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  1. ecu88

    No collusion

  2. ecu88

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    @rodeo I an testing how fast I get bant for TheReds sake
  3. ecu88

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    Lets see how fast I get bant
  4. ecu88

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    Just plz do not make thread like CRA
  5. If Titans and ATL do not screw up or 1st pick with their choices, this could be a great draft for us. Any of these mocks would improve the hell out of team! Please football gods be kind to Cam's shoulder!
  6. ecu88

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    Branding is important. Short change phrases work. Just like hey hey ho ho Trump is got to go. Simple, rememberable, and effective in delivering a message. Our attention spans have really gotten smaller so narratives matter in battling for our simple minds. Emotions over facts, it is the sign of the times.
  7. ecu88

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    Not here to take a v lap like Har-man assumed/stated just wanted to say it is not over by along shot imo.
  8. Back to mainland and draft speculate away frens for me. Tinders is no longer for me.
  9. Screenshot works. Fryfan and CRA really went next TDS lvl. TwitterVideo+tweet_f0e79.mp4
  10. ecu88

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    Those are old crimes not related to the election itself and good that crimes being committed are having the law enforced to punish for their actions. My focus is on FISA court abuse, Comey/McCabe "Insurance Policy, Strzok/Yates, Preistap, Brower, Campbell, Powers, Ukraine(Biden), 5 eyes, Brennan/McCain(RIP), Clapper Bruce/Nellie Ohr, Loretta, HRC, CF, Fusion GPS, Steele, Crowdstrike, Podesta Bros (Manafort was biz parts with them), other numerous small role players and the reporters who was fed the great BS of our time with a paid and bought Dossier.
  11. Look, we can pin these prediction threads bc they are looking real bad so far imo.
  12. My 2 dream options In the 1st, if Sweat is not there nor Burns, draft Cody Ford to place at LG to have an awesome OL and if DWill goes down Cody can slide to RT. 2nd round Adderley makes too much sense. Need a ballhawk to pair with Eric the Punisher. 3rd and comp depends on oir first pick. If DE is our 1st round pick, Max Scharping as OL (OT/OG) then Khalen Saunders for our back up NT. If OL is oir 1st round pick, Ben Banogu as DE/OLB and Khalen Saunders. 4th round Kahlil Hodge as OLB can play in multiple linebacking schemes, is a tackling machine and can cover as well. 5th round Renell Wren, a 5 tech with an explosive first step and potential pass rusher at that spot but needs more work. 6th round John Cominsky, another 5 tech who is super athletic and is an excellent run stopper. His potential maybe higher than Wren's. Our front 7 on D: 3 Tech/34 End: KK, Butler NT: Poe, Saunders 5 Tech/NASCAR: Wren, Cominsky DE/OLB: Mario, Sweat/Burns/Banogu, Obada SAM: Irvin, Cox Jr, Haynes MIKE: Luke, Smith, Norris WILL: Shaq, Hodge, Carter This group gives versitality to do 34, 43 or hybrid fronts for what RR wants to do in the future.
  13. Are we all doubling or tripling down on collusion? What are the betting odds?