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  1. I wouldn't count on Ron being fired today either, but ruling out an in-season termination is, ummm, conjecture at best, and ignorant at worst. I assure you two things. #1 Ron WOULD NOT be the first coach fired in-season. #2 You have ZERO idea what Tepper is willing to do.
  2. The accepted penalty giving Green Bay another 3rd down attempt and the two point call just now were both AWFUL fuging coaching calls. We look like a clown show.
  3. Who puts this poo in a Panthers forum? Please lock/remove topic, is this just a post whatever bullshit you feel like posting forum now?
  4. I also have some PCG stock I'd like to get about $10 share for. PM me! ;)
  5. Ugg that's probably the most painful way of stating it I've seen thus far.
  6. I think you have to tip your cap to San Fran's offensive game plan. They executed nearly perfectly and really kept us off balance. Every time we got pressure they had the screen dialed up. The misdirection was insane and again executed perfectly. It's not that we couldn't athletically compete, it's that we were completely unprepared for how they were going to attack. Defense was on it heels all day. This is a coaching/game plan issue.
  7. Hard not to be excited as a Panther's fan atm. Feels like a season where everything is coming together at the right time. A healthy Cam could make this offense completely unstoppable. Too many people with a short memory arguing Cam vs. Kyle. If Matt Moore goes 4-0 has Mahomes lost his job? Hell to the no! Why? Because he was MVP last season and hasn't dealt with injury, disappointment or failure yet. Everyone needs to go back and watch some CAMvp season highlights. In a game of assumptions, I'll assume that's the talent level we're injecting back into our team when he goes back under center...healthy. With everything Cam has done for this franchise there's just zero question we owe him the fate of this season.
  8. And that's with ol' Ray Ray never fielding a punt. It's been disgusting how many deep punts teams have gotten off on us this year. Hopefully Dortch or White can at least fair catch in the return game.
  9. With a fairly large opinion landing on 11-5, which I also agree is the mark, we can only suffer 3 more losses. IMO we have at least seven tough games left. San Fran (away), Green Bay (away), New Orleans (home), Atlanta (away), Seattle (home), Indy (away), New Orleans (away). Yes, at Atlanta is debatable, I recognize they're a dumpster fire. I'll just say they've beaten us before when they were a dumpster fire, we shouldn't take a sweep for granted. We have to win four of these games. In addition we can't drop any easy wins, Tennessee (home), Atlanta (home) and Washington (home). With all three of our easy wins within the next 6 games if we're not 7-4 at minimum after Washington then it could be tough. TBH, we really need to be 8-3 by then, 7-4 is just the floor to still be alive.
  10. C'mon guys Reggie Bonnafon with a 12.1 ypc average is a no-brainer!!! /sarcasm
  11. She doesn't leave much to the imagination. Hot rating 9/10, Wholesome rating 1/10. CMC needs a wholesome girl that bakes pies and covers her ass with swimwear.
  12. This is the NFL, you are what your record says you are. SF is 5-0 and has really handled all their competition. Absolutely better respect them. Not to mention playing on the field where we lost SB50.
  13. So I want to word this carefully so it can't be interpreted by anyone as a jab at Cam. Do you think the team is playing harder for Kyle? I don't mean this from a "leadership" perspective. I mean it as, could the team, understanding they have a young inexperienced QB at the helm, be stepping up their game a bit? Cam is a huge presence and having him on or off the field surely has some impact on the psyche of the team. I asking because it damn sure seems like the team as a whole has stepped it up. I hope they stay in that gear when Cam goes back under center.
  14. This means nothing unless you pair with the average depth of the pass. Pull up the pass charts and I guarantee you'll find Allen has been throwing deeper passes more often than Cam was. Guess what, it takes longer for that route to develop, so it shouldn't be shocking that it reflects in how long the ball is held on average. This is an easy pass for the eye test but I'm sure someone can find the statistic. Cam's short passes also probably have to do with his shoulder/foot. I'm not hating on Cam at all here, just saying if you throw it 5 yards 90% of the time, vs throwing it 5 yards 80% of the time it's going to affect this number.
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