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  1. OMG roster KB on your fantasy teams now!!! He'll finally have a real NFL QB throwing to him.. lolol
  2. Anyone that's willing to overlook three failed attempts to gain 5 yards in a game winning situation is willfully putting the blinders on. That game was there for the taking, period. You can make any excuse you like from earlier in the game but that's all conjecture. You truly have no idea how the game would have unfolded if those turnovers hadn't happened. We do however know without doubt that we had an opportunity to win the game on the last drive and completely blew it.
  3. This team is inconsistent. Can we beat them? Absolutely, we can beat any team in this league. Sadly, we can also lose to any team in this league. The biggest consistency the Panthers have is playing to their level of competition. Right now it seems that we went into the bye week with an edge and came out of the bye week without it. This team will be pumped to play the defending champs though and it's certainly an opportunity to get that edge back. An injection of confidence could be all this team needs to get on a roll. This is definitely as pivotal as a game can be this early in the season though.
  4. If you want to know how likely we are to win a game just pay attention to our rushing attack. If we can't (or won't) run the ball it directly correlates with losing. Wins (Rushing totals): Cowbows (32 for 147) / Bengals (41 for 230) / Giants (31 for 118) - this game was a miracle W Losses: Falcons (18 for 121) / Redskins (18 for 81) So there it is, over 30 rushing attempts in all of our wins, 18 on the button in each of our losses. We also dominated in overall rush statistics over our 3 wins, while being dominated in those same statistics in both of our losses. These rushing stats aren't bolstered by protecting leads either as all of our games have been 1 score affairs. Yes, the Bengals game was a 10 point win, but that extra 3 point margin came at the final minute after an interception. Everyone knows Rivera builds his team to run the ball and stop the run. When it works we win, when it doesn't we don't. This team just isn't built to put all the pressure on the passing game.
  5. Edit: Made a joke about football, decided it was disrespectful to the victims, nothing to see here.
  6. Newtcase

    Panther Social Media Wins Again lol

    Every fanbase nitpicks questionable calls, especially in close losses where a bad call can hinge the game. They forget that any such call anywhere in the game can have the same influence...ya know like Thomas' catch that still wasn't a catch after the review, even with changed rules, still getting this bullsh*t wrong. Or the picked up illegal contact flag with no explanation. But because the questionable 1st down came at the end and wasn't given the opportunity for replay, it has to be the reason they lost.
  7. Newtcase

    Matt Ryan Got X-Rays After The Game

    Matt Ryan wears braided belts. /thread
  8. Sounds like you have him on your fantasy roster in a PPR league. Otherwise how could anyone complain with the offense yesterday?
  9. I think the constant diminishing of Cam's value is just about pushing narratives. If you don't love Cam, the next best thing for the league is hate, both emotions attract eyeballs. Apathy is NFL's devil, how many Cleveland games have you watched? It's like the late great Dale Earnhardt said, "It doesn't matter if they boo or cheer as long as they're making noise!" Edit: I do think it's funny that Cam continues to be the measuring stick for the detractors.
  10. Newtcase

    I can already see the hate

    What's the issue? I'm still not convinced we're better than any of the teams ahead of us, especially considering the injuries we suffered Sunday. Our defense will keep us in games all year but the offense is going to be up and down. Shaky line, Olsen injured again, slightly different supporting cast, otherwise it's 2017 on repeat.
  11. Wonder what it looks like on SeJay Anderson.
  12. Newtcase

    To Torrey, or not to Torrey

    Right! This is like saying we went to the Superbowl in 2015 because of Ginn, but worse, since Ginn was light years better. 2015 - Ginn 44 catches, 739 yards 10 td. 2017 - Smith 33 catches, 408 yards, 2 td. (on 765 snaps, as mentioned by another poster)
  13. Newtcase

    To Torrey, or not to Torrey

    So you pivot from vets not caring to Cam being idiotic when evidence doesn't support your not caring argument? As I edited in after you quoted, Torrey is fighting for a roster spot, he absolutely cares. Vets not caring is reduced to vets who are guaranteed a roster spot and even then some of those guys go hard whenever they strap up. Kuechly wasn't taking any plays off, Shaq wasn't taking plays off. Get out of here with that weak sauce.
  14. Newtcase

    To Torrey, or not to Torrey

    Cam would be a big fan of Torrey not caring because it's the preaseason. Torrey is fighting for a job...he cares.
  15. Newtcase

    To Torrey, or not to Torrey

    I mean how many balls can be thrown and caught? Cam has averaged 285 completions/season over his career. It's completely within reason to expect McCaffrey and Olsen to catch 75 balls each, that leaves another 150ish completions to other guys. It's reasonable to expect Funchess to haul in at least 60 catches this year, so that leaves 90. 90 balls for Samuel, Moore, Wright, Byrd, Smith....yeah I just don't think Smith is worth 5mil to compete with 4 other guys for 90 balls.