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  1. I second that motion. I read an article with Rhule talking about how great a leader Teddy was like he somehow carries Cam's presence. He was like Teddy is exactly who we want. I'm reading this thinking you wanted the guy that couldn't make it out of training camp competing against Josh McCown and a rookie Sam Darnold? Seriously, Cam had one year left. You only move on from a franchise QB after you are sure they are done. Cam doesn't look done. I'm moving forward, but I have seen this plan before with the Redskins, Eagles, Jets, and Browns. All of them were trash until they fired the hot college coach candidate and got rid of all the former players that they brought in with them after wasting 3-4 years.
  2. He must've have had a helluva face to face interview! Cause the tape............
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The absolute worst!!!
  4. During the season, the word was 100% Cam is gone by those suspects with Igo leading the charge. It was according to "inside sources and people in the building". I was the bad guy because I said that he doesn't have that type of access to the team anymore and didn't know what he was talking about. We agreed to revisit. So, we will see 100% in the fall. I'm not trying to disrespect or discredit as Mr. Scot said I was, but in 2015 Igo was in the locker room. There was an almost weekly podcast, and crazy amounts of pictures from close access. Now there is almost nothing and that is because Tepper tightened all that up to where there isn't much access. l just bring it up since that is the angle that is played once posters shut down their arguments.
  5. You wouldn't think that now that the Huddle elite want them clicks to drive conversation. I can't believe Mr. Scot went to Joe Person's speculation tweet as a source and thought that we weren't gonna talk sh*t!!!
  6. We shall Captain Riddles. In the meantime, stay classy San Diego.
  7. Exactly, and they stick together so well that most people eat up their opinion like its 100% fact. Jeremy is talking like he works in the building and people like Mr. Scot are just cosigning on all of the speculative bullshiggity!
  8. Donte Whitner said he'd be totally energized if he went back home. Looks like someone's prediction about Ginn being back in a Panther uni is looking funny in the light...
  9. Being standoffish a bad thing? Some people just may not feel like talking.
  10. Even if No. 3 was to happen, that weak NFL Players Union better step in and fight for Hardy. No way he should give back that $13 million because of fake outrage.
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