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  1. People recovered from the virus could hold a lot of keys The plasma is already being used to help sick victims. Another reason that I'd love to see he test implemented in a hurry which shows if you have already had the virus. Blood drives could be more important very soon.
  2. Agreed, cat's out of the bag now, so we will watch and wait and hope.
  3. Here are some other groups, probably full of elderly, acting stupid. Every responsible congregation should be live streaming and cut the crap about your religious liberties. It is not banned but put on hold for a bit. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/some-megachurches-are-still-packing-in-crowds/ar-BB11SBxU
  4. You can ask me direct instead of the "in front of the whole class" thing. When this things passes, in 3 months, or 6 months or whatever, then we will get all sorts of info and scenarios. I would bet that if the 65 and older, at risk folks had been kept safe, and out of harms way, they would be hating everyone involved and saying there was no need to trample their rights, because not that many in the world died. And duh, NOBODY has said it is just an old person disease, but does KILL them way disproportionately. The whole, "lets treat em after they get it" might not have been the best approach. The harsher measure should have been put in place for them early on, but again, they might complain. Someone in this thread even suggested it was a Nazi method. They are still being treated just like everyone else at this stage as far as anything further than "urgings" from officials. I might be out to lunch on this, but guess we will see in the numbers. The early numbers showed it was very bad for certain groups by a wide wide margin. Don't lose perspective, we can lose 50k each year in the US for seasonal flu and not blink, and that include hundreds of kids. Like I said before, if you have statistics and science, why not use them? There are diseases we have in the US that affects male vs female and young vs old. This might need to be tailored a bit in that direction. That is all I am saying.
  5. Understood, but in all the scenarios I gave, I have taken the old and existing conditions folks out of the equation by quarantining them strictly. The occasional fit person on the vent would not be taking it from someone else most likely. Also, did not say quit social distancing. The biggest issue in my scenario is getting the US to go along with quarantining the elderly. Yes, they can shut down a rest home, but what about those not in rest homes. That would be like herding cats. My own folks, I have to watch them like a hawk or they will be talking about going here and there. I have them send me grocery lists against their will because they want to get out of the house. Also remember, with every elderly person that has tested positive and passed or are still in the hospital, their entire families have probably been infected. How many have gotten tested? I think again, more than the initial tests that everyone is wanting, we need the test that looks at antibodies to see who has already had it.
  6. Yep, everyone saw it. One infant in Illinois, a 15 year old in China and a 17 yr old in CA. Is everyone technically "at risk"? Sure, but in waaaaaay less percentages than the seasonal flu, for which we do nothing but provide immunizations. The older folks are at major risk, and especially underlying conditions. What we are doing now is akin to standing out side thinking that as long as we watch the weatherman, we won't get wet when the thunderstorm hits our area. At least that is they way I see it. Why not get the ones who need to be in shelter inside? I just like opening up ideas and conversations. Do you guys never try to think of alternative views for solving problems? Governments and people are sometimes reactionary by nature. Not much conversation here except just the sensational headline links. There have been only a couple people who will discuss, but mostly fear based rebuts. Not that I can't handle rebuttals, but would be nice if it were thought out and discussions spawned. It is a moving target, changing every single day and I just enjoy NOT waiting on it all the time.
  7. Nice to be reminded of the Tinderbox every now and then
  8. The point I am making is that the hospitals are packed full of the "at risk" folks. The social distancing does not work when grandparents spend all their time with family, even in groups under 10. If the 65 and up and at risk folks were quarantined and not getting this virus, the rest of the country could most likely work and serve the at risk folks. There might be people that are not at risk going to the hospital, but the system should be able to handle them, not unlike the flu each season. Families would be impacted however by not being able to spend time with the elderly, might even seem cruel, but would not end up in a funeral. You still social distance, AND you put out the testing for antibodies to know who has already had it. The normal testing seems kind of stupid now. If 50% of the people that had it didn't even know? What about the ones getting tested and negative, do they come back every week until they finally test positive? Just seems like it is good for building a database of where the outbreaks are, but not much in stopping it.
  9. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/confirmed-coronavirus-cases-almost-meaningless-123550415.html Probably at least another 100k cases out there and not reported. I still think like I did way back, like 50 or 60 pages ago, that if we know who this affects, then quarantine them, and stop trying to lockdown the country. It has not worked anywhere. We are locking down the entire economy to protect certain vulnerable groups. Make the guidelines for everyone, but sooooo many people who cough a day or two and are over it. Others 50%, have no symptoms at all. Getting the test out there to see who has had it would be helpful. Let them go back to work, volunteer, etc. Would ease the burden on every sector of society. Not sure what the rush to test everyone will accomplish in the end.
  10. 50 Cam threads Jumble the titles and it would not matter. Same people saying the same things over and over and over. Cam's foot and shoulder will decide the outcome of his career. No matter how upset the fan base is, or how happy the fan base is or how they love or hate coaches (former or present). Cam is an athlete that enjoyed great success. Any future success will depend on his foot and shoulder. But maybe 104 new threads with the same responses will help his foot, but I have my doubts
  11. Tons of crazy people in China who did disgusting stuff. Lunatics span every border
  12. There was some inference about Tylenol being favored for fever in this situation. Nothing nailed down as to why, but I got that reading from the press conference and Fauci's answer to the question. It was about 5 or 6 days ago
  13. Can't wait for the explanation on this one. Please, no Twitter
  14. Nope, just seasonal. This year is between 20k and 40k. Most estimates by CDC are in the 24k range minimum.
  15. As it should be. Nobody needs 4 million rolls of TP in their basement, just the ability to get them if needed.
  16. World coronavirus total death 24000 Seasonal flu in US 24000 US coronavirus 1300
  17. We have discussed this many times in this thread. Dr Burks said the other day that the media and their doomsday reporting were scaring people sans facts. Clicks are kings to a stupid, reactionary public
  18. And unless all the reports are wrong, the entire count of death due to coronavirus in the entire world so far, just caught up yesterday to what we here in the US have lost already this seasonal flu season for 2019-2020
  19. Real Question Has anyone actually ran out these things yet? Or, just don't have as many on hand as they would like at this point? Most seem to be directing as needed, mostly to NY
  20. No, just the "uneducated" like myself from a failed school system could ever question deaths of 1.7 million.
  21. BREAKING Just wanted to say it, cause, it's cool
  22. NYC numbers still rising, but at much slower rate now
  23. He got swallowed up in the run game. I am not sure he can add 20 lbs and be as quick
  24. Not sure Burns should not be traded. square peg, round hole, hope I am wrong
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