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  1. ecu88

    What cost us

    Me going to my first panther game
  2. The Prospect Theory fits Ron Rivera.
  3. Yeah boi, my first Panther Game ever! I hope we beat the crap out of em. I am on the enemy side of the field and I want to be obnoxious
  4. ecu88

    PFF Panther grades

    Good ? 18 snaps? 1 QB hit and bad DC call on last Giants TD in which Obada had to dropback in coverage.
  5. Efe got 1 QB hit in and I hate it for him to be in the dropback coverage that resulted in the Giants last TD. Efe was late dropping back but Barkley was already gone when the ball hit his hands. JPP played a helluva lot of snaps.
  6. JPP played a lot and still seems not himself for pass rushing. Efe had one QB hit and I hate it for him to be embarrassed on the Giants last TD with him late on the dropback coverage. Wes was wrecking people in the run game with little pass rush. Mario got close a couple times. Poe was held a lot if you watched the game. KK was great in the run but was quiet. We are a quarter way into the season. I am not freaking out over stats. This game was an ugly game, a very good win imo and a game that showed our fortitude when everything was not working our way for the most part.
  7. ecu88

    Gameball, my God I'm shaking...

    I am hoarse after that!
  8. ecu88

    Obada will be active

    Yes Efe! Well deserved and earned by him to get a jersey for the upcoming Giants game! *scrolls to read comments*
  9. Contain Barkley and Bracket OBJ this concept sounds familiar.
  10. My prediction: Wakanda brings the pain
  11. Then when Byrd is back next game, our return avg will be going up Byrd was held back as precaution by RR imo and the same goes for Curtis. This gave DJ chance to make some form of impact in the return game. I have feeling our O will be different with Curtis and Byrd back. Hopefully, more DJ and less Torrey.
  12. With an assistant who is a behavioral economist