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  1. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2019/04/15/panthers-chris-hogan-contract-details-max-value/ So hogan max cost is 40% of Torrey Smith. I can't imagine much more than the 300k signing bonus is guaranteed. I expect those two are fighting for a roster spot in preseason.
  2. I don't think you can justify spending what it would take to make that move unless it's for a franchise qb. I can't imagine that is the case so I would be against this
  3. I agree that this allows the refs to get the outcome they want if they so choose. I predict now that the Patriots will win a game via this rule next year.
  4. Referring to getting the biggest contract ever as "fun" just seems odd to me.
  5. Can someone smarter than me explain how much compensatory pick that might get.
  6. Is Torrey Smith's contract guaranteed? I know we just exercised a club option but sportrac indicates that their would be no dead money if cut. I'm sure we have no intention of cutting him but I wondered if he was guaranteed now.
  7. I know this isn't popular but I'd rather cut Kalil pre june 1 and take all of the dead money this year and be free of it in 2020 even if that makes 2019 more likely to fail. We really need to find some undrafted free agent gems to get better. Norwell version 2.
  8. I think i like the ones of luke smiling after the game. He looks like a happy kid there.
  9. Cards are the only team in the nfl to be undefeated (4-0) all time at home in the playoffs. That said, go pack go. Also, go chefs.
  10. I would hate to have sat in that cold all day to lose like that. Sucks to be a vikes fan today.
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