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  1. Those trades make my brain hurt. Who ever thought trading hawks for plumlees awful contract was a good idea is beyond me. Then taking on Mozgov’s contract. At least Howard could rebound and play defense. is the only benefit of these buyouts for williams and mkg to be able to play young guys more? And of course not to tank. There is no real financial benefit, right?
  2. 2 preseason games 17 game reg season 2 bye weeks 8 playoff teams per conference. Add another bye for everyone before the playoffs if you want. The extra wild cards would keep more teams in the race until the end and remove some tanking and resting on top teams. this is what I’d like as a fan. Dump meaningless games and those injuries (see newton, cam) and add meaningful games and more byes. No way anyone allows 2 years of losing the billions of revenue the nfl brings in.
  3. Saints loss + Pats loss both at home in Wild Card weekend was at least consolation for our crappy season.
  4. We have a lot of needs...I wish we could trade down and come away with two #1 picks. We need a great draft top to bottom so bad.
  5. I would rather not see Rivera in Atlanta but we do know he never wins there.
  6. Even if you like Shaq and want to keep him, I don't know why you don't wait until you have a coach and know what kind of defense he wants before spending this money.
  7. I saw this in David Newton's article on ESPN.com which indicates further that Hurney is safe. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28219337/ron-rivera-carolina-panthers-coach-nine-seasons
  8. Dedicated kickoff returner is the easiest job in all of sports. "Can you stand here and watch footballs fly over your head? Yes...can you stick your arms out as they do it? You are a pro bowl kick returner now."
  9. You didn't mention Gano's XP percentage. I was curious to know Gano vs Slye total kick percentage (XPM + FGM / XPA + FGA). Yes, I probably just made that stat up. I looked up the numbers Gano 2017 29-30 FG and 34-37 XP = 63/67 = 94.02% 2018 14-16 FG and 30-33 XP = 44/49 = 89.8% Total 107/116 = 92.24% Slye 2019 15-21 FG and 20-22 XP = 35-43 = 81.4% Honestly, I didn't remember the missed XPs this year as well as I did the ones last year as I think they impacted at least the Lions game if not one other heavily so I remembered them. Nonetheless, these numbers also favor Gano.
  10. There are no reality shows when you are an ex-coach.
  11. Cmc definitely needs to be resting the rest of this game. I just want this debacle to end without further injury.
  12. I hope the gmen trade for him. Gettleman and Norman belong together.
  13. Before last year, weren't the black jerseys always with silver pants? Outside of the exciting , happy finish, that game was a frustrating one as I recall.
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