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  1. The weather was nice down there this weekend. On Friday we drove in Charleston and did the horse tour and ate at Husk. Spent the rest of the time at the beach
  2. It's not about the play calling but more about the fundamentals.
  3. Lots of action. Very little dialogue. Lots of menacing stares https://www.buzzfeed.com/crystalro/dialogue-game-of-thrones-chart-decrease
  4. Brann knew everything that would happen in order for him to become King and allowed it. That's some scary poo
  5. I liked the humanization of Cersei in the end.
  6. What was the game he had 200 yards in the first half then Seifert essentially shut him down
  7. Queen City Brewers Festival does it right Known # attendees Lots of breweries 2 sessions midday and afternoon
  8. Boxcar Betty's has the best chicken sandwich in this universe
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