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  1. When first rounder is a pure 34 OLB, you had better not be drafting that high for a situational player. We will be a 34 D Not sure how our ILB's and DL will shake out
  2. Surely we would not spend our first rounder on a situational player?
  3. I think he was in the wrong system in Cleveland. I wanted us to trade for him last season. Better than anyone we could get past the 2nd round of this years draft. Send em the 4th
  4. Well, you have started about 38k Trump threads, so you would be the expert. They seem to run together for me however.
  5. The whole "Trump is now desperate" thing is kinda silly He has acted like a Tasmanian devil during the campaign and all through his presidency. In fact, he is probably calmer now than ever. He is more like an EF2 at this point. We have seen him much wilder
  6. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-usa-russia-butina-exclusive/exclusive-accused-russian-agent-butina-met-with-u-s-treasury-fed-officials-idUKKBN1KC0DE
  7. Think Dems will gain more traction from Trumps infidelity. Said it many times. Media has hyperventilated for 20 months and not much to show for it. Collusion will be elusive. Girly stuff is just sitting there
  8. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/russian-who-operated-pro-gun-group-arrested-for-acting-as-foreign-agent-2018-07-16
  9. His Twitter gun is always loaded and we know he has an itchy trigger finger
  10. I would think Cohen would be prime for bank fraud charges Update: Awan just got charged with bank fraud. Turn over any rock in DC and it won't be hard to find corruption
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