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  1. Time to get rid of an OC or DC Been his way
  2. Pittsburgh fans will be in rare form in a couple of weeks. I'd say there will be scuffles in the stands and on the field. And beer sales will be doing very well that day
  3. The "both sides" argument is alive and well today, and from some unusual suspects
  4. Cam will not be handed a 30 million per year deal for 5 years. More like a 2 yr, wait and see deal to start for a team that just drafted their long term solution. Or a platoon role for a team where he shares the QB position for certain plays. Think Cincy or Miami in the first scenario and Seattle and Oakland in the second.
  5. NO last game will be determined by how SF/NO game comes out. If NO wins, then last game might not be a cakewalk
  6. I understand that, I was just saying that CMC and CB's are young, good and fit any scheme.
  7. Because the next coach will just draft any player no matter the scheme they run? Yes, if you are Rivera, just draft a 34 OLB because he is quick and decide you will run a 34, a 43 and several variations. Makes for a great defense and puts you near the bottom 3rd in the league in total defense. 2nd string guys like the one we faced this past weekend throws for 330. Yes, I think that until we decide if coaching is important and drafting is important, then part time guys are hard for me to nail down
  8. The estrogen is running a bit high in here today. So Cam leaving or retiring is going to happen someday and if Luke gets another bump on the head, then he is riding off into the sunset too. You guys get into the games for free? Oh, its a business? For your entertainment? How do you like paying through the teeth for 8-8 on average? Whether or not Cam wants to leave or is sent away because the team no longer wants him is something for discussion but please, act like you don't think your favorite players are here forever. I said the other day that outside of CMC and 2 cornerbacks, everyone could be shown the door. I will pull for whatever wins games, I will rage when management spends tons on Double Trouble when its a passing league, or signs Jake to way too much money near the end of his career. They love to sell jerseys and you can always buy one for your new crush. When Cam and Luke are gone, most kids will have no idea who else plays for the Panthers. You guys have a beer and quit showing your azzes
  9. We have problems on the Oline and Dline. Until that is solved, we are not playoff caliber. We cannot even rate our skill players at this point, no matter how many people want to claim every WR to hit the waiver wire
  10. I am a numbers person too, so I love seeing it on paper. I am also a realist and figure we will be picking around 13th in the next draft
  11. 7-9 - 9-7 Thinking Atlanta might win one of theirs Puts us at 7-9 But, if we take both from Atl and win Indy, (QB is out), then 9-7. Not sure who has tie breaker between NO and SF, but wait till their game to see if our last NO game is meaningful. We know that Ron likes to go for broke on that 16th game
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