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  1. Cam has always dressed wild, so just because we lose, don't see the bearing
  2. I was hoping for Rudolph too, but he got drafted a bit too high. Big Ben is now Has Ben
  3. Cam, if he hangs em up, might do some TV gigs for the next season or two, while simultaneously having a high profile in the fashion world. He is very marketable and while he gets his new occupation up and going, it wouldn't hurt to keep a presence in the game.
  4. You gotta remember, Cam has worn some crazy azz stuff for years, maybe not the scarfs, but all kinds of outfits. But, we had some wins, so.... I remember him wearing what looked like womens shoes, crazy stuff. Not sure any outfit at all could take away Panthers disgust at the teams play, and he is the face of the team
  5. We've talked about this for years. Cam is into fashion, it will probably be his "after football" career. He has already been doing it for awhile. He is on the biggest stage in the sports world as an NFL QB and using the bully pulpit, so to speak, to make memorable appearances. Now granted, when we lose, he could wear anything out there or come out naked and people would complain. On the other hand, if we won, people would have no beef with what he is wearing. At the end of the day, he will make money on his second career most likely as every football player should. Dressing up in wild outfits makes me chuckle sometimes, pretty much because I have no fashion sense whatsoever, but it doesn't tick me off. I hope he makes another 10 million a year selling clothing lines in the future. Actually pretty smart for a football player to be thinking ahead. Not many do
  6. If you were a DC for the Panthers upcoming games, how would you handle it? I would blitz people over and over to make sure CMC had to pick up a blocker. Takes away the Panthers main weapon and since coaches won't allow Cam to run, puts all the pressure on his arm and accuracy. After the Rams game, the Bucs did just that while spying CMC all night.
  7. New coach and identity are needed. Are we a running offense? passing offense? both? Same with D. 34 or 43 or hybrid? Most teams cannot field a competent D while running one style, but Ron thinks he can just draft guys for any system and make em work here.
  8. It is more than rust for Cam. A rusty arm is one thing, but dead legs are another. He is now a sitting duck because of his limitations. The Oline, agreed is trash. Couple good guys out there, but others are not in their true position and are getting exposed badly, by the even the Bucs D is not as elite in my opinion. The secondary has been the brighter spot for me. I predicted 5-11 this year and I will stick with that
  9. This is a business, and players are paid well, but treated as tools to win games(at least in most cities). There is a shelf life to most players and coaching, as I mentioned above, has a lot to do with a players shelf life. CMC is the next guy on the list to soon have his shelf life shortened. He is exciting and in a bad season, gives fans something to cheer about. Good teams will think about their next season, others just want to drive fans short term interest. The Panthers don't often shut down players unless forced to. Cam should have been shut down several times, but nope, he was the player people paid to see, so they trotted him back out there. And now....
  10. Reality That is what is missing from the Huddle. The ebb and flow of the game is amplified x100 by the comments here. The facts are that Cam WAS all that. The other facts are, that injuries, for a multitude of reasons, have now made him a shell of his former self. How people handle both truths are laughable at best. Their hopes that he can be Superman again are only eclipsed by their venomous reactions to those who think otherwise. Some have always been against Cam for a multitude of reasons, again, not based in reality. Luke is the same. He is still at a higher level than Cam, mainly because of lesser injuries, but not the same since his concussions. Coaching has a lot to do with both declines in my opinion. Your heroes are only gonna play for a few years, and then they have to avoid injury. These are facts. Now, these are opinions and Igo like to put all kinds of stupid emojis out here for some reason, like it can replace football discussions. I guess if you want the entire website to be like the TB or the Smack talk, then he is on the right track. You have to be a reactionary to fit in here. There are probably a dozen or so people who can be level headed and talk football facts before bringing up some insult or traffic driving gimmick. Crickets are the least of your worries around here.
  11. Just kind of odd that you say something in July to be ridiculed and then 2 weeks into the season, people are saying much much worse. Some of the same folks who could not understand that 75% of the league would NOT jump at the chance to trade for Cam. It proves that emotion and emojis rule the Huddle. And unlike Ron, I don't think the answer is on the roster
  12. You are right, after last night, maybe not even Tampa
  13. Then we certainly disagree. Bears are thrilled with Trubinsky, Detroit gonna trade Stafford?, Jags just signed Foles? Matt Ryan, are you kidding? Yeah, I live in a different world. I just disagree
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