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  1. Davidson Deac II

    I’m going to tell you a secret...

    I agree the oline can't protect very well. But anyone that thinks that Cam's arm isn't bothering him hasn't been watching.
  2. Davidson Deac II

    Sunday Games Thread

    Saints looked bad against Dallas, and struggled against Tampa for a while. The steelers could give them a game.
  3. It was a tongue in cheek comment. I do however, think the Eagles will win this one. When they played us, they ran the ball one time in the entire fourth quarter. They ensured we had enough time on the clock to come back. Hopefully, they learned their lesson, as I really don't want Dallas in the playoffs. If the Cowboys make it, we will hear nothing else but Cowboys for weeks.
  4. Yeah, very good might have been overstating it a little. But the Bears seem to be clicking right now, while the Rams are getting stomped and about to lose their second game in a row. And the Bears have the best d in the NFC. Its early, but reports of the demise of defense might have been a little exaggerated.
  5. Yeah, I don't really expect to win more than one more game. Maybe two if the Aints rest their starters. I wasn't really even considering our Playoff chances, just thinking that the Bears have a very good shot at a first round bye.
  6. Its the NFL, just about anything can happen. Dallas could beat New Orleans and then get shut out and stomped by the Colts. Forty niners could beat Seattle. And the Steelers are unpredictable. Eagles are ahead of the Rams with 9 minutes left in the 3rd.
  7. Bears will play their starters if they have a shot at a first round bye.
  8. Davidson Deac II

    What team do you hate the most (a poll!)

    If the Cowboys are not an option, the poll is flawed.
  9. Davidson Deac II

    2019 cap space what would you do?

    Try to sign an top notch DE, safety, or Offensive lineman.
  10. Davidson Deac II

    making the playoffs in 2014 hurt us

    Like the Rams did last year when they had Gurley. And that assumes we would pick Gurley (imo unlikely).
  11. Davidson Deac II

    making the playoffs in 2014 hurt us

    Well said. But that is way to much typing. lol
  12. Davidson Deac II

    Historic collapse if finishing 6 and 10

    We play Atlanta at home where we still have a good record. Neither team will likely have much to play for at that point, so who knows.
  13. Davidson Deac II

    making the playoffs in 2014 hurt us

    Just imagine how good we could be if we had a time machine and could go back in time and draft some other guy.
  14. Davidson Deac II

    Historic collapse if finishing 6 and 10

    The worst I remember was the 78 Redskins getting to 6-0, then finishing 8-8 and losing their last 5. We do have a shot at eclipsing that.