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  1. especially up front. We can't beat legits QBs with no pressure. Brees, Wilson, Wentz, and Rogers will be a big problem if we don't snap out of this. Sadly I think it is what it is. That said, I think it's safe to say the defense now is not what it was. Much is on Eric Washington.
  2. cbully

    Poe is not the answer

    Not at all. Missing star up front.
  3. 2 things.... that bulldozing run from Cam was a 1st down.... that hit on cam should have overridden the hold or whatever it was. Based on what I saw on my tv screen we got 5 play for that fg lmbo because it displayed 4th and 1 on cams spike. It was weird. Some people are pissed and noticed it on fb
  4. Knock brees on his ass. That is all... seriously that's become a rare thing for us to do to him and thus far this season we aren't doing a good job at. Need pressure to beat them and any strong QBs for that matter.
  5. cbully

    Ron says we good at safety

    We'll see after the Saints and Steelers light us up.
  6. But is he wrong? Benching him nor more playtime for other WRS don't fix the issue he referenced at S. He is speaking the truth.
  7. this better not turn into a Remmers/Bell/Amini situation
  8. cbully

    We need TD back.

    "Will we even miss TD?" LMAO!!! Shaq is not going to replace TD.....ever!
  9. They thought the grass would be greener elsewhere but I don't fault them for taking a chance at opportunity. The problem is they walked into totally different situation than what was here at their departure... and I hope Payton get fired.
  10. Sorry and wack effort from the cmac show to defense.
  11. 2 at best. I considered KB a 2
  12. cbully

    Matt Khalil...

    He is better off sticking his arm out to his sides. He is damn near hands to chest and burnt every time
  13. Sad to see on KB part because there should be no valid issue towards Cam. He let the media help him spill his bitterness like he was on Oprah.