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  1. Is that the answer to - Why did Cam's career end so abruptly?
  2. I just pop in to disparage @Arroz con Panther then mosey out the door
  3. That's how they all happen though. Leaping from animal to human that is.
  4. He'd be the clear #1. Russel Wilson's deal with the devil expired last season
  5. What about that LB that would give guys old fashions after gang tackling them
  6. This makes more sense now. Apologies for being dense. By Trump winning it's your way of still being relevant and to force to the Democratic party further left. If Biden wins it's actually worse for your agenda as the "need" for your votes is lessoned.
  7. That doesn't sound very pro working class. Are you paying them full salaries to transition to new jobs or are they victims of the free market Again his goals are good but I don't think his supporters are patient enough to see it through properly. I've got your back for the long haul.
  8. Cool It essentially said fug em. Then take on oil. Kill those jobs. Then insurance. Kill those jobs. Again there's no plan to account for the widespread unemployment bringing those industries to their knees. They need to be migrated and incentivized and that's not coming from a candidate that's wants to tar and feather them with a rabid base. These are all real people too not just the 1%ers. They're middle class and killing their jobs isn't going to win them over.
  9. I voted for Klobuchar in the primary and if Bernie won would have voted for him. To me Bernie never answered the questions on what happens to the millions of middle class employees in the industries that he was going to blow up. Will the VP candidate sway any Never Biden voters? What if he pulls in a fairly progressive running mate. Just curious. Still think Trump will flip to Haley and will pin COVID 19 on Pence
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