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  1. Ron broke Cam. Gman cut Smitty. No one drafted decent Oline to protect Cam (Turner/Norwell outliers). Ron is a very bad tactician and lacks foresight. Gman drafted sh¡tty WOs for the 99%. The team lacks grit. The team lacks drive. The team lacks identity besides a backbone of a wet 1ply tp square. Instead of being transformed for the better, we are becoming the laughing stock of the NFL and for a moment I thought Dolphin Fans had it worse at one point. This franchise is an embarrassment.
  2. Silver lining, another game closer for Ron to be canned.
  3. Ron can go fu[k himself, that is all.
  4. Dear Mister "I'm Too Good To Call Or Write My Fans" This will be the last package I ever send your ass It's been six months and still no word, I don't deserve it? I know you got my last two letters, I wrote the addresses on 'em perfect So this is my film tape I'm sending you, I hope you hear it I'm in the car right now, I'm doing 90 on the freeway Hey Panthers, I drank a fifth of vodka You dare me to drive? You know the song by Phil Collins, "In the Air of the Night" About that guy who could a saved that other guy from drowning But didn't, then Phil saw it all, then at a a show he found him? That's kinda how this is, you could a rescued me from drowning Now it's too late, I'm on a thousand downers now, I'm drowsy And all I wanted was a lousy win or a Super Bowl I hope you know I ripped all of your pictures off the wall I love you Panthers, we coulda been together, think about it You ruined it now, I hope you can't sleep and you dream about it And when you dream I hope you can't sleep and you scream about it I hope your conscience eats at you and you can't breathe without me Well, gotta go, I'm almost at the bridge now Oh poo, I forgot, how am I supposed to send this poo out?
  5. And another 3rd down being whooped at home. We lack girth and grit.
  6. There is no enjoyment with a sh1tshow. 2 games in a row......
  7. Pfffft. Crapolina has played like garbage for 2 straight games.
  8. I wrote you but still ain't callin' I left my cell, my pager, and my home phone at the bottom I sent two letters back in autumn, you must not-a got 'em There probably was a problem at the post office or somethin' Sometimes I scribble addresses too sloppy when I jot 'em But anyways, fug it, what's been up? Man how's the Franchise? My Madden Franchise, I'm 'bout to be at 0-2 this season. If I have a head coach, guess what I'm a call him? I'ma name him Lincoln Riley I read about your Uncle Richardson too I'm sorry I read about #metoo over some bitches who didn't want him I know you probably hear this everyday, but I'm your biggest fan I even got the underground poo that you did with Delhomme I got a room full of your posters and your pictures man I like the poo you did with Cam too, that poo was fat Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back, Just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan This is ECU
  9. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1131716322369392646?s=20
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