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  1. I honestly don't know why. It seems to me if the limit is x% (7% in nc), it would be best to spread those people out as much as possible. I'm guessing that the escalators and ramps would be the reason not to open the upper deck as maybe they would be too crowded.
  2. It does appear to be lower level only in the first game for some reason.
  3. I read an espn fantasy article that said the panthers tried to hit the panic button after their week 1 loss but they missed and the panic button scored untouched. Made me lol.
  4. I still think it was odd to give Shaq a big contract before hiring a coaching staff. I like Shaq but you'd think they might want the coaches opinions before making any big deals.
  5. I watched the entire 3 hours tonight of the rams game. It was fantastic. So many players and one coach told great stories about that season. I assume the panthers will put that on YouTube or their website. If so, I highly recommend it. Edit: it appears that it will stay on their Twitter feed at least.
  6. I don't want to see them win it all or anything but id be ok with them knocking new Orleans out of 1st.
  7. Also the new York football giants. We used to go for all the chargers a few years back too.
  8. Defensive holding is the biggest problem here. It will result in a first down and the refs can basically call it anytime they want. Seems like a license for the refs to influence the outcome way too much. I bet its happening but I don't like it.
  9. I think i like the ones of luke smiling after the game. He looks like a happy kid there.
  10. Cards are the only team in the nfl to be undefeated (4-0) all time at home in the playoffs. That said, go pack go. Also, go chefs.
  11. I would hate to have sat in that cold all day to lose like that. Sucks to be a vikes fan today.
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