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  1. I agree what you say to a certain extent but that seems like a team punishment. Belichek should be punished as well
  2. Oh well. LT is the biggest need on the team. I have no doubt that will be the first pick in next year's draft....or DE
  3. I'll spread the word. If anything it's a good cause
  4. What do you think about giving the money to a charity of Collins choice if he comes to Carolina and if not it goes to another charity possibly of Trai's choice?
  5. I thought teams just couldn't go to his home or school before May 9th. Anywhere else is fine. Correct me if I'm wrong
  6. Interesting the Saints weren't mentioned here
  7. Gettleman puporsely passed on a LT in the draft because he knew this would happen. The man is a genius
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