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  1. Mardi Gras did not turn out to well in the end either
  2. https://www.wsj.com/articles/italys-coronavirus-death-toll-is-far-higher-than-reported-11585767179
  3. I am surprised nobody said that the online courses, with the better teachers, could not be broadcast within the school classroom. Maybe certain kind of math teachers, or science teachers are in short supply. Then take the best in the state, have them teach the lessons, and show it to classes around the state. No question and answer or individualized attention, but it could be that having the most talented and proven teachers do the lesson, would lessen the need for the extra attention.
  4. Yep, that is why I said the social aspects of school, beyond bullying, were very good. Like L George, I don't see it as an all or nothing endeavor. With so many crises of the past, we learn things when forced into situations. The question was, how do you think it might change. We obviously don't want to go backwards.
  5. Question was A, B or C You answered NO It is just a discussion
  6. True, but China has had to lower their prices to compensate for the tariffs. I should have been more clear
  7. I know, we have been discussing Corona in that thread ad naseum. No offense meant
  8. Changing subjects again, just a bit. How will this change education? Anyone see a day when school, at least for certain grades is totally online? What changes would it make for budgets? If schools were at home, it would be well cheaper than running buses, maintaining and building schools, etc, etc. But, the teachers could be laid off by the thousands and the same broadcasts could be sent to kids in different districts and different states. Kids would not miss school if they were a bit sick, even weather related closures might mean school goes on anyway. There are pros and cons to any idea, and I think the social aspects of being with other kids are very good, although the bullying would subside. School sports would be impacted, how to grade an assess a students aptitude by not having the one on one could be problematic. But, each child could get a free computer and such easily for the money saved. School lunch programs are another issue. Anyway, just throwing a couple topics out there for "post corona" America.
  9. Not sarcasm. I don't believe a ton coming out of China. Their tests were faulty to begin with. Dr Birks said 99.9%, thus the good to go. Plus, this is a draft site conversation, so lighten up Francis
  10. I feel like there will be a financial impact to China. People will initially want to get some sort of payback for their part in this episode. Will it last? No, not unless laws are enacted. We will enact something for drugs being made here, but, will also have to enact something so pricing does not skyrocket. Without legislation, nobody with good intentions and "Made in America" logos will last long. People will buy it from lowest seller. Now, if we continue to buy from them and keep the tariffs in place, they will essentially be funding our government somewhat which might in the end help pay for some of the stuff we are having to shell out currently. As I am writing this, I am not certain if I have thought it through that clearly so no piling on, haha. Will be a fine line to walk
  11. The Beacon Meal required 2 hr limit on seating, whether you like it or not.
  12. Mistakes on offense kept them from probably 5 additional wins last season.
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