered?

    1. Manos


      Yes it is. 

    2. Hogmolliesmaht


      LOL, I thought so. I'm a MS3TK fan too. Thanks

  2. I am a huge Cam fan and while he had almost no help on offense tonight his performance disappointed me. I really hoped he would find a way to rise above. I am going to take a break from this place for a while. I will say congratulations to Peyton, given the 'HGH allegations are false he is a truly great player and I can't hate him for getting another ring.
  3. This is worse than the loss to the Pats.
  4. I can't figure out if Dickson or Tolbert is worse at blocking.
  5. Apparently they removed pass interference from the rulebook before the game.
  6. If Cam and Luke are truly all time greats they step up and win us this game.
  7. Does this feel like the first Seattle game to anyone else?
  8. That was 100% on Fozzy. Complete clownshoes.
  9. These refs are actively trying to fug uss aren't they?
  10. No idea who he is but that is one of the best anthems I've ever heard.
  11. That has to be the craziest final few minutes of any game ever. Also hometeams are 2-0 this round, lets keep it going tomorrow. GO PANTHERS!
  12. Patriots are so freaking lucky.
  13. This clock management is inexcusable. Reid should be fired and Smith cut as well. No way a qb with 10 years of experience should be this god awful at managing the clock.
  14. Why do Andy Reid coached teams always have terrible clock management? They wasted so much time on this drive.