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  1. Miss playoffs almost definitely a new coach. If blown out in first round of playoffs very possible. A loss at all in first round could mean a new coach.
  2. This!! Every time they run the option I yell at the game. For the few times it works it seams like it doesn’t way more.
  3. grateflday

    Rewatching the final sequence

    For me this was the biggest mistake and why so frustrating.
  4. grateflday

    Question for people blaming Cam

    Not blaming Cam for the lose. Lots contributed to it today. But those last three plays were horrible. For me especially the 3rd down play. I get the shot on second down but from there the focus has to be just get the first down and four more shots. Instead Cam doesn’t look through his reads, doesn’t see or notice a LB on Olsen and takes another shot in the end zone. That’s on Cam. It’s ok to still like Cam but admit how bad those last three plays were.
  5. grateflday

    Are the last three plays on Cam?

    Yes those last few plays were on Cam. Ok on 2nd he took a shot but then it has to be simply get the five yards and a first down to have four more plays. AND you had Olsen being covered by a lb on 3rd down.
  6. I agree with all are saying and was yelling it’s at my tv on second down. Just get the first down. Then three crap plays and throws.
  7. I hate that. They move all they way down field the three stupid a** throws.
  8. Please,,,,, NO more option play. It rarely works and not worth it for the few times it does. Especially don’t run it on 2nd and long.
  9. All I remember on that play was with less than two minutes Funchess struggling to get himself up and off the field SAVING the Panthers that final timeout. (Even though they didn’t use it very wisely)
  10. grateflday

    Crowd Yesterday Was Electric

    Yes... for those who were at the game.. it was and at times electric. There were several times on offense though where the Giants fans were so loud if felt like a road game. Overall though again the number empty seats is still way to many. To many PSL owners and brokers are eating their tickets or the fan base is still not enough here to fill the place up. For those who are on this board and want to go to games... if prices are to high on the various websites just go to the stadium on game day or still look online; be patient and buy tickets at a fair price. Then if needed, moving around is easy. Note: yes, this pic is the seats on the sunny side, but that is still lots of empties and I have pics from every game this season and they all look the same.
  11. grateflday

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    And this is why Reid should either stay in the locker room or stand for the Anthem. He has his platform and there are hundreds of hours in a week, thousands in a year.... the three on Sunday should be about playing football.
  12. grateflday

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    So if I want to go to a Football game, movie or something and be without politics for a bit then I have my head in the sand??
  13. grateflday

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    First, I am not uncomfortable with what Kap, Reid and others are protesting.... I will and can debate some of the b.s in it and more political nature of the whole thing; but I am also not going to discount what many say is an existing problem. Second... I am not asking anyone to shut up. These athletes have a platform they can use in many ways during the off season and outside of the stadium. (of which they all do very little to none of as it relates to the issue they scream to want fixed. I am still waiting for some details of actionable items they want to see implemented or for them to work directly with law enforcement, again, to implement solutions). Bottom line for me is we are inundated with politics, issues, protests 24/7 ... People go to a movie, watch sports (ie after 9-11) for a small time to step away from that. HENCE why I simply say.. do your protesting and activism outside the three hours on Sunday.
  14. grateflday

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    And I am still considering whether or not I'm happy he is here playing for the Panthers. Bring all your activism off the field, and not to stadium on game day.
  15. I think people will care if Reid protesters. As one who simply doesn’t want to see that... Reid will win me over by using his time OFF the field to protest.