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  1. Unfortunately the Richardson statue was not on the table
  2. Panthro


    Maybe I'll sticky this
  3. This is so he can keep draft eligible kids healthier
  4. Huddle Jamz Johnny Rockets Scrum Tweeter Huddle Weird That time when there was nudez on the huddle Ranuccis Buffalo turds @Kurb getting puked on by a Skins fan
  5. I hope this like every other game left this season is this staffs last
  6. Interesting. I went to State and the tunnel has had some pretty interesting things painted in it over the years. That said it's within the spirit of the tunnel to rip down and paint over their flyers. I mean that's free expression too. If he was intentionally sprayed in the eyes he has legal rights to fill out a report.
  7. The amount of Jimmy's that were rustled in this thread is very satisfying
  8. To the 6 people I follow on social media.... You're welcome
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