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  1. I was just wondering because they're nothing alike. I'd say any of the MMO franchises are the greatest.
  2. Why is WoW and LoL matched together?
  3. That was exactly what I said when I pointed to a pair of regular shoes. It had to do with their insurance policy because they treat them as being barefoot.
  4. Check with your gym, I've heard stories of gyms kicking people out because they do not offer enough protection from falling free weights.
  5. They need to change the game plan because Newton isn't there.
  6. Yeah it's Miss Cleo, she hasn't been told about anything yet but she doesn't have to be told to already know.
  7. The coaching staff has to inject Newton with confidence with short easy completions. Those long developing routes take too much time and with Newton's trouble dissecting routes just equals disaster. I would love to see us run the ball without using the read option and then throw in some roll outs for Newton off of play action.
  8. My children hardly know what junk food is aside from ice cream or cake on their birthdays. We eat a ton of vegetables and I feel if you start them off young then they'll continue to eat healthy the rest of their lives.
  9. You really should split this up over at least two days. You do not want to work the same muscles back to back to back. Give yourself 24 hours rest at the least depending on the amount of reps you do.
  10. Not sure if this picture has been posted but it is an awesome flowchart on which book you would like to read. http://blastr.com/pics/SFSignalNPR100Flowchart.jpg
  11. It is cool but it is not original, enjoy the first book because it is the best in the series. The 2nd book fell flat and the 3rd one struggled mightily to rise from its ashes.
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