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  1. The last time Ron was about to he fired, in 2013, we rolled off 8 wins in a row.
  2. w280sax

    Take this pledge with me.

    No such thing as a bad win.
  3. If the panthers aren't champs this year. I'm pulling for kc. That is a fun team to watch.
  4. Samuel has been on the field for 122 snaps in 7 games. He has 5 touchdowns in those snaps. I'd like to find to get him on the field.
  5. w280sax

    Torrey Smith OUT Sunday

    What did Smith hurt and when? He wasn't hurt on the 4th down play was he?
  6. Wonder how many franchise qbs have an undefeated record against the pats right now.
  7. I agree. I think if that 4th down had been 10 seconds earlier, he may have punted because the 2 minute warning and 2 timeouts would have been better if they got the 3&out. My thinking in either case is that whether you punt or fail on 4th down, you need a 3&out to have a chance and you may give them a fg if you fail on 4th down and then stop them but that would still be a one possession game. Thus, I liked going for it.
  8. Defense was very good in the 4th when it mattered but they couldn't ever get off the field and gave up long drive after long drive in the first 45 minutes.
  9. w280sax

    Panthers 3 and 1 vs NFC EAST

    The tiebreak over Philly could be important. 3 conference wins probably will be.
  10. I don't know how that just happened but it was amazing
  11. I'm pretty sure it was gano. I heard in his postgame interview that he was celebrating until he realized he had to kickoff.
  12. If there was ever a time to kick the kickoff out of the end zone. Cmon gano.
  13. Can we trade Matt Kalil and his contract for Norman. I will throw in Torrey Smith if that helps.
  14. Why can't a fg take more than 5 seconds? What an arbitrary rule...first time I'd heard that one.
  15. Beckham took the kickoff 9 yards deep and they lateraled 2 or 3 times and it appeared they had an opening with one panthers to beat when they tried to lateral again around midfield and that lateral went out of bounds. I saw no flags and legit thought they might score. Definitely curious to hear from others who saw it.