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  1. Waiting for Cam to discuss CrossFit and change his name to Brad
  2. Panthro

    Vaccinate your kids

    There are medical inaccuracies littered through this post. Just saying. It's good to go to the dr to confirm if you have the flu. Type A has been the one hitting people who go the flu shot. Not as hard as those who chose to not get the shot. pneumonia is also creeping around lately. Tamiflu reduces the flu by 1 day. If your family took it and a day later everyone was fine it was a waste of Tamiflu
  3. I've seen what you drink. Much Ultra Grapefruit went out of style many moons ago
  4. It's actually the text book definition of sexual harrassment which is illegal. He's in a position of power which is even worse.
  5. Panthro

    Trump actually loves illegals

    And what were Trumps qualifications?
  6. Panthro

    The evolution is in process

    Lest we forget... This is also the product of evolution
  7. Stunting Ian Thomas' progression
  8. Panthro

    Is Edelman a HOFer?

    Not even the best WR on the Pats this year
  9. Panthro

    VA Gov. Ralph Northam...

  10. They end in a 4 So 24-14 I'm buying a round of wings and vegan wings
  11. I have 4-4 in a Super Bowl square to keep this ish interesting
  12. Richardson walked into the draft room and threw Randy Moss' name on the ground. Essentially removing him from consideration
  13. Panthro

    Salary cap carryover

    Dallas will have theirs evaporate instantly. Cooper, Zeke, Lawerence