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  1. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1131716322369392646?s=20
  2. If we lose the series, I at least want 2 Bruins hurt real bad. Dirty ass mfers
  3. Not with those refs. I hope we rebound to take at least one game.
  4. Gahdamn refs fugging it up and dirty ass bruins will be dirty ass bruins.
  5. I have never seen the Canes play this physical, ever. We tried against the Caps but these boys look different.
  6. After watching the video, I feel a lot more comfortable. RR and crew are going to surprise this year. If not, my dolphin friend will poo talk me all year lol
  7. My mobdro app is getting buggy. Stupid NBCSN, why not regular NBC....... If we win, I made a meme for the occasion >=]
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