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  1. Ben, however, should have been suspended for quite some time.
  2. You're slipping Red, out of the 57 posts you made today, 2 of them were not race based. You still have time to edit those two however.
  3. Not only are 92% of the Huddle posters racist, but so are Tepper, Rhule, and Brady, and the entire Steelers org. Now we are getting somewhere. Nothing like football discussions in the offseason
  4. https://www.wsj.com/articles/mike-bloomberg-could-pull-it-off-11581638248
  5. stirs

    Big Boards

    I knew once Tua passed physicals, this would start happening http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001101880/article/bucky-brooks-top-5-2020-nfl-draft-prospects-by-position-10
  6. Except for getting draft pick in a trade, Gman was right to send him on his way
  7. Switch it around. If you were Cam, would you and your advisors WANT to play without an extension. He is no dummy. Might be why all the trade talk and his "fire" talk is going around. He knows he wants a big payday and might not get it here. You are a huge fan, understood. Not many people could have done what Cam has done. But, put on your GM hat instead of fan hat and think beyond one season, that is probably what Cam is doing
  8. Could be Just 2 weeks ago, you mention a trade and people turned inside out. But now, they are all discussing like it could happen. But you are correct, the juice might not be worth the squeeze, and we keep Newton. It is all for discussion. For all you guys know, Cam might be in on the trade. Knowing that the Chargers might be a desired location for him and his family and future, Cam and the team might be upping his trade value AND his signing value. You never know these things. Cam would make a ton outside football in NY or LA, he has the marketing thing going and would have a very big future after he is retired. Anyway, guess it just takes a few days for it to sink in, 2 weeks in fact.
  9. Soooo, someone dissed Cam a few years back, and for that, you want to ignore the present situation for the football team just to spite some moron for what he posted years back? Sounds like a sound policy for a rebuild
  10. stirs

    Big Boards

    Have been reading GBN for years. They have great insights to the Senior Bowls and such. I don't always agree with their Big Boards or mocks, but they are definitely not like the "fly by night" guys you see these days
  11. I normally get a sack full of poop emojis for statements like this. Bravo
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