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  1. Risk reward is different for a fan. Rivera has shown that he prefers vets over younger players to a fault. That's who he thinks we give him a better chance of winning.
  2. Panthro

    Just in time for November

    Why is it ok for white trash fly the Confederate flag? At least Honduras never Attacked the United States
  3. Panthro

    Trophy Hunting

    But the money goes to the poor people. Build a windmill and a computer lab people. Stop raping third world countries of their resources.
  4. Panthro

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    I just had a min-dock with @Jase
  5. Panthro

    Why the Giants was a tough game

    Heck even Kelvin Benjamin can show up for one preseason game
  6. Leave America freedom hater
  7. Panthro

    In Vitro Abortions

    While I'm against abortion myself....I believe that it's a woman's choice to decide. Their bodies their choice. No judgement from me and I'll vote to keep it as their choice. This really changed moreso after having our first child IVF is a fascinating discussion point. My wife and I want another child and that might be an option at some point. I also cannot wrap around my head that we are deciding which fertilized egg to have while leaving others behind to not grow... thinking that they could all be amazing like our daughter. Again this is completely internal and don't judge or vote against others making choices to grow their families.
  8. To be fair you're the reason it's not on anymore.
  9. I think it's my only thread of 2018. Setting the bar pretty high
  10. Why did they have their Right Tackle running a route?
  11. Oh sorry this staff only uses anal licks
  12. Panthro

    London fans meet-up this weekend

    This event is an even exchange for The Great British Bake Off. You're welcome
  13. Hey Muffy here comes the riff raff