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  1. well they should have saved that shaq money
  2. Hope he has a speedy recovery! This virus really sucks!
  3. They don't want him and they signed the backup last week knowing this. He too will be cut next off season. This is a financial move and a dumb one. They should have let Tre walk too
  4. Bruce Irvin is the only FA I like and he won't be effective in what's coming
  5. he's not cam but you can tell he's been watching "Superman" lol
  6. I have to admit, I do like Winston... I think him and Cam with make the NFCS better for years to come. on the contrary I'm loving Atlanta getting exposed by the NFCS! Despite a successfully run game and descent run defensive I thing Atlanta sucks more as a core. its like they aren't sure what to improve on... and Matty suck! lol
  7. Tell Steven A. We're too busy "watching the film" from the session SS told us about last season!
  8. anyone noticed the play before the false start the ref was in the back giving a false start signal? looks like some funny business there
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