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  1. I think he was in the wrong system in Cleveland. I wanted us to trade for him last season. Better than anyone we could get past the 2nd round of this years draft. Send em the 4th
  2. A starting NFL QB, with playoff and SB win experience for a team that has a QB with a bum shoulder? Duh, I think the second rounder would not be enough
  3. stirs

    Is Kuechly the Panthers GOAT?

    Not yet
  4. stirs

    Knock Knock. Who's there?

    pre draft smoke n mirrors
  5. Agreed if you are top 10, you might as well come out and not risk major injury
  6. Herbert announced he is going back to Oregon?
  7. Gary DE in the 1st D Jones QB in the 2nd V Joseph OLB in the 3rd Y Cajuste OT in the 3rd (someone said comp pick here, just guessing) K Smith TE in the 4th J Thornhill S in the 5th
  8. I am thinking head to heads have something to do with standings and playoffs, but nothing to do with the draft. Might be wrong, but I will gladly take 10 over 11.
  9. You are correct. I was thinking our opponent winning percentage be lower than Atlanta https://gbnreport.com/2019-first-round-selection-order/
  10. I think the Cowboys are like the Saints, nothing to play for next week. So maybe the Giants win. Not that confident in Tampa, Buffalo or Detroit and Houston still has something to play for so forget Jax Likely picking 8th if NO beats us
  11. Win or lose, they have HF throughout the playoffs. What would you do?