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  1. Panthro

    London here we come

    Perhaps. Better start flying more
  2. Panthro

    This is what MAGA has given birth to...

  3. Panthro

    Note to fans of Antonio Brown

    Maybe DeAngelo rubbed off on him
  4. Panthro

    Sous Vide

    I took a strip roast and vacuum sealed with some seasoning then the next day took it to 135 for four hours before drying and searing in a cast iron. Very good
  5. Panthro

    11 year old charged with murder...

    Everyone is a responsible gun owner... Until they're not
  6. He speaks so well Bye Felicia
  7. Panthro

    Dammit Steph...

    His high school had a pretty laughable science program
  8. He was the best that ever played for the Panthers until Reid. That said he may not be in the top 100 all time for Safeties
  9. Panthro

    I feel like firing someone

    I'm the Ron Rivera of Huddlers. Mediocre with flashes of brilliance. Been here way too long I never start threads...I just ride on the backs of better posters. I ban sporadically and inconsistently
  10. Panthro

    For the Seahawk haters...

    He's a faker person than DeAngelo Williams
  11. Panthro

    The condescending smarm ofwhite librals

    More like Swagger Stink