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  1. If anything, Tepper will just play SC and NC against each other to get what he wants.
  2. I got into it with Deangelo Williams on IG. It was a pretty good back and fourth after he talked smack about the Panthers. A lot of Steelers fans chimed I’m in support of him. I also trolled (sort of) Andrew Dice Clay on IG. I left a snarky comment on one of his posts where he posted a video of him walking up to strangers and making them uncomfortable. He DMed me a really odd, rambling message that made no sense, then blocked me.
  3. As someone who unfortunately lives in Fulton county Georgia and had to help pay for the F-ing Falcons new stadium, I have no sympathy for Mecklenburg residents. I have been to many different stadiums around the country, and BOA is on the verge to being completely out-dated. BOA isn’t terrible, but a retractable dome would make it a much more desirable spot for you guys.
  4. Pure speculation here but do you think JR could be at today’s game for the ring of honor ceremony? He was really close to the guys getting in, would think it would be fitting for him to attend. If he isn’t there, do you ever see him coming to another game? I just wonder what the dynamics of his relationship with the new owners are.
  5. Sold gold stuff here. Very frustrated fan giving them team business after they lost to the Titans.
  6. Vick Dropping truth bombs about Cam. Put on a suit and quit looking like a fool.
  7. No helmet, on his phone, no sign of a boot (other than the uggs he is wearing, looking like an Ewok from Star Wars. So is he really hurt or?
  8. The problem is cam is not a humble person after being in the league and having the limited success he has. His attitude won’t change and he isn’t getting any better. That’s why I think he is gone in the next 1-2 years
  9. I read somewhere that Cam is down to like 238 because he is a Vegan.
  10. Vegans are basically the Cowboy fans of the food world
  11. I really am done hearing excuses from this asshat. F u Ron
  12. What do you mean “once again”? This thread has nothing to do with the conclusion of the season. Are you asking like if we dominate the NFCS this year? Then yes, I’d praise Ron. If luck into the playoffs like we did going 7-8-1 in 2014? No, I’d say there would be a good chance he gets replaced (at the end of the season however).
  13. This isn’t Jerry’s team anymore. We still don’t really know how Tepper will be as an owner when it comes to these types of things. Last year he played it cool as a rookie owner. I don’t think Ron is replaced during the season if we are 0-2, or even 0-4. I could see him being replaced mid season with like a 1-7 record though. We shall see
  14. Need some advice. Banging the wife to TNF this week (coming in mid day Thursday) bringing my 5 year old son (his first BOA Panthers game) in November 2 (coming in Saturday) im staying uptown for both trips. Was thinking maybe Carowinds for my son (is it too cold early November?) Im a @RoaringRiot member, so I know that I’ll bring my wife to TNF tailgate. Thanks in advance
  15. I think we could debate, when healthy, who would have been the better QB. I don’t think however there would be much debate on who would have been a better coach. JH > RR
  16. That is the most Harbaugh thing ever and pretty funny if true
  17. The 2010 season just wrapped up and the Panthers managed to win just 2 games that year. John Fox’s tenure with the Panthers had come to an end. From the start of the season he was a lame duck, he and everyone knew he was done after the season. A lockout also was looming between owners and the players that offseason. QB’s Matt Moore and rookie Jimmy Clausen (puke) took turns starting that year. The Offense was ranked dead last 32nd and the defense was ranked 15th. Andrew Luck, Stanford, was arguably the hottest college QB in the nation. Every “list” (we all love lists) named him the top draft pick for the 2011 draft, should he declare. There was also little debate as to who Marty/Jerry were drafting. It was well known Luck was there guy. Jim Harbaugh from Stanford was the hottest coaching prospect in the offseason. Many speculated he and Luck could be a package deal to the Panthers who held the #1 pick. He was a fan favorite amount Panther fans especially since he played for the Panthers in 2001. https://www.forbes.com/sites/sportsmoney/2011/01/06/the-pursuit-of-jim-harbaugh/ Timeline: Jan. 6 2011 - Luck announces he will return to Stanford Jan. 7 2011 - Harbourgh agrees to become the HC of the 49ers (2010 record 6-10) Jan. 11 2011 - Ron Rivera agrees to become the HC of the Panthers (2010 record 2-14) *I thought this timeline was really interesting. Without going into a bunch of detail, I speculate that Richardson never wanted Harbaugh. He was somewhat known as a loose cannon, and certainly no where near the mold of “yes-men” that Jerry famously surrounded himself with. I bet he and Luck seriously considered going as a package deal to Carolina, but Jerry (was was leading the charge with the lockout) was the reason they both passed. Coaching Stats: Ron Rivera, 8 seasons, 71-56-1 (.559), 3x NFCS championships, 1x NFC championship, 2015 coach of the year Jim Harbaugh, 4 seasons, 64-44 (.695), 3x NFCW championships, 1x NFC championship, 2011 coach of the year *just from a stats perspective, JH did more in less the time. Both coaches have the exact same accomplishments, which is interesting. Player stats: *I am going to preface this with, I know a lot of people here get extremely thinned skin when comparing any other QB to Cam. We all agree, Cam was the best thing that ever happened to the Panthers. Cam Newton, 8 seasons, 68-53-1, 3x pro bowls, 1x All-Pro, 1 MVP, 3x NFCS Championships, 1x NFC Championship Andrew Luck, 6 seasons, 53-33, 4x pro bowls, NFL Comeback Player of the Year 2018 Its always interesting to me to consider hypothetical situations like this. And certainly the thought of Harbaugh/Luck lead Panthers is a fascinating concept. How do you guys think it would have played out if we got those guys and not Cam/RR? Where would we be today? The same success? Worse? Superb owl?
  18. My understanding is that paper tickets are done. I have a season ticket relative who usually sent tickets via mail. He lives pretty far away from Charlotte. What will he have to do? He is elderly, and still has a flip phone and likely has Windows 95 on a desktop still...
  19. Delhomme got a five-year, $42.5 million extension, $20 million guaranteed after throwing 6 picks in a playoff game.
  20. Kick the guy while he is down why dont you? Alot of ignorance in here these days.
  21. https://dailysnark.com/cam-newton-spotted-at-walmart-wearing-white-overalls-with-a-scarf-purse/
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