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  1. ECU did the samething to Coach Ruffin not long ago. Classless moves tend to comeback and bite. If they were going to cut him, they should have done it in person. Cam is at least owed respect for sacrificing his body to a franchise that wasted his time.
  2. You put Steve Smith in Jerry Rice's shoes, Steve would have buried his records. No WR is close to Steve Smith and never will be. Pound for pound best WR ever. I never want to hear about Jerry, TO, Julio Jones etc of muh stats. None of them took a busted ass forearm in for a TD. Steve Smith was the 5'9" version of MJ in the NFL.
  3. A new era is here my frens. I believe Hurney and Rhule will turn things around here. The communication between them and Rhule having a concrete vision with rebuilding skills, we will prob be back in the playoffs as soon as next year.
  4. https://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/163452-chinn-vs-simmons-a-comparison-of-the-measureables/
  5. Chinn looks to make hits. Simmons does not play with physicality. Chinn > Simmons
  6. Y'all still have yet to see, the greatest is to come from MH 2.0. We have only begun a new era, first SB win in 3 years incoming frens. Biggest issue of the Panthers for the first 24 years was communication. Rhule is great at it. Also unlike the other HC we have had that state their "vision", they could never clearly give an example or how it would be obtained. Rhule writes it down clearly but also looks for examples. Vision always needs to be clear and easy to interpret for others to be on the same page. Marty has improved I believe, albeit marginally but if he can nail the first 3 to 4 rounds instead of only hitting the 1st with erratic hit-n-misses then the rebuild will be shorten. Rhule is working like hand in glove so far with MH. And! MH has been better on his contracts and itch to trade, much more self-control than his first stint with us.
  7. Imma ready to see him forklift NFL oline onto QBs for highlight pr0n.
  8. Hopefully we strike lightning twice in udfa.
  9. Injuries derailed his career early. He basically has only 1 real season to judge and it was this past season.
  10. Usually you need to add a tenth for the truth. Still 4.65 or less his size is outstanding straight line speed!
  11. Exactly! DTs are still critical cogs but WuT bOuT MvPz crowd kills me man lol Chris Jones just make the KC defense so much better when he was in during the playoffs and winning the SB. Fletcher Cox was a beast. Brown is going to be great here and those that hated the pick will be like, "I wUz On TeH wAgOn B4 u"! (•_•) (-_-) (•_•)
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